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July’s Fresh Summer Features

Written on June 29, 2011

This month we are featuring four delicious summer dishes using the freshest ingredients of this season—tomatoes, strawberries, bell peppers and garlic!

Comment below and tell us if you would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp or Calamari for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card!

Puttanesca Pasta


Puttanesca Shrimp
Pan-seared marinated shrimp tossed with spaghetti and a zesty tapenade of red peppers, tomatoes, olives, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil


Puttanesca Calamari
Pan-seared Point Judith calamari tossed with spaghetti and a zesty tapenade of red peppers, tomatoes, olives, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil

Chicken Romano

Herb and parmesan-crusted chicken over angel hair pasta with artichokes, garlic and tomatoes in a light lemon butter sauce

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

Seared and baked on cedar paper with balsamic, marsala, honey and herbs with Mediterranean style orzo

Fresh Strawberry Pie
Fresh strawberries tossed in a light ginger balsamic glaze served with mascarpone mousse, toasted almonds in a handmade flaky pastry crust

  • Seh123

    Those look delicious!!! yum!!!

  • Sheena Shoaff

    I would order it with the shrimp :-) yummy!

  • Margie

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp. It sounds so delicious. I love Shrimp! 

  • Ken Pesek

    Just when I thought you all couldn’t get any better…you go ABOVE and BEYOND again!!!  How am I ever going to LOSE weight??  LOVE MAGGIANO’S!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna Moller

    I will order the Puttanesca Shrimp when I go next week!

  • Jacqueline Elizabeth Camargo

    I would order Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp pipping hot on top of a well done sirloin with diced tomatoes, garlic juice, shredded parvolne cheese with green and red peppers.

  • Scott

    Both the Calamari and the Salmon look splendid!

  • Jennifer Phillips

    The calamari sounds really good

  • Heather Tietjen

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari! My husband and I make it a point to order calamari as an appetizer any time we eat out. We like to try and find the best since it’s one of our favorite things! Having it combined with pasta is just an extra bonus!! YUMMO!

  • Jacqueline Elizabeth Camargo

    I will order it this week when I get my check :) 

  • Jen Robins Caldwell

    The strawberry pie sounds amazing!

  • Nadia Garza West

    It would be a difficult decision because shrimp and calamari are both delicious, but I think in the end I would go for the shrimp. 

  • Tan999

    What’s not to love, pan seared anything sounds great to me- especially from Maggiano’s!  You guys rule! 

  • Kathy Carli

    The menu sounds so amazing I could almost smell it cooking. The dessert wonderful! Strawberries are always a winner!

  • Charlie West

    Would choose shrimp.  Maggiano’s food is always delicious.

  • Kim Woods-de la Torre

    i would consider the shrimp entree, but the chix looks awesome! yum

  • Maria

    I think I will try this when I’m on vacation in Tampa next month!!! It sounds divine!

  • bootzy

    puttanesca shrimp definitely

  • Jill Banik

    I just love shrimp!!!  And along with the lucious tapenade…my mouth is watering as we speak!  It has been a while since I dined at Maggiano’s, especially al fresco.  Make a good choice and allow me to dine again at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants,  AND I will even drive there from my home in Indiana!!!!!  Yipeeee 

  • Lauren Kuehl

    can’t wait to try that calamari!

  • Jjlalison

    Can’t wait to try the Puttanesca Shrimp!


    I would order the puttanesca pasta with shrimp, with no red pepper or olives! Sounds amazing! :)

  • Boogie2u

    the Puttanesea Calamaai  good great, look like Holiday dinner the wkend, se-ya

  • Luke

    I would definitely go with the Calimari.  It looks great!

  • Barb

    Probably order the Puttanesca Pasta.  What I would love to see the chefs at Maggiano’s do is lower the calorie intake on many of their dishes.  I recently saw a calorie list and almost every meal was well over 1000 calories, with my favorite, Chicken Pesto Pasta at 4000!  With an over weight population already, it would be nice to see some lighter dishes that still pack the flavor of Maggiano’s.  Thanks for considering!

  • Jennifer Cox

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp and of course the strawberry pie!  YUMMY!

  • Sjbarro

    All of my favorites!  Love Maggiano’s! I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp. You read my mind!!

  • Sandyh

    Puttanesca Shrimp sounds great

  • Lmtjax

    I would try this for sure!!!  The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp looks so good  that I am starving now!

  • Stephanie

    I want one of everything!!

  • Momlb

    That looks like it would be a GREAT treat for our 23rd wedding anniversary coming up in August!! 

  • Suzannewiley

    I would definitely order the shrimp because I have had cancer of the mouth and have a  very hard time eating.  I enjoy Maggiano’s becuse they have accommodated me with entrees where I have to ask no red pepper flakes. etc.  I love Maggiano and the shrimp is great.  so is my favorite…linguine with clams.  minus red pepper…mouth will still not tolerate everything

  • Ssstinson0716

    That Chicken Romano looks so good! I may have to go to Maggiano’s for my birthday! I’ll definitely go if I win that gift card ;)

  • Niklaou322

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp OR Calamari isn’t my cup of tea however, the Chicken Romano looks wonderful.

  • Ashley

    Being a vegetarian, I would order the Puttanesca Pasta sans the meat. With those ingredients, the pasta stands alone as a work of art. :-) I would of course desire to finish off with the fresh strawberry pie. :-)

  • Jennifer

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp!  Sounds delicious!! 

  • Brifaith0408

    That chicken romano looks great! I can’t wait to try!

  • Livetoeat123

    Obviously the  Puttanesca Shrimp because shrimp, which sounds delicious. Id like to see it with capers too or maybe that would be in the calamari. Either way great dish! Now if only I had a coupon to help me save on it :)  

  • Zoie

    They all look yummy…and I’m sure they are…like everything else!

  • cld

    First trip to Maggiano’s this week for our anniversary.  Definitely not the last!  Food was very good, service was so nice…really enjoyed it; thank you!

  • Eyseto

    I would order the shrimp and make my husband get the salmon so we could share!

  • John shanagher

    The Chicken Romano sounds really good!

  • Jb

    The balsamic glazed salmon looks amazing.  I can’t wait to try it!

  • Antoinette

    Puttanesca Calamari..would be my choice,it reminds me of my grandmom and my mom’s cooking..of course my grandmother was from Italy, as a matter of fact thats why we eat at Maggiano’s.It brings back many happy memories.

  • Jen Brown Westfall

    Putt a nesca straight in my mouth! Then add a bite or two of The Fresh Strawberry Pie and you have one happy mama !!  <3 Maggiano's !

  • Bryan Roe

    I would probably try the Puttanesca Calamari.  I am not a shrimp fan..  Sill love the Chicken Marsala…

  • Lsosenka

    I would try the Shrimp but I really want to try the Salmon.  I love everything I have ever eaten at Maggiano’s!!

  • Shericesnead

    Pasta with the shrimp looks absolutely yummy! Pair it with the stuffed mushrooms and you’be got a very stuffed Mama!

  • Keith Sparbanie

    Very cool. Thanks. Show some more of your awesome vegetarian recipes.

  • Sulncrmnal

    Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Mandi

    Maggiano’s chicken parmasian is the best ever! I’m going to try this new chicken ramano the next time in LA! Can’t wait. :) 

  • Thehoneyc0mb

    Definitely not a fan of Putanesca. But I know my husband would order it in a heartbeat. We love the food!

  • Rebecca Reed

    Ooooooh can’t wait till mom comes to visit next week and we come in for dinner!!!  Will be trying the calamari and strawberry pie!!!!!!!

  • K Palomino

    Can’t wait to try the balsamic salmon!  Sounds delicious!!!! 

  • Louisa Armstrong

    PUTTANESCA….PUTTANESCA….oh mama mia! I cannot wait to try this dish, the one with shrimp! So much flavor, so much love …….Maggianos is definitely luring me in for a wonderful and robust dish. DELIZIOSA!

  • Debbie Glenn

    actually neither, but the chicken romano i would

  • Rlsvolsr1

    Maggiano’s never ceases to amaze or impress with their food!!

  • Jeannbe1

    The Chicken Romano looks awesome !  I think that might be the next thing I try when we go. LOVE Maggianos !

  • Mandie

    The Chicken Romano looks amazing and the Fresh Strawberry Pie sounds divine! Mom’s Lasagna is still my favorite and is to die for! Maggiano’s is by far the BEST Italian I’ve ever had anywhere just wish there was one closer! Hint hint, in Savannah!!! :)

  • Bettywilson21

    Balsamic salmon looks yummy!!!

  • Leblancjoanna

    I think I need to head there for dinner this weekend, those dishes look delish!

  • John Guzlowski

    The best Italian food I didn’t make in my own kitchen.

  • Lisa

    This sounds amazing!  Just one more reason to go back to our favorite restaurant!

  • Sandytraughber

    The Puttanesca Shrimp Pasta sounds scrumptious. That would definitely be my pick.

  • Lisa

    This sounds amazing!  Just one more reason to go back to our favorite restaurant!  Forgot to add that I would order the shrimp and let hubby get the calamari so we could try both.

  • Todd Barwick

    Too many choices, need a new belt.

  • Tgareau

    Yum strawberries!!!

  • Roxy4eli

    I would order the shrimp and have my husband order the calamari so I could try both!

  • Muneca1202

    It all sounds so good!!! I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp, the stuffed mushrooms of coarse (my favorite) & the strawberry pie for sure. Maggianos is my favorite Italian restaurant; love going there for special occasions or just because. :)

  • Shana Woodman

    I don’t think I could order either… but I’m not a seafood person :)  That strawberry pie sounds delicious though :D

  • Pmw0119

    Wow, My mouth s watering!  I can’t wait to try the Puttanesca Shrimp! It sounds delicious as I do not like cream sauces or tomato based sauce! 

  • Tonya

    YUM!! The shrimp and chicken sound amazing;can’t wait to try them out. And the strawberry pie sounds fantastic…would love the recipe!

  • Veronica S. Wright

    Puttanesca Shrimp, Chicken Romno, Strawberry pie and a glass of wine ! Only at Maggiano’s…It’s the place to be:)

  • Natalie

    They both sound and look delicious!  As I am a fan of calamari, I think that is the one I would try. Wish i had some right now – watching the video made me hungry!

  • Stephmater

    Now I’m hungry!

  • Beaner72

    They both look delicious! Love calamari and shrimp. Would definitely try one of them!

  • Ccutie4652

    It all sounds so good….LOVE MAGGIANO’S!!!

  • Cbbennett1

    It all sounds wonderful!!!  Maybe it is a good thing that I don’t live closer, I would probably be there every night

  • Ericanaysha1

    I would order the shrimp.  All of those dishes look delish!  MMMM  Cant wait for our next visit!

  • Damadrig

    Chicken Romano sure looks pretty awesome and mouth watering!!!!!!

  • Jandhwalker

    I can not wait to go to Maggianos and order the Chicken Romano. Sounds and looks sooo good.

  • Karinas123

    I can’t wait to try these. Maggianos is by far my favorite Italian restaurant. Every time I was in Vegas I would come here then my husband found out that we had one right here in WA. Can’t tell you how happy I was. Now I go all the time :)

  • audsherrill

    Wow! You make it look so easy I could do it at home. Thanks for the cooking tips.

  • Coasterett

    The Puttanesca Shrimp looks awesome. Can’t wait to come in and try it!!! Our first visit to Maggiano’s was last April. It has already become our favorite place.

  • Brenda Maxwell

    So much good food! How to choose. How about you open a Maggianos in Fort Worth?

  • Hollywood65

    The pasta and shrimp sound awesome, but I know EVERYTHING you guys serve is!!

  • Paulabrown571

    The Chicken Romano looks delicious as does the the strawberry pie. Maggiano’s is the best place I have eaten! I couldn’t wait when I went on vacation out to Vegas we weren’t 20 minutes off the plane and I was ready to visit Maggiano’s!!!!

  • Akunkle

    I would love to try the Chicken Romano! (and then finish it up with my usual Chocolate Zucatto cake! yummy)

  • Julio Berrios1987

    The lobster ravioli is incredible

  • Ai-vy Riniker

    Oh my goodness! That strawberry pie is making my mouth water…I can’t wait to swing by and try it!!

  • Ai-vy Riniker

    Oh my goodness! That strawberry pie is making my mouth water…I can’t wait to swing by and try it!! And I would so order the Puttanesca Pasta with calamari – I love how crispy it is!

  • Julio Berrios jr.

    I took two different women this place now thats the only place they want to go my wallets in trouble but so worth the money

  • Emfalcon89

    Your food is amazing!!!! I can’t wait to come back next time!

  • James

    I enjoy watching the chef at work!  I’d choose Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.

  • Kristen

    Looks delicious!! I love Maggiano’s! The food is always great!! I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari! The Strawberry pie sounds amazing too!! 

  • Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds wonderful.  I would  have that.

  • Cb22681

    Look amazing!!! Definitely try it with Shrimp.

  • samantha_la

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp! And that strawberry pie sounds amazing!
    smoo06 at yahoo dot com

  • Lisa!

    Puttanesca pasta and strawberry pie, please! :)

  • Broadwayan

    I am a sucker for Italian food, so these pictures are killing me. They all sound fabulous! I am headed to Maggiano’s next week for a girls’ lunch. Can’t wait.

  • Pennymoreno

    It all sounds delicious! Would have a hard time choosing. And there goes the diet :)

  • Shannonal

    Well. If you had a vegetarian version of either dish I would probably order the shrimp because the mixture of ingredients sounds amazing. Either way I never have to worry about not enjoying what I at at Maggianos because I’ve never been disappointed with the food I’ve chosen!

  • Kkweston

    Oh my Gosh, who would equate Strawberry Pie with Italian?? BRAVO!!

  • Kelley Arslanian

    These sound absolutely amazing!

  • Rodichka Klubnichka

    On my way to Maggiano’s! That’s art! Can I have some Puttanesca with Shrimp, please! And Fresh strawberry pie for desert! :) 

    Excellent!  Maggiano’s is the best! My all time favorite! 

  • Themillers130

    Everything looks delicious!

  • Christie zizo

    The puttanesca shrimp sounds good, but it’s the balsamic salmon that really sounds great!

  • Christie zizo

    The puttanesca shrimp sounds good, but it’s the balsamic salmon that really sounds great!

  • CShell

    Calimari…..always the calamari

  • Giselle C. Barrera

    The Puttanesca Shrimp pasta sounds SO good! As well as the Fresh Strawberry Pie! Can’t wait to try them!

