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Chef Jeff Mann

Crispy Halibut with Couscous Carbonara

by Jeff Mann, Dallas, TX | Written on August 2, 2011

Learn how to make this delicious, modern twist on carbonara with crispy halibut. Chef KB and Jeff Mann show you the step by step process of preparing this dish.

  • Katchat938

    I love your blog and being so connected to the chef.  However, I would love a written version of your recipes, as my video plays poorly…and choppy.  The streaming is bad.  Will you consider a printed version below the video so I can fully enjoy the artistry and blog?  And…if those you do enjoy the video miss a step, they can also easily SEE the information they need.   I am missing so much food love and want more!


    I would have to agree….having the written for reference later is important!

  • Johnhyman

    Katchat938 beat me to my observation: I would love a printed copy of this recipe so I can try it at home. But you know I am ordereing it on my next visit to Maggiano’s if available. Sounds amazing!!!

  • theresa

    Would also like a written version of the receipe… computer doesn’t play video very well, but a written version would be great….thanks

  • Roberta Swartz

    Carbonara is my favorite!  I can’t wait to try this on my next visit with the halibut!

  • Nicole

    I made carbonara last night! I tried to give it a healthy twist. I used half wheat and half white pasta. I roasted my veggies, tomatos, artichokes, and mushrooms. Not to mention lots of bacon! Fat free milk and low fat mozzerella and parmasan cheese. My husband loved it! I love to read your blog and get ideas. Thank you.

  • Glorys45

    I can’t wait to try the Halibut!!! my favotite.

  • Smarvoshspeer

    I love this blog but would also like to have a written copy of the recipes.

  • Myralfon

    I love his food.It is super & the service at Magianno is always excellent. I recommend it 120%.

  • Bethany Duggard

    I adore carbonara. And one-pan meals too. Thanks for this recipe.

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