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Fettuccine Chicken Firenze

by David Duron, Dallas, TX | Written on August 4, 2011

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Fettuccine Chicken Firenze

Fettuccine tossed with herb chicken, fresh vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with Asiago and Parmesan cheese

Learn how this dish is made with Chef KB & Jeff Mann.

Fettuccine Alfredo is a classic dish. We’ve added herb chicken and fresh vegetables to make our twist on the staple dish, what would you add or change to spice up the classic version? Comment below for a chance to win a $50 Gift Card to Maggiano’s.

  • Kaycie Akers

    That looks delicious! I cannot wait to try it. My husband and I ate at Maggianos for the first time a couple weeks ago in Las Vegas for our very romantic and very special wedding dinner. It was by far the best experience we’ve had at a restaurant and Maggianos has lifelong customers!!

  • natsaninja

    Sweet technique, sir!

  • Dottie Legatos

    This dish looks absolutely delicious!  The veggies make it look so colorful and healthy.  Its a definite must try for me on my next visit!

  • Scot Dee

    Wow…looks like another summer classic! How about a creamy pesto sauce as an alternative to alfredo? A little pinch of crushed red pepper on the table…It’s ‘Maggiano Yummy!’

  • Avb1

    The food at Maggianos is amazing! I love the whole experience that comes with a trip to Maggianos as well. Keep up the great work and keep the awesome recipes coming too! 

  • Scott Bethel

    That looks delicious! My girlfriend and I love maggianos in Nashville.

  • Tina

    Please bring back Salmon Oscar!  Best meal of my life!  Also, I recommend everyone stop in for the tiramisu.  Delicious!

  • Remo De Fabritiis

    parsley, pepper, mushrooms. Greeting from Milan, I will be in Chicago at the end of this month.

  • guest

    You had me at “garlic cream sauce”

  • AliMac

    Looks very tasty!  I love Maggianos!

  • Cathiewijeratne

    Wow that looks amazing…my mouth is watering!

  • Dnewstat

    WOW!  That looks great!

  • Brandon J.

    That looks pretty tasty and healthy with the veggies.  I think I’d add BACON for my own twist.

  • Annesackett

    Looks delish! My mouth is watering watching that video!!

  • Dee Dee Sanderlin

    We have a reservation this Saturday for my husband’s birthday! I’m so excited to try a new dish!

  • Coley714

    Rigatoni D has always been our past of choice, but this sounds so wonderful that we may have a new favorite!  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Arittberg


  • Anonymous

    That looks awesome!  Last time I visited Maggiano’s (which has been a while since I sadly don’t have a location close to me), I had one of the chef’s specials, and it was great!  I can’t wait to go to Atlanta in a couple weeks for a Braves game because I WILL be going to one of the Maggiano’s locations there.

  • Pex

    Can’t wait!

  • Kristy

    Makes me want to go there now, yum!

  • clui

    sounds yummy :D

  • christy norris

    Sounds delish!!!!!

  • Dave

    Looks great, I’ll look forward to trying it!

  • Kim Barney

    Sounds great!  Mushrooms and garlic make anything taste extra yummy!

  • Susan

    Our family loves Maggiano’s, especially for special occasions.  

  • Jill troche

    We go once a year to the Maggianos in KOP. Its about an hr and a half drive and we go for our wedding anniversary which is August 12th. Would be awesome to get $50 to pay for it. ;-) with 3 kids under 4 life and money is always crazy, its nice to get away.

  • Nancy Hedrick


  • Anonymous

    Looks good but have you ever had anything that wasn’t good at Maggiano’s, I think not.  lol

  • Erstuba

    Broccoli and pine nuts- yummy

  • MTolles

    looks absolutely delicious…

  • Swift11151956

    This looks amazing!  I can’t believe how creative Maggiano’s chefs are.  Love Maggiano’s to death!

  • Maggi950

    Looks great!  Can’t wait to try it. 

  • Chris

    Looks fantastic and I am wondering if you have thought of giving the option of using Seafood rather than Chicken……..just a thought :-).  Can’t wait to try this, we were just there last week in Schaumburg, wish this had been available.

  • Snoeljr

    I love Maggiano’s and have never had anything bad. Everything is always perfect! I wouldn’t consider eating Italian cuisine anywhere else.

  • Meowmom

    We’re coming today to celebrate hubby’s birthday!  So looking forward to it!  :-)

  • Brauch1

    sounds yummy.

  • Swofjks

    Makes me hungry!!!!

  • Kelly Fittizzi

    I would make the chicken blackend….whenever those spices mix with Alfredo it’s heaven..makes an Alfredo dish even better….

  • Sabrina C

    Mmmmm….looks and sounds great…have to gather up the co-workers for a lunch date.

  • Jo Ann

    We’ll be in this month to try this new dish!

  • Emily

    How about adding some lobster and some fresh snow peas? That would be delicious!

  • Cynthia dixon

    Sounds wonderful (make me want to come in today) but I do not eat Chicken. It would be great if it was available to add the meat you wanted with it (like salmon or tuna).  I love your fettucine Alfredo, the fresh vegetables with an added meat makes it a win win situation.

  • Danika

    A great version for fall would be fresh basil, crispy pancetta, butternut squash, toasted walnuts and myzithra.

  • Nancy

    I can’t wait to try these dishes!  They have all the best ingredients.

  • Sydduu

    I’m a fan of crushed red pepper flakes for a little kick.

  • Steve Edwards

    I watched this video in the morning and wished I’d had this dish for breakfast!

  • Bill Foster

    Wow.  We love Maggiano’s.  Keep up the new creations and we will keep coming in!

  • Thanantology

    Nice way to kick up regluar alfredo – can’t wait to try it.

  • Ginger Breckenridge

    Maggiano’s is my favorite restaurant and I’ve tried just about everything on the menu and can’t wait to try your new dishes!

  • Swbeale

    Looks awesome, needs garlic, amd more cheese.

  • Lynne

    sounds delicious – can’t wait to try this dish

  • Deemason

    I would add a little brandy or wine to give it a sweeter taste to compliment the tangy.  Sweet and Tangy Sauce!

  • Suzy

    The Seared Scallops dish sounds wonderful – as do the desserts!

  • Whitney

    This looks amazing!

  • Kellyclayt

    Love Maggiano’s and the new fettuccini looks delicious!

  • Renee Morgan

    I love Maggiano’s….comfort food at it’s best!

  • Pittypat

    I think I am having a Maggiano’s moment. Can’t wait to try this dish!

  • chris weikel

    Looks delicious

  • Phyllis

    Another delicious dish.

  • Carmen Abrego

    Great food!

  • JohnT

    Mmm yes more cheese

  • Teresa Kirschmann

    Sounds so yummy.

  • Feigenbaum Brad

    Fantastic dish full of flavors!

  • Tania S.

    There it’s nothing more that I would want, than eat ANY of these magnificent dishes!

  • Anonymous

    sounds delicious!

  • Dbjray

    I have eaten in several Maggiano’s and love to eat in Dallas!  It s my son and husband’s favorite too!

  • Yaygina

    Sounds good to me!

  • Bianca

    it can’t get any better.  “Fettuccine tossed with herb chicken, fresh vegetables, sun-dried
    tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with Asiago and Parmesan cheese” sounds delicious!

  • IL

    Yumm making me hungry.  Always like trying new dishes at a fabulous restaurant like Maggiano’s!

  • Annmarie Cox

    Wonderful!  Love it.

  • Kblark

    I would add pieces of Italian spicy sausage and thin out the cream just a tad!

  • Yankeedudet

    We love the food and service and this dish just complaments it even more.

  • Donnapar2

    Can’t wait to try your new dish!!!

  • Thall33

    Pancetta makes everything taste better!

  • Dianev4422

    I looks yummy and light enough so you would have room left for dessert!

  • Elsiehennie


  • Tammy C.

    Looks amazing!  Can’t wait to try this!

  • Linda

    Wow, that sounds delicious, can’t wait to give it a try!

  • Eileen Hartsock

    this looks so tasty!

  • Saylor

    You can never go wrong with the classic Fettuccine Alfredo from Maggiano’s.  I love meat and a little heat, so I’d like to add some bacon, some spicy red pepper, sauteed onions and mushrooms.  Mmm…

  • Jpetroroy

    What a great technique. That looks delicious!

  • Lynne

    Get my table ready, I’m in for this delicious dish…change nothing!!

  • Juliecaryn429

    Looks yummy!

  • Sharon I.

    Looks wonderful but I’d try to modify the cheese sauce to make it a little less diet-busting.

  • Deburgha

    Mouth-watering! I cannot wait until Friday to try it!

  • Angelle Trimble

    Looks fabulous !

  • Barb Holecek

    can’t wait to come and try it! looks yummy!

  • Chibiunko

    Yuummmm, looks good.  Made a reservation !!

  • Kevin

    Looks amazing, sounds amazing…  I’ll need to come in so that I can says it tastes amazing! Too bad you do not have smell-a-meal …..  then we can all savor the smell…  which I am sure it is AMAZING!

  • Cjr1234

    Oh, YES!. Another deliciouis pasta dish from Maggianos…Yum!

  • Anonymous

    man that looks wonderful, making me hungry

  • Debi

    Enjoyed the video, we’ll be in this weekend to try the “Chicken Fettuccine Firenze”.    Maggiano’s is our favorite Italian restaurant!   .

  • Matt


  • jc

    Fettuccine is always a favorite.  When you throw in chicken and sun-dried tomatoes, I’m all in.  Knowing that it comes from Maggiano’s just guarantees great taste.  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Judy B.

    Oh, you’ve got my mouth watering for your delicious entrees….and appetizers….and desserts.  I think if I were to add anything to the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze it would be some crispy bacon.  Yum, yum!!

  • Wampam9

    it looks great

  • Brian

    looks awesome – all the veggies with the Alfredo look great!

  • Jen

    I am coming to Vegas next week and Maggiano’s  is on my “must do” list. I am so excited! I cannot wait to try this new dish. It looks delicious!

  • Nikki McCarty


  • Suzybean

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • Ram4553

    Seasoned bread crumbs (garlic perhaps) with the chicken. Crumbled sausage as a substitute for chicken.

  • eunge

    craving mom’s lasagne…delicious!

  • Lmstandfest

    Bacon or prosciutto

  • James

    It does look good but I don’t get where the Firenze comes in. Why not call it Fettuccine Chicken Maggiano?

  • Dallas

    Looks great

  • Marcia R.

    My daughter brought me a small bottle of Limoncello from her first trip to Florence (Firenze).   She then had the opportunity to live there for a year while in college.  I wish she lived close by so I could bring her to Maggiano’s for the Fettucini Chicken Firenze and a slice of Limoncello Pie!

  • Anonymous

    Mi gusta mucho!  Esta es muy delicioso!!! :o)

  • Gretchen Wagner

    this is a great dish! sometimes i like to spice things up with a touch of red pepper. yummy!

  • Mary Mahan Jackson

    This looks delicious! Can’t wait to give it a try. If it’s a Maggiano’s dish, it’s sure to be 

  • Sonji

    Looks yummy

  • Roger Hannah

    That looks awesome! You’re making me so hungry! I’d add some red pepper flakes for some heat, add some snow peas, shredded carrots, mushrooms, and you can never go wrong with more cheese!

  • Klb

    Maybe a seafood option, shrimp, and maybe a little red pepper.
    Looks great!

  • Heather

    I love the addition of fresh veggies to this classic dish!  I cant wait to try it!  I think a rosemary chicken & pancetta version would be great too!

  • Allison Kapitanoff

    I’d use the $50 to try the Chicken Milano! YUM!

  • Elizabeth

    Maggiano’s is one of our favorite restaurants and definitely our favorite Italian restaurant.  Always like to try your new dishes.  And, love that you will customize dishes for those of us who don’t eat meat.  Can’t wait to come in again!

  • Lschlomann

    Love it!

  • Hare-brained

    Yummy, just without the chicken.

  • qn

    I’ll definitely have to try this one!

  • Alex Templeton

    This sounds and looks like an amazing dish! Being an aspiring chef myself, I really hope to come in and try this at Maggiano’s and in my kitchen! 

  • Johnv60117

    it would be awesome, if you would make it LOWFAT….:)

  • Kim Lenzo

    Wow! What an exciting new dish!  I can’t wait to try it!  We had a very nice party at the Maggiano’s in Kenwood Towne Centre.  The food, service, and atmosphere were wonderful and exceeded all of the banquets I’ve attended or hosted.  Way to go, Maggiano’s, for giving us another wonderful dish to enjoy!

  • Malagente41

    I love  your Fettuccine Alfredo and my suggestion to spicy it up is shimp, crab and lobster to make it a SUPER special date dish! for a touch of “latin” try annato, it makes the color and flavor special

  • mg

    Sounds great

  • Jerry

    Great improvement on classic dish!

  • Kelly

    I have said it over and over to anyone that will listen.  Maggiano’s is my favorite, favorite restaurant (and I have some pretty good ones being near a big city)!  I always take my family and friends there. 

  • Brian Conklin

    What a fantastic video, i always have loved Maggiano’s. Now that i know what goes on behind the scenes, im even more impressed. Keep up the great work. 

  • Connie

    This would be even better with some roasted garlic and panchetta yummo

  • chris paynter

    I’ve never had this particular dish, but it looks fantastic!  Looking forward to trying it next time we’re at Maggiano’s.

  • geekbearinggifts

    Sun-dried tomatoes and alfredo sauce? Sounds like heaven to me!

  • Lauren F.

    Looks great!

  • Raquel

    Looks awesome, can’t wait to try it!

  • Ms Sandy Lo

    I love chicken and this dish looks sooo good!! I’m going to try it soon! Maybe a little spinach, bacon and crushed red peppers could give it a little kick! Now I’m going to see if I could make something similar ;)

  • Barriejaye

    I love that Maggiano’s is always coming up with something and interesting and new! You were my favorite in California and now my favorite in Texas!

  • guest

    This sounds great. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Jan

    Everything you order is alwys so fresh I love this place!!  We always bring the whole family to enjoy a great Sunday dinner.

  • susi

    Can’t wait to try this dish.  Husband is graduating with a Masters Degree this Saturday and will head there right after the ceremony.

  • Irene

    I always thought that the fettuccine Alfredo needed vegetables.  I love the color and the taste of the vegetables added to this dish.

  • Cara Wysong

    I can’t wait to go and try this dish. Maggiano’s is my favorite italian restaurant and my favorite place for girl friend lunch dates. I would luv to win the 50$ gift card to take a girl friend to share this fettuccine alfredo dish. 

  • Kanza_skhan

    Looks absolutely delicious! Cannot wait to try it!

  • kite

    mmmmm looks so good I can almost smell it!

  • Rae Gerson

    Everything in the recipe is great……..will try it the next time we are at Maggiano’s

  • Charles Gray

    I just saw your e-mail-you have “whetted” our appetite-I will be taking my wife for lunch and martinis at your Hackensack NJ location @ 1PM.Hopefully-the dish tastes as good as it looks.

  • Ldyneka

    Could that look any better? OMG!!

  • Mike O.

    Lobster and crushed red pepper.

  • Bharness

    Thinking this would be a nice dish to eat in celebration of our 33rd wedding anniversary tomorrow.

  • E Nusbaum

    looks delicious! everything at Maggiano’s is amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    This looks scrumptious! If it comes close to the Rigatoni D I enjoyed last night, it will be fabulous!

  • Keisha Monique Thomas

    Looks good! I can see where I’m going for lunch on Saturday.

  • Leah Takata

     This looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it as well as the other new menu additions.

  • Laurie Sarno

    This Chicken Firenze looks fantastic – we will have to try this one when we get in there this month- thanks for making Italian even my husband like ( he is 100% Italian) gives me a break from cooking for a night

  • Anonymous

    absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  • Jim

    My wife would love this dish! I’m sure she will try it next time we visit.

  • Ronatal

    Looks great, wonder if you could lighten up the alfredo sauce a bit for a healthier dish? Love all the veggies, very summery!

  • Vlong

    Oh My! It looks wonderful! Of course everything at Maggiano’s is wonderful! Just enjoyed a special birthday dinner with my family. Thanks for a special evening, with awesome food, Great atmosphere and a wonderful waiter! :) Thanks Eric! :)

  • Kaceyfaf

    This looks so good!  If I had some right now, I’d savor every bite (and it’s only 9 AM!).  If I had to change/add anything, it would probably have to be bacon (I see that’s what everyone else is recommending too!) Another variation that could work is to use angel hair pasta instead of fettuccine…Can’t wait to come in and try it! :)

  • Kaleverson

    I love chicken fettuccine dishes and this one looks amazing!!

  • Barry S. Rigg

    This dish looks incredible!  Can’t wait to try it…

  • Giselle Guillory

    This looks delicious!  I love sun-dried tomatoes.  The new desserts also sound great! 

  • Linda H.

    Can’t wait to try this dish.  Will be in with my family on 8/7.  Whenever we visit our son and family in Indianapolis we always take them to your restaurant for dinner.  The grandkids love it there.  In fact when we get to their home the first thing they want to know is, “are we going to Maggianos for dinner”?  of course!!

  • T Abner

    I always enjoy my time here! our friends and family look forward to meeting at the Kenwood location. The staff are so nice and we dont mind waiting at the bar, its worth it! thanks for being better than all the rest!   Tammy Abner

  • Jeanne Alsen LePage

    I love that you share how to make your dishes and the history behind them!  Thanks!!

  • Jeremy

    Looks like the perfect dish for my wife! We’re coming in to the downtown Denver location tonight to try it out. Can’t wait!