  • Amytuso

    YUMMY…I’d go for the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp….come to think of it, I’ll make sure I’m at Maggiano’s this month and do just that!

  • Paula

    All of the July fresh summer features sound delicious! I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp.

  • Chrisknitz

    Umm, strawberry pie!! Shrimp! Wish you guys were closer!

  • M_spacemom

    The Chicken Romano and the Baked Balsamic Salmon look and sound like 2 dishes I can’t wait to try

  • Sally Tarasoff

    It looks excellent, but calorie rich. My favorite is the old fashioned bracciole’s. We love Maggiano’s  as the best “bribe” for good grades with our grandkids! Straight A’s get you dinner at Maggiano’s. 

  • Janet

    First of all I love the fact that the cooktop area was very clean and that everything was organized. It was interesting that the chef was using soybean oil. I like it because it’s different than the usual olive, canola or vegetable oil. Of course, the finished dish looked fabulous! Finally I liked the way chef Keith used the phrase women of easy virtue to describe the prostitutes. Nice verbiage!

  • Isandgirls

    The chicken Romano and strwberry pie soun.d best to me.  I’m not a seafood lover

  • Taryn237

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp

  • Klbop

    The shrimp dish sounds amazing. I was just at Maggiano’s last week, but I see another visit in my future!

  • Carly Mininsohn

    The Chicken Romano sounds delish! I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp for sure!

  • Puppygaga3

    It all looks amazing but then again any pasta with anything on it looks and tastes good! I crave pasta almost 24/7! I think I would go with the Puttanesca pasta with calamari, then come back the next day for the shrimp lol

  • Judyman715

    I’d probably pick the shrimp and make my dinner companion get the calamari so I could eat some of that too–they both sound delicious!

  • Gigdeb

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp – sounds yummy!

  • Bnhasak

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds delicious.  Though I have trouble ordering anything other than my favorites when I go.  Sometimes the old standbys are too good to venture in to new food territory.  Maybe if Pittsburgh had a Maggiano’s closer I’d be more apt to venture in to the new menu items?

  • djs1231

    The lobster ravioli is incredible

  • Dollardeals2010cl

    I would order the Puttanesca Calamari

  • Cboepple

    Can’t wait to try these dishes. I’ve yet to eat anything at Maggiano that wasn’t delicious !

  • Lori_stakes

    I would order puttanesca pasta with shrimp… has all my favorite flavors!!!  I love this italian restaurant!  Its my favorite place

  • Tamis3angels

    I love puttanesca sauce. I would order mine with just the sauce since I am a vegetarian. And I would certainly want a big piece of pie :)

  • Reaster_mts

    Think I need to stop by Maggiano’s on the way home ‘Naperville’

  • suzq

    The Chicken Romano sounds DELICIOUS! And Fresh Strawberry Pie is my favorite summer treat!

  • Kathleen

    I think the Puttanesca with Shrimp sounds good, as does that fresh strawberry pie.  Gotta have dessert! :)

  • Ldyneka

    The puttanesca with shrimp sounds like heaven. I think I drooled a little bit.

  • Alexandria Coates

    The puttanesca with Shrimp sounds really tasty

  • Alexandria Coates

    and I would definately order it

  • Rebe810

    ahh-puttanesca…hot and spicy-. reminds me of a word that my husband’s Sicilian grandfather used to say when he was mad(-puttana). I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp and cool it off with the lovely strawberry pie!

  • doem1

    For sure I would order the Puttanesa Pasta with Calamri!!!!  OMG that sounds wonderful….  Yummy

  • Cwells1983

     Puttanesca Shrimp sounds so wonderful I am going to have to try it ASAP!!!

  • Emmy

    Forget The Melting Pot, we’re going to Maggianos next date night!

  • Bob Zimmer

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.

  • Cristy R.

    I would have to go with the Puttanesca Shrimp!  I’m too chicken to eat the Calamari:)  Sounds sooo yummy!

  • Chellemw

    With shrimp…hands down!

  • Letesha_17

    I would have to go with the dish with shrimp. Calamari is an acquired taste.

  • BrendaFL

    Puttanesca Pasta sounds delicious. Wish I could try it.  Sadly I am allergic to seafood. The Strawberry Pie sounds like the perfect ending to a great meal.

  • Kris

    Our family loves Maggiano’s.  We live in Green Bay, WI, (where there is no Maggiano’s) so it’s on our “must have” list every time we are in Milwaukee.  Our favorites:  Mushroom Ravioli, Stuffed Mushrooms, Rigitoni D, Tiramisu and the Apple Crostada (to name only a few)  PLEASE come to Green Bay!

  • Vjgiliberti

    I would go for the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp…..Yum!

  • Liza123jax

    Your “Goodies” sound so good … see you this weekend!

  • Diana McVay

    I’d prefer the Puttanesca Shrimp! The Salmon and Strawberry pie sound delicious too! YUMMY! So many choices! However does one decide?

  • Judi Haggerty

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp for my hubby.  We went to Maggiano’s for dinner to celebrate our 7th Anniversary.  Loved it!

  • Sheila

    I would love to try the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp…never have tried it, but it sounds GREAT!!!!

  • Diana

    Calamari all the way!!! :-)

  • Courcomp

    Puttanesca Shrimp!  The food is amazing but the atmosphere and wait staff made our celebration dinner with our son home from college(University of Manitoba) and our nephew who graduated with a masters degree in accounting (Southern Methodist University) most memorable!  Yes, a proud mom and aunt who loves Maggiano’s.

  • Shawnwigg

    Calamari all the way!! I love anything Maggianos makes and I’d love to have an amazing Calamari dish :-)

  • DebiH

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca with shrimp. Thank you so much for showing a video of you cooking this recipe. Maggianos you are my all time favorite restaurant. I wish you had one here in Brandon fl. I would be there every week:) eating and taking cooking classes.

  • Lasnvegas

    Very difficult to decide!  Puttanesca Shrimp would be my first choice, but my husband would go with the Calamari.  So I guess we will be ordering BOTH :)

  • Bcrazie

    I would love to try the Puttanesca with shrimp!  Everything at Maggianos is fantastic.  It’s our favorite special occasion restaurant. 

  • Michael Fussner

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp every day!  I mean it should defiantly be added on because look how many comments there are for it.  It looks Delicious :)  Every time I’ve been here it’s been perfect and i’m sure this delectable dish is no exception.  Maggiano’s chef’s reputation can’t be beat, therefore I would try this in a heart beat!!!

  • Christine Snow

    Chicken Ramano looks delicious!!

  • Abby

    Why can’t I have it together?  Loved the video…wish you were closer!

  • R Hookup

    Calamari Calamari Calamari Calamari

  • Ms. G

    Balsamic Glazed Salmon would be my choice for the month. I can’t wait to visit..My mouth is watering now. See you soon!!!

  • Jbach14

    I. Would order the Puttanesca pasta and shrimp because it looks very appealing. And. Ilove shhrimp dishes

  • Goconnor

    Neither…I’d order The Balsamic Glazed Salmon!

  • Carrie

    The Puttanesca Pasta  with shrimp sounds delicious!

  • Jessica Schultz

    Puttanesca Shrimp!  It sounds amazing!

  • Emilyd80

    The lasagna is to die for!  My favorite!

  • Michele Scocchera

    I would totally order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp! Sounds great! We will be eating there this weekend. Can’t wait for the yummy bread and Oil and Vinegar dipping sauce.

  • Losangelbear

    sounds delicious!  Shrimp Puttanesca!

  • Kevin Gordish

    Calamari as long as it is not over cooked. I love calamari!

  • Crestmag1

    Shrimp is the bomb!!  We drive 2 hours to eat at Maggianos because there’s none closer!!

  • Karen

    Pasta with Shrimp for sure !!! Well and the Strawberry pie, but either choice from my experience will be tasty.

  • Cindy Slabich

    mmmm… I’ll take the salmon and the strawberry pie.

  • Nonnacous

    Can you believe that I have never BEEN to Maggianos?!  So, from what I’ve heard, I’m sure either way would be great!  (but I lean towards the shrimp!)

  • Pdorsey1742

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp and Fresh Strawberry Pie, tomorrow, at Maggiano’s, Santana Row!

  • Overhauser


  • Joanie

    Calamari for sure!!!

  • Schuberttx

    Maggianos is hands down the best restaurant.  I can’t wait to try the new shrimp recipe.

  • Angela Johnsen Kreeger

    Shrimp. It is a rarity around our house and sounds delicious!

  • Lesley

    Wow…that looks simply delicious!!!! Would love to try it with both the shrimp and the calamari together! YUM!!! Keep the deliciousness coming Maggiano’s!!!

  • Pspiers

    Looks great can’t wait to try the new dishes

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    The Chicken Romano looks amazing… it may just make me try something other than my usual chicken piccata and the  strawberry pie sounds so good!

  • Angela

    I’m thinking the Calamari.  Your regular Calamari on the menu is so delicious – I can’t imagine it being improved upon but this might top it.  Yummo!!!

  • Marianne Winters-Russo

    I love Maggiano’s!! I would totally order the Shrimp Puttanesca but would also have to order that Fresh Strawberry Pie. That pie sounds absolutely heavenly =)

  • Mwesolowski

    I’m not a seafood lover, but the Chicken Romano sounds wonderful.  And the pie, of course!

  • Risenchrist

    with shrimp, with lots of shrimp…

  • Suzie

    All look AMAZING !  Love Maggiano’s.  Italian at it’s best.

  • Emwhidden

    The Puttanesca Shrimp and Chicken Romano sound incredible!  And yum for the strawberry pie!

  • Laura

    I have got to try the new Chicken Romano or the Balsamic Glazed Salmon —- I can’t decide which will be best — maybe have to come back for the other :)    wow Fresh Strawberry Pie  – yummy — can’t wait!

  • C_emijoy

    I love Maggiano’s.  I make reservations to eat there every birthday and anniversary.  The Chicken Romano and Balsamic Glazed Salmon sound amazing.  The 4th of July happens to be my birthday and July 5 is my wedding anniversary.  I think I’ll just have to try these dishes…one on my birthday, the other on my anniversary.  :D

  • db

    I’m not a big seafood person, but I would probably order the one with shrimp.  I don’t think you can go wrong with anything ordered here!  I would most definitely order the chicken.  It looks fantastic!

  • Steph_h

    Not a shrimp or calamari fan – would order either the chicken or salmon though!

  • Michael

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp is calling my name!!

  • Supriya

    I love maggianos …the chicken Roman looks great ….can’t wait to eat it….


  • John

    Would order the Puttanesca Shrimp

  • Debra Brodsky

    Love, Love, Love Maggiano’s for all types of celebrations.  These both would be great.

  • Sara Martinez

    The chicken romano looks amazing, cannot wait to come try it!

  • Laura Mondoux

    Can’t wait to try the fresh strawberry pie.  I love Maggiano’s!

  • Lisacolten

    Just like Nonna used to make!  Can’t wait to try them all!  Love you!

  • Dave Barry

    Calamari looks fantastic, can not wait to dig into the festival of flavors !!

  • Anjulykhanna

    Loooove Maggiano’s…love berries….last night I had the Berry Tiramisu and now I can’t wait to try the Fresh strawberry pie :)

  • Betsy

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp….it looks yummy!! I haven’t had strawberry pie in years. It looks refreshing and delicious!!

  • Jackee17

    Can’t wait to try them both! Could that be done over the gluten-free pasta instead of the spaghetti, and would the zesty tapenade be considered gluten-free?

  • Lindadiane50

    I think I would have to order both, yummmm!

  • Andrew Chooljian

    This sounds like a great dish – especially for summer.  I would request a “combination” order with both shrimp and calamari.

  • Wpdunn

    Wow I am hungry!!!!!!

  • Les16j

    Definitely the Puttanesca Shrimp! Looks amazing!

  • George Walley

    Calamari, definitely.  But I can’t go to Maggiano’s without also getting a Maggiano’s Chopped Salad and Onion Strings too!  awesome! 

  • Linda

    I have never been a salmon fan….but I have to try this new Balsamic Glazed Salmon. Wow does it look good. Then again, everything at Maggianos is always top notch. Thanks for always being consistent.

  • Wonderland99

    Calamari sounds delish!

  • Dlekstrand

    Shrimp is always a favorite.

  • Matt Rigsby

    I would probably order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp myself. 


  • Rsbryswrrl

    I’d order with shrimp.  Yum!

  • ecap

    maggiano’s is one of the best restaurant my family and I have been to-we always go to the one in Tampa every night, every year when we are there because we do not have one in the NYC area.
    The Shrimp Puttanesca looks amazing which is what I would order- which should be followed by a great dessert such as the Strawberry Pie-since strawberries are my favorite fruit-my mouth is watering-I AM Hungry.

  • Mymixedgreens

    Can’t decide, both look fantastic…I guess I will have to try both :)

  • flo



  • Audra Downey

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.  I can’t wait to try it!

  • Tepathome

    I will bring the family and order them BOTH!



  • Hendicot777

    I can’t wait to try them all , I have never had anything at Maggiano’s I have not liked

  • Sharon64

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta – probably with shrimp.  The salmon looks wonderful, too. 

  • Emily

    I would have to pick the shrimp as I’m not that big a fan of calamari.

  • Barbara Babcock

    Where’s my fork and spoon??  I can literally smell all the ingredients drifting under my nose.  Great recipe.  Can’t wait to try it here in Cincinnati.

  • D annielle Cortolano

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Shrimp it looks and sounds delicious.

  • Whybdry247

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp! Yummy :)

  • Carol

    Can’t wait to get to Maggiano’s!

  • Lisa

    I’d order it with shrimp–looks like it will be delicious!

  • Articulationserv

    Puttanesca Shrimp! Yum! Love it.

  • Dee Miceli

    Definitely with the shrimp. You guys are my favorite restaurant….I am working my way through the menu!!!

  • mindydawn

    Sounds delicious!

  • TomMay

    Am I eating yet?  That looks so delicious — would have to go with the shrimp though.  Another masterpiece from Maggianos.  You’ve never disappointed me!!  Thanks!

  • marillyn sussman

    The salmon and chicken dishes look wonderful.  Can’t wait to try them

  • Lakeisham14

    I would definitely try the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp anyday:)

  • B.

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp would be my choice.

  • David George Johnson

    I would get the shrimp dish. Sounds and looks YUMMY!

  • Diana

    I have to say that I love love love your restaurants. I would try anything you put new on the menu. I haven’t been dessapointed once. I just love everything from appetizer to desert and drinks. I’m excited ti try the calamari. Nobody makes calamari like Maggiano’s!!!!!

