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Sambuca—Why coffee beans?

by Jeff Mann, Dallas, TX | Written on May 2, 2011

Sambuca is an Italian, anise-flavored liqueur made with star anise and elderflower. There are many varieties of Sambuca, but White Sambuca is the most common. Sambuca is generally served at the end of a meal and is known as a digestif—aid digestion.

You can sip, shoot, add to coffee and even drink it flaming. If you were to order Sambuca neat in a restaurant, it is typically served with 3 floating coffee beans. You have probably always wondered, myself included, why would you put coffee beans in a drink? Who wants to munch on a bean while sipping liqueur? The 3 beans represent health, happiness, and prosperity. The number “three” is also symbolic for various reasons (e.g. odd numbers are luckier than even ones). Try it the next time you’re at Maggiano’s or relaxing at home—it tastes excellent with chocolate and fruit desserts. At Maggiano’s we offer Romana Sambuca and Romana Black Sambuca.

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  • Renemorriss

    thanks for this coffee bean explanation – I have always wondered about their significance.

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  • Rodrigo Saenz

    A few people told me that: one bean means you’re not welcome back. Two beans means you can come back but only if I say so, and three beans means you are welcome anytime.

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