  • Kvetro60

    Looks awesome!  Their food is always so good!

  • Leah Miller

    Yum, i am sure it’s just as delicious as all of your other items! can’t wait!

  • Bob wheeler

    bob w
    This dish looks very tasty!

  • Tammy R.

    I’m ready to get my fettuccini on @ Maggianos!

  • Pambritain

    We love Maggiano’s!  Eat there every time we travel to Atlanta or Washington DC.  Wish we had one in lower Alabama :o(

  • Deborah Harris McCreary

    I’ve already printed out my $2.00 off coupon and picked a date with my friend!   I can’t wait to try the fresh fish dishes and the seared scallops!!   Everything sounds so good – typical Maggiano’s!!  See you at the Tollway/Park restaurant in Plano, TX next week!

  • Dorsey

    That looks awesome.  Yummy.  Great creation

  • Vivian Timmons

    I must try this dish next time to Maggiano’s….this weekend!

  • Djjj

    Wow this looks d+ lish and healthier than the classic dish! I love Maggianos and cannot wait to go in and try this new dish, along with some caesar salad and wine of course!! Thank you, cheers!!

  • Bernie Tanis

    This looks good enough to make a trip in to Maggiano’s where the food is always the very best in Chicagoland . 

  • dade dudette

    Hope to try it today after a doctor appt. in Tampa!

  • BrendaFL

    Looks like a taste of summer “Heaven” with all the fresh vegetables that make summer so delicious. Looks like I just discovered my new favorite dish at Maggiano’s.

  • Mary Bethel

    The stuffed mushrooms are my favorite. I love them with the Maggiano’s Salad. We just had a banquet at the Troy, Michigan Maggiano’s and it was fabulous! My mouth is wattering

  • Judy

    Maggiano’s is my first choice for celebrating my birthday with the fam!  Love that place!

  • Liz

    Looks delicious!

  • Dottie

    Looking forward to tasting this one!

  • E.C.

    Only the best at Maggiano’s!

  • Chris

    New dishes are always welcome.  Can’t wait to try these.

  • Mitch

    Can’t wait to try it!

  • Lwoodrocks

    I can’t wait for this new dish!!!

  • Cheryl Dozier

    What about Tarragon?  Might add and interesting flavor.

  • Leslie Beckmann

    Wow, that Fettuccine Chicken Firenze looks amazing.  My mouth is watering and i cannot wait to try it.  Yahoo, way to go Maggiano’s!!

  • Jeanine M. Caughlin

    You had me at sun-dried tomatoes!  YUM.

  • mikeclyne

    Looks delicious, I think I will try to make tonight

  • Debra

    Yum……I think I need to go to Maggiano’s tonight!!!!!! Looks fantastic – I bet it will taste even better!!!!!

  • Fred Butler

    Mangia…Mangia!  Looks absolutely delicious.  Definitely takes me back to Italy!  Keep up the good work…

  • Patricia

    This dish looks delicious… And I love the colors that the vegetables add! I can’t wait to try it!

  • Mikitect

    I’m in. Next time I go I’m ordering this dish!

  • Joyce

    Yum!  Yum!  Can’t wait to try it!

  • Sandy

    Sounds delicious.  Love your restaurant!!

  • Rebecca Cline

    That looks like a delicious dish!! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Brian

    The new Fettuccine Chicken Firenze sounds amazing!  Can’t wait to try it at The Grove!  Thanks for keeping up with the special promotions!  

  • R Hookup

    I’m getting hungrier just thinking about it…

  • ItalianGirl3255

    It’s 9:00am and I already want to eat this…yum! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that sounds so good! I can’t wait to try it. I am a Maggiano’s-aholic and proud of it!

  • Pat M

    Sounds perfect I agree with Mike O. maybe offer it with Lobster or Shrimp

  • Annette Goldman

    It looks delicous -don’t spice it up.  I want to try it the way it is.

                          Annette Goldman

  • Jennmc42

    Looks yummy and can’t wait to try it.

  • Paula Kressman Leddy

    My daughter always chooses Maggiano’s to celebrate her birthday with the family. We will be looking forward to trying something new!

  • Dwgodwin

    Maggiano’s is the best Italian I have ever had.

  • KB

    I love Maggiano’s and I know I will love this dish!

  • Caral0907

    This sounds so delicious. Cant wait to come try the new dish and of course desert!! Maggino’s you never stop amazing me!!

  • Nikki

    You make it look so easy. :) If we hadn’t just eaten there last night, we’d be headed there this evening to try that out.

  • Anonymous

    This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Dzuy

    Florence really is amazing and this dish looks to be the gastronomical embodiment!!!

  • Mary

    sounds delicious!!   can’t wait to try it!1

  • Jack

    Sounds great, we enjoy your Clayton, MO location once a month. Will give this a try.

    Jack H.

  • Shinbaum

    They guy who said lobster had the right idea!

  • Slbubel

    Oh my goodness, this looks amazing.  We really need a Maggiano’s in the Destin/Fort Walton Beach/Pensacola, FL area.  We have to drive at least 6 hours to get to the closest one!

  • kathy

    Sound like something great to try at home and the next time I visit Maggiano’s!

  • Jon Reardon

    Looks delicious. We’ve never been disappointed by a meal at Maggiano’s.

  • Frychi

    Wow what a great dish, I will have to try that next time I’m at the Oak Brook Maggiano’s

  • Daisaj

    Maggianos’s is among My TOP Three restuarants in the US, for creating special memories with family & friends. AJ in NC

  • Patricia Hahn

    This looks like the perfect dish for my husband!! Je loves alfredo, fresh vegtables and chicken = perfect combo for him! :-) Great job, yet again, Maggiano’s!!

  • Nancy

    Can’t wait to try it.  Sounds yummy especially with the sundried tomatoes.  We love Maggianos, especially for special occasions.

  • Anna

    Rather than a cream sauce I would make it with a soup base garlic and oil sauce.  Less calories and better for you.  Maggiano use to have a chicken base, asparagus, type sauce like this but they took it off the menu.  It was delicious

  • Vinibb10

    I would ad some roasted poblano to it to accent the other peppers in the dish.

  • Laura Mueller

    This dish looks amazing especially with all the different vegetable colors that will enhance the flavor, texture and appearance of the meal.

  • RH

    I love Maggiano’s!

  • Jennifer N

    The Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo prepared by Chef Jeff Mann looks delicious.  I will most most definitely try this dish this weekend.  My mouth is watering for this dish especially with the colorful fresh veggies.

  • J.D.

    Our favorite resturant keeps getting better and better… us baby boomers!  Seriously, this new dish gives us ome more reason to not  heat up the kitchen in this exceptionally hot summer and go to Maggiano’s!  Thank you.

  • Samantha Hansen

    The one pasta I can not resist is Fettuccine. I have only tasted Fettuccine Alfredo once and fell in love, this dish might make in fall head over heals once again!

  • Samantha Hansen

    The one pasta I can not resist is Fettuccine. I have only tasted Fettuccine Alfredo once and fell in love, this dish might make in fall head over heals once again!

  • Pam Wagner

    Ths dish looks wonderful, can’t wait to try it!!!!

  • Pam Wagner

    Ths dish looks wonderful, can’t wait to try it!!!!

  • rockingn

    Looks amazing loved the video cant wait to try it

  • rockingn

    Looks amazing loved the video cant wait to try it

  • C.T.

    This dish sounds yummy.  Maybe add some kind of nuts?  I love Maggiano’s!

  • Sarah Cunningham

    Is the sauce from scratch?

  • Chris Z

    Wish I had smell-o-vision! Husband loves fettucine alfredo..hope to try it in Vegas if available in Sept.—-Spinach and red pepper flakes.

  • Marie Topor

    Great combination!  Keep it light on the cream, so we can all enjoy more of this dish.  Can’t wait to try it .

  • Marie Topor

    Great combination!  Keep it light on the cream, so we can all enjoy more of this dish.  Can’t wait to try it .

  • Jsc1230

    Sounds wonderful!  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Jsc1230

    Sounds wonderful!  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Theresa M

    This looks delicious!  Now I am waiting for a spicy version with jalepenos!!!

  • Theresa M

    This looks delicious!  Now I am waiting for a spicy version with jalepenos!!!

  • Agorby

    This dish looks excellent; going to try this after work!  The only thing I could say is maybe add some jalepenos to really give it a kick!

    Adele Gorby

  • Agorby

    This dish looks excellent; going to try this after work!  The only thing I could say is maybe add some jalepenos to really give it a kick!

    Adele Gorby

  • Chris

    That looks so incredible.

  • Chris

    That looks so incredible.

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  • Carl

    Hey that sounds really good.   To spice it up I would add some spicy italian sausage!

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    Great recipe to use summer crop of vegetables. Peeppers are a great addition to this dish! Sounds delicious!

  • Gavesey

    Great recipe to use summer crop of vegetables. Peeppers are a great addition to this dish! Sounds delicious!

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  • Tamis3angels

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  • Adrianne

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  • Tim

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     We visit Maggianos at least once a month as it is our favorite Italian Ristorante!

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    Next week, my mother is going to visit US and I’m very much excited to have a new dish!!
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  • DanaB

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    Let me know when the cookbook is ready and I will be sure to buy it.

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  • Sagesmom41

    Yum!! All those veggies will assuage my guilt over the decadence of alfredo sauce which I love but often don’t allow myself to enjoy!! Thank you very much. Will try it on my next “date” with my husband!!!!

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  • Nikcia1

    Looks delicious….I love Maggianos!!!!!

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  • Linda

    always looking for dairy free recipes – would soy, almond milk or coconut milk work?  only way to tell is try it! 

  • Linda

    always looking for dairy free recipes – would soy, almond milk or coconut milk work?  only way to tell is try it! 

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  • Lkd1108

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    The herbed chicken could help cut the overload of butter/cheese/cream found in many alfredo sauces

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    Can’t wait to come and try one of them

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    Besides this, we LOOOOVE Maggiano’s!!!

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    Until visiting Maggiano’s I had never tried an Alfredo and I loved it and can’t wait to go back and try some more dishes.

    My son turned me on to this place after going with his Dad and he loved it we went and we go back and back.

    Great food.

  • S.

    I would add some yellow crookneck and summer squash.  Both are mild flavored and would not overwhelm the overall taste of the dish, yet add texture and color!

  • Karen and Mac Mclean

    We lovvve Maggiano’s, and after seeing this video of the Fettucine Chicken Firenze, with its delicious Asiago creamy fresh vegetables and chicken, we can’t wait to come and have it.  It sounds great as is, but perhaps adding some chiffonaded fresh basil leaves with the sauce would kick it up a little more, plus a pinch of red pepper flakes.

  • Chicagolina22

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    We are always worried about our arteries when we eat our favorite food.
    Extra garlic is always welcomed.  Have some heart friendly receipes.

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    I like it spicy!

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    Awesome!  I have been to Maggiano’s five times in the past month, both Beverly Hills and Santa Ana…management and service were excellent for a busy Saturday night, the food SUPERB…no more Macaroni Grill for us!

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    Looks fantanstic!  A new twist to alfredo.  Can’t wait to try it!


    I was part of the opening team at Maggiano’s Woodland Hills.  I cooked and learned from Chef KB.  It was an awesome experience and it great to see how succesful Maggiano’s is and how the food has remained so consistent and good the past 10+ years.  Keep up the great work!

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    across as a topping.  Deliciouo.

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  • 216amyc

    Looks great, but I would give the customers an option for whole wheat fettuccine.

  • Richard Dukes

    My wife and I celebrated our 30th  anniversary at Maggiano.  It was so special.  We are about to celebrate our 34th anniversary Aug. 18th (still special) and hope that we can come and try this deliciou dish that you have prepared.  We live about 2 hours away, but well worth the trip.

  • Cheryl S



    looks good

  • Guern1kn

    Pasta, chicken, tomatoes and garlic? I’m in, any way you prepare it. I love Maggiano’s because you cater so well to the gluten free crowd. My mother in law has celiacs and it’s really difficult to find a great meal at a restaurant, but the chef always comes out and chats with her to make sure she gets exactly what she wants. It’s a staple for the family!

  • Drkolb

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  • Cindyd

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  • Jennifer

    My Husband and I love to eat at Maggiano’s for our date nights! My husband has always hated cheesecake until the day he finally gave in a tried Maggiano’s cheesecake! HE LOVES IT!! Of course there is no place that even compares to it so he’ll only eat it when we have our date night. Thank you for having such an amazing place, the people are awesome so nice and knowledgable about the dishes if we have questions, the food is beyond amazing and we just love it!

  • Jimscottjr

    I think I would add a small amount or Roasted Red Peppers as well as a pinch of “Crushed Red Pepper” to spice it up. My wife and I will look forward to trying this great looking dish, I can almost smell those aromas from here.

  • Lori D

    I have written down what i need from the gorcery store to make this for dinner!


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  • Michelle F.

    It’s going to sound crazy but I’d delete the garlic.  My mom is allergic to garlic and the one thing that I LOVE about Maggiano’s is that whenever we eat there, the chef comes out and talks with my mom about her meal and ensures that it will be garlic free.  My mom’s allergy normally prevents her from eating Italian, so it’s a nice treat to be able to take her for some delicious food!!

  • Hilario

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  • Greg Barrett


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    Thank You
    A avid customer
    Algeneia Kunz

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  • Michelle

    Fettucine Alfredo is my all-time favorite dish, across any food genre. This twist on my favorite dish only sounds like it would make it even MORE delicious. I always love adding vegetables to the classic dish, along with chicken. I’ve also tried it with steak, however, I don’t recommend that.

  • Ekluke145

    My Birthday is this weekend. I normally order the Rigatoni D however, after looking at the video I will have to order the Fettuccine Chicken firenze. I can’t wait!

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  • Susan

    Recently discovered the Charlottee Maggiano’s in South Park.     Finally found a restaurant with great Italian Food, a wonderfulfl atmosphere and attentive wait staff.   Rapidly becoming my restaurant of choice to take my out of town guests. 

    PS: Try adding a small amount of finely diced proscuito into this dish

  • Brittany DeBoise

    First I have to say that my husband and I love your food and whenever we get a chance to dine out our first choice is usually Maggianos. I have various food allergies and the staff are perfect at making sure to accommodate…the food is always delicious! Wow this video is making me hungry, it looks great!  

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  • Dawn

    I was introduced to Maggiano’s several years ago and was delighted with my first visit and have been returning for parties, birthday dinners, Mother’s Day celebrations and any other reason I can find!  I’m actually a vegetarian so I would adjust this dish to remove the chicken and replace with mushrooms that have been marinated in garlic and olive oil infused with a bit of basil.  Yum!

  • Lswenski

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    What can I say…I visited Maggiano’s for the first time in 2003 during an internship session, fell in love, and no other italian restaurant has come close to its taste. My family also adores it, and every time they come visit, a trip to Maggiano’s is a MUST! Thank you for all your yummy food creations!

  • Slana1-sanfrancisco

    We had our wedding reception at Maggiano’s -  it was the best! Every Anniversary we go to dinner at Maggiano’s!  When ever our family and friends come into town we take them to Maggiano’s! Last night we felt like having Rigatoni D, so we ordered take-out.  WE LOVE MAGGIANO’S!

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  • Mervis5

    This is BY FAR my wife’s favorite restaurant!  We go a few times a year but Maggiano’s is where we always celebrate her birthday!  We will be at the Perimeter (Georgia) location on the 17th and I am looking forward to trying the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze!

  • Cindy_snyder

    Sounds yummy, but wish the sauce wasn’t cream-based. Too much cholesterol. Watched my father clog his arteries on Fettucine Alfredo, and die of a heart attack. Just can’t do cream sauces.

  • John Hefley

    In our family, we go out for dinner on each member’s birthday.  The birthday person chooses the restaurant.  For the past several years, my choice has been Maggiano’s.  My birthday is later this month and I can already taste the Alfredo Chicken Firenze in my mind.  I’m really looking forward to getting older this year.

  • Matthew

    Sounds amazing to me, much like every dish at this place.  My family love to come here when we can and the more variety they have, the harder my choice of what to eat gets.  Which, I have to say, is not a bad thing in the least!!!   :-)

  • Julierupert

    These new dishes sound amazing!! I can’t wait to come in and try one.

  • Irish

    Our Ladies group has lunch there every couple of months and we absolutely LOVE your choices.  This entre’ looks wonderful and will become one of my favorites, I love it with Chicken.

  • Khamilton5

    Loooks like a light and healthy dish, for a fettucine entree. Yum!

  • John Lind

    Instead of the fresh vegetables and tomatoes, I’d serve it on a bed of garlic sautéed spinach . . .

  • lynn

    My daughters favorite..  She will be home from camp on August 6 th.  We are going to suprise her with dinner.

  • Rochelle Thompson

    Yummy!! Maggiano’s is my families FAVORITE place to eat.  Great food and great service everytime!



  • Rebecca

    I can’t wait to try this dish, and a $50 gift certificate would definitely be helpful in financing this desire! 

  • Anonymous

    WOW!  I wish there was a MAGGIANO’s in San Diego.  I have to drive up to Orange County to the South Coast Plaza to experience it.  This will be my next entree there.

  • Justoncz

    I would…no, will, nosh down on this bad ace culinary concoction  with a fervor that would make George Thorogood blush. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have a bite

  • Anonymous

    I like the new twist on a favorite of mine. I am going to ask for a little bacon added to mine as well!
    Also, just before serving a couple of slices of fresh tomato on top.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new twist on a favorite of mine. I am going to ask for a little bacon added to mine as well!
    Also, just before serving a couple of slices of fresh tomato on top.