  • Sjmarion

    Tough choice…calamari or shrimp?  I say bring a friend and we order both!

  • Barry S. Rigg

    Definitely get this dish with the calamari…Looks incredible!

  • Brian

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds good to me!

  • Ms D in Dallas

    I gave my Mom a birthday party at Maggiano’s and now everyone in my family is hooked. Love the family sized portions and I could never forget the pound cake dessert. OMG!

  • Hope

    We are going for Puttanesca pasta tonight!  love the videos

  • Nancy

    The Puttanesca Shrimp sounds wonderful – can’t wait to try it!

  • Bobsurdel

    The Puttanesca Shrimp dish has my mouth watering. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Thedwilliams

    I would order anything that they serve! I’m hooked.

  • Debbie

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp.  I love shrimp and anything from Maggiano’s!!!

  • Juanita

    I would prefer the Puttanesca Shrimp.  Not a big Calamari fan.  But, a big fan of Maggiano’s!

  • Rnolan

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds delicious.

  • Lafskelton

    Mmm they are sound delicious! I always enjoy anything Maggianos!

  • Hare-brained

    I might as for both… I’m sure it would be a good combo!

  • Hare-brained

    I meant ask….. old computer… sorry.

  • shari12

    I’m hungry now for the calamari!  A wonderful idea for dinner this weekend!

  • Carolyn Stollberg

    They all sound delicious, but I think I would choose the shrimp, and follow it with the strawberry pie. We are meeting friends for dinner on July 9th. It’ll be a good time to order and share the different dishes. Love, love, love your food!!!!!

  • Paserafin

    It looks delicious!  I would order it!

  • erica best

    i would try the Puttanesca Shrimp

  • Jimb37122

    not sure i’d like the calamari but the shrimp one sounds awesome! 

  • Caroledshively

    This dish sounds marvelous and if I weren’t out of commission for 4 more weeks due to a nasty fall I would be down to Maggiano’s to enjoy it!

  • Mel K

    the shrimp version looks good, but the Chicken Romano looks awesome! I think I would get that!!

  • Sgills

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp.  Looks YUMMY!

  • Ddrew

    They all look delicious!  Can’t wait to try them out

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure I could decide between the shrimp or calamari…I would definitely try them both.  the chicken romano and glazed salmon also look good. so many choices!

  • Christi Bates

    I would most definately try both the Puttanesca Shrimp and Puttanesca Calamari dishes.  All of your dishes are amazing and delicious!!  Maggiano’s out does any other Italian Restaurant.

  • Suzanna Krebs

    Mmmm…the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds delicious.  I love trying new menu selections at Maggianos.  All of Maggianos’ desserts are scrumptuous, but the strawberry pie sounds delicious for summer. 

  • Julie Segal

    Yum..would love to try the shrimp & chicken!!

  • DebWebb

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp and hope my dinning partner would order the Chicken Romano as they would both be my favorites

  • Julie Robinson

    Although I’ve never eaten Calamari, I would order the Puttanesca Calamari. . The dish is pleasing to the eye and filled with a complimentary variety of delectable fresh summer ingredients.  I can only imagine the great aroma. You take such care in not only your food preparation but your restaurant. You folks should be on the Food Network.  Maggiano’s is my family’s favourite Boston restaurant! 

  • med

    I would have to pass since I can’t eat seafood, however, it sounds delicious!  Send over the Chicken Romano.  Your food is excellent!!!

  • Scrain6301

    Our 29th anniversary is Saturday and all these dishes sound like something we might enjoy to celebrate this anniversary.  The calamari sounds especially great!  It’s going to be a hard decision, but there won’t be a disappointment – all the food is great!

  • marie

    I don’t know which one I would choose between the Shrimp and Calamari.  I love them both.  I guess I would just have to try them both!!!

  • Amlake01

    I love calamari when it is done well. Since Maggiano’s generally does everything well – I would order the calamari!

  • Liz

    I would get it with shrimp … and then give it to my dad, who loves fish! (I don’t)

  • Christie Reid

    I will definitely order the Puttanesca with Shrimp! Can’t wait to try it!

  • Wendy Cummings

    I loooooove calamari!!! I can’t wait to try your new dish!! I would definatly order the new Calamari dish!! Thank you all so much for being my favorite restaurant!! I love you so much!!! XOXOXO

  • Rorich84

    I would order the punttanesca with shrimp! I love any dish from this place with shrimp in it!

  • Dwarfnose

    And you make it look sooooooooo easy! Calamari… very tasty!

  • Shellie

    Last year some of my Class of 1967 high school friends from Batesville, MS and I gathered in Nashville at another high school friend’s home.  The night before we were to leave Nashville, our friend took us to Maggianos and I must say everyone enjoyed everything we ate!  It was outstanding!  This summer we’re planning another trip to Nashville and hope to dine at Maggiano’s again.  I know we’ll enjoy Puttanesca Shrimp and the Fresh Strawberry pie.  Your restaurant is nothing like we have in cities near us and I enjoy receiving weekly email messages.  Thanks so much!

  • Shellie

    Last year some of my Class of 1967 high school friends from Batesville, MS and I gathered in Nashville at another high school friend’s home.  The night before we were to leave Nashville, our friend took us to Maggianos and I must say everyone enjoyed everything we ate!  It was outstanding!  This summer we’re planning another trip to Nashville and hope to dine at Maggiano’s again.  I know we’ll enjoy Puttanesca Shrimp and the Fresh Strawberry pie.  Your restaurant is nothing like we have in cities near us and I enjoy receiving weekly email messages.  Thanks so much!

  • Kteckley

    I would definitely go shrimp as my first instinct.  I’m typically a chicken girl, but shrimp is my next option.  YUM!  



  • Kevin Brown

    I am going to buying this dish next week at you Las Vegas location.  It looks great.

  • Nancy McGuire

    Definetely the Puttanesca Shrimp……Mmmmm! 

  • snoopyroc

    I will order Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari, mmmmmm!

  • doug

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  • Kim

    I would try the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp – looks and sounds delicious!

  • AL

    Looks delicious!

  • Sweetie

    I’m planning on dinner, and dessert, tomorrow night, July 1 and I can’t wait!! What better way to kick off my holiday weekend! Thank you!

  • Bill

    This looks delish!

  • guest

    sounds delicious.  I’d order the shrimp over the calamari, but both are tempting!

  • Joan

    I have not had a disappointing meal yet at Maggiano’s. I am looking forward to savoring the shrimp dish!

  • joannaf

    I would def order the Puttanesca Shrimp!! I LOVE IT!!

  • Jpnolan

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Calamari. You always see dishes with shrimp added, but rarely with calamari and cooked correctly I’m sure this dish is delicious and I look forward to trying it.

  • Danica

    yum…..I’ll need to try the Chicken Romano.  And soon!

  • Kate

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp, Yes!

  • Mike O


  • Sweetie

    I’ll be there for dinner and dessert tomorrow night, Friday July 1!  I can’t wait! Thank you so much!!

  • Colleen A Owens

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp!!  <3333

  • Lisa Saunders

    Maggiano’s can do no wrong! Everything they make is just delicious. I definitely am going to try the Puttanesca Calamari.

  • Khammond

    Calamari Yumm

  • Barry K Cluff

    The Puttanesca Shrimp looks great, cannot wait to go in and try it.

  • Straske


    I would definitely order the calamari puttanesca.

  • Cracker

    The Puttanesca Shrimp would be my first choice, but everything looks great!

  • Joshua Nelson

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp

  • Hankscj

    Puttanesca Shrimp  sounds incredible I will be going to your Boston location to try it very soon yummy 

  • Snewman

    My mouth is watering! That Puttanesca Shrimp looks incredible. I can’t wait to get into the restaurant this weekend and try it. Good recipe, Chef! 

  • Sdowdy

    I would very much enjoy trying these new dishes.  The Puttanesca Shrimp sound wonderful.
    Look forward to trying all.

  • Guiseppe

    ‘ey shrimp…calamari…why not both!  The strawberry pie is callin’ my name too!

  • Ddavis

    the calamari dish looks AWESOME!  i will absolutely try it if it’s on the menu of my local Maggiano’s in King of Prussia PA.  My wife and i are huge fans!

  • Allison Kapitanoff

    I don’t like seafood, but that Chicken Romano looks DELICIOUS!!!

  • ToddAmy Drew

    Love Maggianos, Ready to try the new summer recipes at the Jacksonville, FL location!!

  • Mari

    Puttanesca Shrimp!!!!!  Ummmmmmmm it looks sooooo good.  I can’t wait try to it!

  • Paul Prusak

    I would eat either one!! they both look great !!

  • Janet Challacombe

    Both the Puttanesca Shrimp and Puttanesca Calamari sound scrumptious.  If I had to choose I would go with the shrimp!

  • Brewski

    Seafood and pasta, what could be better!

  • Lori Wood

    shrimp definitely

  • Nancy

    The Puttanesca Shrimp would be my favorite

  • Brett

    I would order the Puttanesca with Calamari!

  • Ciao617

    Yum!  I believe I would choose the Puttanesca Shrimp – I love Maggiano’s!!!

  • Alecia E

    definitely the puttanesca shrimp! i want it!

  • Jennifer Ellis

    I’d order both of them but I think I might want to try the calamari one first.  Sounds delicious!!

  • Ellen

    I would get it with calamari … I used to visit Point Judith, it’s in Rhode Island where my husband’s relatives live :).

  • yummyinmytummy

    Shrimp for me please!

  • William Yang

    Putanesca shrimp!

  • Mfodera

    Delicious! This is modern and classic Italian combination at it’s best! This is why I love Maggiano’s! Old world Italian cooking in todays demanding kitchen, satisfying the palate.

  • Laneez

    I would try the Puttanesca!
    Lanee Zarosi

  • Janet

    This made my mouth water, but I’d have the shrimp version. Can’t wait for our next trip to Maggiano’s to have the Shrimp Puttanesca!  Thanks for sharing!

  • Debbie

    yes I would! Sounds yummy. Love Maggiano’s.

  • Janet.R.Trisciuzzi

    Hello! The Video was Wild & Interesting!  Although..I Have to Say This; Even If this Means, I wont Win the Contest… :(   Now Understand, Im Saying this out of the Goodness of My heart & for Yr. Sakes..  0:?  Im Italian & An Old-Fastioned one! I Would LUV the; *Puttanesca Calamari Dish; But I Have to Tell U ..In Americ; I think Many Folks Wont Eat This… There are Some That Dont Like Seafood & *The Way U Have Prepared THIS Dish,..Just Lightly, Searing, Sauteing The Fish..That Means IT WILL Definitely Be a Bit Chewy & Tectured to Eat: …Delicious, for Me But..The Calamari ; hardly Looked cooked*  I Would Eat This YES; But the Small amount of Time U folks Cooked It..Im Pretty Sure Some folks ..Will have a Problem Enjoying IT  :?   I Truely Hope THEY Do..  I Hope I get to Taste this Dish Here in South FLA! 
      The Salmon Also Looks Absolutely Delicious!  Remember Im Italian, I LUV All Food; Esp.
      Fish, Seafood & Veggies! Thank You for Yr.Time!  God Bless U All  oxo  J.R

  • M Rawson

    Wow! Would love to try the Puttanesca Calamari! I really like Calamari and have never seen this type of combination before


  • Rsantopoalo

    These look divine! While I’m actively on Weight Watchers, I’d love to have this entree as my weekly discretionary points. Yum!

  • Ct12

    Looks so good. I acn’t wait to try the calamari! YUMMYLICOUS!!!!!

  • Debra Palmer

    I thought I’d probably go for the Puttanesca Shrimp but after seeing the cooking demo, the Puttanesca Calamari looks delish.  I’ve got Puttanesca Chicken on my home cook menu next week.  Maybe I can use some of the techniques I saw in the video at home.

  • Kelly Balderson

    I would go with the Puttanesca Shrimp where my husband would fo for the Puttanesca Calamari.  I have only been to your place once and fell in love with it!  I can’t wait to go back with my family or finally a date night with my husband!  No matter what is created in your kitchen will be fabulous as always! 

  • Leslie Forsythe

    They both sound really great.  I would love to try them!!

  • Anonymous

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds marvelous!! Can’t wait to try it! 

  • BruceDietz

    I am definitely going to try one of these dishes this weekend!! I can’t wait……

  • Shira Frozenmoon

    I think I’d take the shrimp, myself.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE CALAMARI…..I would definitely choose the Puttanesca Calamari!  The Eggplant Parmesan
    is my all-time favorite dish at Maggiano’s BUT, love trying your new dishes every chance I get. Hope to try this one soon!  Mangiamo! 

  • Anonymous

    I prefer shrimp.

  • Guest

    I love calamari, but don’t eat it very often because it is usually breaded and fried.  This calamari Puttanesca sounds absolutely delicious and combines a number of my favorite flavors.  Save a plate for me!

  • Putty-tatt848

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp. I don’t eat Calamari. But, all the other ingredients sounds delish!

  • Kelly Balderson

    I would have the shrimp where my husband would have the calamari.  I have only been to your place once and I fell in love with it!  I can’t wait to go back with my family or a long OVERDUE date night with my husband!  Anything created in the Maggiano’s kitchen is ALWAYS FABULOUS!!!

  • JUDY

    Shrimp for me, please

  • Ranners_2000

    I would definitely try the shrimp puttanesca. It sounds amazing.

  • Jim

    Yes, would try the calamari.  Is it on menu yet?

  • P, Faser

    I can’t wait to get in there and try the Puttanesca Shrimp!!!  

  • Leapgirl1964

    Puttanesca Shrimp

  • biplane

    I would get it!

  • Nutsandboults

    Would love love, love, to try the shrimp version. 

  • mfaulknor

    Personally I don’t like either one. But if I had to choose it would be shrimp. I could handle the taste of shrimp better vthan calamari.

  • Master W

    Puttanesca Shrimp! Sweet!

  • Master W

    Puttanesca Shrimp! Sweet!

  • Jpdiantha

    I will definitely try the Puttanesca with shrimp.  Love all things Puttanesca, but the sweetness of the shrimp is such a nice counter balance to the salty of the sauce.  A nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc and I’m all set.  Oh some of the great Maggiano’s bread to soak up the sauce!  Yum

  • Loretta

    Looking forward to ordering the Shrimp Puttanesca. I love your food.

  • Melinda F

    I would love the Chicken Romano…I am not a fan of shrimp or calamari, or olives (!)
    but the Puttanesca sounds great for people that do!

  • Anonymous

    I’m all about the shrimp version!

