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Make-A-Wish Song

Written on May 20, 2011

Here’s a song created by one of our Teammates in Chicago, Tessa Lawin! She has been with Maggiano’s for more than two years and started at our flagship restaurant at Clark and Grand. When she first heard about the Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish campaign, she wanted to do something special to motivate the teammates in her restaurant. So, she sat down and studied the Make-A-Wish website… and started writing. Tessa wrote the song in one night and performed it in front of her team during a meeting to prepare for Eat-A-Dish. She didn’t think it would go past this performance until last year during “A Night Under The Stars,” a regional Make-A-Wish fundraiser, when she was able to perform this heartfelt song.

Earlier this year Tessa was driving home from work and prayed about her next steps with her music career, and Make-A-Wish was the first thing to come to mind. A close friend, Chris Thompson, was new to Chicago and directed YouTube videos for a living. So, naturally Tessa wanted to create a video. Tessa thought about Make-A-Wish and Maggiano’s and how she could put these two together, not only to reach our Schaumburg location but make it spread throughout the nation, even to those without a Maggiano’s close by. She hopes this video can bring more people into the restaurant, not only to enjoy the wonderful food but more importantly, to help an inspiring foundation like Make-A-Wish.

Please comment below and let us know what you think about Tessa’s heartfelt music video. For a chance to win a $50 Maggiano’s Gift Card, please tell us how you like to give back to your community. If we get 1,000 comments, we’ll donate $1,000 to Make-A-Wish today!

  • Anonymous


  • Kathleen

     Great video & song!  I give back to my community by supporting local, national and international missions, and the outreach programs of our church.

  • Pattie

    LOVED it! What a talented young lady. I give back to the community by making hats and blankets for at risk children. 

  • Marathonmom

    A precious song!  I give back to my community by volunteering with my church, within the town that I live in, the schools that my children attend and within our county.  I try to live the example of giving back for my children that they also grow up to take care of others in need.   

  • Todd Barwick

    I donate books and buy toys on clearance to donate to the children’s hospital. I am hoping you can reach 1,000 comments, good luck!

  • Bethany L.

    I like it!  I plan to participate in my first walk/run ever in Greenville, S.C., for CureSearch on Oct. 8th. CureSearch gives funds solely for researching pediatric cancers, which are INCREDIBLY underfunded by the normal organizations, like American Cancer Society.

  • Dizzymedic

    I dont know about a thousand comments but here’s another one.  Good performance

  • Vicky simonson

    That was great! Seeing first hand how much even small things mean to a child with a long term illness. I support the efforts of Make a Wish as much as I can.  

  • Celia S

     Nice video.  I make blankets for the Linus Project and I prepare taxes for low income people and seniors through the AARP Tax Program.

  • Anonymous

    If you pick my name for the gift card, please draw again or donate it to the Make-a-Wish Foundation somehow.  I just won a $50 card from you all the other day.  I just would love to see you all make a $1000 donation.  As far as giving back to my community, I try to help in as many ways as I can.  Just a couple weeks ago, the company I work for banded together to clean up and repaint a local Boys and Girls club.  It was alot of work but well worth it.

  • Cutter_128

    I help out anonymously and am just leaving a comment to help reach the 1000 comment mark.  If I do happen to win, please donate it back to Make-A-Wish. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Maggiano’s!

  • Brenda

    My husband, daughter and I mentor children in the housing projects. Most of the children have fatherless homes. Most of the moms/grandma’s have their children call my husband on father’s day to wish Him a happy father’s day/ They look to my daughter as someone to look up (and be a friend)  as for myself I jut love the children as if they were my own. And yes this includes disciplining them. There are many other ways that we reach out in our community but our passion is to be there for the children. Bill Wilson of Metro Ministries in Brooklyn NY once said “One person can make a difference” I want to be that person that makes a difference in a child’s life. Even if I know the impact I made.  There have been sad days. We have lost 2 of our “kids” to gun violence and one who did not get the proper medical care because the family was poor.  I hear that the greater the risk the higher the reward. I just want my reward to be that every child that I touch be able to feel safe.

  • Jen

    What a wonderful song! Kudos to such a sweet young lady….God answers all prayers! 