  • Jesse Mayer

    Me & my fiancee LOVE all Maggiano’s dishes!!!  Definitely the place for great Italian food.

  • Tinah05

    I live in the Woodlands Tx and drive to Maggianos on Post Oak twice a month for my Maggiano fix. I also travel alot for work and where ever there’s a Maggiano’s I dine there. I love the one in Vegas.WoooHooo Maggianos!!!!

  • Mary Koenig

    Makes me hungry watching this!

  • Cathryn Porterfield

    My bf lives in NY. Last week he came to AZ and we went straight to Maggianos for lunch. We stayed for almost 4 hours and enjoyed all kinds of food and drinks. I am Italian and am very picky when it comes to Italian food. Yours is one of the couple I will actually eat and love (besides my own that is). Every month you add these unique and delicious menu items that makes it all that much better. Although I have to say Gnocchi is my favorite all time!! Yummmmmm. You guys rock!!

  • Shahina

    I love Maggiano’s …. what a wonderful place for a great dinner. I and my husband for the first time came to this place for my birthday and I truly loved the ambience and service.

    I would like to visit again Maggiano’s soon.

  • Shahina

    I love Maggiano’s …. what a wonderful place for a great dinner. I and my husband for the first time came to this place for my birthday and I truly loved the ambience and service.

    I would like to visit again Maggiano’s soon.

  • sd

    Yum Yum!

  • Brandon

    Wow that looks great, like everything else I eat there.

  • Amy

    Love alfredo sauce.  Interesting to combine sun dried tomatoes with alfredo sauce. 

  • Joe Haring

    The Firenze looks worth the trip to Maggiano’s. My wife has Celiac disease, every time we make a reservation,when they call our name to be seated they let us know that they are aware of my wifes gluten free needs and everything is taken care of from that point forward. We feel very special when the chef visits our table to take my wifes order while her gluten free bread is being heated.I can think of no other restaurant that gives that kind of service. Thank you Maggiano’s we will see you soon.

  • Joe Haring

    The Firenze looks worth the trip to Maggiano’s. My wife has Celiac disease, every time we make a reservation,when they call our name to be seated they let us know that they are aware of my wifes gluten free needs and everything is taken care of from that point forward. We feel very special when the chef visits our table to take my wifes order while her gluten free bread is being heated.I can think of no other restaurant that gives that kind of service. Thank you Maggiano’s we will see you soon.

  • nhhh56

    It looks and sounds delicious just the way it was presented on the video, but I would no doubt add garlic and onions if I were to make it at home.

  • TDP

    Sounds tasty but bland.  No kick.  First of all, I prefer spinach fettuccine to begin with and I would definitely add some chili or cracked pepercorn to make it more lively.  Even simply blackening the chicken would add some interest to what otherwise sounds like a pretty boring dish to me.

  • TDP

    Sounds tasty but bland.  No kick.  First of all, I prefer spinach fettuccine to begin with and I would definitely add some chili or cracked pepercorn to make it more lively.  Even simply blackening the chicken would add some interest to what otherwise sounds like a pretty boring dish to me.

  • katya

    looks delicious!!!

  • Bethany E

    I love fettuccine Alfredo.  I am vegetarian though and would really love to see more options like this available without the meat.

  • Pamcaraway

    This looks outstanding. I hope I win the gift cad so that I can come in and experience little Italy!

  • Dawn

    Looks delicious, though it is hard to order anything but my favorite lasagna!!

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    Looks wonderful!  Your food is always great.

  • Karen

    This pasta dish sounds delicious! 

  • Karen

    This pasta dish sounds delicious! 

  • Carol

    The New Chicken Firenze looks like Heaven on a plate. My Husband is a Chicken Love and usually he always gets a Chicken Parm or Chicken Marsala dish at Maggiano’s .  This i am sure will be his new favorite . The color’s just make the whole dish pop and anything with pasta at Maggiano’s is a must . Can’t wait to try it !! Carol Kvasnicka ( Berwyn Ill )

  • Carol

    The New Chicken Firenze looks like Heaven on a plate. My Husband is a Chicken Love and usually he always gets a Chicken Parm or Chicken Marsala dish at Maggiano’s .  This i am sure will be his new favorite . The color’s just make the whole dish pop and anything with pasta at Maggiano’s is a must . Can’t wait to try it !! Carol Kvasnicka ( Berwyn Ill )

  • Bgreer

    My husband and I had our son’s weddomg rehearsal dinner at Maggiano’s in Denver in June and had a great time.  The reason I picked Maggiano’s is it is the best and coming from an Italian that says a lot.  We are looking forward to trying the new dish in the near future.

  • Cindy H

    I would add bacon and chili pepper flakes for some savory spice!

  • Patkirk75

    The new dish looks YUMMY! A dash of fresh italian seasonings right on top would finish the dish! We can’t wait to try it.

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  • S andy schopa

    Add some procuitto to this recipe and some hot sauce.

  • Elaine Stevens

    We visit Maggiano’s whenever we can when we visit Denver.
    This Friday, Maggiano’s then the Rockies game!

  • Edward

    What a nice dish.  I love to cook, and this will definitely be added to my list of things to try.  But, I may go ahead and give it a try at the restaurant, first, because I do enjoy visiting Maggiano’s.

  • Anonymous

    mmmm – I just want to sniff the screen!

  • Annet


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  • sw

    Can’t wait to try it! Looks yummy!

  • Shofarel

    Maggianos has always been our favorite place for dinner.  We love the family style dinner with so many great dishes to choose from.  We have used the banquet services too and the service and food were amazing as always!  Customers for life!

  • Shofarel

    Maggianos has always been our favorite place for dinner.  We love the family style dinner with so many great dishes to choose from.  We have used the banquet services too and the service and food were amazing as always!  Customers for life!

  • Bower Bethany

    This looks delicious and I bet I could even cook this!  

  • Bower Bethany

    This looks delicious and I bet I could even cook this!  

  • CD


  • CD


  • Mkelleher79

    Great variation on an already delicious dish. Good job.

  • KJBlack

    I love fettucini alfredo and adding fresh vegatables in genious! I can’t wait to try this dish!!


    Looks like something I’d love to try on my next visit

  • MarieBaeza

    OMG! Looks great. Calling tonight to make reservations!

  • Fabricshof2

    We will try it out the next time we go.

  • Laurabushnyu

    I would lovee if you could make a vegan-friendly option! Maggiano’s was/is always my favorite place to celebrate with family and friends- never had a bad experience!

  • Bgreer

    My husband and I had our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner at Maggiano’s in Denver in June and had a wonderful time.  We are looking forward to trying the new dish in the near future

  • Rick Petrosky

    Just another GREAT reason to visit my local Maggiano’s (Cincinnati-Kenwood Towne Centre).
    Love the food and the service you receive—–how about adding a Maggiano’s to the Westside or downtown part of Cincy…..??

  • Concon

    This is a great dish.  We love Maggiano’s.

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    This looks amazing!!  We always go to Maggiano’s for a special occasion meal – but this dish looks like a special occasion in itself!

  • DelightfulTX

    That dish is making my mouth water!  I really like how the chef added the pasta to the same pan to meld the flavors together.   The recommendations f rom Rsantopoalo sound amazing – some great shrimps and scallops would make this dish outstanding!

  • Suher

    I frequent the Naperville IL Maggiano’s and the food is always fresh and delicious.  We were there yesterday evening and it was filled with happy eaters.  This dish looks interesting and delicious.

  • Jazzphotog

    the basil…yes!. replace the chicken…a definite no!

  • G K

    Can’t wait to try this!  LOVES me some Maggiano’s!

  • CO_Pegleg

    Very impressive the way he presented the pasta. It looked a mess in the pan but on the plate it looked well designed, and he made it look like it was so simple to do. 

  • Kris Wyatt

    That looks amazing!  My husband are heading to Maggiano’s this weekend and I think that will be on the menu for me!

  • Kaitlyn Totora

    Looks great!  I would offer a meatless version too.

  • shannon

    That looks super yummy, I go to Maggianos atleast once a week :)  So I definately could use the 50$ gift card!

  • Betty G.

    Sounds and looks delicious.  I would like to add chopped garlic with veggies.

    Betty G.

  • Rebekah {honeyandcheese}

    Mmmm. Swap out the sundried tomatoes for some black olives and that would be divine.

  • Roz

    Everything I have ever tried from the menu has been excellent.  Kudos to the chefs.

  • Anonymous

    I love Maggianos.  The new dish sounds great.  One item that might be good in this dish is different types of sauteed mushrooms.  The texture of sauteed mushrooms would compliment this dish and using about 3 different types would add additional flavor.  Your chef should give it a try.

  • Mary Jo

    The fresh vegetables add a new twist to this classic dish.  I love all your pasta dishes!  Your tomato sauce is the best.

  • Linda

    My favorite way to spice up Fettuccine Alfredo is to add mushrooms and diced red pepper to the sauce, then remove casing from HOT Italian sausage, crumble and fry until crisp, place on paper towel to drain extra oils and then fold into the Alfredo.  (You can add red pepper flakes to spice it up more if you’d like.)  Voila!  Fettuccine Alfredo Diavolo
    Linda O’Connell

  • Genelle

    I think adding a little cayenne pepper to the dish would really make it awesome! (Although I’m sure the herb chicken and fresh veggies are great as they are too.)

  • GinaL

    How about a little chopped pancetta.  Bacon makes everything taste a little better!

  • Simi44

    I think it’s a great combination of vegetables, especially with leek, not onion.  I’ve never had alfredo sauce because I thought it looked too heavy, but this looks very light and VERY delicious.  Can’t wait to try.

  • lovespasta

    No one does Family Style better than Maggiano’s.  Tried another family style chain and it was awful. Stick with Maggiano’s!!

    Every year we do Holiday Lunch at Philly location and Christmas Eve dinner at King of Prussia location.  Can’t beat the food, service and price. 

  • Michael

    Bellismo!  Fabulous!

  • Stacy

    well I can’t imagine how awesome this will taste! I love both parmesan and Asiago cheese more than I can put into words!  Wondering what the Veggies will be on the top – hoping not peppers.

  • Laurajsorenson

    Looks awesome!  I do not get to go to Maggiano’s very often because there are not any close to me, but I will be going next week when I visit CA to see friends and Family for my birthday!

  • Joyce

    we love Maggiano’s… there is not one in my town, so we plan our trips around areas that do have a Maggino location.  We love to change out the pasta noodle on alot of dishes…. Angel hair is our favorite and really makes a big difference to us in the taste and pleasure of the dish.  We are taking our extended family next weekend to a weekend of Atlanta Braves and Maggino’s… both will be BIG HITS!!!

  • Jo Coker

    Looks great.  Sounds very good and is relatively easy to make.

  • Libbypchef

    I don’t think I’d change a thing! It looks great.

  • Cindy

    Yum… I love the garden vegetables! I would add prosciutto and possibly artichokes. Option of shrimp instead of chicken.

  • SplendidLee

    looks wonderful– just make a vegan option and i’m all set! :)

  • Connie Mocogni

    Looks delicious. Everything that I ate at Maggiano’s was very, very good.

  • Amy Tuso

    The Fettuccine Chicken Firenze looks fantastic with the blend of pepper, leeks, asparagus, cheese, chicken……….wow!  We were just at Maggiano’s 2 weeks ago…smells like another visit is in order.  Yummmyyyy

  • Yumyumyang

    Looks easy to enough to make it on your own…but who is going to clean up the kitchen after cooking?  So let’s go to  Maggiano!!!!

  • Kdbh1968

    going to try this dish next time I visit! Yummy!

  • Natalie Oliver

    Oh, how I miss Maggiano’s. Cannot wait until I am in Los Angeles at the end of the month so I can this new dish!!!

  • hungry

    Yummy. definitely trying this!

  • Fran G

    What’s not to like about the dish as is but if I had to add something, I would turkey meatballs.  That would give it the italian flare wtih a  healthier contribution. 

  • Wyatt_bella_boo

    Love this idea!!! I never order the Fettucine because of the lack of veggies. This absolutely looks like heaven in a dish!

  • Woolehomes

    wow, it looks awesome………from the pics I can smell and see in my mind how good this dish must be.  fresh veggies, chicken in a cream sause sounds wonderful.  Cant wait to come in and try it.
    I will be seeing you very soon, Anthoney

  • Jcmccallister

    I like! dying to try some of those new desserts, they look awesome:)

  • Joe

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  • Crakajax

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  • Amy

    looks very good!! have not tried this place yet as we are new to the area but we would love to!!!

  • ChoosyGal

    This looks great.  A new twist on an old favotie.  I enjoy the excellent pastas Maggiano’s serves up – I’m sure this will be a welcome addition to the list.

  • Lupe

    Looks awesome!!  I would add turkey medallions, fresh mushrooms and spinach if I changed it up.  But I think it looks great just the way it is!!  Yummm!!

  • Rocky!

    Best Italian food , hands down!

  • EM

    Maggianos always has the most amazing food – we love it!

  • Donna Prisciandaro

    What a  dynamic combination,  chicken, fresh vegetables, garlic cream sauce, asiago and parmesan cheese.  Sounds like a winner with the customers.

  • JB

    Very attractive and inviting!

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, just one more reason to visit your restaurants!

  • MuchkaBouche

    Great enhancement to a favorite classic.  The sun-dried tomatoes are nice way to vary the texture and taste on the palate.  We need to get a Maggiano’s location in mid-Michigan near Lansing or Grand Rapids.

  • Trung Dinh

    Oh Boy! Maggianos is the only reason why I drift from my normal diet. The food is so amazing that   it requires me to take one bite after the other even though I’m full. I just ate lunch and the sight of this dish makes me hungry. NUM NUM NUM

  • Jerry

    The fettuccine Firenze looks fabulous – although not quite like visiting Florence. Still, our Maggiano’s at Friendship Heights, MD has excellent food and service, as well as convenient parking. Looking forward to our next visit. 

  • Pennington B

    having enjoyed maggianos in las vegas for the last 2 years its reutation is now growing in the uk   it would be fantastic to one day soon to enjoy maggionos restaurants here in the uk atmosphereis second to none  please please  hurry and make it so

  • Miriam Sitz

    Love Maggianos! Visited the first time for a Trinity University Young Alumni event – a cooking class with the executive chef. Wonderful people and wonderful food! Can’t wait to visit again and try some of the Little Italy Favorites!

  • Xadjektivex

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  • Jandsapt

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  • Theresathai2001

    It looks very yummy but heavy, you have the cream sauce, cheese. I wish you can incorporate this dish with a lighter twist

  • Sarah M.

    I love all the veggies in the dish! I love all the food at Maggiano’s – delish!

  • Vicki Williams Duncan

    looks yummy, will definitely order it on my next visit.  What about my fav – mushrooms?

  • Rhonda

    Yummy! Worth the calories..

  • Inoj

    my mouth is watering from the video!   Love it!!  I have a big reason to celebrate this month, so I’m coming for Firenze!

  • Katie forte

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  • Joshua P.

    This looks fabulous!

  • Melanie Salava

    Firenze refers to the city we Americans  call Florence.  It was established by Julius Caesar in 59 BC as the name Florentia - meaning literally ‘to bloom, or to flower.’   I think you created a wonderful masterpiece that honors its birthplace.  With the dazzling addition of the colorful vegetables, the dish appears to attratively bloom or flower.  Bravo!

  • Morace8503

    Something I shall try next visit.

  • Anonymous

    I could smell it while watching the video. I will be in Oakbrook Ill. next Thursday for my birthday and we are planning to go to Maggianos for lunch. It’s my all time favorite restaurant. Orlando Florida has a god one there also. 

  • Sue Denice

    my friend has raved about how great Maggiano’s is and has been trying to get me there.  I have to say that after watching this video and then reviewing your menu, I will be going there with a bunch of team parents and kids soon.  Might even do a small party there since I see you have the room for it!

  • Gmartyn48098

    I love your take on an already wonderful dish! Yum!

  • Falzer98

    Can I win the $50 gift card to come in and try it? LOL

  • Sandra Konken

    looks delightful…and the fresh veggies are perfect for this time of year!!!!

  • Sweet Betsy

    Maggiano’s has been a family favorite for many years. I was so sad when the Corner Bakery closed its doors at Perimeter Mall – but every chance I get, whether California or in Buckhead, Georgia, I frequent the Corner Bakery and Maggiano’s!

  • guest

    Love this place!

  • melodyseidel

    Spinach and artichokes to add some veggies!

  • Joygrohar

    Made my mouth water!  I’ll use my $2 coupon on this yummy treat.  For those of us thinking calories, could you make a “light” sauce?  Slight lemon flavoring maybe?

  • Terry Aspatore

    As much as my family and I enjoy your current menu, we are looking forward to the new additions!

  • Courtney

    Looks amazing! I cannot wait to come in and try it :)

  • Jbraeunert

    I would add fresh or frozen PEAS to the pasta.  The peas always add a special flavor to the dish.  As an alternate, I would substitute Italian Sausage chunks to give is an even fresher and vibrant texture variation.  Love the food . . . . always a treat. 

  • Trezzo6


  • Stepchesnut

    Looks Great- Fresh- fun- colorful

  • Anonymous

    It looks so good – wish there was another version of this without the alfredo!

  • shana

    Looks yummy!