  • Be Coveted

    I would order it with Calamari

  • Lynn

    I definitely would try the chicken romano, the salmon, and the strawberry pie.  They all sound delicious.

  • Jpetroroy

    Mmm…I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp. Sounds so delicious!

  • Anonymous

    I would try both! I used to live in the Chicago area and loved Maggiano’s. I can’t wait to try it in Orlando.

  • bebe

    Salmon is my favorite and I would drive all the way from Beaumont to enjoy the culinary feast.  Maggiano’s always a hit and it’s worth the drive. 

  • Denise Chapman

    Heading to Denver this weekend and would LOVE to stop by for dinner!  :-)

  • Stephrmartinez

    The Puttanesca w/Calamari sounds fantastic!

  • Michael

    That looks fantastic.  I’ll have mine with the shrimp!

  • Fiveftsix

    This looks absolutely delicious!  Great flavor combination.  I would add shrimp.

  • Denise Chapman

    Forgot to say I’d totally get the Puttanesca Shrimp – YUM!!!

  • katiah

    Difficult decision to make! Shrimp or Calamari? I love them both! I guess I would have to try the shrimp first.

  • Shelly_niemeyer

    Alluring sauces, pyrotechnics, what’s not to love?

  • MaMo

    The Puttenesca Shrimp and Chicken Romano remind me of dishes my grandmother and mom would make us.  I MUST taste yours….mmmmm!

  • Bev Howarth

    After watching the video I would really love to try the Calamari Puttanesca.  Calamari has more of a Mediterranean taste and feel to it than shrimp so I think it would go much better with the sauce.  That sauce with all the “goodies” in it looks wonderful.  I may even try it tonite after visiting the farmer’s market!  Ciao!

  • Anonymous

    Absolutly I would get it!

  • Maryjade777

    Strawberry pie looks great
    Love maggianos

  • Tmmom42003

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca shrimp! I never met a dish I didn’t like at Maggiano’s!!

  • Cathleen

    Ooooooooooooooh definitely the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp!!!  You are luring me into your house !!!  Winning that gift card would definitely get me and my sons in the door !!!  *smile*

  • s baker

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp for me.

  • Ms Etherington

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Shrimp. I already love your stuffed mushrooms, spinach & cheese manicotti, and of course everyone’s favorite the chicken Parmesan! My family loves your food & hospitality- Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

  • Paula

    I actually am salivating from your fabulous recipe.  I would order it with shrimp if I had the chance…

  • Laurie Lanners

    The Puttanesca Shrimp sounds amazing–it made me so hungry when I read the description!  I’ll definitely be going to Maggiano’s soon so I can order it!

  • laurib

    Neither….I’m vegetarian, so I’d just order it without.

  • T.luciotti

    I would most definitely order it with calamari!!!!!!!!!! Or shrimp…? Uh. Uh. Uh. BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamara Kay Powers

    I would definitely order it with shrimp, it looks fabulous!

  • Italianlove

    I can’t wait to try it with the shrimp!  :)

  • Elizabeth

    definitely would try.  love Maggiano’s

  • Anonymous

    Your food is so delicious and I have a hard time choosing each time I come in.  Just when I thought It couldn’t get any better, this Italian considers these new dishes “Heaven on Earth”.   But  I  will be trying the Shrimp Puttanesca first…my mouth waters thinking about it!    My thanks and applaluse to the Chef!

  • Amy28

    definitely with shrimp! yum

  • Anthony

    Looks so simple to make and with a great combination of flavors added.  That’s the beauty of these fresh summer features; it doesn’t have to be complicated to enjoy them! I’ll try it all.  Buon appetito!!

  • LisaK

    with shrimp.  souns delicious!!!

  • afw

    i would love to try the calamari, salmon and strawberry pie!

  • Adminassist

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp sounds amazing. I look forward to trying it out when we are there next. I’m also planning on sampling that Strawberry Pie.

  • Kerri

    Puttanesca Shrimp–YUM!

  • Debra McGee

    Calamari is an awesome twist to this dish. I love it but usually you can only find it fried. Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Bocabob95

    Shrimp absolutely but I would really like to try the new chicken dish!

  • Elizabeth m

    Yum. I’d order with shrimp!

  • Toosurreal01

    I would order both!

  • Melanie

    I am,unfortunately, not a seafood lover…but my husband definitely enjoys seafood whenever he can!  Since we will have been married 25 years this July – I would order the Shrimp so he could savour it and know how much I love him!

  • Lbayes01

    Yummy !

  • Elliott Bresler

    As great as the calamari looks, I can’t wait to try the shrimp

  • b bradley

    Sounds sooo yummy! I’d try the Puttanesca with sprimp.

  • dessy

    Puttanesca Shrimp or Calamari sure looks wonderful!  I’ll probably come in this week or niext to try!

  • Christine Yoo

    calamari please but they all look amazing!!

  • JL K

    I’ve only had fried calamari so putanesca would be great to try! I can see how the flavors would be excellent with shrimp too!

  • Djbobbyrhodes

    I want a free meal!

  • Terry H.

    Either version would be wonderful and I’m assuming neither the shrimp or the calamari are breaded and then fried, which would take away from the sweetness of the seafood.  The sauce sounds delicious.  I love olives and peppers.  Hopefully the spiciness of the dish won’t be too much, since I can’t do much “heat”. 

  • Jlw7975

    Definitely would order the Puttanesca pasta…looks like such a great mix of flavors!

  • Kleblanc72

    I can’t wait to try the Puttanesca Shrimp! Although, all four new dishes look DELISH!!

  • pat

    Looks great!!

    Will you make it without soy or gluten????

  • oceans792

    I would definitely order the shrimp — especially if offered with the option to go easy on the garlic!  Looks great.

  • Northwinds

    Would definitely order.  Looks delicious!

  • David Lem

    I would absolutely order the calamari. Anything with calamari is good.

  • Bill De las casas

    A putanesca sauce without the anchovies?  Might as well leave the tomatoes out, too!

  • Joan Retterer

    I think the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp sounds very delicious. I would surely try it.

  • Kelly Viel

    can’t wait to try……yummy!!

  • Sfox2613

    Since I have yet to finish one of your pasta’s in house. I would enjoy trying the Puttanesca Shrimp
    at your St. Louis (Clayton) location and whats left in my abode in  Sunset Hills.

  • Tholdstock

    I would order everything!!

  • Steph

    I would definitely have to try both, they sound amazing!!  But if I had to choose I would say shrimp over the calamari. 

  • Mamabear5753

    Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it! Can’t decide, shrimp or calamari?!

  • Dave

    Yes.  Sounds delicious. 

  • Jaymesza45

    I would go for the Puttanesca shrimp , but I would want to have it with zitti instead of spaghetti because zitti is a tube shape that will fill up with that tasty sauce which means delicious , I would also need a side of Italian bread , and that would compliment the dish.

  • Nicole

    The combination of red peppers, tomatoes, olives, fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil, sounds superb.  Shrimp it is, I’m on my way!

  • Jerry

    Puttanesca shrimp or calamrai sound fantastic!

  • Tom Svinarich

    both look too good to choose between them,-mmmmm

  • Speechleyjoe

    Count me in for the shrimp, but I’d love a taste of the calamari off your plate please.

  • Sanders Jenny

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp all the way!!!!! yummm!!

  • Andrea Holloman

    I am stuck here. I do not like seafood. . .any chance we can get a chicken version?

  • P Chiapetto8932

    seems like a  mouth watering  pasts dish.  cant wait to try it. 

  • Kbyrd132

    Oh the shrimp I think!

  • Kathy

    Putanesca with Shrimp!

  • Kitty

    Pasta and shrimp, two of my favorite things together.  Would love to try it.

  • Cgcatbird

    My mouth waters for the Puttansesca Shrimp. I’m a red pepper lover, and the remaining flavors are all are calling to me.

  • Helen Cho

    I would order Puttanesca Calamari. I have always been a fan of calamari! The dish looks delicious, and hopefully I can try it out!

  • Kalamazootx

    CALAMARI = My fave!!!

  • Betty

    I would order the Puttanesca Calamari.  Looks delicious!!!  We are coming Sunday to try this dish and the strawberry pie, too.  We always a wonderful dinner at Maggiano’s.

  • Jackiedechristopher


  • Ashley

    It all looks so good, but I think I’d want to try the Puttanesca Shrimp for sure!!!

  • Pinecon

    I have a mixed marriage, so that will be calamari puttanesca for my husband, and shrimp for me.
    They both sound yummy.

  • Kathy Hart

    I’d absolutely order the Puttanesca Calamari.  Looks so good and enjoyed the video ~  I could almost smell the sause cooking.  The sause brings back memories of my childhood ~ my father’s family came from the Naples area and calamari sause was alway on the table at Christmas Eve.  Can’t wait till I can get to Maggiano’s for your Puttanesca!

  • Nichole

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp. It looks delicious!  

  • Frannie

    I vote for the shrimp.

  • Tasha BelleButters Burton

    I would try it with shrimp!

  • Paula

    Yumm – I’d go for the Puttanesca Shrimp.

  • Cscanlan82

    I would most definitely try this dish! Mouth is watering just looking at it!!!

  • Peggy

    Love all the fresh vegetables in this dish.  I would order the Shrimp Puttanesca!

  • WoodyR

    Sounds like an Etruscan marriage made in Heaven!  Shrimp with a summertime sauce on pasta, al dente.  Just add my favourite Maggiano’s Chopped Salad!

    I’ll try it out this weekend!

  • WoodyR

    Sounds like an Etruscan marriage made in Heaven!  Shrimp with a summertime sauce on pasta, al dente.  Just add my favourite Maggiano’s Chopped Salad!

    I’ll try it out this weekend!

  • Sarahhur

    Heading over to Maggiano’s this wkend! :o)

  • Sarahhur

    Heading over to Maggiano’s this wkend! :o)

  • B52

    I would try the Shrimp or Calamari Puttanesca – it sounds wonderful!

  • Tari

    Looks delicious!  The taste jumps off the page at you. 

  • Jhasko1

    Looks fantastic

  • Jobanker1

    OMG!  Both sound deliciously dangerous, can’t wait to try them all!!!!

  • William

    Definitely the shrimp for me

  • Latasha331

    I would love to try the dish both ways, but my first pick would be with the shrimp!

  • Amytuso

    Tough decision between the calamari or shrimp puttanesca!  I know that the aroma of my puttanesca always makes hubby happy :}
    Reservations are in order!

  • lg

    Yes to the Puttanesca Shrimp (not a fan of Calamari)  The salmon and Chicken Romano look to be out-of-this-world good and can’t wait to try them.  You done good, Maggiano’s!


    I can taste the shrimp now! YUMMY YUMMY

  • Thebigg33

    Indubitably the ” Puttanesca Calamari”; it’s such a rare treat to indulge in a true Putta.

  • rrrr

    Normally, I don’t like seafood, but this looks really good and I might have to try it sometime!

  • Terry Chronister

    Puttanesca anything, I’m in

  • Karen Angellotti

    Gentlemen,  thankyou very much for the comfort I received from watching the cooking!
    I loved this and I hope Maggiano’s continues providing these visual delights.  They say anticipation is much of our best experiences, and I agree! 

    My question, Jeff, is where does the wine enter the stage?  Is it in the “relish”?  And iIs the relish (capers, peppers, etc.) precooked to merge flavors in it?  I also really like the speed that a fresh, healthy dish comes together in.  That was a terrific aspect of this video.

    I will be showing this video to my husband when he returns from out of town next week.  As long as I’ve known him, he’s loved calamari.  He, however, disciplined himself to become vegan in his eating this past year.  I have not transitioned to this diet.  I am a big fan of moderation in all things, and I feel seafood is perhaps one gift the divine intends for us.  I have some hope held out that he might return to  more moderate approach to nutrition.  I think your video (and the diablo-ish puttancesca sauce) will successfully seduce him to his oral senses!  If not, I will find myself eating this dish and he enjoying a traditional delight such as eggplant parmesan soon.  Wishing your best, 

    Karen Angellotti,   Indianapolis, Indiana 

  • Diane

    Voting for the shrimp!

  • Boston

    love puttanesca – and both of these versions look great  I am looking forward to trying the shrimp version the next time I come into your Park Square location.  

  • Angie Swain Gill

    Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it all !!!

  • go

    The puttanesca with shrimp sounds fantastic! I’d also order it vegetarian – no fish of any kind. The puttanesca sounds like it should stand on it’s own and still be amazing!

  • Yaumaracorvea

    I would order the Puttanesca Calamari…but I would like to try the shrimp too…

  • Rosemaynard7

    I lovr the salmon dish, it looks so good.

  • Scott

    Why choose. They both look great .Puttanesca Pasta with  Calamari  first though.

  • Scott

    Why choose. They both look great .Puttanesca Pasta with  Calamari  first though.

  • Lizalove1973

    Mmmmm looks very good can’t wait to go to Maggiano’s for the shrimp version!

  • Dianne

    I would order the calamari, it sounds delicious.  Hope to try it tomorrow.

  • LP

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp

  • Denbevjames

    I would try the calimari!  I am sure it is delicious!

  • Wilbdn

    The APPEARANCE and SMELL is wonderfully delightful – we must go this evening to experience (and enjoy) the TASTE!

    Can the Puttanesca sauce be ordered with capers and anchovies included (please)?

  • Rosemary Sandefer

    Your restaurant’s aroma is just like I used to experience at my Italian Gramma’s house! I love to eat at Maggiano’s for that reason, and I would definitely order the dish with Calamari, one of my favorites!!

  • Hollandbk88

    I love Puttanesca, but the idea of adding shrimp brings it right up to the top! what a great idea to add that to the basic puttanesca! Yummmyyyyyy! Can’t wait to try it. It is like the difference in a street walker and a courtesan!

  • Anonymous

    very nice. should be on Food Network!

  • Karrieh1974

    Looks delicious, I vote for the shrimp

  • JoAnne

    I would love to try thePutanesca with calamari! It is surely delicious as everything is at Maggianos.

  • Trisha Terris

    Can’t wait to try this new dish. I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp. Yummy!!

  • Kaigie

    I’d love to try the calamari!

  • r meyer

    Puttanesca with shrimp sounds wonderful!

  • Kaigie

    I’d love to try the calamari!

  • Ljs852

    Given my choice of combos I must try the Puttanesca Calamari.  During my most recent visit to Venice I enjoyed the most fabulous calamari on a bed of pasta.  This takes me right back to the trattoria, sipping an Italian red and watching the gondolas slip through the canal.  Cannot wait to try at Maggiano’s.

