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Maggiano’s Signature Wine Salute Amico

Written on May 6, 2011

Maggiano’s true passion is to create the perfect mealtime experience for any occasion. This holistic approach to Italian-American cuisine, combined with a deep love for good wine, has led to our relationship with the world-renowned Tuscan winery, Ruffino. Since 1877, Ruffino has been producing some of the best wines in the world. That’s why we chose them to create our exclusive signature wine, Salute Amico. Watch this video featuring Ruffino’s Senior Brand Manager, Beppe Andrea to learn more about Ruffino and this unique new partnership.

If you were to produce your own wine label, what would you name it and why? Comment below for a chance to win one of two pairs of Waterford Crystal by Robert Mondavi wine glasses.

  • Stacey Cochran

    “Pensiero Profondo” Deep Thought…I like deep, full bodied reds and the conversations with friends that they often accompany! Slight nods to both Jack Handey and “The Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”…

  • Anonymous

    I would name my wine label “Tesore di Pelago” because Pelago is this breathtaking villa in Florence, right outside Florence!
    Thank you for the giveaway :)

  • Dejeniera Pygott

    I would call my wine ‘Catherine’s Meadow’ after my grandmother. This wine would be great company to any meal, comforting and easy to curl up with in an evening, just like her! Thanks!

  • Myssg30

    I would name my wine “Laissez les bons temps rouler” (Let the good times roll). Wine should be shared with friends and family and leave you full of love, laughter and good times!

  • Lori Stiemke

    Smiling Scottie. It would have a picture of a Scottie dog after my two most beloved dogs, Sam and Lucy.

  • jennifer l. pack

    I would call it “Shug”. The nickname my brothers gave me many, many years ago and now other people call me that too.

  • Christie

    Norwood nights…I think it’s a smooth sounding name.

  • Megan Canfield

    “Great Legs” Because wine can be said to have ‘great legs.’ It would also make it easy to come up with artwork for the label.

  • Jen

    Delitefully Sweet because nothings more deliteful than sweet wine and or as sweet as good friends to drink it with.

  • Nancy T

    I love Ruffino wines and will be happy to try this new variety on my next visit. Kudos to you for making this available.

  • Mike

    I would name it Journey’s End, since every bottle of wine that we enjoy is the end result of all of the love and care that goes into a good wine. I also like this name because I have been toying with wine making and as I neer the end of my formal career, I hope to create many vintages that others can enjoy.

  • Sikenaga

    Red Swirl and White Swirl. I visited St. Michelle and never knew why wine on TV & movies was sniffed, then swirled, then sniffed and tasted. It turns out that swirling activates the antioxidants after having been stored and enhances the smell and flavor. That’s also why we need bigger glasses!This name would remind us to Swirl. Sandy

  • Alice M. J.

    If I were to create my own wine label it would be “Alice’s Wonderland”….the relaxation, enjoyment and fulfillment from a glass at the end of a long day or for a special occasion!!! Of course this is from

  • Dorismingoia

    I WOULD LIKE TO SEE LUNCH PORTIONS OF PASTA DISHES ON THE MENU. Also,would love to see you open a Maggiano’s in Summerlin.

  • Msominsky

    I would name my own wine label ‘Chestnut Blossom’. Streets in Kiev (capital of Ukraine) are lined with these trees, and when they bloom during spring, it’s absolutely magnificent!

  • Anonymous

    I would name my fine red wine “RedTex”. You guessed it – red hair and from Texas. What could be better? Dark chocolate with my RedTex.

  • rescario

    My friends and I have dreamed of owning and running a vineyard. Our label would be “Black Squirrel” They are a special breed in VA wine country.

  • Thebigg33

    Maggiano’s Italy

  • Pillbox

    I would name my wine label with “Janice Lynn” in honor of my wife. It would be a colorful, bright and beautiful design.

  • David

    Having made wine at our home in Chicago, 150 gallons/year, I would call my wine “Allegria”. This means happiness and when you drink wine happiness is a foregone conclusion. Live, love and drink wine. Nectar of the gods.

  • David

    Having made wine at our home in Chicago, 150 gallons/year, I would call my wine “Allegria”. This means happiness and when you drink wine happiness is a foregone conclusion. Live, love and drink wine. Nectar of the gods.

  • Kayanesta

    we just returned from Italy and the common expression used over there for everything is Prego! call the wine prego!

  • Candacemarie611

    If I where to make my own wine label it would be called…. Rebola. Re (for relaxing), Bol (for amazing bold flavor) and “a” for grade a, not necessarily top price but fair price for a very good, grade a “quality” wine.

  • Craig Clarkson

    Italian Bred would be what I would name it because it reminds me so much of Italy

  • JA

    ” Drunken Sailor.” It would be fruity and highly drinkable, smoothe as a calm sea at sunset.