  • jkc

    It looks amazing!  I would love to see a spicy version of it, too!  
    On a side note, I am a former professional event planner, and one of my favorite weddings to plan was held at Maggiano’s Willowbend several years ago.  The staff was friendly and accommodating, the venue was beautiful and that may have been the best “wedding reception” food ever!  Every guest was impressed and left with compliments on their lips at the end of the night.  Thank you, Maggiano’s, for making the couple’s wedding fantastic … and my job easier!!

  • MC Fancy Pants

    That Fettuccine looks so delicious; I can almost smell it through the screen!  Mom’s Lasagna is still my favorite though!

  • Kim

    Looks great, will have to try a vegetarian version of this!

  • Jenseizethemoment

    Happiness is… :)

  • Pam

    Sounds divine.  Wish you could work out a low fat version – perhaps using milk instead of cream, and using less butter.  If I were to add something, it would be sauteed mushrooms.



  • Lauren S

    Fettuccine Chicken Firenze will definitely be my order next time I go to Maggianos!  Looks delicious!!

  • Jreilly1

    I would add shrimp and a little sherry to the alfredo. Petite Le sur peas would also work with these ingredients fresh and bright green.

  • Matt J.

    My favorite resturant!!! Have shared many birthdays at Maggiano’s and taken many dates as well. Love the all you can eat ”family style” menu! It’s GREAT! As far as the Fettuccine Alfredo goes, I wouldn’t mind if the chicken was tossed in a buffalo sauce maybe. I have had a buffalo alfredo before and it was amazing.

  • Jenandtyler2

    This looks great.  Im excited to try it.

  • Stephanie Howe

     So my parent are in town this week and I had no idea what I was going to make them for dinner; But this sounded fantastic! My whole family loves Italian food and Maggiano’s menu. SO I made this last night (or at least did the best version I could as a college student). It turned out great my parents loved it! I can’t wait to try the original at Maggianos sometime soon!

  • Anonymous

    Love Maggiano’s Fettuccine Alfredo.  Will definitely be trying the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze and the Limoncello pie on my next visit.

  • Muchata2

    Sounds delicious! Some artichokes & sundried tomatoes might taste good too! Rebeca

  • Annalut

    This dish sounds wonderful as is but I might be tempted to a some mushrooms to it.  I hope I can get in soon to try this new dish.

  • Fan

    Herb chicken looks great and is healthy.

  • Sueme210

    I’ve never had anything fromMaggiano’s that wasn’t totally tasteworthy.  This looks like another big hit!  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to try this!

  • Christina Colon

    This sounds great! I love Maggiano’s! hope to win . I would add something spicy.. That might just be my pregnant self talking though!

  • Theresa Brizzi

    Looks wonderful to me because I eat with eyes.  I am sure it smells and taste better than wonderful.
    Congratulations on food that is always healthy.

  • Alexis

    Yes Basil. Also, please offer an alternative noodle for gluten free? Rice sticks are very similar in size and texture and cook up fast. You’d never know it wasn’t Italian once the sauce does it’s magic!

  • Eileen Koch

    We can’t wait to try this new dish!  Everything is delicious at Maggiano’s!
    Eileen K.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely looking forward to sample this entree!  Thicken the sauce and top it off with plenty asiago and add provolone. 

  • Jay Siegmeister

    Sounds like a great combination

  • Milliebean81

    Maggiano’s is my and my fiance’s FAVORITE restaurant!!!  We’ve never had a bad meal or bad service there.  I recommend it to all my friends and family and tell them how good it is.  Anyone who has never been to Maggiano’s is missing out big time!!  I can’t wait to try this dish, it looks amazing!

  • Maggiej01

    Love  Maggiao’s  pasta dishes the best Italian cooking and winning $50 gift card would be great! I’d take my daughter out to dinner for her 22 birthday :}

  • Septembermorn

    Maggiano’s is my favorite place to eat.  I love to take my family their for special occasions.  We are now starting to go their for lunch with new clients and new employees.  I can’t wait to try the new dish.  Sally

  • Robertguerra

    Yum! Hungry!  Another reason why I love going to Maggiano’s.  In June we had my daughter’s graduationParty there in one of their private rooms and everyone who attended loved the food.

  • suzy k

    Looks great. I am going to have to get the family together and head over. Thanks

  • Slytheringirl10

    Wow, looks wonderful! I agree with the previous person, basil would make this an even better dish. I’ll definitely try this next time I stop by Maggianos!

  • rlmiller1

    I totally agree with Rsantopoalo!  I don’t know what the rage is with chicken all the time, but I much prefer some herb grilled/roasted scallops/shrimp/calamari in a nice dish.  My mouth is already watering!

  • Sharon Puckett

    Looks delicious.  I haven’t tried anything at Maggianos that I didn’t like.

  • Sheila

    I wish I lived nearer so I could try this!  Maybe next trip to Nashville….:)

    Why don’t you guys come to Chattanooga?  We’d love you!

  • Rebecca

    Wow, I wish I could go there tonight.  Orlando, here I come.

  • Lori Vige

    YUMMMMMM!!!!  I have to go Maggiano’s this dish looks amazing.

  • Nettie341

    Maggiano’s!  Always great food!

  • Cgcatbird

    My taste buds are working full steam imagining actually eating this delicious and colorful dish. Some of my favorite ingredients.

  • Michelle Davis

    My husband and I went for our first visit to Maggianos last weekend. We LOVED it! We will definitely be back for lots of return visits. How nice it would be to win the $50 gift card!

  • Dom L

    Great food..must get back to Maggiano’s too try the new dishes.

  • Sherry S.

    I think you have done an absolutely wonderful job with this dish! The only thing I would maybe add is some pepper and whalah!!!
    I love this place. The food, the service, and the atmosphere is top notch!

  • TheBakers4Him

    The dish looks delicious! I have never been to Maggiano’s but have heard wonderful things from friends. There isn’t one near us, but I think it would definitely be worth the trip to Philly to eat there. Someday!

  • Teachercarmen247

    This looks amazing!  Every thing we have ever tried at Maggiano’s is wonderful!  Can’t wait to try this, too!  My only addition would be to add crushed red pepper flakes on top!  Yum!!!

  • Lorraineginsberg

    The dish sounds wonderful as is.I plan to order it the next time I have dinner.Perhaps this weekend when I celebrate my birthday.Lorraine Ginsberg

  • Stacey Ball

    That looks alot easier to make then I thought it would be

  • Steve

    Heading for a family reunion this weekend, I think I just found the recipe (and maybe some variations from comments) for my turn in the kitchen.

  • rlmiller1

    Absolutely!  Some toasted pine nuts would add a great flavor and texture!

  • Heather H.

    My husband and I love Maggiano’s! This dish, looks awesome! The only thing I would do is add more veggies! You can never have enough veggies!

  • Venmar2

    I have been coming to Maggiano’s for over a year, about twice a month.  Really like all of the food presentations.  My granddaughter especially likes the lemon cookies, which is why I became a regular customer.  My “Maggiano’s group”  will be there next Friday!    

  • Anonymous

    Great dish, I would add more vegetables, spinach, and a touch of basil and parsley to bring out the flavors.

  • Adriennerosepara

    would love more dishes without cream sauce…. :-)

  • LGotKayak

    Throw in a few mushrooms!

  • Anonymous

    This sounds wonderful.  I wish we had Maggiano’s in Tallahassee.

  • JM

    Looks amazing… Looking forward to Jon’s Birthday Party at your downtown Chicago location tomorrow.

  • rlmiller1

    Great idea!  Roasted, of course!

  • Steve Horner

    The recipes keep getting better!  I want to try all of these new dishes…if only I could stop ordering the lasagna every time I dine there.

  • Ppatrie

    I am not an “alfredo” fan but this I would try.

  • Golf721

    Fettucine Alfredo is one of my favorite dishes, and spicing it up with the fresh veggies makes it so much more colorful and delicious!  My wife and I definitely need to make it out there to try it out very soon now!

  • Lin Melchione

    Maggianos is our favorite restaurant – whether we are in San Jose or Boston. We have never placed one bite into our mouth at Maggianos that was not totally scrumptious. This dish looks like another hit – they just keep on coming! Thanks for the guaranteed awesomeness!

  • Nita1m

    Instead of tomatoes, I don’t like tomatoes I like the red pepper & green pepper mix, I’d add bacon pieces and top the dish with shredded pepper jack cheese.  But the dish looks very yummy!!!!!

  • Clifton Kaiser

    I would add a bit of marinara sauce and some red peppers!

  • Katie DePierro

    I noticed he mentioned the veggies to give it a lighter feel.. what about using shrimp instead of chicken. Another change up could be to use the spinach fettucini noodles. As is it looks delish, though!

  • Sundayline

    I can smell it from here. Looks wonderful too!

  • Robert rodriguez


  • Christieglenn

    My sweet hubby and I have had many fabulous date nights at Maggiano’s!  The food is amazing and we are never disappointed.  I usually order the same thing (the truffle ravioli dish), but last time we were there, I branched out and ordered the angel hair pasta with a light sauce with artichoke and tomatoes and it was so yummy!  Would definitely order it again.  I am with the poster from Weight Watchers, as I am often looking to order a “lighter” option.  The fettucine alfredo dish sounds amazing, but most of the calories are in the cream/alfredo sauce, right??  So maybe using a light oil with herbs instead to reduce calories might be an option?!

  • Mctambua3

    A seafood version of this would be awesome!

  • Lorism2001

     Um, chicken, cheese and veggies? Can’t go wrong. Put in good ingredients and it will be good.

  • Dave

    Looks great and anxious to give this a try but I really want to compliment and thank the chef and his staff for the great “can do” attitude and attention they gave to special dietary requests from my daughter who was visiting us from Phoenix. She still talks about the great lunch he prepared while keeping her dietary limitations in mind. As a result she visited the Maggiano’s Phoenix location. She reports tho very good it did not match the restaurant/chef experience here in Indianapolis. We are very blessed to have a great location with great people here in Indy….check it out!

  • Grafixgab

    We have friends that just moved to the area and asked where we can meet for dinner. We said without a doubt, Maggiano’s! It’s such a nice experience and the food is great! We love going there! We’ve celebrated our one year anniversary there and had a great time.

  • Carolyn

    I will order this the next time my husband and I are in Maggianos…..our favorite place to eat!  It looks delicious!  Thanks for letting us watch the video….I am a frustrated chef really and that made my day!

  • Cinbengals80

    Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it! :)

  • Ellen

    Looks delicious!  I am a big fan of lemon with chicken and italian food, so I would add a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice and perhaps some zest.  I will try the dish at Maggianos!

  • Charyle

    it sounds great   – can’t wait to try it

  • Regina

    Maggiano’s is my FAVORITE restaurant!  Having Crohn’s Disease, I find it very helpful to avoid all gluten, and Maggiano’s is one of the few restaurants that caters to gluten free needs.  Not only do they cater to us, they have perfected it!  None of the taste or service is sacrificed.   I had quit eating out until I discovered Maggiano’s!

  • Mprimo1

    Sounds much healthier.  I would change the cheese to
    Romano and add some peas.

  • Anonymous

    This dish looks absolutely delicious!! I can’t wait to try it!

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    Wow, just looking at the picture of the Fettuccine makes me want to come to dinner tonight!  We were there just two weeks ago with our extended family & feasted with pleasure – enjoyed the help too!! 

  • Anonymous

    My family loves to go to Maggianos for birthday celebrations ! We just had Mom’s 80th birthday dinner there . Happy Birthday Mom!

  • Fred Edelstein

    Sue and I love the atmosphere in Maggianos, as well as the excellent Italian food such as the one above. Maggianos is our first choice when celebrating our anniversary or a birthday.

  • Cristenperkins

    Your food is amazing!  Kudos to you… there is nothing like a WONDERFUL meal with family and friends – - food, love, family & friendship – what more can you ask for in life????

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  • Kathy

    This creative dish looks wonderful.  However, I would probably substitute scallions or thinly sliced sweet onions for the leaks and asparagus but continue to add the colored peppers – red, yellow and green.  Adding shrimp to the dish, in addition to the chicken, would raise the protein value and make it perfect for two people.  It is a dish that my husband and I would enjoy sharing with a salad.  Thank you!  Kathy

  • akunkle

    Maggianos is my VERY favorite restaurant.  I haven’t had a dish I didn’t LOVE!

  • Rebecca Cooke

    We LOVE Maggiano”s! This looks like a great new addition to the menu. I agree, that scallops in place of the chicken would be delicious, seafood is so great for summer. Looking forward to trying it when I get my $50.00 gift card!!:)



  • Chojanus

    Can’t wait to try it,  Yummy.  Maybe replace the chicken with shrimp and scallops!!

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    I”m speechless as to how AWESOME this looks,I’m doing a wedding AUGUST 27,2011 THIS IS GOING TO BE , without a doubt the Main course, after all Gotta start off the Marriage right with good food!!!!Thanks sooooooo much what an amazing dish with such color,beauty&class!!!!! Barbie Scott Event planner “Especially for You” BLESSINGS

  • SarahB

    I’d love to see some sundried tomatoes in there! :)

  • Eui Choi

    I like the addition of color to this traditional dish with the use of tomatoes and asparagus, and I’m with some of the posters here in that I prefer shrimp or scallops to the chicken.

  • Blindstrom

    Maggiano’s, my favorite place to splurge on calories.  Family meal is the best, worth the extra money.  Girls, get together and go shopping and then unwind at Maggiano’s, you will be glad you did.

  • Diane

    This dish looks fabulous!!!   Can’t wait to try it.    It’s always  nice to have some new menu items added.  I’m sure this will be a bit hit.

  • Star

    Love the new spin on the classic dish, often I try out adding sauteed garlic cloves since I am a garlic lover also toss in sauted shrimp and of course topped with fresh grated parmesen and ground pepper.  Absolutely fantabulous

  • Deb Haines

    It looks delicious just as it is.  I would try some baby spinach and a hint of red pepper flakes for depth.  

  • Rachel Faulkner

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    Looks fabulous as it is, but for a variation I would add some mushrooms and some water chestnuts for a little crunch – can’t wait to try it on my next trip to Dallas!

  • Allen Taloff

    My wife, son and I have dined at Maggiano’s in Naperville, Il, numerous times. Our son is on a gluten free diet, and the chef has always accommodated us and made us feel welcome as did the entire staff. Being a big fan of fettuccine alfredo I cannot wait to try this delicious looking feast. The wife and I have considered using Maggiano’s to cater our sons birthday party.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a wonderful change to Alfredo.  We’re planning a trip to Jacksonville to celebrate my birthday so this may be the perfect dish.

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    We love going to Maggiano’s because everything we order is supberb. The service, the food, etc. is world-class. Thanks to a previous blog, I am now aware I can order gluten-free bread for my fiance’. Looking forward to celebrating my 66th birthday in Tampa on Aug. 6th.

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    My family loves Maggiano’s!  This dish looks delicious!

  • Gsd_2208

    I’d loovvee it with portabella mushrooms and spinach noodles. 

  • Lkrepcio

    I have heard that you offer gluten free options and I am so excited to come and try out your menu items. This dish looks delicious and I look forward to trying it with gluten free noodles. One suggestion is to use pecorino cheese instead of parmesian for those that are lactose intolerant.

  • NeeNee

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    Love everything I have ever had at Maggiano’s. This is always my choice for birthday dinner and Mother’s Day.

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    Sounds great!  The use of fresh vegetables, hopefully locally grown and organic, is a great idea.  How about adding some pine nuts, too.

  • Jcherrin

    We are fans of chicken fettacine, but am looking forward to trying the chicken fire

    John Herrin

  • John and Virginia Moore

    I think this settles where my husband and I will celebrate his birthday! I love portobello mushrooms with any Italian dish, so I’d think I’d give that a try…

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    It looks amazing!!! I would love to try it one day. It looks like something I could do at home too.

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    My in-laws are coming into town next week.  Looks like a great dinner option.  Thanks!

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    My son’s wedding party was last Saturday at your Tyson’s Corner restaurant.   Too bad this dish wasn’t on the menu!   Still, the food was excellent.

    David E.

  • Brifaith0408

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  • Mccoy G

    Looks great! I think shrimp as an option would be excellent.

  • Djm60

    The Fettuccine Chicken Firenze sounds absolutely fabulous. If it’s still on the menu the next time I am ther (I am a westsider) I may have to give it a try. How about a Maggiano’s on the westside? Hint Hint.

  • Dsanchez

    i already printed my coupne and can’t wait to try this new delicious dish @ maggiano’s!! i love that maggiano’s dishes are sooo large and one meal turns into two (leftover’s)!! u guys are my new favorite Italian restaurant in the ATX!

  • Valeriej

    This dish looks perfect!  If i had to add something it would be sweet peas
    and rosemary if chicken is included! 

  • pasta free italian lover

    Looks tasty, but for those of us who are Atkins types, do you have any low carb delicacies for us to have so we can take the family to your restaurant

  • Mark Bliton

    I love me some Tiramisu.  For a chain restaurant, Maggianos is very good.

  • Lauren

    I love visiting Maggiano’s for every special occasion (sometimes I even invent special occasions) and I can go there for a nice meal with friends and family.  The fettuccine alreado looks so good.  Can’t wait to try it out on my next “occasion”

  • David Monath

    We just went to Maggiano’s a week ago, and this video makes me hungry . . .

  • Wesley Johnson

    Mmmmmm!This looks so amazing.My husband and I love Maggiano’s and cannot wait to comeback again soon.

  • Delighted consumer

    This dish offers the opportunity for variety to deal with different preferences and likes.  I was taught if it works don’t fix it but you can enhance the dish by adding, substituting or taking away according to the consumer’s dietary preferences or needs.  Your Chef’s are very talanted when it comes to pleasing the guest. 
    This is a wonderful place for casual dining in, celebrations or ordering to go.
    You have the ability to make your customer feel welcome.  Keep up the wonderful customer service.