  • tesha

    Watching the chef cook the dish makes me hungry for calmari.  I would definitely go with the Puttanesca Calamari.

  • Sandy

    You are KILLING ME with these awesome dishes!  Having a mother born in southern Italy and growing up with calamari “gravy” every Christmas Eve, I would definitely try the Calamari Putanesca Pasta first…..with the shrimp on the next visit. 

    BTW, I’m still waiting for big kid cooking classes again!


  • Heather

    Calamari please!  Looks good!

  • Ldwurtzel

    These  chefs can cook for me anytime!  The food looks delicious!

  • Margaret Malsam

    I would prefer the shrimp variety.

  • Cbgergs

    I would order the calamari puttanesca

  • Jester

    Mmmmmmm! I would order the Shrimp Puttanesca. Sometimes calamari can be too chewy.

  • Daewilson

    Looks like a great Italian dish…with an american flare!

  • Lisa Brown-Coleman

    All of the above sound great but the calamari sounds like a good summer dish!

  • BZ

    Oh Yum!!!!   I would DEFINITELY try this!  I usually have the portobello mushroom stuffed ravioli, but this sounds too good to pass up…..the decision will be….shrimp or calamari????  Hmmmmmm.

  • Bethanie

    sounds yummy!

  • Gargirl11

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp! It looks so good & tasty…I’m hungry now! If you have not been to Maggiano’s, you are missing out on a wonderful experience…the food, atmosphere, staff…it is truly a destination that is a must!!! :)

  • mary ann

    I’ll be there a week from today, for lunch.  I’m looking forward to trying the P. calamari!!

  • Lorri7

    I would definately order the  Puttanesca Shrimp…I think it would really taste better , especially with the other ingredients added,, they would just compliment the shrimp more than the calamati.
    It sounds really delicious!

  • RP

    I have NEVER tried something at your restaurant that wasn’t fabulous

  • Rounder

    I’d love a vege version

  • Kmsjknk

    Shrimp looks awesome to me! Thanks!

  • Lisa Howard

    Shrimp for me, please. It looks soooo yummy.

  • Michael

    Both look great but I have to go with the Calamari. Ohhhhh. maybe the shrimp. No Calamari!

  • Terry seeley

    Definitely the shrimp.  Hmmmm, I wonder what we’re having for dinner?

  • Kelly

    I’d like the shrimp, please?!

  • Mary Rose Olsen

    Oh dear….the choices you make!!  I love shrimp, but that’s common….a great calamari dish is very hard to come by….for me, Maggiano’s calamari has to be a WINNER!!!

  • Sabrina


  • Elaine Shepp

    When you ask me to choose between the calmari or shrimp topping for my puttanesca pasta, I would have great difficulty in making a choice. My solution to that would be to offer three v. two choices:  shrimp, calamari or a combination of both shrimp and calamari.  Is that not “the best of all possible worlds?”  A wonderful entree choice however you garnish it.  You do a wonderful job whether for a small party, a small group or catering large events.  You have done it all for our family.

    Elaine Shepp

  • Linda

    This dish looks absolutely delicious.  I love all the ingredients and wuold definitely order this with shrimp!  I’ve been going to your restaurant since the early 90s, as I’m a former Chicagoan!!!

  • Redentorm

    First of all why are these two chefs not wearing their famous chef hat?
    Definitely order this dish this coming Sunday for lunch.
    I like it with more garlic on it because I am a garlic person.

  • Christine

    Calamari hands down. Looks and sound fabulous!

  • Dpinkerton06

    A very hard choice.  If I had to choose I would top my puttanesca pasta with shrimp. 

  • Kaoru

    Puttanesca Shrimp!

  • Viadolce

    loved the demo!  would definitely order the puttanesca with shrimp.

  • Reda203

    Love punttanesa- don’t like calamari so i am looking forward to the shrimp version

  • Gail Patton

    Wow…what a difficult choice.  Both dishes look fantastic.  In having to make a choice, I am leaning more toward the shimp topping with puttanesca pasta.

  • Sarac

    I would love this with shrimp! I wish you would provide a recipe once in a while as Carrabba’s does. I don’t live in Houston or Dallas but love Maggiano’s and eat there as much as possible. Maggiano’s would be my favorite if there was one in Beaumont.

  • Kjstevens

    I would go with the shrimp simply because I don’t love the texture of calamari. Both look delicious though.

  • Anonymous

    Mmmm, mmm, mmm.  Shrimp and garlic anything, add olives, tomatoes, peppers; whoo boy!.  Just give me a bib so I don’t have to worry about getting sauce all over me while sucking the pasta in.  Lots of garlic necessary, forget who’s getting kissed later.  The Chicken Romano looks pretty tasty too.  It’s Michigan’s growing season.  How great to get in-season fresh produce presented in such wonderful ways!!!!!

  • Islandgirl768

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Shrimp it looks and sounds delicious.

  • lin

    I’m coming next week for the puttanesca shrimp dish!

  • L Russell

    You guys are bad… decisions, decisions!!! Both look fabulous. I would probably take the shrimp and ask hubby to get calamari then share!
    Years ago we came across a little Italian restaurant with the best lasagna. It has since closed and I could not find another good lasagna until I found Maggiano’s. Love love love it. See you soon! 

  • Lauren

    Oh decisions, decisions!!  I would have to choose Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.

  • Lisa

    They both sound good. I think I favor the shrimp. I think it would be the more popular choice too.

  • Ramona

    Maggiano’s is my new favorite place to eat in Nashville.  We ate there for lunch a couple of months ago and it was delicious.  I think I would probably try the Shrimp Puttanesca Pasta.  It sounded really good the way he fixed it.  I’ve never tried calamari before but if would if you could sometime have a try me portion.   Maggiano’s is so good, I’d be willing to try anything they make.  Love it.

  • Anonymous

    I would invite a friend and try both, but mine would be with shrimp ( and a piece of your strawberry pie with balsamic glaze..).

  • Ellen

    Wonderful choices for the seafood lovers. I’d go with the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari and then return back another day for the Puttanesca with Shrimp. No way to go wrong with either one!

  • chuck

    Difficult as hard to resist shrimp, but the angel hair pasta sounds like it will give the chicken a light summery taste.

  • Mary

    I would order with the shrimp. It sounds wonderful.

  • Mark

    Worth the trip to your Boca restaurant from where I live (40 miles). Love calmari.

  • Anonymous

    I was all set to choose the Puttanesca with Shrimp – BUT after watching how the Calamari were cooked and carmelized…. that’s my choice!  With a glass of Reisling please, followed with a slice of creamy cheesecake topped with fresh fruit. Total Bliss.

  • jim griffith

    I would order it, looks great



  • Tigger82blue

    Shrimp Pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  • Flater

    Anyway you choose to PUTTANESCA is a party! I’ll have the shrimp, Steven will have the calamari and we’ll eat both. Then plan to share the strawberry pie. See you soon.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    the puttanesca shrimp dish!

  • Laurabeth

    I would definitely choose my puttanesca with shrimp!  Making reservations soon!

  • Renee

    Definitely the Shrimp with Strawberry Pie for dessert!

  • Bricely

    totally agree with this post… want it all: When you ask me to choose between the calmari or shrimp topping for my puttanesca pasta, I would have great difficulty in making a choice. My solution to that would be to offer three v. two choices:  shrimp, calamari or a combination of both shrimp and calamari.  Is that not “the best of all possible worlds?”  A wonderful entree choice however you garnish it.  You do a wonderful job whether for a small party, a small group or catering large events.  You have done it all for our family.

  • Davecotton

    Puttanesca Calamari sounds delicious!  Calamari is just so bombilicious.Bring me a plate !  PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE.

  • Cindyjsph

    Calamari Puttanesca sounds awesome.It belongs in the Hall of fame of great dishes.. I would definately order that dish at Maggianos..  Love the little heat from the diablo sauce. Yum1 Yum!

  • Kelly DePalma

    I would absolutely dive into the shrimp puttanesca!!  

  • Sofiane_hobi

    I will take my puttanesca with srimp please. All this food on this page looks sooo yummy! Going to have to plan a girls night out soon =)

  • Ruthbishop1

    I’m with Elaine: half shrimp, half calamari, all puttanesca!

  • Olga

    yum. watching them make the calamari dish made me so hungry!

  • Mmacfla

    I’ll agree with Elaine.

  • Carolynn Souder

    Puttanesca pasta with calamari – what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening with friends.

  • Alesia Baatz

    Puttanesca Shrimp would be my choice.  I have to admit though, I have only tried calmari once in my life.  Everything at Maggiano’s so wonderful.  Our family drives 45 minutes to get to the nearest restaurant!   Thanks for sharing the pictures and video.  Makes me hungry and ready to plan a trip to the restaurant!   Time to celebrate!

  • Ginalock

    One rarely sees entrees that include calamari, so I’ve got to go with it. But a combo shrimp/calamari would be tasty as well!

  • Jeffreyjag

    Wow1  it looks so good in the video my mouth is watering!

  • Reggie

    While they would both be fantastic, I lean towards the shrimp! YUM!

  • purplegirl

    All of the above look absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, I would definitely order the puttanesca & it is nice to have a choice.  My Grandpa from Salerno would enjoy all of the above too-He was a fantastic cook… 

  • Stephanie V.

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp – oh yeah baby!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Vicki L. Paris

    It looks really good. I would definately try the puttanesca with shrimp

  • Karmatn

    calamari. I had in Bolognia. Maybe once again…

  • Daryl Mullholand

    Wow, I only like certain types of pasta and sauces.  Red sauce is not big on my list.  But, having seen the video clip I am certain I would like to try this new dish out.  I’ve had shrimp in various dishes so I would try the calamari.  I did like Elaine’s comment about the 3v2 choices.  Looking forward to coming back with the family!!

  • J.L.

    As  a total shrimp lover, I would definitely make the two hour drive to Tampa for the Puttanesca with shrimp! I must say that I have only had great food and excellent service at Maggiano’s, both in Florida and Philadelphia.  Now I just HAVE to get my husband ready to go.  I’ll even drive!!

  • StPeteItalianlover

    The shrimp dish looks good.  Don’t like calimari.

  • Judy Duran

    calamari please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D Sheola

    Both   sound  great

  • Ray & Jean Ytuarte

    puttanesca with or without shrimp & calamari is a hearty and delicious meal which I have had with you before, and will have again with a wine of your current suggestions.  Bravo !!

    ray ytuarte

  • Debtoungate

    I would choose Calamari.

  • William D Dilley

    What is not to like, the difficult part is trying to choose which entry and still have enough room for the strawberry pie. If all the choices in life were so difficult. 

  • Jmac6

    I appreciate the option of being able to choose between the shrimp and the calamari. Most shrimp served in restaurants, because of cost,  is imported and from Thailand. The shrimp farms use very strong antibiotics,most of which are carcinogenic and are banned for use in the U.S. Calamari (as far as I know) is never farmed raised and is a better choice for me.0

  • Carol

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Shrimp.

  • Carol Kaplan

    they both sound delicious and I would love a combination of both!! If I have to choose just 1 I’d try the calamari first!!

  • Anna

    Puttanesca Calamari looks delicious, will have to try it next time.

  • Wturner6

    It has to be the Shrimp for me. Both sound great, but I will always go with shrimp. I hope to try it this weekend, along with the strawberry dessert. Going Saturday night.

    Bill Turner

  • Camartin108lsa

    Oh, my gosh! The Puttanesca Shrimp sounds SO delicious and it’s definitely what I’m going to order! Then for dessert, I know for sure that I’ll have the Strawberry Pie. I’ll decide if it’s as good as my mom makes and if the strawberries are as sweet as I enjoyed from our family’s garden when I was younger. Time to find the nearest restaurant!

  • Veronica Gayle Daly

    Sounds like a great combination – I will definitely order it.

  • Bonnie Herder

    I would like the shrimp!! Looks great!!

  • Lgryboski

    Makes my mouth water just watching.  I would choose the calamari as I absolutely love the fried calamari on the menu.  Luckily my birthday is coming and I’ll be headed to Maggiano’s to celebrate and enjoy this dish!

  • Petepal55

    I agree w/ Elaine below, I want both! I’ll settle for one and save the other for my next visit if I have to, I suppose… but then I’ll have to choose which one to have first! 

  • paulette best

    Puttanesca Shrimp
    sound yummy.

  • Dkbohlman

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp.  I am a Weight Watcher, and shrimp is always kind to my program as are many of Maggiano’s entrees.  Our 37th wedding anniversary is July 13, and we plan to have dinner with you on that date!  Thanks for the wonderful food and experience.

  • Bill Turner

    I go with the shrimp, tho both sound great. I hood to try it this weekend with some strawberry dessert.

  • Jfisher21

    mmmmmy Calamari please!

  • Mwhite585

    yumm… I think I would order the shrimp…of course I would order the fried calmari for a starter!  

  • Annet

    Shrimp, Shrimp and more Shrimp…getting hungry just thinking of it! With a glass of wine sounds delightful!

  • Robert Rosenberg

    I would take my family to dine and order the shrimp for myself and my daughter would order the calamari since she loves calamari and orders it every time we eat Italian. Both dishes would be delicious. Robert Rosenberg

  • Karen

    I would love to try puttanesca pasta with calamari. My Nonnas (from both sides of the family) used to make it and would love to bring back good memories. She always talked about the ingredients in the different pasta sauces but I never learned how to make puttanesca. I would love to try yours. Please include me for a chance to win a $50 gift card!!

  • Theresajohnson18

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp, sounds yummy

  • napoleon

    Would love to try either

  • Mari M

    I LOVE both!!! So, I’d order the Calamari on Mon., Wed.,  Fri., and Sun., and order the Shrimp on Tues., Thurs, Sat., and Mon., starting all over again!!!

  • Jeanne

    I can’t wait to try Calamari Puttanesca:)

  • Womanofworth06

    I would definitely order the puttanesca shrimp.  I have loved everything I’ve ordered at Maggiano’s. but this dish sounds extra special.  In fact, I want to rush over to my nearest location and partake right now!

  • Vito Lentini

    i would order all of the above recipes in a heart beat. Your food is so delicious. I am Italian and do not usually eat italian food away from home. Yours is the exception.

  • Cheryl Maye Alderson

    The chicken romano sounds great with tomatoes and artichokes. I plan to try it next time I go.

  • dewani

    I would love to try either dish.  I can’t wait to try either one. 