  • stephanie sosa

    I would name the Stefanos Italiano Very chic very Italian. My Mother was born 80 mles out of Naples and was Gourmet Chef

  • Cforbes

    I would name it “101″ because as a life long Cubs fan I need a bottle after every game to cry my tears into.

  • Barbara

    I would name it fabulouso

  • Anonymous

    i would name it fabulouso

  • Sharon Harris

    The name of my wine label would be Sunset Delight – A dessert wine because it would compliment any of the fabulous desserts on your menu, especially the Apple Crostada and the Tiramisu!

  • Daly16810

    The name of my wine would be Tuscany Vineyards because I love Chianti!!

  • Jcseinar

    I would name the wine Verro Roso because I love a true red full-bodied wine!

  • Divemdeb

    Ahhh! Language is universal. :)

  • Desi

    Ma’Una M
    (But One Best) , because it implies the most supreme, “none better” than “this one”.

  • Desi

    Ma’Una M
    (But One Best) , because it implies the most supreme, “none better” than “this one”.

  • EM Bell

    della fin (it will be the ultimate wine for Maggiano’s)

  • Nanarobin1

    I would love to see the salad dressings! Don’t know how you do it!

  • Snickerz824

    Un Bello. It would be a bold Merlot.

  • Cartwright

    ” Always & Forever” I think would be a wonderful name for this wine!

  • Oneiew

    I would name it Delicio Oni because the berry taste is so delicious.

  • Sorr1996

    The name of my wine would be La Dolce Vita. What better way to celebrate life than with a glass of wine!

  • Dorie

    I did make wine for about 9 years and my label was Little Granny’s Wine Cellar. I enjoyed it but now I like to go wine tasting and bring everyone elses wine home to drink.

  • Winniethepoohgal

    It would be Candy Girl, a great dessert wine. Candy because that’s the nickname my dad gave me, and I’m a daddy’s girl.

  • Biff92626


  • peg

    First Blush – I have a March birthday and love the first flowers of spring, like jonquils and crocus.
    Would make a wine with early harvested grapes.

  • Utxmom

    I would name it Blanc Relaxation as my last name is Blanc and I love to relax with wine!

  • Sallie Taylor

    Personally I would call the new wine Siete Magnifici why? because to us Maggianos is just that.We have been fortunate to eat at the South Park location since its doors were open.Relatives from England remark on it being their favorite place in the world to dine.and so do we.Keep up the good work Kieth.,Best wishes Sallie.

  • Dawn Hartman

    I would like to know how you prepare your Calamari. This dish is just outstanding in taste and price!

  • Esmiller7

    For the Chef, I wish to know all about the new recipes that he creates from time to time. I LOVE
    Maggianos special salad…the BEST I have ever tasted in any restaurant.

  • Ekwan30


  • Ledgepond

    I would call it “Mariano” after a fascinating and mysterious Italian officer I met aboard a cruise ship as a young woman! Any worthy wine should leave you so intrigued and wanting more.

  • Roodlepup

    I would name the wine Vita Bella or Siempre Belimisimo

  • Ginny Don

    It would be the cat’s meow. obviously I love cats but it implies top of the line. It would have to be a full bodied red of course. Love your Cherry Hill location.

  • Queenbee0617

    Love Maggiano’s! We live north of Atlanta and drive 2 hours just to eat there. The first one we went to was in Chicago…so glad to find out that they are in Atlanta. It’s well worth the drive! I would love to see recipes for the sauces and salad dressings, and would also like to know the nutritional values of the dishes. Thanks for partnering with Make-A-Wish…Keep up the good work!

  • Qabrenda_jones

    I would name my wine Buoni Tempi, because “good times” and good friends are priceless

  • Bethany Mullen

    I would love to see more vegetarian choices.

  • Auntc25

    I would name it By the Fire. Nothing better than sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine!

  • Lisa S

    Love the new blog! I’d like to read what inspires you for coming up with new recipes and how you “try out” new recipes to see how they are received. Also how to choose wines to pair with entrees would be quite helpful.

  • Rhency

    I would love to know the differences between sauces, for example, Marinara, Pomodoro sauce, regular meat sauce, I never know which to pick on the menu.

  • Kciftci

    If I could crerate my own wine and label, I would make my hands down favorite varietal, Nebbiolo. The name on the label would be, “Cana’s Choice”. It’s only fitting that the King of Wines, and the Wine of Kings (Nebbiolo), be represented as the signature wine by the winery devoted to the King of Kings. Besides, my guess is that the wine He created at the wedding at Cana, was probably THE best wine the world has ever known to date. It’s exciting to know however, that the best is yet to come.

  • Jeff

    Would love to see some seafood recipes

  • MariaS

    I would name the wine label – Firenze
    because Florence is such a beautiful city and you can picture yourself sitting at an outside table in the afternoon with a warm breeze and a nice plate of pasta dish.

  • Lucy_bakulinski

    I’d love to see the daily specials with lots and lots of details. It would really entice me into coming in for something special to eat!

  • Sallie Taylor

    My comment went bye bye why?

