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Bowtie Chicken with Aglio

Written on May 23, 2011

Watch this video to see a quick preview of one of our Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish® features and hear the story behind the dish. This dish was created by our Chicago Chefs—a joint effort and has been served there for years! The main flavor is from the Aglio Olio, which is a basic Italian recipe of butter, olive oil, chili flakes. We add our herb chicken and fresh vegetables for flavor and color to make this a well-rounded and delicious dish. This is featured from May 5 – June 2 on our Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish menu to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation®.

Bowtie Aglio with Herb Chicken: Tossed with Asparagus, Fresh Spinach, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Garlic, Calabrian Chiles & Parmesan Cheese

  • Jmsteinhoff

    Would like a printed copy of the recipe, please!

  • Alan

    This sounds like my “cup of tea”.  I wish it was available on the family meals at our Maggiano’s.

  • Kpritchard

    I would love to see food and wine pairings.

  • Stephanie

    May I have a printed copy of the recipe????  Thank you!!!!

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