  • Kimberly Goldstein

    hope you donate the 1000 no matter how many comments you get.

  • Sheasterday

     One way I give back is to give and volunteer at our local homeless shelter–called the Nashville Rescue Mission.  there are many ways to help.  If you are in Nashville, call and ask them for a tour.  

  • Cristy R.

     Love the video!  My church goes to a local homeless shelter to serve a meal:)  This is my way of giving back and helping those less fortunate!

  • Frankzx

    Very beautiful!!!

  • Harley911mary21

    Come on, lets get 1000 comments.  What a great cause!! Thanks

  • gerda lawin the words….love you…we also like to give back… just collected 974 pair of NEW UNDERWEAR in all sizes at our school.. for the homeless .WE..partnered with my daughter  in DECATUR who collected 1500 pair at her sons’school….People who need shelter/food /clothes also NEED NICE NEW underwear!!!.LOVE MAGGIANOS and all their efforts to help others!!. 

  • Jvollnogle

    Great song and idea 

  • Truly_lyd

    One of the ways to give back to our community is volunteer work of any kind. Go to your closest children’s hospital and read stories, or closer to home, help your elderly neighbor out with yard work or grocery shopping!  You’ll be amazed how great you feel after just giving up a little of your time to give MORE pleasurable time to someone else…. thank you Maggiano’s for your inspirations!

  • Melissa

    Tessa! Remember me? Your old neighbor Melissa! You are so talented and grown up now. I still see that little 4 year old girl when I look at you :) great song.

  • Bfgeneral

    Very nice. Great song and performer.

  • Msua

    Loved the video and the song!  I’m happy the Maggiano’s is part of this Make a wish foundation.  Serving the community and giving back is a win-win situation!  Congrats!

  • Hmoms

    Great job Tessa!

  • Offtolaz

     Enjoyed it , all the way down here in  Ormond Beach ,Florida,. What a talented performer Tessa is…beautiful and natural .Make a Wish…they do come true !

  • Sarahl815

    Wonderful song, performer and wonderful idea to donate to make a wish. I’m a Chicago-land nurse who has personally seen the first hand effects of a dying child getting their wish from Make-A-Wish. The smile that lights their tiny, time-worn faces is a gift I will NEVER forget. Big or small, these gifts brighten lives that have otherwise seen nothing but pain, hardship and the inside of hospitals. Thank you to Maggiano’s and to everyone who listened to this song and commented towards the thousand people. As Tessa’s sister-in-law, I am VERY proud of her and her unselfish use of her God-given talent to help others.

  • aunt gabi

     First of all ..Thank you Maggiano’s for all you do for  Make a Wish….secondly, I am so proud of my beautiful niece Tessa singing this heartfelt song for so many to hear and see – this will touch so many hearts and lives. We love you Tessa ….and I am making  Maggiano’s  one of my stops when I get to Crystal Lake in a few weeks! Gotta have that dessert!!! 
    love, your florida family

  • Mbradford

    What a beautiful song and message.  Thanks for sharing with all of us and hope you hit 1,000!

  • Mahfcs

    Great accomplishment!  Great charity. Obviously , you can hear Tessa feelings for this Make A Wish effort for the young kids in her song   

  • Joelle

    Hope you get 1,000 comments!

    Always help a neighbor in need.Whether it is spending time with a child who has working parents or running an errand for an elderly neighbor who cannot drive, do yardwork or even take out the trash. Every little bit helps! Just one small task can put a smile on someone’s face and a smile in someone’s heart! 

  • Aimee Arias

    What a wonderful inspiring song!  She is so talented! Thanks for sharing (o: 

  • Tanya

    Wow!  When we help others in need, we are blessed indeed!  Tessa, thanks for inspiring the world to do what is right and make wishes come true for little hearts. Your lyrics and voice are beautiful!   If anyone is looking for service ideas, think about this idea…We started a Kids of the Kingdom club at my sons’ school for kids in grades K-4.  Each month they do a service project.  This year they made blankets for the homeless, gave a baby shower for the pregnancy center, painted pictures with Bible verses to display at the local cancer center to encourage patients while receiving treatment, and collected 1578 pairs of new packaged underwear for families in need. Get kids involved at an early age and they will grow up looking for ways to bless and help others. 