  • Katz1

    This looks so yummy…..but I dont do well with cream sauces. Garlic and olive oil might be good, just not as tasty!

  • K Adams

    Beautiful!  A little spice, perhaps?

  • Renee Silva

    Aloha, Greetings from Hawaii where there are no Maggiano’s and I’ll have to fly to the mainland to use my $50.00 card—which I’m more than happy to do.  Will be in Seattle in Nov. and Los Angeles in Jan..—I’ll use it then.  Still waiting to hear the good news that you’re opening a  restaurant here.  Mahalo (Thank You),  Renee Silva

  • Marypcontests

    Sounds great, I prefer quality to quantity

  • Arun K S

    Looks fantastic. I love the variation on regular fettucini alfredo. However, would like to see the same recipe with a lower calorie sauce.

  • Sgelardi

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  • patti

    Sounds amazing….I agree that replacing with some seafood would add a different twist to it.

  • Markle9

    Chicken and Veggies sound great!  Maybe also offer shrimp instead of chicken?  But it looks pretty good as is…

  • Delia Ochoa

    The dish sounds and looks perfect as is, however I would add a few crushed red pepper flakes just because I like to spice things up!

  • Guestblog

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  • Joycebrown111

    I would add some fresh basil and bay leaves to this dish

  • Jasper2315

    Looks like something you would get in Italy, I saw something that looked like this near Pompei.

  • Jmd3291

    This recipe looks delicious.  The fresh veggies make it even more healthy!  I love your restaurant, have never had anything I didn’t like, and choose it for all of our special occasions.  We have been to Center City, Cherry Hill and King of P and all restaurants have truly authentic Italian food.  I can’t wait to come back again!

  • Tamera Brown

    Wow all my favorites in one dish! I can’t wait to try this! Yum!

  • Laura

    Anything Maggiano’s (Boca Raton especially) makes is absolutely delicious, so I can hardly wait to try this one too ~ our family dines every Friday evening and we relax with great food, music and drinks ~ thank you for all the authentic influence on the menu!!!

  • Me Joetaylor

    For creativity and value you cannot best Maggiano’s. This is my favorite restaurant in the Chicago area.

  • Wiss22

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  • PastaLover

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  • Kitcat358

    My son & daughter inlaw took me there for my birthday, I loved it!!!! Can’t wait to go back again.

  • Burton

    I would replace the chicken with a choice of meaty or vegetable options.  this will give every option to your customers without widening your current menu.  From Spinach, tomatoes, to italian sausage, meatballs, Seafood, or mixed vegetables.  Almost any pizza topping will work in this formal dish.  Then evey patron can never say they couldn’t find anything on the menu.  Call it” Name your Pasta” or “Make your Pasta your Way”.  Or “Create your Pasta”.  No added expense, your kitchen inventory items remain the same.

  • IrishChris

    I would add some shredded prosciutto, basil, sundried tomatoes, and capers.

  • Cathlynn_nigh

    There could be no improvement but to add a nice barolo and the maggianos chopped salad…now there is a wonderful meal.

  • Maureen

    I would change the leeks in this dish to shallots. I would also add some minced garlic, fresh basil and a bit of cayenne pepper

  • SHooper

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  • Jmac

    Can’t wait to try the new dish!  I had not been to Maggiano’s in years prior to a couple weeks ago!  When trying to decide where to have dinner with a good friend I had not seen in a while the place just popped into my head!  So glad it did!  I had a fabulous Crab and Shrimp cannelloni!  Couldn’t wait to eat the leftovers frolunch the next day!  Which says alot because I rarely ever eat the leftover I take home!  A big Thank you to “Open Table” Mobile App. for making it so easy to make our reservations!  Planning a “Girls night Out” tomorrow night and we will be dining at Maggiano’s!!  So excited!

  • Drbarbra

    Everything I ever had here is fabulous. And I have tried a lot of their dishes!

  • Azalia

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  • Yimaira333

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  • JAMIE ☠

    Fettucine of any kind is by far my favorite Italian delicacy.  :-)
    Personal favorite? Fettucine alfredo with grilled chicken strips and broccoli!

  • Susan

    Looks fabulous, fresh and tasty.  So glad to find a Maggioano’s so close to my condo when I moved here last fall.  Lucky me!

  • Cinzia

    Maggiano’s is our family’s favorite restaurant–especially the Denver 16th Street location.  Fantastic service.  We are FBI–full-blooded Italians–and very picky about where we eat Italian food.  This new dish sounds wonderful.  We are planning a Maggiano’s outing in August for a family celebration.  Ci vediamo!

  • Christina

    This looks so yummie!  I think I would use shrimp over chicken – but look forward to visiting to try it out!  Maybe add some mushrooms..  Love it!

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  • Craig S

    Looks great.  Can’t wait to try it out this weekend.

  • Rachel

    The  pasta dish  is perfect for the summer, not a heavy dish. weight watcher love it !

  • s wing

    I would like to see the vegetables julienne or cut into different shapes (i.e., semicircles) instead of cubed.  The plate would look even more dynamic with the contrasting shapes.  Add yellow squash (mild taste) to highlight the fettuccine.

  • s wing

    I would like to see the vegetables julienne or cut into different shapes (i.e., semicircles) instead of cubed.  The plate would look even more dynamic with the contrasting shapes.  Add yellow squash (mild taste) to highlight the fettuccine.

  • AmiraDanielle

    It looks amazing! I can’t wait to eat it!

  • AmiraDanielle

    It looks amazing! I can’t wait to eat it!

  • Francid

    Another new dish to try…every visit I try a new item, don’t change the chicken just give others a choice to add their shrimps, scallops etc.  Please, on some menu items reduce the sodium level.

  • Rlbillie

    Some spice for a little “bite” to the Fettuccine!

  • Gwen

    Sounds delicious!

  • SS

    That looks great!  I can’t wait to try it!

  • LindyLou

    Since I haven’t tasted the dish, my recommendation is to change the type of pasta to a short pasta like penne or radiatore.

  • Marcia L

    Our family visited Maggiano’s for the 1st time last Sunday.  It was the most enjoyable and delicious dinner we have every had.  We have a birthday coming up and it is already decided our party will be there.  Our neighbors love Italian and we have invited them to join us.  The Fettuccine Alfreado sound wonderful.  It is also good to know about Gluten free sinc one of our party is diabetic.

  • Judy T.

    This dish looks yummy! We had our anniversary party at Maggiano’s and everyone loved the food. I love to try new dishes, so this will be next on my list.

  • Mnhill418

    Looks like another winner and will make it harder to choose from all those other delicious entries.

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  • Amanda Jasinski

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Nino

    Maggiano’s is my fiance’s and I favorite dinner hangout spot.  Along with the calamari, she loves the fettucine alfredo dish.  With the addition of the herb chicken, she’ll be the first to tap me on the shoulders and wear a big smile as if it were a silent invite.  Thanks again Maggiano’s. Always giving us a reason to hop into our car and enjoy an evening out together.

  • Norma Chavez-Foss

    He makes it look so simply I can’t wait to try it. Wish I could taste it right off the computer.

  • rlb

    I love dining at Maggiano’s.  I have not been disappointed and recommend this restaurant quite frequently.  I would like to see a spicy dish as a favorite item.  We celebrated my boyfriends 40th birthday there and it was his firt time to dine here and he loved it.

  • Stacies

    Looks fantastic!!! I love Maggiano’s!!!

  • Lindsayschumacher

    Yum Yum and Yum!

  • judiefran

    I can’t wait to try this new chicken dish! It looks amazing!

  • Lynn Weinert

    This dish sounds great…..but I would add some sauteed portabello sliced mushrooms and a bit of red pepper flakes to add a bit more zing!  Also, a bit of freshly chopped/chiffonaded(sp?) basil.  If one wanted to make this in a larger quantity and then put it under the broiler after adding some parmesan for a pretty presentation!  Bon appetit from a  native Yankee and family from Calabria.

  • Cjugador

    Sounds delicious, but can it be prepared without cream?

  • Lesadowski

    That looks delicious.  I wish it had been an option when we got married — it would have made a great entree.

  • Anonymous

    It looks really good, add some crushed red pepper and change to seafood. Yum!

  • Apeters

    Looks for yummy.    My favorite is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo.  This gives it a more colorful look.  I can’t  wait to try it .

  • Debbie

    This dish looks awesome!  My only suggestion would be to maybe make a low fat version and of course add some red pepper to give it a kick!

  • Lottra

    I have to drive about 5o miles to enjoy your great food – -  My birthday and anniversary   is August 27th – - if I win the $50 Gift Card I will see you then.

  • Joyce Pez

    I love all ingredients but never would have thought to combine them together. It sounds real yummy Can’t wait to try it at my Maggiano’s

  • Gigi

    Mmmmm.  I can almost smell it.  See you soon!

  • Schatzie7829

    My first visit to Maggiano’s in Bellevue was on 7/30/2011, to celebrate my 79th birthday.
    I’m a transplant Sicilian from Chicago’s Little Italy.  It amused me to see on your menu ,
    Taylor Street Baked Ziti….and commented to the server , that in Chicago’s Taylor Street,
    there isn’t Baked Zita……..There’s baked spaghetti w/cauliflower , which is wonderful.
     I’ve been residing in WA. for a dozen yrs. and welcome real Italian cooking that Maggiano’s
    provides.  I spent time, viewing all the old family portraits that adorned your walls…..half heartedly searching for a familiar face.  WE Italians tend to resemble one another and according to my Gramma, we all cousins…….BECAUSE their bull knew our cows, as Maggie always said.
     This past week , with all my bragging about your menu, I’ve recruited more interested parties
    that are anxious to come to the Bellevue Little Italy.
      Will be back soon…………  Sollami of South Chicago’s Little Italy

  • Sprimer1

    I would love to see you try some more Gluten free Caesin free options.

  • Lady Gwen

    This dish looks delicious – all my favorite ingredients (except for the leaks).

  • Jgilchrist2

    Visually beautiful glad we are celebrating a birthday at your Durham restaurant this
    coming Saturday–I know what to order now!

  • Jessica

    Yummy! I love Maggiano’s! We ate there last night and had a wonderful meal!

  • Valkbond

    Looks delicious…but then I have never had a bad dish at Maggiano. Everything is encredibly delicious!

  • Lori Johnson Elliott

    We can’t wait to come celebrate our anniversary at Maggiano’s. Thanks for the coupon.

  • Redfernjudy

    Looks wonderful.  I like the idea of adding fresh vegetables.   This makes the dish a bit zestier and adds some health benefits to a dish that is very rich.   I also like to add cooking sherry to my fettucini. 

  • Candace Pfeifer

    Add a few shavings a shredded basil on top as a garnish!

  • Apriltrainum

    Looks great! Planning on coming by in a couple weeks!

  • Rachel Weaver Duenas

    Yummy!  Just went to Maggianos the other day, but would love to go back very soon to try this!!

  • Theresa

    This dish looks and sounds wonderful.  However, I do not eat anything made with Alfredo sauce anymore.  Sorry.  …but I have never had a dish at your restaurant that I didn’t love.  Your food is so good.  I would suggest having a little spicier spaghetti sauce as a choice for those of us who love a little more spice in our life!!

  • Lesliebethlinder

    We love all of your dishes, especially the Shrimp and Lobster Carbonera.   We will try the Fettuccine tossed with herb chicken, fresh vegetables, sun-dried
    tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with Asiago and Parmesan cheese next visit!

  • Lesliebethlinder

    We love all of your dishes, especially the Shrimp and Lobster Carbonera.   We will try the Fettuccine tossed with herb chicken, fresh vegetables, sun-dried
    tomatoes in a garlic cream sauce with Asiago and Parmesan cheese next visit!

  • George LaVecchia

    I would add some heat…maybe some diced Peperonicinis! 

  • George LaVecchia

    I would add some heat…maybe some diced Peperonicinis! 

  • Pattibruno

    Artichoke  Hearts would really add to this dish.

  • Judy

    How is the alfredo sauce made?   How much saturated fat in it?   I love the  vegetables in it–looks delicious!

  • Annodal24

    Definately I’d add mushrooms!

  • Russo

    Even the simple thing as Maggiano’s Salad is the best around.  I have tried to duplicate at home and it’s just not as good!  I love the new spin on Fettuccine Alfredo!   Manga! 

  • Ken

    Looks great, agree with adding basil.  Chicken could be replaces with shrip and lobster along with scallops.  Can’t wait to taste it at my next visit to Maggiano’s.

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  • Bill

    Can you make the Fettucine Chicken Firenze gluten free?

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    The dish not only looks good but all the flavors blend together produce a dish that will become a favorite of Maggiano’s  customers though out the chain. This dish reflects the eye but the sense of smell which aids in the enjoyment of the meal. Topped off  by a glass or bottle of white wine it should lead to a memorable meal at Maggiano’s.

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  • JV

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    I would add mushrooms to the chicken firenze.  Scallops in place of the chicken would also be delicious.

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    One request; please  let us add our own amount of salt – we love Maggiano’s but not the salt. Thanks for making going out to dinner so pleasant.

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  • Tj

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  • Michael Grammer

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  • Barb Zeh

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  • Anonymous

    After eating at Maggiano’s and seeing how great the Chefs are, I wouldn’t add anything to this wonderful new dish except a fork so that I could dive into it. The Chefs would not be cooking there if they didn’t know what they were doing.

  • Theresa DeBold

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  • Susan Sorial

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  • Guest

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  • Sea Skicruiser

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  • Sounds like a Treat

    I savor watching the chef prepare the melody of colorful vegetables infused into the creamy Alfredo Sauce without losing texture. The best pasta is placed on heat to absorb a flavorful sauce, plus the pasta gets extra hot. Makes me hungry, maybe I will call some friends and dine at Maggiano’s tonight, I skipped lunch so this will be delicious end to a wonderful day. Definitely mushrooms would be an added treat, and even a shrimp or lobster option verses the chicken.

  • James Turbyfill

    While I LOVE Maggiano’s, this video did not at all convince me to try the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it tastes wonderful.  But everything appeared on the video as though it came out of a frozen bag or something.  Show or describe the pulled chicken being cooked and pulled.  Show a couple of chops of the veggies that go into the dish.  Then I might change my mind and order something besides my ALL TIME FAVORITE, Brazed Beef Cannelloni.

  • 12know

    I would love this dish.  I love Italian food immensely.

  • Claireschiltz

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  • Lilibeth

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    That looks delicious !!!    Can’t wait to return to Maggiano’s for dinner!   Taught me how to make a quick pasta dish!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d add  the artichoke also. It’s similar to a  favorite recipe we make and the artichoke is a great addition . I’d also suggest having a shrimp option– the chicken gets old hat at times.
     We love your place  in Bellevue Wa—and especially your take home special which keeps us coming regularly.We also think that you do a terrific job in hiring staff. We are almost always made  to feel very comfortable.

  • Lynn

    The dish looks great!!! Sounds like a fresh take on a classic.

  • Leslie Millenson

     Peas are my favorite vegetable to add to a pasta dish — especially a creamy one.

  • Krista Esmeier

    Looks like delicious…makes me drool a little bit.

  • Denisa Manea

    i love this place, wonderful food and great staff!: ) thank you

  • Jerri Teodosio

    What made this dish so delicious was that it was light but very filling..  Great job by Maggiano’s!! 

  • Randy

    Looks like a great dish!! I will have to try it!

  • michelle

    My family and I enjoy Maggianos for many celebrations as well as weeknight dinner with our children. I would love the addition of seafood to this dish maybe Calamata  olives too?

  • deb

    Add a little red peppers for a kick!!

  • Katie Romeo

    I would add some bits of bacon :)

  • Joizygoil

    I just had lunch at Maggiano’s but didn’t see this email beforehand. Had a WONDERFUL lunch but now this just means I need to go back!

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    Looks delicious!  

  • Carmen Rosa


  • Tomtoni85

    This dish looks yummy and contains all my favorites. Definitely will try it. I love Maggiano’s.

  • LittleChef

    That looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe and showing some tricks of the trade

  • HL

    What’s true Italian cuisine without lots of garlic?  Garlic alfredo sauce sounds like it hits the spot, and yes, PLEASE do kick it up with a dash of spicy flavor!  I am tired of the plain ‘ol pale chicken alfredo dishes.  A little bit of heat would make this dish a truly unique culinary experience!

  • Merle

    Definetely add some red pepper flakes to spice it up – just a few though.  Also saute some shallots to the dish.  They make everything taste wonderful !

  • Rsi4784212

    My husband I went to Maggiano’s yesterday. The food was (great) and the service was good, as usual. I always enjoy a trip to downtown Atlanta to grab a lunch or dinner treat!

  • Jennifer

    This looks amazing! I really want to try it!!!!

  • Rose

    I love Maggiano’s however besides everything I have had there which are all oh so yummy my favorite is the chopped salad only because I love salads!!! I enjoy the atmosphere and the decor is great. 

  • Jennrenn

    That looks absolutly delicious! I love Maggiano’s it is my favorite place to eat ever. I have tried to find a better place but cannot!! I always have great service, and when something is wrong they always do their best to make it right! I cannot wait to go and try this!!

  • MariaO

    Fresh basil should be a must in this dish. Also, would be nice if they also serve it without chicken.

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  • Georginarose

    Always looking forward to a Maggiano’s creations!