  • Jane Heinzmann

    I would order the Calamari.  We often order calamari as an appetizer.  This blend of flavors sounds delightful.  Maggiano’s Little Italy has become a favorite for special occasions…as well as any time we want a great meal.  We always know we will not leave hungry or unhappy.  This is true for every location we have visited.  Thanks for being a place we can count on…for friends and family…Maggiano’s is a winner!

  • Kenny Shijo

    No, I probably would not order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp or calamari because I’m not really a seafood fan.  But make some Puttanesca with some chicken or sausage and I certainly would!!!

  • The Ronald

    The answer is  Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp or version 2.0 (Combo of Shrimp and Calamari). Your shrimp dishes are well known and loved by many. A new summer recipe introduction  is always welcomed. Change is Good!

  • Gilfed

    yes with a nice bottle of chianti

  • Mcaldwellde

    I would order with shrimp just because I adore shrimp, and prefer calamari breaded and fried.

  • Mom

    Shrimp please.

  • deb

    I LOVE shrimp and would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp!  Your dinners are always fabulous!!!

  • Nicole G

    I would order both gladly. I believe that I’d prefer the Puttanesca with shrimp.  I prefer my calamari fried.  

  • Dan Loverro

    I would order with Point Judith calamari, as we are from that area!

  • KimberlyN

    It looks lovely, but I’m not an olive fan … and you can’t really pick them out of a tapenade. I’d likely buy the Chicken Romano from these selections!

  • Nina

    I think I would love to try the calamari pasta puttanesca…I usually play it safe and would stick with the shrimp, but after seeing the video, I think I’m ready to try something new!!

  • TMJ

    I would order it with Shrimp.  We dont have a Maggiano’s in my area, so everytime we take family trips we try to find a Maggiano’s.  We went to the Maggiano’s in Costa Mesa, CA on a trip  we took 3 years ago and we were so impressed with the experience that everytime we go on a trip we try to find out if there is a Maggiano’s in that particular city.  We went to the Maggiano’s in Scottsdale, AZ earlier this year and you better believe we will visit the location in Dallas, TX next month when travel out there.  Thank You for the wonderful experiences and out of this world meals your chefs cook up.

  • Gordleone

    one thing about this dish Puttanesca Pasta is that I would use these ingredients to cook with knowing that they pair well together.  and also I can almost smell the dish being made as I watched the video.  Cant wait to try this

  • Marguerite

    The pasta puttanesca with shrimp would be my choice!

  • KSaltsman

    I would order the Puttanesca Shrimp. The sauce sounds amazing.

  • Montti

    I would totally go with the calamari… it sounds yummy.  You can get shrimp anytime.

  • Kparkhouse

    Sure, I’d order it!

  • Al Bem

    I had planned to have a nice home made pizza tonight for dinner. Then I received your e-mail and watched the vidio on the Calamari Puttanesca preperation. As my mouth started watering and my stomach started churning I abanded the pizza idea, grabed my wife and headed to our local Maggiano’s. After all a pizza is just a pizza but Calamari Puttanesca is a specialty.

  • Rosie Suayan

    I would choose the Puttanesca with shrimp because I always start my meal at Maggiano’s with the fried Calamari! YUM!

  • Lynn

    I’d have to try the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari because I’m tempted by the traditional Fried Calamari as an appetizer or on a salad whenever I dine out and this would be a great way to try it as an interesting entree.

  • khoff

    I’ve never had calamari, so I guess I would probably play it safe and choose shrimp…!

  • Sam Allen

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp.The combination together looks amazing!!! I look forward to winning!!!

  • Jcrowley

    They both sound fabulous! I think the combo idea would be wonderful! But if I had to pick one I would go with the calamari. The salmon sounds wonderful too! 

  • Anita_chuppa

    The calamari pasta looks absoultely delcious and taste tempting to the taste buds;;!!

  • Rachel

    I would have to take the shrimp…my all time favorite…

  • Harriet

    Puttanesca with the grilled shrimp would be my choice.  Loved the cooking video, though, and excited to sample this dish.

  • Phillip Enriquez

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp and Calamari :O)

  • Ione Gryder

    I love shrimp, that would be my .  Ican’t wait to get to Richmond to try it out.


  • ERIN

    We would try the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp because my husband loves Shrimp. The dish looks fabulous with the explaination-you can almost taste it!

  • Phillip Enriquez

    I’d order the  Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp as well as Calamari :OP

  • Susan T

    Hard to choose but I would say shrimp….Love shrimp with olive oil and herbs…Yummy!!

  • Alicebieker

    Would definately try the shrimp puttanesca

  • Kritterkrat

    Mmmm…I would definitely order this dish, esp., with the calamari. We loveallthe pasta dishes at Maggianos,esp., the today and tomorrow specials. Thank You for the great food. We love it all.

  • Conlee4

    I think that I would like to try the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari the next time we’re in. It appears to be a light summer dish just waiting to tantalize my tastebuds.

  • RonnieD

    Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp would be my choice. :-)

  • Barbara

    The Puttanesca sounds like a great dish I would love to try.  I would prefer it with shrimp but the calamari is tempting because I do like it as an appetizer.  I will probably try it next time with the strawberry shortcake.  Yum!

  • RonnieD

    How about opening a Maggiano’s Little Italy closer to Pottstown,PA? 

  • Chris

    Oh my gosh!! That looks wonderful!! I would def. try it with the Calamari!!

  • Suemac51

    The summer flavors look awesome. Can’t wait to try them!

  • Pittsoff

    I nearly choked on the description of “women of easy virtue”! If I’m in a luring mood sure I’d try this dish, but suspect that if I go out afterward, vampires wouldn’t approach! Lol. It looks yummy,but my favorite dish right now is the awesome cannelloni with I think lobster and crab. Guess I’m on the tame side; however I’d still take a chance on the $50!

  • Krkay

    Looks yummy. Can smell it from here. 

  • Sonia

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca with shrimp and the sheer smell of it would drive my husband so crazy that he would have to order his own at which point I’d offer half of mine if he’d offer his half of the calamari!!!! 

  • zest4life

    After viewing the video, I can already tell the Puttanesca Calamari is going to be my new favorite!  Thanks for giving all of us Maggiano’s Little Italy regulars a heads-up on what’s new on the menu.  Looks like the 4th of July weekend won’t be only BBQ for me!

  • Gayle Oreluk

    I would order it but just for my husband. He loves seafood but I don’t. I do taste everything new but I just don’t care for seafood. It makes him very happy to eat my portions.

  • Deb Aramouni

    Would love to try the puttanesca shrimp!

  • Mri

    I wish I was having any of those entrees for dinner tonight- they all look delicious! I would order the shrimp over the calamari, though.

  • Sherrill

    The Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp at Maggiano’s Little Italy sounds like a lovely and yummy way to celebrate the 38th anniversary of my 29th birthday on August 3rd!

  • Kbeasley1019

    Shrimp on one side and calamari on the other. Win-win situation.

  • Theicebox56

    I would LOVE to try the Calamari. It all sounds so delicious, but I love calamari. My birthday is coming up so I’ve been hinting around to the family that I want to go there. I hope to see you all soon :)

  • aylovey

    The calamari one looks amazing! I’m definitely getting that the next time I go :D

  • Jace Miller

    I would choose the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari because it is more exotic than shrimp.  When I go to Maggiano’s, it is a special occasion – and I would typically select a more unique dish.

  • Yaygina

    Sounds delicious! The shrimp sound great!

  • Kathy

    The putanesca shrimp sounds delicious!!!

  • CarolC

    The Pttanesca Pasta with shrimp sounds the best – the texture of calamari with pasta doesn’t sound as appealing.  Would love to see petite peas and/or lots of parsley or some fresh spinach added to it for a lift.

  • Coltondro

    i would try that!

  • Mmorales3690

    I would definitely get the calamari! So tasty!

  • Dinyzero

    I would try the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari.  I am not fond of olives but I would love to try this dish.  It looks awesome.

  • Jackie

    This dish looks fantastic.  I would order it with shrimp since I prefer shrimp to calamari.  My husband on the other hand would order the calamari .  Puttanesca is one of our favorite dishes as well as many other dishes we enjoy at Maggiano’s.

  • Maureen Glassberg

    I would love to order the Shrimp Putanesca. It looks delicious.

  • agedtechie

    WOW….can’t wait to try it….how do you spell FAB-U-LOUS?

  • Larrycro

    Sign me up right now for the puttanesca with shrimp. I would love to try it with Italin sausage also.

  • N_wex

    Shrimp for sure- preferred by more people for a reason. Calamari would prob overpower the delicate taste.

  • Jmgalli

    I would have to say Puttanesca Pasta w/Shrimp.  I’m not much of a fish eater, however I do like shrimp and pasta combo.  As for Calamari, I used to having it breaded as an appetizer.  Keep on coming up with great entrees.  Your food is FABULOUS!!!   I’m very happy that there’s a Maggiano’s in Scottsdale.  Went there many times in Chicago. 

  • Marsha

    I would  order the Puttanesca Pasta wiht Shrimp.

  • Ritesh Sawkar

    How about a sampler for all of em!

  • Debbie Sinsel

    I would order it with the shrimp! It sounds amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    I would definetly order the Pullanesca Shrimp being from the Gulf coast I love dishes with shrimp. It would be nice to have a  little sample plate with the desserts as they all sound great.

  • Patti

    I am excited to see such a delicious  dish made with Calamari.  Being allergic to shellfish you always feel left out of the tasty seafood dishes.  I can not wait to meet the girls for lunch and try the Puttanesca Calamari with a side of Fried Zucchini.

  • Lisa L

    The pasta with shrimp sounds yummy!!!

  • Applelaw1

    Yum yum

  • Hannah L

    I think the calamari sounds great to try!!  I have only had it in the traditional deep fried appetizer style.

  • Dionnedw00

    I have never had anything from you guys that was not totally yummy! You guys are awesome! I would try anything you guys make! And since calamari is my favorite its ever more tempting

  • Vivi Ruggles

    I love shrimp and calamari, I would go anytime to Maggiano and enjoy the puttanesca w/ shrimp and/or calamari.

  • Sharon Smith

    Sounds delicious! Looking forward to another exceptional and unique dinner at Maggiano’s!

  • Hank Kuehne

    I would love to order the Shrimp Putanesca. It looks delicious.
    We Love Maggiano’s, Tampa and Orlando they are both terrific and the foods and service are incomparable at both locations

  • Jrosey

    They all sound delicious!! I would try Balsamic Glazed Salmon except I am not so sure about the honey. 

  • Anonymous

    Puttanesca Shrimp gets my vote.  Sounds delicious

  • Jerry

    Puttanesca Calamari with out a doubt.

  • ReneeW

    I would order the Romano Chicken……looks delish!!

  • Luz

    Definitely Shrimp! ;0) Should also have low-carb option w/the flavors. ;0)

  • Mike M

    I would love to try the Puttanesca Pasta, it sounds wonderfull and since I like Robust Sauces it is perfect. The options of either Shrimp or Calamari is a great idea. I think I will be visiting Maggiano’s Soon

    Mike M

  • Rssbordui

    I love puttanesca and look forwrad to trying it

  • Joycepeters

    I think I’d like the calamari!

  • Amy

    With three wonderful daughters who are not afraid to try knew things we don’t ever have to chose between which 1 we can just order 4 main dishes & enjoy the taste of each to pick our fav’s.. but in all honesty I think me & my oldest would go for the calamari first. Very wonderful mixture & as my nanny taught me u cant go wrong w any meal if u always have 3 ingredients Olive Oil, Basil, & GARLIC. So I cant wait to savor the taste of your puttanesca calamari.

  • Barb

    It sounds great with the shrimp…..can’t wait to try it

  • Janet

    I would order ANYTHING from this menu because I have yet to have anyhing that wasn’t excellent at Maggiano’s!  I think that I would try the dish with shrimp…and a nice Chianti!

  • Navy6871

    Video was Awesome and would definitely order the Puttanesca Calamari because of the red gravy

  • Mbowen

    Looks great. We will try it in the coming month.

  • Hamplum1

    Sounds good, I will order with shrimp.

  • Joanbobk

    I liked to try the  shrimp puttanesca because the ingredients are eye appealing,appetizing, and healthy! 

  • Anonymous

    Ill close my eyes & u chose I dont believe u could go wrong either way.

  • Calamari lover

    I would order Puttanesca Pasta with calamari. Love Calamari 

  • notjulia

    Calamari now, Calamari forever!! Can never get enough of that wonderful and so very special  tasting sea creature!!

  • Nancy

    I would definitely try the shrimp, but everything sounds great. My son took me to my first Maggiano’s in Raleigh. I fell in love with the food and the atmosphere. I found the Houston location and have since introduced it to my husband, daughter and friends. We’ve never been disappointed and we always have so much food left over to enjoy for days.

  • Chili Fries

    I’d order the Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari. I don’t see calamari in an entree too often, much less the star of the entree, so it would be exciting to try.

  • Nautilus

    i could almost eat the pictures!!!  look delicious!

  • Wordjan47

    Maggiano’s always consistently delivers exquisite meals and superior customer service.  I’ll make separate trips to enjoy each one!

  • Kaypnc

    I would order the Shrimp Puttanesco – sounds yummy!

  • Jerry

    As a seafood lover as well as a fan of Maggiano’s fresh vegetable sauces, I would have a hard time deciding between the shrimp or calamari Puttanesca Pasta.  Give me the calamari appetizer and the shrimp main dish!

  • Cinderellapsu

    I’d love to try the shrimp.  Classic and yummy!  Sounds like a great Anniversary or date meal!

  • Jlicis111

    I would choose the shrimp being that I am not a big fan of calamari

  • Evie502

    I would try the puttanesca pasta I love calamari and we always order it as an appetizer. Would really like to try it with the pasta.

  • Toni Laurenson

    I’m definitely not a calamari girl so I’d have to go with the Puttanesca Pasta with shrimp!!  But then the Chicken Romano looks so good, too.  And the fresh strawberry pie??  It all makes my mouth water!!

  • Elaine

    I would eat all of the dishes.  I love Italian food just like in Rome

  • TUCKER405

    Why choose?  I want both!!!  It sounds great! 

  • Dolphincjf

    I would have to choose?!  But I like both!  OK…..calamari it is.  YUM!!

  • Angelo Montana

    I prefer calimari with spaghetti  puttanesca .Calimari has more taste & texture than shrimp and blends better with  the mishmash of tapanade. Can’t wait to try your version.

  • Chelsea Faith Fletcher

    I would probably try this dish with shrimp, since I like seafood a lot and I’ve never tried calamari.

  • Cskipp1

    I would add with shrimp

  • Soulsybil

    Calamari all the way! I love your calamari!