  • Lyndacsmc

    It is always nice when someone takes the time to do something nice for others.  Great song great idea, and way to go Maggianos.  Love your food love your heart. 

  • Carol_maxcey

    you go girl! 

  • Bridget

    Fabulous job, Tessa!  Hope you get lots of donations for Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Rock on, babe…. 

  • 2bierhere

    Beautiful song!

  • John

     Tessa, your song reminds us that our call to love one another can produce powerful results,especially in the life of a child where they are still so dependent on adults.GREAT MESSAGE IN YOUR SONG TESSA!

  • Maria Calendo

    Great song! I hope you get enough comments to receive the donation! 

  • Chouser59

    What a great song! I loved the music and the words. Great message to send. I hope you get the comments you need to make the donotion. What a great cause to support.

  • Christie

    I’m a nurse.  I save lives on a regular basis. 

  • Beth C

    what a beautiful song, God has gifted you with such a tender heart to help others. Hope you get lots of comments.

  • Anitarehberg

    Tessa —- Beautiful song and so inspirational!  Thank you for using your gift for such a great cause!  You have been blessed with such a beautiful voice.  I hope you continue to use it to glorify the Lord!

  • BIG T

    FANTASTIC! LOVE the tune /words that inspire…let’s raise that 1,ooo….big T

  • Dogan Mert

    good job Tessa.

  • Grun90

    Such a wonderful song with so much to share!  If each person could share each of their gifts as you have just think what could be done for these little ones!

  • Lauri

    What a great way to give back and help others in need!  Great Job Tessa!

  • Teresa

    Very nice.  Great song!

  • Julie

    Beautiful song!

  • Anonymous

    You’re an inspiration!!  The Make-A-Wish Foundation is a great cause.

  • Selma ost

    voice too quiet,good idea and hope it helps with campaign – S.O.

  • Cherylkgrigg

    God bless you Tessa for performing such a heart felt song.  It inspires me.  The food on the video looked yummy too.

  • Abcdberg

    Tessa!  What a great video and a wonderful way to help Make-A-Wish!  Wishing Maggiano’s and you a very successful fundraising campaign! 

  • Eileen

    Great song, Tessa!  It truly describes how a Wish can bring Hope and Happiness to these children and their family.    My daughter had a “Make-A-Wish” – now she volunteers as a Wish Granter.   It’s a wonderful organization  – the Wishes bring hope and motivates these sick children to take their daily medicine, endure surgeries, long hospital stays, chemo treatments and other things that children should not have to deal with daily.  Maggiano’s, thanks for spreading the word about this great organization to your customers and making it possible to grant “Wishes”.

  • irene

    Thank you  Tessa for your inspiring song. It’s good to see that Maggiano’s is helping with the “Make a Wish” campaign. As a mother and someone in the health care field, I can empathize with the parents of very sick children. I have given back to my community by directing my children and their classmates in singing holiday songs to the elderly in retirement homes for 5 years. Lately, my daughter has been performing on her violin not only during Christmastime but other random days too for the elderly!

  • Jeana Schmidt

    I am so proud of you cuz!  You look and sound amazing!  Keep up the good work…Love you!

  • Gray Cochran

    thank you for this song to remind us all that their is more to our lives than our busy schedules, like helping someone in need. I appreciate that Maggianos is helping these kids. Always knew i like this place. Tessa you have a great voice! hope you make something of it, if not already.

    If I was a lost boy and had to think of a happy thought to be able to fly it would be Maggianos.

  • Chris Waugh

    Wonderful song, Tessa! Thanks so very much.

  • Paul Munz

    Great song I enjoyed it.

    I normally volunteer  and help out with thing at my church and at the school my kids go to. 

  • Sararosales


  • Peter

    Great song – great video.

  • Barbara

    What a beautiful soul, Tessa! I loved the song and your enthusiam. Yes, Maggiano’s is truly a great role model through their giving to Make-A Wish. It’s just another reason why I like going there to eat. I would encourage others to do the same…..and perhaps make a little extra donation.

  • assisted living decatur

    you have a beautiful voice. your video is really inspiring.

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