  • Milton Ruchim

    I would add a little choped garlic and some choped bacon bits and mix.
                              Milton Ruchim    847-498-8878

  • Anonymous

    Looks delicious. But I want to try it with shrimps and mushrooms, yummy

  • Jill Valentine

    The visual on it is delicioso !!!!   I’ll go try it  and tell you about it!

  • Anonymous

    Looks good – will give it a try.

  • Michael Schaeffler

    My husband always orders Fettucine Alfredo and I beg him to try something different.  Watching Chef Man make the Fettucine Firenze and seeing all the fresh ingredients coming together he can’t wait to come in and try it.  A new twist on an age old recipe…. kudos!!!!

  • Klm001

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    I can’t wait to try this. But I would love it with shrimps and mushrooms.

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    No veggies please, and I would add red pepper flakes to the cheese sauce to make it spicy!

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    looks  good, interesting  the way they make it   i will try  at my local maggianos

  • Anonymous

    Looks delicious.  I enjoyed my salad there last week, but this looks better~

  • Sarah

    I love mushrooms, I would add that to this dish.

  • Jagirl1998

    I think that adding some capers would enhance the existing flavors even more.  It’s like bacon, it just adds that little something extra to a dish.

  • Dancermum

    This looks soooo good!!!  I cannot wait to try and make it or have my hsuband take me to Maggiaono’s to try it.  Your food is absolutely the best!

  • mary anderson

    fresh sauteed spinach and red pepper flakes!

  • Tlotoole

    This dish looks delish!  Just add some mushrooms and it would be even more wonderfly!

  • Scgbiz2

    Add garlic and oregano, will add taste without calories.

  • Anonymous

    I’d use capers to spice it up

  • Craftycris

    I would try basil with a few red pepper flakes and a hint of nutmeg

  • Ksantuci

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    This looks fabulous! As a fettucini alfredo fan this is a great twist on a favorite!  You should have a new alfredo dish every month!!

  • Maggie_bracken

    Looks delicious! Amazing! Always my favorivate.

  • Lara Harris

    This looks so wonderful.  I would love to try it!

  • Lisa

    I would take out the fresh vegetables.  Everything else sounds great!

  • Dicnjudi

    You didn’t say what herbs were in the her chicken.  I would like some basil,  rosemary and a little garlic.

  • Erin Flaig

    Just visited Maggiano’s in Beverly Hills; can’t wait to try the new dishes at my Maggiano’s here in Cincinnati!

  • Anonymous

    I find myself swallowing in an uncontrollable Pavlovian response as I stare at this culinary work of art.  I can almost smell it’s rich aroma drift through my computer screen.  I’m sorry, I have to leave work now and head out for dinner at Maggiano’s.  Guess I’ll invite the wife to join me as this looks too good not to share.

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    This looks delicious!  Can’t wait to try it.  Thanks for a chance to win!

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    WOW!  Looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try it!  I love the idea of the fresh vegetables and sun dried tomatoes – I’m sure the flavor is awesome!!  EH

  • Russell Morgan

    Definitely a classic dish. Try using some jerked spice chicken breast and asparagus for an island twist!

  • Jean Leone

    Smells good, looks good,,,,,,,but one thing is missing…….LOVE

  • Anw

    Can’t wait to try!

  • Todd Barwick

    Sounds de-lish!!

  • Werschingalan

    this new item was off the chain i wish it was a item that was on the menu everyday i could not get enough of it and i want to thank my waitress for poiting it out to me BRAVO cant wait to come again                  alan st.louis

  • Anonymous

    Suona squisito

  • chip

    sounds both simple and great, will put on menu for our household this weekend.  Thank you

  • Mimi

    Looks delicious!  Can’t wait to try it!  :d

  • Sharon F.

    Fettuccine Chicken Firenze sounds great. We’ll be coming in soon to give it a try. I’m sure it will be as great as all of your other dishes.

  • Hypatiam

    yummy!  worth blowing the diet for :)

  • Marnsm22

    Chicken Alfredo sound wonderful, I’m always up for something new and tasty!

  • Marnsm22

    Chicken Alfredo sound wonderful, I’m always up for something new and tasty!

  • Jazzinrio

    I would add  2-3 slices of applewood smoked bacon.

  • Jazzinrio

    I would add  2-3 slices of applewood smoked bacon.

  • Lyndsey Strohl

    looks delicious!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a big fan of chicken, but this dish looks and sounds so good that I would love to try it!

  • CM

    Looks delicious!  Can’t wait to try it :-)

  • Anonymous

    Make it gluten free and I’m in!

  • Sannamrk

    I like it just the way it is….not to much and not to little…….ALL of the food is awesome…..Chicken is one of my favorite dishes as are the vegetables………perfect for someone watching their weight. A dash of basil would be fine, but keep the chicken and the vegetables a healthy choice!

  • Kirk

    Word up peeps, this is how to roll Italian style., this crib pwnd all other choke and pukes…

  • Ravi

    Wow…Looks tempting. I need to try this .

  • RLee

    Looks delicious.  I can’t wait to try it.

  • Taca

    Gluten free bread? which Maggiano’s do you go to?  I’ve never been offered GF bread at the South Coast Plaza one.

  • Leslie Gaines

    I am dying to try the new dishes! Yummy! I have already planned a trip for my birthday at the end of this month. I was able to choose any restaurant and it was no question. Maggiano’s all the way!!! I am sooo looking forward to this trip. Can’t wait!

    Leslie Gaines

  • cindy andel

    Loooking at the photo of the Fettucine Chicken Firenze is making my stomach talk & my mouth water! Birthday coming up; can’t wait to try it!

  • Tina

    With fresh vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic cream sauce and parm….how could you go wrong?!  Sounds AMAZING and I can’t wait to try it!

  • Germless77

    Looks delicious!  I’d love to see a low fat sauce.  I think some extra spices would also be great basil or marjoram maybe.  Not sure what I’d like better without tasting but I might substitute onions and mushrooms for the leeks.  

  • Tsieracki

    Looks excellent.

  • Lois

    Oh man that looks great.  We were planning to head to Maggianos on Wednesday for our anniversary, I might just get it! 

  • Princessjjax

    fresh basil!

  • J Saxtn

    Love this place. My wife is of Italian heritage and can’t say enough good about this place. Lots of food, reasonable prices. Mangia! Mangia! was a family cry after grace at her family table.
    It bears repeating at Maggianio’s.

  • Lyssette_r

    I just saw this dish and it sounds “oh so heavenly”, I cannot wait to try, may even have to postpone a trip just to try it – as Maggiano’s never disappoints! I love the addition of fresh veggies and I absolutely love the sweet tanginess of sun dried tomatoes with alfredo sauce, it makes for such an amazing combination and such a palate pleaser! Based on just the description of the item, I would add fresh basil, the combo with the sun-dried tomatoes is absolutely fab! Some cayenne for some spice on the pasta itself as any addition of it to the herbed chicken would take from the flavor. Some fresh roasted garlic and vidalia onions sauteed in herb infused olive oil and a light sprinkle of fresh Parmesan. I’m unsure as to what veggies come in the dish as I have not tried, but my picks would be: broccoli florets, asparagus, roasted red bell pepper, and yellow squash, thinly sliced as opposed to chunks that will not fully be infused with all the flavors or will need to cook longer to get the flavor, making them mushy instead of al-dente. Then to top off I’d add a lil bit of lemon zest for that umpf factor that leaves people guessing. Yum, yum, yum, my taste buds are screaming for a taste!!!

  • Terralyn Sherrod

    Looks delicious! I can’t wait to come a try it!

  • Sean Spinks

    What a great way to “Spice” up a Classic dish like Fettuccine Alfredo! Looks delicious!

  • Lif

    Make one with shrimp instead of chicken.  I’d love it!

  • Rhonda

    Oh my, definitely a mouth-watering dish. Well worth a little road trip from Kerrville!

  • Jkorb69

    My favorite place to eat.  Brought my family a few weeks ago and they fell in love with it! Taking my wife this weekend for her birthday, will try new dish!

  • Angela W.

    My husband and I are changing our plans tomorrow- we are delaying going to the beach to head to Maggiano’s for dinner! I would add a little nutmeg and truffle oil and maybe use chocolate pasta to give it an extra sweet kick!

  • Dinamgold

    Maggiano’s is a great place to go with friends! Always have a great time!

  • Don B

    Sounds yummy!!

  • sck

    We love everything about the Maggiano’s experience, from the design to the food.  Now hearing about how they create the new recipes we can’t wait to go back.

  • Anna Yaverski

    Fettuccine Chicken Frienze looks very appetizing. I’m ready to order on my next visit to Maggiano’s.

  • ginger


  • Andres Viteri

    Simply amazing!

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    This dish looks absolutely scrumptious! I’m not normally a fan of fettuccine alfredo, but with the added ingredients, there is definitely an interesting twist that has piqued my interest. I look forward to trying it soon!

  • Sharron and Dick

    As always, a new delicious dish to look for at Maggiano’s…It is our most favorite restaurant as we love the great food, ambiance and superb waitress/waiter  Andy and Bobby!!!  They are the best…
    Will be seeing you again this next week!!!

  • Dymalub

    Maggiano’s is my favorite restaurant and I have tried just about everything on the menu.  I look forward to trying this new dish!!!!

  • Whitney

    sounds awesome, can’t wait to try it.  Loved Maggiano’s when we were in Las Vegas and now we found one in Orlando. 

  • smileygirlkim

    I can’t wait to try this! The last Little Italy Favorite I tried was delicious!

  • Anonymous

    This looks so tasty! Maggianos is always a family favorite! Never had a dish that wasn’t divine!

  • Cindy joseph

    I would topeverything with fresh chopped basil.

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  • es50

    I think it would be delicious with shrimp instead of chicken. 

  • Marybeth

    I know what we are having Friday night for dinner!  Sounds great.

  • Marg326

    I  would undercook the pasta by about 2 minutes and then add it to the sauce to continue cooking.  Add the cheese and then toss. That way it absorbs the flavors of the veggies, pepper etc. I would serve it with a small amount of freshly grated cheese on top and some fresh Italian parsley.

  • DebInNC

    Love the idea of fresh veggies and the sun-dried tomatoes!  Can’t wait to try it!

  • Basavoca

    Looks fantastic ! In answer to your question, I might add chives and ham, but the dish doesn’[t need it to be savory.

  • Coach

    The Fettuccine Alfredo looks awesome.  It will be a hard choice to make this week when we visit!

  • Susan


  • Mich008

    Looks yummy! As usual!

  • Sandy Castro

    One of my personal favorites…Fettucine Alfredo  always have it with seafood, but looks delectable with the chicken and veggies would love to try this dish next visit at Maggiano’s!  This is our children’s favorite place to eat, we love the foo atmosphere and great service.

    S. Castro

  • Sybil

    It looks fantastic.  I might add a little lemon zest to brighten it up

  • Sck

    Lemon zest would be a nice addition.

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  • Hazel Wagner

    Got to try it at Maggiano’s and then try to make it myself.  I have a garden full of fresh vegetables that I grew myself that will go perfectly in this dish.

  • Gail W

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  • Jeannie Neyers

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  • Phyllis Hannon

     I would  add a few bits of natural fried bacon or prosciutto. This dish sounds really yummy. I will try it the next time I go to Maggiano’s, my favorite Italian restaurant at this time.

  • Songstressdc

    Looks great without any change but a variety of mushrooms, broccoli or with some bacon or might add some extra texture.

  • Dalsheimchari

    The specialty flavors  and fresh half inch cut vegetables spice up and “healthyize”  the classic version of my daughter’s favorite meal! The fresh parmesan cheese sounds like an awesome thickener! I suggest added shredded carrot and slice fresh basil as a garnish! We will definitely order the dish.

  • jrohr

    The new dishes look great. Our family always loves anything we get from Maggiano’s!

  • Mary

    Looks great, but I can tell you right now it’s going to be difficult to get me to try something besides my fave chicken marsala with your spinach salad. YUM.

  • Wash1681

    now I’m really hungry!

  • Yoodline97

    Looks good. Love the combination. A potential dish to consider next time I am there, my this will be hard choice….

  • Axscode3

    Looks sooo awesome I can almost smell and taste it thru my computer. Now I’m soo hungry for your pasta with a glass of wine and some hot Italian bread and butter to join.

  • Lc711

    This is another superb creation by the Maggiano’s culinary geniuses.  I would like to add some red pepper flakes for a slight spice up.

  • Jackie Doggett

    just left Maggiano’s in Austin about 3 hrs ago and as usual it was superb, do not care too much for any type of Seafood , but daringly tried the Presan CrustedTilapio , IT WAS OUTSTANDING,can’t wait to try the new Alfredo , my Grandson and I meet once a Month to eat at Maggiano’s , trying new Entree’s and just having some time together. Celebrated my Birthday at MAGGIANO’S with him in June. SEE YOU NEXT MONTH 

  • Eac

    Sounds delicious……but I would add a bit of garlic to the dish.

  • jackson nj

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  • Toomekia

    This looks absolutely delicious.  Can wait to try it.  Great spin to normal Chicken Alfredo

  • Bob the Polish explorer.

    This brings up some good memories because I actually had a dish like this last time we were in Firenze.  Sitting outside in a beautiful piazza watching as the light grew dimmer I think the only thing that was missing would be that delicious looking Limincello tart!  We’ll be in this weekend to give all of these new dishes a whirl.

  • Dave6310

    We were in Italy in ’04; great food!  Maggiano’s is the closest you can get to it!

  • Ryan

    Look delicious!

  • Kellycrosby1231

    I’m headed to the Chicago area soon, I will have to try this! We like to use shrimp from the grill and adding fresh diced tomatoes to ours.

  • RSbrookfield

    Both these chicken specials look great – can’t wait to try them!

  • judy

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  • Robb Jeffries

    Please open a Maggiano’s in Norfolk, VA!!!

  • Cherilyn

    Cajun seasoning—–gives sauce and chicken just enough heat and additional WOW to each bite.  Got to try it.  You will be pleasantly surprised—promise!!!!

  • Janet Fahrman

    I love Maggianos.  When in Chicago, I cannot wait to go there and try out this delectable looking dish!

  • Johnshank84

    I know where we are going for our anniversary dinner in two weeks! That dish looks amazing.

  • Esparks245

    This looks absolutely fabulous! I love the color in the dish with the vegetables, so I would keep those. I love rosemary, and I think this would make an interesting twist with alfredo. I like the idea of basil as well. Keep the chicken, add mushrooms possibly?

  • Librolady

    Looks absolutely delicious!  Maggiano’s in Scottsdale is my favorite restaurant.  I’ll be sure to try it on my next visit!

  • Tara

    Headed to Dallas next week – I can’t wait to eat at Maggiano’s the best Caeser Salad in town, my favorite … Chicken & Spinach Manicotti, Tiramisu, and a Frozen Peach Bellini. Oh I can hardly wait

  • Wschwage

    I am not sure I want to change the recipe.  It seems pretty amazing to me.

  • Mconti

    Looks wonderful!  My mouth was watering just watching the video! 

  • Teridixon

    Looks awesome, I (we) look forward to trying it at our local Maggiono’s in Naperville, IL!

  • Heidi Knapple

    This sounds great!  Maybe adding a few peppers for color would enhance the appearance. 

  • Lumurray

    I just returned from Firenze and the food there is divine!  I would love to try this yummy recipe.  I have only been to Maggianos once and it was so good.  I would add some smoky thick cut bacon or pancetta and mushrooms.  Hope I can win the gift card- I miss Italy and want to go back!

  • Glogg5

    Wouldn’t it be extra gorgeous to top it off with a portobello mushroom right on top?  Like the cherry on top of the whipped cream.  Deliciousioso!!

  • Jmoon39766

    The sundried tomatoes are perfect with the garlic alfredo sauce!!

  • Normal30263

    I just made this dish the other day when I got a ton of veggies, mostly squash though and minus the chicken.  Somehow, the fact that someone else is doing the cooking would make it taste better to me!

  • Katrin Franklin

    ditto on the veggie option!  :)

  • Morninggloryruby

    Cayenne pepper

  • humby

    Green peas go so well with the alfredo sauce, but are tough with the flat fettucini. i would use the classic alfredo sauce with a more textured pasta like orichette and green peas – maybe with very thin small strips of prosciutto

  • R_squared06

    This looks absolutely yummy and even though I LOVE Chicken dishes, this would be great with Shrimp too!

  • Cindy Shireman Hoard

    Wonderful looking dish!  The only thing I’d add would be mushrooms.  Can’t wait to go back to Maggiano’s to try it soon!!

  • Nancy

    looks wonderful, cannot wait to try it!

  • Sandra Brazeau

    I would replace the Alfredo sauce with a lighter Lemon garlic sauce.  I find Alfredo sauce too heavy especially in this weather.

  • Jyackio

    Fettuccine Chicken Firenze looks awesome. I can’t wait to try it. Of course I love everything at Maggiano’s anyway.

  • Snapper

    This meal is definitely worth trying.  Looks Delicious.

  • Davecotton

    How do you say perfect maybe “PERFECTIOSO” !    You’re a makin me a hungry.. Serve it up, You da Chef!

  • Gemessick

    I would add “diced” up bits of Italian sausage to the Fettuccine Alfredo; a change of pace from meatballs. would have chicken and bits of sausage ; a meat combo !

  • Cheryl Christian

    I can just taste it now. Yum  I would maybe add some snap pea’s for crunch, but over all it looks so good and very colorful.

  • Karenruskgrizzard

    First and foremost,that presentation was beautiful.What I would do to kick it up a notch or two and to truely make it a San Antonio favorite would be to add Hatch clilli peppers.Hot and yummie!!

