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Alberini-style Shrimp with Risotto Milanese

by Keith Brunell, Dallas, TX | Written on May 16, 2011

Watch and learn about one of this month’s Little Italy favorites – Alberini-style Shrimp with Risotto Milanese! This dish was created by Kevin York, whose first Italian Chef, Chef Alberini, was his inspiration behind this tasty sauce.

Available now through June 1, every time you order this or any one of our Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish menu items, we will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  • Guest

    Step by step printable directions would be great! 

  • Bob


  • Mgjohnson8

    How about a recipe so we can experiment with this dish? 

  • Megan Foster

    Looks delicious!!! Actually watching the chef prepare it would be pretty interesting to watch.

  • Ahrechko1

    Would like to see the recipe 

  • Jmsteinhoff

    Would love to have the actual recipes! 

  • Luedoulphe1

    I would like to the chef creating the dish in his blo

  • Luedoulphe1

     I would like to see the chef creating the dish in his blog!

  • Bobjan123

    I enjoyed the chef’s passion about the dish.  Seeing it prepared would be interesting as well. 

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