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Wine 101: Swirl, Sip & Savor!

Written on June 20, 2011

There are many things to remember when tasting wine, but we’re going to start at the basics. Color, aroma and flavor!

See: Start by making sure you have a white background to hold the wine up to, like a tablecloth or napkin, as well as good lighting in the room. Tilt the glass away from you and determine the color of the wine from the middle of the glass to the edges.  What color is it, and try to be specific with the description of the color, like ‘ruby red’ or ‘straw yellow’. Also, is the wine opaque? Clear? Cloudy? Older white wines are often darker in color and older reds tend to have an orange tint along the edges.

Smell: Now take your glass and swirl the wine to release the aroma of the wine. Smell the wine and stick your nose into the glass and inhale to get the full aroma of the wine. What do you smell? Dark berries, tobacco, oak, vanilla or citrusy fruit? Keep swirling the wine and go back a couple times to see if you get any new aromas. Each wine has many different fragrances that are unique and help determine the flavors and quality of the wine.

Taste: Finally, take a taste of the wine and let it roll around your mouth, covering all of your taste buds. The wine tends to change as it moves from the initial flavor to the finish as you swallow.

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