  • Farah Lozano

    A little crushed red pepper, then pile on the Parmesan! :D

  • Michelle Goodman

    Maggiano’s creates one-of-a kind, savory dishes. Mamma Mia, Maggiano’s is my favorite Italian trattoria.

  • Natalie Wroblewski

    Yum that looks so good!  I’d break my diet for that :)))))

  • Pkagoob

    love this place!  wish i could live in their kitchen!

  • Ccwrites

    MMM, I second that motion to add artichoke hearts to the dish, but it sounds divine as is too

  • D Donaldson

    pasta, pasta, pasta!

  • Tovahruta

    You won’t believe this, my friend and I dined at Maggiano’s last night….and she so enjoyed the Fettuchine Chicken Firenze. It was like the bottomless portion, she kept eating and eating and it looked like she hadn’t started. I think 3/4 of it came back to Honolulu with her today. On the other hand, I had the pasta special, the Rigatoni with Chicken Sausage and Peppers. Half of mine was enjoyed on the airplane for lunch and the Four Cheese Ravioli came back with me for my husband’s midnight snack….yum! 
    As the Terminator said…”I’ll be back!” 

  • Carrie

    Maggiano’s thank you for years of special moments and delicious food.You are the best!

  • Stephanie V.

    looks amazing – been on my feet day and making me drool
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Vanessa

    Looks amazingly delicious!!! I want some yesterday.

  • Wanda Ramirez

    I went to Maggiano’s in Chapel Hill, NC recently.  If I had known, I would have tried it.  Seafood is my favorite.  I wouldn’t mix it with the chicken because I’m sure the flavor with the chicken just works! 

  • Katkam29

    I wouldn’t change a thing, sounds delish!!  Like the earthiness of the leeks, licopene fr. the sundried tomatoes and all the other great greens.  Maybe a dash of dried chili pepppers.  Hope I get to try it soon.

  • Maddelaforet

    I’m afraid this one is not for me as I don’t like Alfredo. Now a pesto version….

  • Periwinkle757

    looks delicious!

  • Imwade3

    take the chicken out maybe put fish in its place?

  • JoAn Knudson

    Looks delicissimo!  Can’t wait to try it!

  • Dancing_hands4u

    Thank you for having such high quality dishes!  I love your kitchen and always bring out of town guests to Maggiano’s for a special experience.

  • Rubenackerj

    Normally fettuccine doesn’t have enough variety of flavor for me but with this dish and the vegetables with the sun dried tomatoes it looks very flavorful.  I would like to have some roasted pine nuts added or maybe a few red pepper flakes to spice it up just a bit.  I’m going next Wednesday for a celebration and I think this may very well be the dish I try!  Perfectly timed email.  Thanks!

  • Pearlmom

    Wow that look great!  You have got me hungry now!

  • Jeanine Yama


  • Ja9bug

    spicy italian sausage and roasted red peppers w/ the creamy alfredo would be an interesting combo

  • Kathyf141

    This dish looks very tasty. I love Italian food especially pasta. I am having my nieces Baptism on Saturday and we are going to go eat here . I think I will try this dish that day !

  • Denise76205

    We love Maggiano’s and can’t wait to return to try this and other scrumptious dishes!

  • Nibbler

    Mmm sounds delicious. Any dish with asparagus in it instantly captures my appetite. I like the summery dishes (and desserts!) you have this month—especially the limoncello pie. Very delectable! Considering this is my birthday month, I might have to make a stop at my favorite restaurant :)

  • A Canadian Eh!

    Shouldn’t be looking at this just before bed! A great dish! hmmm what to change – not a thing!! I do like artichoke hearts – but this dish seems to have enough  fresh vegetables as delivered! Thanks for the tip of keeping the pasta on the side to thicken!

  • Realred4553

    As usual, the food looks amazing!

  • Cfkottas

    Looks delicious.  Buon appetito!

  • Marian Pendell

    What a beautiful dish!  Is there any chance one could order this dish minus the chicken?  I try very hard not to order meat when dining out or when shopping for groceries.  I really do appreciate that you offer some vegetarian choices, but  we could use more for variety! Thanks,  Marian     :)

  • Alice Klies

    yum yum sure to be one of my favorites….Kudos to the chef !!

  • Craig

    I would elimnate the cream sauce and add more vegitables, garlic and olive oil to the pasta and chicken. 


  • Dasbury

    Makes me wish there was a Maggiano’s somewhere close!

  • Dasbury

    Makes me wish there was a Maggiano’s somewhere close!

  • chili_bean

    you had me until I saw the red bell peppers…..   Can’t eat bell peppers!  Can you make it without them?

  • chili_bean

    you had me until I saw the red bell peppers…..   Can’t eat bell peppers!  Can you make it without them?

  • Gofsnok2

    My in-laws treat us to Maggianos every couple of months. We just love everything on the menu. We have been coming  to Maggianos every Thanksgiving for the past 3 years. All their staff is so professional and friendly. I can’t wait to come in and try some of the new dishes on their menu.  The lemon blueberry custard cake sounds so delicious.

  • Gofsnok2

    My in-laws treat us to Maggianos every couple of months. We just love everything on the menu. We have been coming  to Maggianos every Thanksgiving for the past 3 years. All their staff is so professional and friendly. I can’t wait to come in and try some of the new dishes on their menu.  The lemon blueberry custard cake sounds so delicious.

  • Kat

    I’m heading right over to get some!

  • Sara

    Mmmm, I know what I’m getting next time! I love how you added the Parmesan to thicken it up a bit. I would like to try a shrimp version as well.

  • Michi Pena

    This sounds great but I might add some red pepper flakes.

  • Lallen1962

    It’s looks scrumptious.  It’s making me very hungry.  It looks more colorful than regular fettuccine alfredo and healthier with the vegetables.  Thank you for making this dish that I know my whole family will enjoy and want to keep coming back for this dish again.

  • K_otanes

    The food looks so delicious!

  • Dennis George


  • Misty Sato

    I would add grilled shrimp! I love Maggiano’s. Each time I dine there, I try something different, and I’ve never had a bad dish or bad experience! Absolutely love the atmosphere and the attentive service!

  • Dennis George

     Spinach & Portabello mushrooms.

  • Anonymous

    In lieu of the leeks and asparagus, add  a good helping of  fresh peas and some pancetta!  Pancetta and chicken are great together!
    I would also like to try it with some pine nuts too and see how that combo tastes!

  • Patricia Dowling

    We love dining at our Maggiano’s in Beachwood, Ohio!  This new Fettuccine dish sounds wonderful just the way it is.  A variation could have mushrooms and spinich.  I will definitely try it …we love your Alfredo sauce! 

  • Jugirl7

    ,<3 YUMMY <3

  • SpechTaylor

    Arguably an American favorite in Italian cuisine, Fettuccine Alfredo is a rare indulgence for many.  Maggiano’s fusion of  herbs, chicken, fresh vegetables, and creamy cheese noodles caters to (pardon the pun) both health-consious foodies and the consummate epicurean.  

    Sure to ignite and delight the gastronomic senses, incorporate bits of shaved truffle to enhance the flavor and aroma of the pasta dish.  Alternately, try a truffle-infused olive oil as a more affordable option.  And don’t forget the garlic! Buon Appetito!

  • Brenda Harris

    Looks yummy! Can’t wait to try. Bringing our daughter there next week for her 23rd birthday.
    Her request for her birthday dinner.!


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  • janice

    I would like that with shrimp or scollops instead of  chicken and keep the veges of course.  

  • Anonymous

    Will be trying Maggiano’s for the first time and this looks tempting!

  • Joelle

    The  dish would be  perfect with the addition of pancetta

  • Catherine Chen

    i’d use angel hair instead of fettuccine..again that’s just me :) 

  • Jltrup

    looks yummy.  Can’t wait to try it.

  • Cindy

      Our first time at a Maggianos was during a trip to Vegas. AMAZING! Now we go every time we are there. The dish looks delicious, but let’s be honest; even if I make it at home it won’t be Maggianos…afterall, no one is catering t omy every need and I will have to do the dishes. Looking forward to our next trip. 

  • Deb

    Beautiful presentation on the chicken.  We have limited our dining out to places like yours….fresh ingredients and we are always satisfied.  We have our son and his wife hooked, as well.  I’m anxious to try the seared scallops next.

  • Daddyonine

    Love the chicken alfredo.. I could go for a veggie alfredo, bigger pieces of veg.

  • Marge Garguilo

    As Chef said, “you’ve got the perfect Chicken Firenze” Can’t wait to try it. My friend’s sister comes to visit from the mid-west and Maggiano’s is the place she always wants to go to when she gets here to Phoenix. This will be a wonderful gastronomic experience for her.  Mangia Bene!!!

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    Looks and sounds like a “gotta come back again” dish!  Looking forward to enjoying every bit of it!

  • missmamie1

    Looks delicious!

  • Charles Schaefer

    I would suggest some fresh whole Basil over the top before serving. Just to dress it up a notch and also add a bit of additional flavor. Not that it needs though.
    Love your food, just wish I lived closer so I could come more often…

  • Pondy2222

    Sounds and looks delicious!!! I can’t wait to try it!!

  • Dijon9622

    Maggiano’s is a favorite  of my families! Don’t change a thing!!

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    AWESOME ! Love Maggiano’s :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Kmcintos

    Add about 1/4 marinara sauce to 3/4 alfredo sauce for an awesome variant!!!

  • Sid Gray

    Looks great!. Might have to try this when my wife and I come in on Monday for our Anniversary.

  • Anonymous

    It does look good but also looks like a bazillion calories and fat grams.  I’ll stick to healthier options on the menu.

  • Jericodan

    This new dish looks scrumptious! Our nearest Maggiano’s is in Jacksonville, a little less than 2 hours away, but looks like well worth a day trip!  Maybe this weekend.  Don’t run out!

  • CKG

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  • DH

    looks/sounds perfect

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    Looks like a dish I would really enjoy. Sun died tomatoes always adds interest to a dish.

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  • Voelzsk

    Thanks–now I know how to do this at home.

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    Just went to Maggiano’s in Tampa for the first time and it was great!

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    I love Maggiano’s….I live in Pa, but I visit Austin frequently, and every time I visit…..I GO TO MAGGIANO’S……LOVE THE FOOD… Italian restaurant…..and I am near New York, which boasts the BEST ITALIAN FOOD………

  • Kstanley1120

    Looks wonderful! Love the veggie addition!

  • cbl1

    I am not a big fan of sundried tomatoes so I might substitute roasted peppers and add shrimp, peas and a little garlic.  It looks pretty fabulous the way it is so I would be more einclined not change anything.

  • Rsayers

    My daughter loves this place. When in St. Louis visiting she always wants to go to Maggiano’s.Will be up there in September or October, see you then.

  • Anonymous

    I would simply add a little cajun seasoning. I make it at home and it’s good. Maggiano’s would make it to die for!

  • Bncthay

    This recipe looks delicious. My wife & I will definitely try to visit Maggiano’s later this month !!!

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  • Kpeverton

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  • The Bighouse

    Whatever you offer, you should also offer the combo with a red sauce which has fewer calories and appeals more to some. 

  • Cspk63

    Just had my birthday dinner with Maggiano’s last night! Now, I will have to return very soon and give this a try. Sounds simply yummy! We plan on bringing our GF eating daughter next time. A big thank you for offering GF and being serious about it.

  • adam

    Your dishes are always fresh and wonderful.  This looks like another winner.

  • kparkhouse

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  • Dbrooks2459

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    Adding pine nuts and brocolli to the classic fettucine alfredo would be a nice addition.

  • Smbsroes

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  • Annmspark

    chives & black, green, pink & white peppercorn

  • Mlakraus

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    Looks delicious and I’m certain it will be another Manggiano’s favorite for many. Can’t wait to try it.

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  • Peggy

    Looks delicious; however, many would need a gluten free variety.

  • Etteluap

    just another good reason to visit.   

  • Mike Henry2

    That would be great with some shrimp or mix in some broccoli as well.  Yummy.

  • Nancy

    Yes, looks perfect!  My boss takes our office there for Christmas and we all love it!  My husband has never been there and I would love to treat him to your yummy food!

  • Deborah

    I can’t wait to try the new dish!  Although I would add fresh spinach to the dish so that it contains a variety of vegetables and it makes the presentation colorful.

  • Triplply3

    spice, lots of spice. paprika or red pepper!

  • Mary Ann

    Sounds like a great dish. I’m always looking for dishes that include vegetables. Simply because I know I don’t eat enough of them. Will definately try this one next trip to Maggianos!!

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  • Lynn

    What an attractive looking and versatile dish.  Note others comment about different sauce, tailoring for vegetarians…………it can all be done with a few simple changes.  By providing the basic recipe to the masses it makes it easier to tailor this dish to taste/life style choices.  Kudos to Maggiano’s for coming up with another wonderful dish and educating the consumer on how they can prepare it.

  • Andrea Rincon

    It would be great to add crawfish, cajun seasoning, and jalapeno relish to make a cajun style fettuccine alfredo…  Something a little different

  • Carolscasa

    I’m not a fan of cream sauces, so I like the idea of a red sauce.

  • kris

    A spoon as well as a fork should be offered with any pasta meal as this is the authentic way to eat pasta!  looks delicious only needs some artichokes!1

  • Jnttyler

    Roasted Garlic, Sweet peas, Grilled onion

  • Anonymous

    We became new customers 7 weeks ago.  The food fabulous and reasonably priced.  We eat here twice each week.

  • Wea

    I would switch the asparagus with artichoke and add 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes with a grating of fresh nutmeg on top.

  • Anonymous

    We became new customers 7 weeks ago.  The food is fabulous and the prices are reasonable.  We eat here twice every week.

  • Tomcatt4

    cucina casalinga is what makes maggiano’s great. maybe a little pancetta crumbled on top.

  • Sdonaldsonjr


  • Nancy

    That looks delicious!

  • Marshankids

    It’s all too beautiful! Maggiano’s serves up the most authentic Italian flavors of any Italian restaurant that I’ve ever been to. These new dishes couldn’t be offered at a better time; my birthday is in August and I will certainly be heading to Maggiano’s to celebrate!

  • derk

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    Can’t wait to try.

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  • Tara Herrington

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a diabetic type 2 so I can eat this because it is all cook in portions. By the way, Maggiano’s is my favorite resturant. Keep making delicious meals that everyone can eat not matter what illness’s they have :>)

  • Bryan Roe

    This looks great.   I would definate try it the next time I am in.   I love everything you guys put together.  All your food is excellent.

  • Sam

    Sounds incredible!! I would just make a version with shrimp for the vegetarians and seafood lovers! 

  • christie

    Looks great! The Chicken Milano sounds even better!

  • Annmary

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  • Teri Consunji

    Looks yummy!  Gotta love Maggiano’s Chefs they are the bomb!

  • Anonymous

    Looks amazing! Seeing it being prepared in the demo video made my mouth water and as thought I could just taste all of the flavor and aromas. Fettacini is one of my favorite italian dishes. Maggianos is our favorite restuarant(my husband and I).  We have celebrated many different occassions here. From  our birthdays to valentines to college graduations celebrations and to 2 of our anniversarys ,and the biggest our wedding rehearsal dinner(we had to rent two ballrooms upstairs). Family and friends still talk about that evening (especially the food and service.)  I could go on and on. We recieved a $50.00 gift card for christmas.  We are trying to hold off and use it for a special occassion, but I don’t know if we can.  We think any time spent with friends and family is a reason to celebrate @ maggianos.  I had two recent surgeries this year due to misscarriages and each time my mother in  law wanted to do something special for ort dinner, and of course I said magginos sure would make me feel better.  She delivered to my front door with it still hot magginos and, I and hubby enjoyed ever mouth watering bite. nThe apple crustada is my favorite desert from the warm sugary apples with the golden brown crust topped off with the cool creamy vanilla ice cream, compliments a great meal and satifies the palet.

  • Jscedarmac

    Awesome dish.  Hope it stays on the menu.  Hats off to the chef!

  • Anonymous

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  • jrgbug

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  • Chris Quattrochi

    Maggiano’s is my favorite place to get some good Italian food. Delicious!! I love that gnocchi!

  • Good Girl Gone Bad

    Everything at Maggiano’s is GREAT!  Always fresh.  Thanks!

  • Jamila McCarty

    I  have never been to your restaurant but I  am ready to try your new tasty dishes, especially the Firenze, it looks wonderful! I have heard great things about Maggiano’s. I love cooking and eating Italian food, I will be making the pilgrimage to your restaurant soon!

  • JB

    Looks delicious!

  • Mng246

    My neighbor & I went here for lunch to celebrate my birthday – we were blown away with the extra attentive service, the yummy pasta dishes with the fantastic free “take home” gift pasta meal & the special b-day cookies complete with the funky curly candle!  Thank you so much for making the day a memorable celebration – we will be back!

  • Marcia

    This sounds absolutely delicious–I cannot wait to come in and try it.  Do you have nutritional info on this??

  • John Ewing

    Can’t wait to try this new dish! Hopefully I will like it as much as my rigatoni D! Surprised no garlic or caramelized onions. Love your fettucine Alfredo sauce,

  • Ssh79

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  • Les16j

    mushrooms or artichokes!

  • Sheryl3145

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  • Chris

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    I always like mushrooms in my pasta, so maybe adding that may entice me more. But the dish looks great and I look forward to trying it as is!

  • Karen Ravanis

    What an excellent idea! I love the fresh vegetables and the asiago cheese added to the classic Alfredo dish. 
    Gotta love it!!