  • Risleyra

    I would choose shrimp as well; it’s my favorite.

  • Randi

    Puttanesca is my all-time favorite sauce with pasta.

    I’d enjoy both but if I had to choose, it would be shrimp.

  • Mina Jacinto

    Watching it being cook made me want to run to the restaurant and order not just the shrimp but also the calamari. Love seafood, been to Maggianos and love the place so family oriented. Can I order mixture of shrimp and calamari putanessca?

  • Edwinabrown

    These look very good but I am very allergic to all seafood and fish, so no I would not order them. Thank you.Edwina Brown

  • Lyudmila

    I’d love to try the Calamari!  Calamari is never farmed raised and is a better choice for me!

  • Lovstar28

    I would choose the Puttanesca Calamari. That sounds so good. My mouth is watering right now

  • Ndbuentello

    Definitely shrimp…. or maybe half and half?…. Is that possible? :)

  • Ellen

    I would find it difficult to choose. My solution would have to be trying both ! We truely enjoyed our last dinner. Linguine with white clam sauce,veal porterhouse and the chefs special, medallions of beef. Brilliant !

  • Ndbuentello

    Definitely the shrimp…. or maybe the calamari… Can we order half and half????

  • Traumanp13

    would definately like the puttanesca shrimp first, maybe another time i’d try the calamari, love all your dishes, ciao

  • Christina

    Both dishes sound great! If I would have to decide I would go with Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp. Of course it would be nice if I can receive the gift card and then I can try them both!

  • Tdaubi

    I would love to try the shrimp puttanesca. I am not a fan of calamari, but everything looks fantastic. Maggianos is my favorite Italian restaurant. I love the fact that fresh ingredients are used. I will definatley try the strawberry pie…. yummy!

  • Tak

    Go for the calamari big time!!

  • Maggianos’ girl

    It looks yummy but the diavolo sauce sounds very spicy i guess i will have to ask the chef to make it mild specially for me, it will be my birthday when i go there in couple of day so i will try something new ( calamari)  and exciting ( if the diavolo sauce is spicy ),,,,

  • Danichgo

    Wow,they both sound so good…I’m torn! I think I’d probably order the calamari and try to convince my brother to get the shrimp so we could share.

  • Leebell1

    I would luv the shrimp sound yummy!!!

  • Jennifer Stewart

    Sounds AMAZING!!! Not something I would “usually” order since I LOVE the chicken picatta but I it’s something that definitely “tickles my fancy” to try. ; )

  • Georgiak47

    Calamari all the way!

  • showbizzy

    I would definitely order the shrimp!

  • Dwain

    I would try them both.

  • Culjo3

    They both sound yummy and being that we drive over an hour to get there, maybe we will try both and bring some home to enjoy for lunch. Planning to come eat very soon!!

  • Hounddogg10048

    I definitely would buy the shrimp. my wife has a birthday july 4th. that would be a great outing.

  • ruth ann

    I would try the salmon over the puttanesca. I do not like cooked peppers in my food. 

  • Adamelyse

    shrimp would definitely be my food of choice….I am sure that this dish is superb since all the food there is…see you this holiday weekend….

  • Smilief22

    I would deffinetally order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp. This sounds right up my alley! I will be visiting soon!  :)

  • A H M01

    I love puttanesca….bet it would be great with calamari!

  • Maggie79us

    i dont eat sea food. i love maggianos .and my order would be with chicken. my hubby doesnt know yet but thats where he is taking me for my birthday :)

  • Dedelang

    I would LOVE to order the Puttanesca shrimp.  That truly would be my dish of choice.  However, having recently become allergic to shellfish (it’s the pits), I would go for the Calamari too.  I love fried calamari and since I am able to eat this, I would definitely give it a try.  It sounds yummy!!

  • Davis

    chicken romano would be my pick.   Can’t wait to try it.  Topped off with the strawberry pie.

  • follmad

    Puttenesca pasta with calamari sounds so good right now. I will then convince my significant other to get it with shrimp, so I can get a taste of both.

  • Maysie Grace

    Ahhh…the Puttanesca Calamari would be my choice, although it is a tough decision.  Sounds perfect for my planned visit to Austin later this summer–so many places, so little time, but Maggiano’s Little Italy will make the cut.

  • Skywage1

    Hard to pronounce. 



  • Dsignr

    Gotta go with… um… tough one…. I’ll go with the Puttanesca Calamari. Right now they’re making some on Wendy Williams show. Yum.

  • Eric parisano

    Rock the Calamari please! :)

  • Lindasutton Ca

    I would order the calimari version because I think it would go better with the sauce.

  • Lyne Williams

    Though shrimp would be my first choice,  I would like to try the Puttanesca pasta with Calamari.  It looks absolutely delightful to try.  It looks especially good after seeing the two types of sauces mixed with the calamari (marinara and diavolo).  Toopping it off with basil and parsley puts the finishing touches on it.

  • Mssnaggletooth

    I love shrimp and all the other ingredients in the dish. My mouth is watering. See you tomorrow. 

  • Katieandjamie 1

    The shrimp would be my choice since I don’t like calamari.


    I would order the puttanesca shrimp.

  • Rhoneygtn

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.

  • Violette Early

    puttanesca calamari , my choice . I’m sure fresh & the taste superb 

  • Vittoriaspa

    I would try the puttanesca with shrimp. 

  • Mikitect

    Sounds like a great dish for summer. Count me in!

  • Phyllisrotman

    I will be in on Tuesday, I will be ordering the Puttanesca mwith shrimp.  Yum

  • Brian

    I ate there last night having a great meatball and spaghetti meal and added a sausage to that.( My typical) which I love the variety of meats.
    My friend ordered the Puttanesca Shrimp. I had a tiny taste and I have to say it was insane.
    The complexity of the flavors was beautiful. I would definitely jump for joy for a chance to win the gift card as that Puttanesca is the best I have had! I would order the Puttanesca with no hesitation while it is a special this summer!

  • Jaide Pabunan

     calamari is the best!

  • Mlewin9372

    Considering that most calamari I have had in the past seem to taste like B F Goodrich tires, I have to admit I’d certainly like to try Maggiano’s to see what their great chefs can do to convert “calamri tires” into food of the gods!  Best of luck on your innovative dishes!

  • Diane

    I would go for the shrimp as I am not a big fan of calamari. I am definitely going to get in there and try this dish!!!

  • Kmcintos

    definitely the shrimp!

  • GoldenBeachDays

    Looks delicious!

  • Pcoachphipps

    I am partial to Shrimp, most Calamari that I have tried is too chewy. 

  • Sherry_iden46

    The Shrimp looks amazing – that would definitely be my choice. All the ingredients in the dish sound great.

  • sav

    I would choose shrimp however the calamari sounds fantastic so I would bring someone so i could taste it  I am sure I would love it

  • Michael Firmin

    I would definitely order the Putanesca Pasta with Shrimp! Not much on calamari…

  • Jhzcrn

    Can’t wait to try the Puttanesca with shrimp! Lemon cookies for dessert!!!

  • Francaflores

     shrimp and calamari are my favorite so I think that I would love to have this dish with both, if possible, it sounds delicious and if not then I would come and try the calamari first and then the shrimp.

  • TT

    Puttanesca Calamari would be my first choice. There are usually shrimp pasta dishes on menus while calamari is served as a fried appetizer or in a bouillabaisse, it would be a delicious alternative to the standard calamari choices

  • Young121

    I would order it with the shrimp. Can’t wait to try it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mdks54

    I love puttanesca with or without shrimp or calamari.  Puttanesca has always been a favorite of mine but can never find it on the menu anywhere.  Hope they keep this on the menu!  I will try the calamari first.

  • peabody

    I would order SHRIMP and get it for my Mom!

  • Gugsiu

    Looks delicious! I really enjoy calamari and the combination of all those flavors sounds wonderful. I would absolutely order this dish.

  • Lori Ellwanger

    There is only one way to handle such a difficult situation; I would ask my husband on a date and we would order one of each! :)

  • Snysab

    If I had to choose between the two I guess I would go with the shrimp.  Then, I would make my husband go with the calamari.  This way we could share half way through!

  • Nonacazares

    I would love the shrimp.  Calamari is not for me, however, my husband loves calamari, so…he would probably have the calamari.  I live in San Diego and I make special trips once a month to eat at the Costa Mesa location.  Maggiano’s is def one of my favorite restaurants.  Delicious, always, I have never been disappointed.

  • Lalalooney

    I would, no I WILL try the shrimp and on another visit I am sure I would love the salmon paired with the orzo and topped with the strawberry pie. It is always a pleasure to visit I feel like I’m in my own home with the top rated chefs doing all the work. Thanks for all you give to us fans

  • Ginny B

    I never liked the flavor Shrimp imparts when it’s cooked with other ingredients…so Calamari is my choice.   I didn’t see or hear the use of anchovies as part of the sauce when it was used originally, but I am willing to give your version a try.   

  • Alina Fedorova

    calamari for sure!!!!!!!!!

  • Rogersfr

    Looks delicious.  I seldom try calamari, but it looks tempting in your sauce.  I appreciate all dishes made to order. 

  • Bijouxmike33

    I would definitely order the Puttanesca with shripmp!

  • Anonymous

    definitely the shrimp….the recipe sounds wonderful!

  • Penny Adelstein

    hard to choose between the two, because they both sound delicious and  I love both  shrimp and calamari; however, sometimes when I order calamari in an entree dish  (vs. a lightly dusted/fried calamari appetizer dish, which I love) at various restaurants, it has had a fishy smell, which is a turn-off, so, I would probably go with the shrimp or possibly a combo of the two.   Looking forward to trying the new dishes when celebrating my birthday this month at Maggiano’s !

  • magi

    Oh, the shrimp would be a hit with me!  It all sounds so wonderful!

  • Bijouxgigi

    Sign me up for the Puttanesca with shrimp, sounds wonderful!

  • Eric Satterley

    Definately the shrimp!

  • Vickiedrag

    the shrimp one definitely

  • Richarde Dean

    Definitly the Shrimp Puttanesca…The entire meal loooks like it could serve more than one. Will order the on my next visit.

  • little1

    Looks amazing!  I’d go with the shrimp & hope to be there soon.

  • SC

    Sounds greatr. You bet I’d order it!

  • Rhonda60103

    shrimp for me – LOVE puttanesca.  Keep the specials coming!

  • Rolie

    Shrimp would definitely be a potential ordering choice.  Thanks for sharing the videos.

  • Heather

    sounds so good!

  • Heather

    Shrimp is my choice!

  • Susie Q

    Puttanesca Calamari would be my choice….sounds wonderful

  • narf

    shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, only way to go.

  • J0jack

    love shrimp done anyway and everyway–but the puttanesca shrimp sounds like extra wonderful        from Joanne

  • Cinfascione

    I would order the shrimp!  I’m a shrimp lover… calamari would come in as a close second.

  • Bee74756

    Chicken Romano would be my choice. It sounds delicious!!!The Strawberry pie sounds soo delicious too. I absolutely LOVE this restaurant.I visited on Mothers Day a few years ago for the first time and I loved it! The food was the best I have ever had. I look forward to coming again soon!

  • Mhalinecz

    I am the adventerous type and I eat shrimp alot so my choice would be the calamari, my daughter keeps trying to get me to eat it so I will give it a try

  • 5lakes

    I don’t usually eat seafood in my pasta, but this dish sounds really delicious.

  • Angelo Bonito

    I love Calamari and would definitely try this dish.  We generally order a Calamari appetizer at restaurants if they are available.

  • Mike

    i love shrimp

  • Lindsay

    The shrimp
    sounds great! I prefer my calamari crispy as an appetizer.

  • Stangen1993

    Thumbs up and hands down, shrimp for me!!!

  • Robin Durning

    Yes,  I would try the Puttanesca Shrimp, minus the olives.  I make strawberry fresh pies also, but with wild flower honey.  The use of the light ginger balsamic glaze is a new one for me, combo with the mousse sounds pretty interesting.  I love to cook but after a surgery went horribly wrong lst year, I am still in a wheelchair(now my 4-wheeler) for almost a year.   My husband and friends miss my cooking but when the family and out of town guest have plans to visit and have dinner,  we have moved them to Maggiano’ s .  It’s hard in the wheelchair and with pain, but the restaurant’s management always check to see how I am doing.  Thank you for your kindness. I cook with love - good to see other people do, too.  Soon I hope they will fix my leg and ankle and start cooking agin.  Hard to cook sitting sideways, but we muddle thru. There is only one other restaurant I have tried for Italian in 15 years that I would send anyone to.  Nice to see Maggiano does not rest on their laurels and keeps their menu fresh.  All The Best  Robin Durning

    P.S. So if your in a wheelchair and self-consious about going out in it go Maggiano’s!!

  • Anonymous

    As a pasta and seafood lover, I would definitely choose the Puttanesca with shrimp! I would love to try this dish!!!!!!!

  • Shelleykrause

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.

  • Jason J Sabbagh

    I love shrimp…I can’t wait to try the Puttanesca Shrimp…Then it’s gave over for me!

  • R.S.

    I would choose the shrimp as I like that far better than calamari.

  • Kselias

    I would like to be brave enough to order the Calamari but if I chicken out and order the shrimp I know either will be fantastic!!!

  • Jeanine

    While I enjoy both shrimp and calamari, I’d probably go with shrimp because of the level of difficulty getting calamari that’s not rubbery.

  • Zappedone

    Sounds Yummy!! I would like to try both but think I would prefer the shrimp.

  • Nancycarson

    Shrimp or Calamari…either would be delicious.  Why not add a little of each?  Yep, I want it all!  : )

  • BobbyG

    After watching the video, I cannot wait to smell and taste the results.Bravo!

  • Dsweeny

    I have never had anything at Maggiano’s that I didn’t love, but in this case I would choose the shrimp. I love shrimp prepared any way and I prefer my calamari fried. And the strawberry pie for desert sounds soooo delicious! Can’t wait to try these new dishes!

  • A. Ridinger

    I am not a fan of calamari but shrimp sounds great! Also the Chicken Romano description is tantalizing… I’ll be looking forward to my next visit. Just wish we didn’t have to drive more than two hours to reach the nearest Maggiano’s!!!

  • Victoria Kemp

    The calamari sounds different, so that’s the one I’d try first……

  • Susan

    Definately the calamari! I love shrimp, but everyone has shrimp dishes. Usually the only way you see calamari served is as an appetizer. I love calamari and would love to try it on your Puttanesca Pasta!

  • Cmg No Spam

    Calamari, without the strawberries.

