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Flourless Chocolate Cake

by Francie Copeland-Ford, Chicago, IL | Written on May 11, 2011

Decadent Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Served with Hot Fudge Sauce & Fresh Berries
Available May 5 – June 29

Join Chef KB for an inside look at one of this year’s Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish specials. Celebrate National Food Allergy Week & National Celiac Awareness Month by coming in to try this wonderful gluten-free dish created by Francie Copeland-Ford, executive chef at our Chicago restaurant!


Originally created for Valentine’s Day and since then the evolution of gluten-free has become a major player in restaurants and is now our go-to gluten-free dessert (by choice, not default). This dessert is a rich, dense and moist chocolate cake with a surprise crunch of hazelnuts, a classic taste in northern Italy known as Gianduia in cakes, tarts and many other desserts created in 1946. The most well-known use of this flavor combination is in the chocolate spread Nutella….yum!

  • Mary Azamy

    Thank you for your new dessert. I am glutten-free and all other flourless cakes still seem to have wheat in one of their ingredients.

  • Levi Smidt

    My only
    food allergy is to heavy creams, though I still love to try gluten free or
    vegan cuisine just for the experience of it, I’d definitely order this

  • RM

    Always love receipes. Thanks.

  • Kyle A. Davis


  • Momandmecandles

    i can’t wait to make this cake and eat the whole thing myself! ;oP

  • Monacomy

    Great recipe! I would love to see chicken marsala recipe! My favorite dish! Would love to see the behind scenes of the chefs hard at work preparing some dishes :)

  • mfaulknor

    Thanks for sharing this dessert with your customers!



    The gluten-free dessert is incredible .I just can’t wait tell my son he is gluten -free. THANK YOU

  • maggieslver

    My friend can only eat gluten free food so I will definitely recommend this to her.

  • Shellss99

    I’m having dinner here on Saturday and cannot wait to try this cake! Maggianos has the best desserts anywhere!

  • Chocolate99

    looks like a great gluten free dessert! where is the recipe? :-) thanks

  • TPatty

    Would love to hear about how your chefs identify local sources for fresh ingredients for each of your restaurant locations.

  • Altachica

    Thanks! I appreciate you having gluten free options :)

  • Margaret M.

    This is a very tasty cake, but so fiulled with calories.
    I would like to see more healthy recipes, using fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Sandy

    Gluten free, wonderful……and with chocolate, too….my heart’s desire. Thank you for all the great menu items and the buy one past meal take home another pasta meal free… way to try different dishes.

  • Dapjet45

    I would like to see a pasta dish in a mushroom sauce, but not a red sauce.

  • Iceskater978

    Thanks for sharing! I would love to see some great vegetarian recipes that have a lot of flavor presented in your blog. Sometimes vegetarian dishes lack the taste of those that include meat.

  • Dw18793

    I would like to see different kinds of recipes with red sauce.

  • Karin Solig-Gerber

    I want to go to Tuscany so how ‘bout some Tuscan-inspired pasta dough lessons. For example, how to make gnocchi, tagliatelli, and pici—thick strings of handmade eggless pasta made originally in the area of Montefollonico.

  • Jzajan

    Would love to see the chef’s favorite recipies – Italian or not.

  • Kathy

    Would you share the recipe for the Chocolate Cake and also the Spinach and Artichoke Dip

  • Ahrechko1

    Would like to get the recipe for the cake

  • Kathy


  • Sandy Russell

    We came to your restaurant on Mothers Day and had the best experience. We had the chef Philippe Verain and we all had the best food prepared to our liking. It was all superb along with the desert that was handmade. From now on every time we go there we will ask for Philippe to be our chef. Thank you! Sandy

  • Krieger1118

    Love the rotating dessert menu and of course the old standbys-lemon cookies are a favorite! How do you decide what you will offer seasonally or for the various events like the Make a Wish dishes? Do you look to dishes that trend here in the states or to Italy for inspiration?

  • Terri Woodruff

    Since this is for National Food Allergy week it would have been nice to have a nut free desert since that is the number one food allergy. It’s very frustrating to go to a resturant and all the really decadent derserts have nuts in them.

  • Barb

    Haven’t had your Flourless Chocolate Cake yet but have had the treat elsewhere. Looking forward to being served Maggiano’s. Sounds wonderful!

  • Tori1789

    I’m a wine newby and would love to know which wine goes best with each of the different kind of meats. I have enjoyed your wine tastings in the past.

  • Christine

    We also came on Mothers Day and had superb service and a fantastic meal. And the flourless chocolate cake was absolutely AMAZING! Maggiano’s- you rock!

  • Christine

    But so worth it! Try sharing and enjoy…

  • schiggysdad

    Sounds like another exciting dessert.

  • Theo0723

     Every time I come there I am never disappointed! I go maybe 4-5 times a summer. This is, by far, the best Italian restaurant that I’ve ever been to. Also, I love the take home meals! This is definitely a plus when it comes to pleasing the customers. Keep up the good work!
    Lastly, I’d love to see a few recipes on the blog; that would be pretty cool.

  • Roger w

     Love the food selection and Moms lasanga!

  • Seveline Estrella

    I’m a chocolate lover myself and would like to indulge in it when I crave. I would like to learn how to make it but less fattening. Would you send me the recipe so I could do it in the comfort of my own home? Thank you! Seveline

  • Rod Gambassi

    This cake should be a regular item in the menu.  

  • Shannon

     LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake! Nothing goes better than warm chocolate and knowing its gluten free sine that is my new diet! So a treat like this now and then keeps a girl happy!

  • Megan Foster

    Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it when I visit next!

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