  • Kat_11_7

    Looks heavenly!  He makes it look so easy too!  It’s been too long since I’ve been, but will put on my wish list for dinner soon!  Thanks, Kimberly

  • LynnwoodTerraceYL

    Looks so Good! Maybe I will win the $50 gift card so my husband and I can come in and try it! :)

  • Alan2go

    I really like the addition of the sun-dried tomatoes. I’m looking
    forward to trying this dish. By the way: Maggiano’s makes the best
    Eggplant Parmesan! It comes out light with the perfect texture and it is
    so flavorful!

  • Jeskinner

    Maggiano’s is my favorite restaurant.  I have liked everything I have ordered.  Sooo, I can’t wait to try this one.  Chances are that I would not change the original recipe.  It sounds perfect!

  • Guest

    Just moved close to the Maggianos in Beachwood, OH, can’t wait to finally get to go!

  • Mike F.

    It looks like another classic and delicious dish for Maggianos in Las Vegas.  Everytime I go there, I try a different dish and each time it seems you outdo the previous specialty dish. This dish seem Molto Bene. Can’t wait to try it.

  • Sherri

    I tried the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze last night and it was fabulous!  The garlic cream sauce was nice and light, and there were plently of fresh vegetables in the dish which added to the delicious flavor of the chicken and made this entree irresistable.  I really wanted to take some home, but couldn’t stop eating it. I will definintely be back for more!

  • Jesenia Focks

    Maggianos is the first place my husband asked to go to after coming back from a deployment in Iraq. It’s absolutely our favorite place to dine! Totally worth the 1 1/2 hour drive from Fort Carson to Denver. We love you Maggianos!! Can’t wait to try the  Fettuccine Chicken firenze!! xoxo 

  • erica best

    i would add shrimps  and  mushroom  so good.

  • Alr

    By far my favorite restaurant.  I’m starving now after reading this!!!

  • Regina Chassard

    Yum…love the idea of the fresh seasonal veggies…turns that classic dish into a specialty dish

  • Margie Jordan

    Enjoyed the video. The Fettucine Chicken Firenze looked really good. We’re looking for someplace for dinner tonight. Maybe this is an option.

  • Ldawnearl

    Can’t wait to try the alfredo with the new fresh veggies…I couldn’t tell if the red was peppers or tomatoes..both would be good…maybe some roasted garlic whole cloves???  But it looks fabulous just the way it is!!!  On my way now!!! lol 

  • Donna

    I would possibly try baby shrimp and very small pieces of mild italian sausage or both.  The more the merrier.  I prefer small pieces of fresh tomatoes to sun dried tomatoes also.

  • Melissinikesm

    The Fettuccine Chicken Firenze sounds delicious.  We love Maggiano’s-it’s a definite stop every Orlando trip!

  • Confetti

    I am not surprised at how delicious this is.  All the food is always fabulous.  My favorite restaurant in Orange County.  I have never been disappointed.

  • Adrienne

    I ate at the placre in Italy where the Alfredo sauce originated and it is so perfect as is….however, I like just a bit of tomato with mine. Only pieces of sweet roma skinless tomato..Voila! Perfect!

  • Bgkim

    I like Maggiano’s Little Italy, It is my favorite place to get some good Italian food. Delicious!! I love that gnocchi!

  • Rphikers

    I would go to my local farmers market and load up on a variety of fresh vegetables-then add shrimp instead of chicken, and also some artichokes-yum!

  • Anglfmhvn1

    It is awesome…Since I love vege’s it was a great added touch to the Fettuccine Alfredo.
    Great Meal…no other way to say it!!!

  • Crystal

    I love fettucine Alfredo.  It has always been one of my favorites.  I always like to see what chefs come up with different ways to make the dish better.  I can’t wait to try it.

  • Swtswtspirit777

    I cant wait to try this !!!! I love garlic sauce. This has got to be good!!!!!!!!

  • Fred Koester

    This is a fantastic dish as is, but Julia Child would add a little good wine.

  • Meccinder

    I would add zucchini or eggplant also.

  • Carole

    I am going to take a friend out for her Belated Birthday in a week, and I definitely am going to try the Fettuccine Chicken Firenze.  I happen to like all the ingredients that go into this dish.  I have always loved eating at Maggiano’s.  I find the food, service, drinks, bread the best Italian around this area where I live.  Carole

  • Melissa

    I would really like to try the Fettucine Alfredo Firenze.  Sounds marvelous.  I have enjoyed every dish I have eaten there so I look forward to stopping by soon.

  • Barbie Hadaway

    There is nothing you can get bad at Maggiano’s! It is the BEST place to eat in Atlanta! Hands down. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. YUMMY! 

  • Chicadeblink

    Im out the door, on my way to work. My mouth is watering & I cant wait for my dinner break tonight to head over to Maggianos! 

  • Susan

    I would love some brossoli florets in this dish. I agree with the previous comment of topping it with a few toasted pine nuts.

  • Cynthie

    We are dining at Maggiano’s Cherry Hill tonight!!!

  • Tweety1942

    I do not live near a Maggiano’s…so, I have not had the pleasure to taste.
    But, if pictures say it all…IT’S ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!
    Next time I’m in Dallas, I hope I have time to stop and eat.

  • Larry_giese

    Maybe try a combination of snow peas, procuitto, or bacon and a garlic cream sauce.  Should taste great

  • Ed

    Looks great can’t wait to try it !

  • Nccountrygirl1

    I am a vegetarian..but would just leave out the chicken and add extra veggies! Looks great..

  • Sarah

    It’s sooo good but it would be great if you offered a sauce that would allow me to eat it when I’m dieting as well!

  • Andreateacher

    all the food is great we esp. like chicken parm!  I’d love to win the $50 enter me please

  • Jodi

    What an amazing and yet simple twist on Alfredo.  LOVE it.  I will be in soon to try.  Would just put it over the top for me if it had mushrooms.  Then again I love mushrooms on almost all my pastas.  You guys can’t go wrong on anything you make!!!!

  • Katycakes1010

    Maggiano’s is our family’s favorite restaurant! Even the 3 year old requests to go there. We are excited to try something new. The Fettuccine Chicken Firenze looks delicious with all the veggies!

  • Angelabaldwinisaacs

    Sounds like a great dish.  I love alfredo but this seems like it might be a lighter tasting version with the addition of the summer vegetables.

  • Larry_giese

    We ALWAYS enjoy this wonderful restaurant.  We live over an hour and a half away but still travel there at least twice a month for the great food, service and whatever Maggiano’ s has to offer is always great!!!

  • Lmacieczni

    The dish was fabulous!!!!!

  • Tracey Byram

    I would add Italian sausage.

  • Ttsyork

    Sounds great.

  • Tom Cannek

    Looks real good. Be ancious to try it soon.

  • Obeezer

    Sounds good, except it’s in a cream sauce, which is fattening.  I prefer hearty red sauces.

  • Agriff

    I have only been to Maggiano’s once, but I’m hooked!  I would love to try this dish.

  • Bob and Wade

    Sounds scrumptious!  We have a reservation for dinner next Thursday (August 11), and I can hardly wait to try this dish.  (I”ll also try suggest to the othrs in our party to try it also .  Can hardly wait!

  • Maree419

    Looks absolutely delicuous!  I’ve loved everything I’ve tried.  Can’t wait to stop in for this!

  • Anonymous

    Looks good to me. Hope I get to try it with the winnng gift card.

    P.S. Your blog and Disques are incredibly slow to load.

  • Vicki Davey

    Wow this looks amazing!

  • Krystalsmom009

    Can’t wait until Wednesday “night out with the girls” to try this dish.

  • Maureen

    Maggiano’s is my families’ absolute favorite restaurant.  We eat there several times a month and always do the family style dining.  The staff all knows us personally and treat us like family  (except they don’t make us do the dishes, lol).  We always get the fettucine alfredo, but I love it with shrimp, mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers.  I think I need to go make a reservation!  Bye…..

  • Alysyn

    It looks absolutely wonderful and can’t wait to get in there and try it!  I love the fact that y’all are showing us how something is made.  Mades me want to get into the kitchen and give it a try once this weather decides  to give us a break!

  • Naomi Storey

    The first time I ate at Maggiano”s was in Orange County, California.  A friend took me there for my birthday in July, 2003, and I absolutely loved the food.  I have eaten in many Italian restaurants but have never particularly liked the food.  Although I am not Italian, I liked my own Italian dishes more than what I had eaten out.  Maggiano’s  is the exception.  

  • Psb49gl

    I wouldnt change a thing! what a great idea for my favorite fettuccine alfredo, that delicious taste and more! 

  • Kathy Feldman

    Chicken Alfredo is one of my favorite meals.  With the added ingredients, it sounds fantastic.  Can’t wait to enjoy it.

  • Sportas

    mmm looks so good!  How about fresh made spinach fettuccine?  Can’t get enough of those summer veggies!

  • Nancy Naar

    I’m a volunteer for Make-A-Wish, NJ. Thank you for supporting MAW by doing special events!!! I don’t cook( just microwave) so I can’t make any suggestions, just leave it up to Chef & come in to enjoy my meal!!!

  • Lynnh1120

    Maggiano’s is our favorite place to go. Can’t wait to try the new dish. Everything they make is great. Sounds perfect just the way you made it.

  • Andrea Skeens

    The recipe sounds really good. I agree with others who say that a seafood fettuccine alfredo would be good, too.

  • Kellyrose87

    everyone have different ideas to add some people like seafood other do not. i like the idea of vegetables that are stir fried  in the cream sauce and the garlic would definitely add a certain flavor to this divine looking meal.. Im not a big fan on tomatoes but if its just for flavor a little bit throne over the top wouldn’t be so bad. As for the chicken I love all types of chicken but herb chicken and lemon chicken are my favorite.

  • Angela Wellejus

    It looks wonderful, and I haven’t been to Maggianos for a week or two, it’s time to go again! But please don’t discontinue your basic Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken! It’s my daughter’s favorite meal in the whole  world!

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    I would like to try this aglio e olio style with angel hair pasta, the fresh vegetables and top off the dish with shaved parmesan. 


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    A few lovely sauteed portabello mushroom slices om top would also add interest!

  • Stephmdiaz

    I would add fire-roasted tomatoes and red peppers and sauteed portobello mushrooms and spinach.  That would be so good by itself but if you add this chicken sausage that I use (that has tomatoes, basil and mozarella infused in it) to the fettuccine alfredo that would just take it over the top.

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    Use strips of calamari and crab leg meat instead of the chicken – THEN you have a ‘twist’!
    I think it’s time for a more creative chef in the Maggiano kitchen.

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  • G Elizabeth Koch

    Hi, I go to the Maggiano’s in Scottsdale, AZ, and they have Gluten Free Bread. You may have to request it. Also, some of their pasta dishes are Gluten Free as well. Ask the server which items are Gluten Free.

  • G Elizabeth Koch

    Looks Awesome! I would like to see a bit of salt, pepper, fresh basil and a touch of thyme. Pine nuts on top and/or in the blend would be interesting, too! Would you please offer a shrimp version as well? I will definitely be in for that!  Ummmm, Maggiano’s… I love that place!

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    Maybe some ground pepper (variety of peppercorns) but that’s about it. It is a delicious dish ‘as is’. Now I’m hungry! lol :o)

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  • Nuttya22

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  • Lsylvester

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  • Paul V F

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  • Vppal

    possibly cook veggies in extra virgin olive oil before adding it to the alfredo sauce.

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  • Heather Rogers

    I love Maggiano’s!
    This new twist on Fettuccine Alfredo looks fresh and is a nice update. If I were updating the classic, I would probably stick with fresh seasonal vegetables, sundried tomatoes and perhaps some baby portabellas for some meaty heft.
    Looks delicious!

  • Ed Zoller

    We will be in by EOM to try this one–looks great!  I will leave out the tomatoes, add some mushrooms, and will ask for crushed red peppers to add some fire, but otherwise we will be there to try this one!  We had our first Maggiano’s experience in Denver and were delighted to find one here in Jacksonville when we relocated in 2005.  It is our special treat, so we can’t wait for our next trip!

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    Wow, this does sound fabulous!!  Just leave out the chicken for me…I’m a vegetarian.  My only other suggestion is to add fresh basil. I grow it in my garden & I love it in Italian dishes & salads.

  • Tim

    for presentation it needs a larger item – whole mushrooms perhaps

  • Jacque Beyrami

    This dish looks amazing. I usually order combo marinara sauce to cut the calories. I would like a vegetarian option with portobello mushrooms and artichoke hearts. I would also like it with scallops instead of chicken. Some roasted garlic couldn’t hurt either. Nummmm

  • Angela

    We are going to Maggiano’s in just a couple weeks.  This is a dish I will certainly be trying during my visit!

  • Bubbleskid

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  • Brionne Griffin

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    I watched the video and especially liked the hint about placing the pasta on one side of the pan thickening and simmering it with cheese and placing it in the dish and then adding the enhanced alfredo on top.  In the past when I’ve made a similar dish I have mixed everything together before putting it on the plate.  I think the way described would result in a better presentation.

  • Carmeninaz

    Looks delicious, can’t wait to try it. I’d like it offered in whole wheat pasta or something healthier than white pasta.

  • Terrebl2

    Add black olives.   It would look good with other colors in the dish & taste great!   I LOVE black olives!   I could eat them everyday. :)  I look forward to trying this dish!

  • Desiree

    Looks as beautiful as Firenze itself :)  I second the motion for basil!  To the cheeses, perhaps add Reggiano?  As for veggies, asparagus is a favorite, but rabe broccoli is definitely a fun one too.

  • KO

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  • David Krause

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  • Suzanne Schlitt

    My husband  and I adored your restaurant! We had the spinach salad, shared the chicken and spinach manicotti and couldn’t believe that chocolate cake dessert!!! It was to die for-would love to get a $50 gift card

  • Jayce3951

    I’ve only had the chance to eat at Maggiano’s twice but it was excellent.  I love the cozy atmosphere.  We make Maggianos a special place to eat for special occasion. 

  • Mdmbtrfly2000


  • Ryshaley

    This dish looks fabulous as it is, but to give it that extra kick, I would add chorizo sausage to “Spice It Up”.

  • Kerry Quisenberry

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  • Patonc91

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  • E_treasure

    I had this last evening at Maggiano’s  in Santana Row, San Jose, CA  It’s description sounded delicious.  Unfortunately it wasn’t prepared as described above, and was void of flavor.  One can’t enjoy dried tomatoes, peppers, etc. when they are so few.  The video showed sun dried tomatoes larger than pea-size. What veggies I found were tasteless.  (No really, tasteless.)  They said asparagus was included.  Not in my dish.  In fact my dish looked nothing like the photo above. I was very disappointed as it was my birthday.

  • David Anderson

    Looks delicious!  Great to see how the magic happens in the kitchen.  

  • Sherry Perkins

    I would add some toasted pine nuts and a little red pepper to spice it up

  • Candelrose

    Sun dried tomatoes add just the right amount of sweet, yummy yum.

  • Toberbirdie

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  • Clifford Cook

    i think this would look great on the menu. Fettuccine Firenze sold seperately with the option to add  garlic shrimp or herb chicken

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of alfredo in general, so it would have to be very light. My favorite cooked veggies in it would be grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper & sun dried tomatoes.

  • Anonymous

    For an added level of flavor, toss in a few artichoke hearts.

  • Katcon7


  • Sbutler82

    Yum!  I went to Maggiano’s last week and my husband and I had the BEST meals ever.  I love going there.  I love the alfredo sauce that you serve.  It is the same sauce I think that is served on the Chicken and Spinach Crepes which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  The new changes to the fettuccine alfredo incorporate much of the same ingredients as this dish which is a favorite of mine.  I like meat and vegetables in my meals to help make them balanced so as long as the vegetables are pretty hearty I think this dish sounds fabulous!  The only change I’d like Maggianos to come up with is a lower fat sauce to use.  I have extrememly high cholesterol and I somewhat feel guilty everyt time I eat something with this sauce.  It tastes so good so I treat myself to it every now and again.   If the sauce was lower in fat and calories, I’d order it much more and also eat at Maggianos more often.  Since I know what I like to get at Maggianos is never “healthy” due to the sauce, if I’m wanting a healthy meal I go elsewhere.  Eating here would be considered “cheating” for a woman.  I know when cooking at home I use fat free half & half instead of heavy cream.  Just a thought.  I think because the chicken is already so flavorful you don’t need to add much of anything as far as other seasonings.  The sauce and chicken already have so much yummy flavor.  Hats off to the chef!

  • Rick

     This looks delicious. I think  I’ll head to Maggiano’s for lunch.

  • Alex

    Looks pretty tasty! we are on our way down!

  • D&S

    Never a bad experience at Maggiano’s!  Although it’s nearly an hour away, I’d make the trip every week if I could.  LOVE IT!

  • Joe

    Please choose me!!

  • Joe

    Please choose me!!

  • Roseladytoo

    It sounds delicious.  If anything, I’d add sun dried tomatoes and fresh basil.  Buono Appetito

  • Tuckers1

    Can’t wait to try it  with your delicious  ceaser salad by it’s side.

  • Oraebrahim

    i will add some parsley at the end

  • Starzine

    This food looks good.

  • sonar!

    i absolutely love this dish. The waitress reccomended it when i attended the restaurant in woodland hills and i absolutely fell in love with the dish. it is so good! =)

  • Aled684

    cant wait to have it!:D

  • Aled684

    whats the fettucini sauce?:)

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