  • Bob G

    I like the name for this dish, and giving guests the choice between 2 great seafoods is  good marketing. The only reason I might shy away from ordering either is the olives in the sauce. Not a big fan of their taste. 

  • Krijb1

    Yes, I’d like to try the Puttanesca Calamari. Shrimp is a common offering. Calamari is not. If this dish is seasoned well it could become one of my favorites.

  • Jazcat

    Puttanesca Shrimp for me. And I would definitely save room for the Strawberry Pie!

  • Jeanette

    This dish sounds great, but I am not a seafood person so it is not something I would order.  My husband on the other  hand loves seafood and I know his choice would be calamari hands down.  He loves shrimp but you just don’t get many dishes available with calamari.

  • IamBARB

    I’d go for the shrimp!  The puttanesca sauce does sound really flavorful.  *Barb

  • Serafina Krupp

    The Puttanesca Pasta sounds absolutely delicious. I am Itallian and I love the combination of the ingrediants. I will have to try both dishes of either the shrimp and calamari. The fresh strawberry pie looks like a must after the wonderful meal. Thank you for your hard work, for using the freshest ingrediants of the season, and the brilliant combinations in your new dishes.  I am looking forward to enjoying my dining experience with you and my friends.

  • Connie

    I would have to pick the Puttanesca Shrimp. Although if someone else got the Calamari I would have to try it.  Can this dish top the Chicken &  Spinach  Manocottti.(which is to die for) I recently had when we  celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary at Maggiano’s?

  • Isaidel5

    I would order the Pasta Puttanesca (shrimp version)… thanks.

  • John

    I’m a dessert person… start with strawberry pie then move on to the mian course… chicken romano…

  • Batos

    We will be there to try both, Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • brian

    Both dishes sound awesome, but I love shrimp, and that would be my choice for sure.

  • Ggraveline

    I just started visiting Maggiano’s with my daughter last month and it has already become out new favorite, hands down!  The Puttanesca shrimp sounds like it would lure anyone into the restaurant! I can’t wait to try it.  The pepers and capers will definitely make it special.  Thank you for continuing to creating fresh dishes for us! 

  • Gayle D Ray-Watson

    The WORST thing about going to Maggiano’s is never being able to eat as much as my eyes can see! LOL. Love this place!

  • Anonymous

    Looks delicious!  I’m willing to  try both but would choose calamari first if the shrimp is farmed.

  • Chun Park

    I’m not a seafood person, but after viewing description, I’ll have to try it each one soon.

  • ADenise

    I am looking forward to trying the dish, I love the food at Maggiano’s.  There has not been a dish yet I have tried that I didn’t like.  I make it a habit to visit at least once a month and have tried something different everytime.

  • Pat

    After watching this cooking video of the puttenanesca pasta dish, it has watered my appetite for another good entree prepared by the Magggiano’s Chef.  My choice would be with shrimp, but I will share this information with my friend who loves calamari. My husband would prefer the balsamic glazed salmon.  He has a birthday on July 12 and this will be a fun time to experience all three dishes.  I love Italian food and your restraurant is so convenient in Kenwood. 
    Keep up the magic of cooking fine Maggiano’s recipes!

  • Sonia Zavala

    Just ordered the Puttanesca Shrimp and Strawberry Pie for carry-out, can’t wait!

  • johnnykelso

    Oh, wow…can’t I get both?!?

  • Nancy Valeo

    Shrimp Puttananesca would be my first choice the mixture of tomatoes, olives & peppers is a great flavor for a sauce with the shrimp. Then for the Strawberry Pie what a meal to enjoy

  • Anonymous

    My choice is definitely the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp.  It looks delicious – but then everything on your menu is out of this world!!!

  • Don

    I’d have to have the shrimp, as calamari does nothing for me.

  • Michele

    I love putanesca but I  like it when capers and black olives are added to the putanesca

  • Wheelspat

    I would certainly order this dish with shrimp, only because the calamari I’ve had has been fried, and totaly enjoyed. Would really like to try a sample.

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    You had me hooked at the first mention of Robust Mediterranean Sauce! Shrimp or Calamari, bring it on!

  • Connie

    Puttanesca Shrimp sounds yummy. I will definitely try it.

  • Josh Timmons

    Not really one for seafood.  Chicken Romano sounds great, though.  Bring on the strawberry pie!

  • Dotmorson

    Hey! The puttaneska pasta w shrimp is delicious, rich and flavorful! How about some wine with that, please? Thanks!

  • Clg1212

    Calamari!!!!! Going on Tuesday! Can’t wait!

  • Carmen

    This sounds delicious!  As all the Maggiano dishes are.  I’m a ”shrimp lover” so I would have to have shrimp with this dish.  Although, I enjoy calamari too, so I’d have to have that as an 
    appetizer.  Yum! Yum!

  • irv h

    I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp, not a lover of calamari but I have friends who would order it with the calamari.  Love the new additions for July and appreciate Maggiano’s for being innovative and keeping things “fresh”. 

  • Sue Schleif

    with shrimp!

  • Joe

    Howdy! My wife and I have been to your restaurant in Houston several times. I always thought is was a family ownes restaurant and pictured Grandma and Granddad in the kitchen fixing the secret family dishes. It was only recently when we took my son, daughter-in-law and Grand children that I found out you are national. I was really suprised. The dishes are so good, so well prepare, you fooled me.
    I just watched one of your chefs make the Puttanesca Calamira, my mouth is watering. This is Sunday during the 4th of July weekend. I will wait to try it for a few days after the weekend mass rush is over. 


  • Lynn

    I would order the shrimp bit I’m not sure about the olives.  My husband would love the calamari exactly as it is described!

  • Suzanne

    This sounds so delicious my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Planning to go to Maggiano’s this week = North Scottsdale location. My biggest decision will be shrimp or calamari?

  • Shawncho

    I’d def get get it with the calamari because the rich, bold flavors in the sauce are wonderful for the mild flavored calamari.

  • Elizabeth VanOosting

    The calamari would certainly be tempting!

  • Bizpat

    I’d love to be able to order it with half shrimp and half calamari, but if I have to stick to one, bring on the calamari, please!

  • Tarant

    Love the olive, capers, etc. in the sauce.  Shrimp at its finest!

  • Sue

    I would definitely order Puttanesca Pasta next time, with Calamari.  I love calamari but it seems the only way to get just calamari, not mixed with other seafood, is to order fried calamari rings, which is not that healthy.  Calamari with veggies and herbs and pasta is just the dish I was looking for!

  • Corey

    I’ll eat anything you make, but shrimp is my favorite. Your food is amazing!

  • Jammer

    Yes I would try it with the shrimp- yummy

  • Heartnurse0900

    Definitely the shrimp! I prefer my calamari fried with sauce… Although it looks so good that I think I will have to order carry out today!!

  • Tdawson97

    I would most definitely order the Puttanesca with shrimp.  Even though this dish is hearty in flavor it actually looks like the perfect summer dis because it has just enough ingredients to keep it light.

  • Susept8

    yummmm,  need I say more?????????

  • Jessica


  • Kathleen

    Just bought a gift card to Maggiano’s to take out of town friends to dinner when they visit.  Excited to see about these new entrees.  Definitely will order the Calamari, since Calamari dishes aren’t available often in my town.


  • Jen

    I would definitely order the shrimp…yum!

  • Granana7

    I would order either one sounds wonderful.

  • April

    Love shrimp but would try the Puttanesca Calamari because calamari is not in much.  Sounds yummy!

  • Mrgritama

    LOVE the olives and yummy combo of calamari and shrimp with a little bit of  spicey slanted taste of the  mediterranean  mwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Van

    I will definitely try the shrimp puttanesca!

  • STKouder

    Oooooh, the Puttanesca Shrimp or Calemari sound delicious. Must try!

  • Anonymous

    Enjoyed seeing made.  I would order but probably the shrimp.

  • Eileen K

    I LOVE shrimp!!  So I would def have the  Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp> It looks out of this world!

  • Broussawb2

    I agree with a previous post of offering a combo of shrimp and calamari as well. I have only really eaten calamari fried, but I’d try this dish even with just the calamari alone

  • Linda Brennan

    Shrimp would majke this pasta dish very much more delicious!

  • Quiltedsue

    Love Maggiano’s.  Would order the Shrimp Puttanesca.

  • Dwfastpitch

    I would try the shrimp.  I am not a calamari fan.  However, if Maggiano’s makes anything, it must be delicious.

  • Jo Ann Herron

    I wasn’t sure I would like the Puttanesca pasta dish when first reading the description.  The video of Chef Jeff Mann actually preparing Puttanesca calamari won me over.  I can hardly wait to try the Puttanesca with calamari. 

    We love dinning at Maggiano’s and try to get there as often as we can.  We just dine at Maggiano’s last night so it will be a few days before I get a chance to try this exciting looking dish.  It is going to be hard to wait until the weekend when my husband and I will have some free time to dine out.

  • Kara Moroni

    That dish looked phenomenal. I would love to order it with calamari. The diavlo sauce is as good as it comes….as for losing weight, this dish is much better than others haha

  • J Kovalenko

    Definitely shrimp.

  • Jennifer

    We love every dish we have eaten at Maggiano’s!  And I can’t wait until I try the FRESH STRAWBERRY PIE!!  The closest Maggiano’s is 1 hour and 15 minutes away, but worth the trip!!

  • Valarie Keefe

    I am salivating!  I would definately order the Shrimp Puttanesca.  I could smell the aroma while watching the video.  Yum!  Looking forward to my next visit.                                                     Valarie

  • HachiMatt


  • Fuzzy Bunny

    Add some muscles and scallops and you sold me!

  • jak fuller

    Shrimp baby! yummy with that shortcake!!!

  • Andrea Herzog

    I’d order the calamari, but I’m most excited about the strawberry pie!

  • Carole Pinto

    I love calamari, so this would be my choice.

  • Shells6

    This looks SOOOO good!!! I would order in a heartbeat!

  • Marketu

    The chicken romano would be my choice. Love artichokes, plan to take my mama! Great dishes for the summer and love those new desserts!

  • Smitschke

    are you kidding?  you’re making me pick?  shrimp, pasta, calamari…I’d pick them all!!

  • Sparker55

    It all sounds delicious.  I would order the shrimp

  • Carla T

    I would order the calmari for sure! with a slice of the strawberry pie naturally.

  • Joyce W

    Mmm, Yum both the Calamari and Shrimp Puttanesca sound and look delicious! Can’t decide, so I will bring a friend who likes to share. And I know Maggianos Bread will be perfect dipped in sauce. I am hungry, will have to go soon to try these dishes! 

  • Kathryn

    I’m SO excited to try the  Puttanesca Pasta with Calamari!!! Growing up, Puttanesca Pasta was one of my favorite dishes my mom would make–we usually had it with sausage, but I think the calamari will be out of this world!

  • Sylvia

    I would order the calamari and my husband would order the shrimp. The best of both worlds, Whohoo!!!

  • Hadiyas1

    I would choose the shrimp.  I love shrimp in just about any platter.

  • CJJ

    Puttanesca Shrimp of course!  Sounds great.

  • Arundale


  • AmandaM

    Oohhh!!! This sounds so yummy! I would order the pasta puttanesca with the calamari. There are plenty of dishes with shrimp, calamari would be a treat :)

  • irvh

    After receiving your email about the new offerings at Maggiano’s, we decided to give it a try.  We ordered the Chicken Romano and the strawberry pie for dessert.  We were not disappointed, the chicken was delicious and full of flavor, the pasta could not have been lighter in texture and airy, a perfect summer meal.  We ordered the strawberry pie which was calorie laden but worth every mouthful.  In fact, we enjoyed both dishes so much that we were back at Maggiano’s 4 nights later for a repeat performance.  Bravo to the chef for these new and excellent menu offerings.  Keep the good work up.  Puttanesca Calamari would be my choice for a new entree because it sounds so interesting, intend to order it next time, and for us, there is always a next time at Maggiano’s, at least for the last 14 years!

  • Kathleen Surdan

    I’d have to go with shrimp. But it all looks delicious!

  • Dianna Goss

    That looked delish!!!  I would order that for sure

  • Abc__354

    Definitely the Shrimp… Looks delicious!

  • MVZ

    By the description it sounds great, but after having it in the restaurant and watching the video, I am a little disappointed that it is prepared with Marinara and Diavolo sauces.  I was not expecting a tomato based sauce on the entree, since the description does not include one.  I was expecting a very light entree with the puttanesca relish in garlic and olive oil.  – It was good, but just not what I expected.

  • Jacqueline in Atlanta

    Everything you people do is amazing. Bring on the calamari! I think I would eat anything you put in front of me. Never had a bad dish at Maggiano’s. Love it!

  • Mariasnell

    It made my mouth water…can’t wait to try it!!!!

  • Ms. Williams

    I would definitely order the shrimp…calamari? Nah. Sounds delish!

  • Stormtrooper1987

    Would definitely prefer shrimp.  Thanks for asking! :)

  • Anonymous

    I would definitely order the pasta with Shrimp!! Looks wonderful!!

  • L

    Eating at maggiano’s is like going back to italy without the 8 hour flight!  Thanks!

  • Szmoore534

    Calamari for sure!!

  • Susanne Crain

    Calamari, of course, however, having both in the same dish would make the choice easier!!!  I abolutely love that you dare to live on the wild side by offering the “unexpected” served up to perfection - the freshest, most mouth-watering, eye-appealing and delicious dish. Being able to enjoy eating your pasta dishes in the beautiful  atmosphere of  “Little Italy” makes the dining experience even more pleasurable. 

  • Adransman

    I would try all of these.  They sound wonderful.  How could they not be.  The food  is always wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    I think like Jmac6 does. Calamari!

  • Samantha Daleo

    I would gladly ordder the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp! 


  • Llwolitz

    Would love to try the sauce…but  if available vegetarian style. 

  • Elizabeth Cottle

    It looks totally delicious!!  It is a hard choice, can you make mine half and half.  It is nice to try both and see which one I would prefer for the next time.  Hope it is not too hot!!  I love hot, but my stomach does not agree with me! 
    Elizabeth Cottle

  • Danap

    Yumm!  Would go with the shrimp, for sure.

  • Textphile

    Sure, I would order the Puttanesca Pasta with Shrimp– but probably not with Calamari   The salmon looks good, too, as does the chicken romano.

  • laurag56

    I would order Puttanesca shrimp

  • Joyce Dulla

    I prefer shrimp.  The sauce sounds mmmmmm great!

  • Deb

    I would try the Puttanesca Shrimp, it sounds great.

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