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Fresh Strawberry Pie

by Keith Brunell, Dallas, TX | Written on July 6, 2011

End your meal on a sweet note with this scrumptious strawberry pie. It is a delightful combination of creamy mascarpone filling with fresh strawberries tossed in a ginger balsamic glaze. Don’t stress about sharing because each pie is made in individual portions just for you!


Available June 30 – July 20
Fresh strawberries tossed in a light ginger balsamic glaze served with mascarpone mousse, toasted almonds in a handmade flaky pastry crust

  • tamis3angels

    Where do I find the recipes of past features. I have lost the chocolate torte recipe from several weeks back :( This strawberry pie looks fantastic.

  • ConnieK

    mmmmmm, would drive there now for one……..but the closest Maggiano’s is an hour away :(

  • Pdetwill

    My name is Petra Detwiller I live in Canada where there are no Maggiano’s I’m very stressed about this fact, because if I was on death row my last meal would be the chicken and spinage manicotti. What are the chances of getting that recipe? I don’t think I’ll be back in Vegas until October that is   a long time to wait don’t you think?
    Thanks in advance

  • OrangeP

    I am dying for this pie! please please post the recipe. it would make me smile!

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