  • Windbrooke

    My wine would say it all….Il Meglio
    Bevanda which is the The Best (Il Meglio) Drink (Bevanda) in Italian…and that basically tells what’s inside the bottle….THE BEST

  • Anonymous

    My wine would say it all….Il Meglio Bevanda which is the The Best (Il Meglio) Drink (Bevanda) in Italian…and that basically tells what’s inside the bottle….THE BEST. And, the name sounds very pretty when you say it aloud as well.

  • Jamlroman420

    I would like to see some crab dishes on the menu.

  • Rvwrites

    I miss the pot roast!!!

  • Rebecca Gibas

    I love your lobster pasta dish and would like some more of the snow peas in it for additional color. I agree with the name of Meglio Bevanda which is the The Best and sounds exquisit just as it tastes.

  • Mish44

    would love to see more recipes! especially for your desserts :)

  • Thepharoah369

    I am excited about seeing more recipes and learning interesting facts on this blog. I truly love the restaurant and wish to learn more about the magic of Maggiano’s! It’s a great place with excellent ambience. I appreciate the buy 1 get 1 section of the menu. This is bold and brazen & I LOVE IT!!! Most others would not dare to offer such a great dish and at such a low affordable price. It’s amazing what you do to your food, but it’s exceptional! THANK YOU!!!

  • Penny Duell

    Add a request section where guests could ask for whatever to be considered? A recipe for a certain dish, a wine or drink selection they love but can’t get at Maggiano’s, a favorite dessert they would love to see the chef prepare such as the French pastry napoleon’s.

  • Mariedyoung

    I would like to see wine pairings and low fat options. Love Maggiano’s!

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see more recipes on summer fresh garden and herb. ie balsamic with tomatos and basil and other homegrown recipes with fresh ingredients

  • Annmary

    would like low-fat, and low-carb recipes

  • Mary

    I would love to see a stuffed artichoke on the menu as an apetizer.

  • Nolea

    Love Maggianos, reminds me of new york italian food. That said would like to see more gluten free pasta done nicely. The one served is not good. A nice vermicelli or spaghetti with a fresh tomato sauce or alio olio would be so nice.. my favorite appetizer is fresh tomatoes dipped in bread crumbs with parmesan cheese, basil and oil under the broiler, mmmm good .. also another dish is calamari in a red sauce, not fried…. (Scomas does a killer one and Maggianos could too)

  • Randeeowens

    Grateful Grapes…as a tribute to the Grateful Dead.

  • Randeeowens

    I would like to see vegetarian recipes. I would also be interested to see whether Maggiano’s would consider or already does consider the humane treatment of animals when meat is purchased.

  • Benji0109

    I love Maggiano’s! I would love to see more vegetarian options in the restaurant. I also would love to have any recipes you would like to share.

  • Sheri S.

    Thank you for offering the flourless chocolate cake. I appreciate anything “gluten free” as I have just started eating GF and do feel much better. If you could post any GF recipes on ur website, that would be great!

  • latisha martinez

    I love seeing recipes listed! I think you guys should feature more recipes.

  • Amy P

    I would love to see suggested wine pairings for many of the dishes on your menu! I love Maggianos!! It is my favorite restaurant by far!

  • Jeanettebyrum

    So glad you came to Austin! Just wish the waiting line was not so long.

  • Pam Jackson

    If I were to design my own wine label it would be called “Bellissimo Jackson” because it expresses my 1/2 Italian and 1/2 American heritage.

  • Tiffany

    I would love to see the ingredients for some of your dishes for food allergy purposes. I had an allergic reaction to your Caesar Dressing because of the anchovies.

  • Kathy R.

    I would love to see more chocolate recipes! Kathy R.

  • KathyK

    I would like to see me as often as possible eating at @magianno’s!! Please come to New York. and, I’d love to see Lobster Mac n’ Cheese and also shrimp scampi pasta.

  • ManyHats

    I cannot wait until my next taste of Rigatoni D; it’s an amazing dish! Would love to know the recipe. Would also be interested in your gluten free recipes.

    We had our own label once: “Imagine the Future – Honor the Past.” Commercially, I would probably shorten that to Future-Past, plus a mention of the grape, e.g. Future-Past Sirah, Future-Past Semillion.

  • Keith

    I hope for a Maggiano’s to open in Omaha. Some of the traditional Italian restaurants in Omaha have closed so there is not a glut of Italian restaurants of Maggiano’s quality in this city.

  • Joann S.

    I would like to learn about some of the chefs behind these great recipes!

  • Qtpye8619

    I love the Flourless Chocolate Cake entry- thanks for sharing!
    As simple as it is, I really love the lemonade you all offered (I believe it was two years ago, now, during the Eat a Dish for Make A Wish promotion it was fabulous!

  • Kathy F.

    This is a great blog. I too am looking for more gluten free recipes. I enjoyed all of the recipes and especially how to make a bellini.

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