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Chef Jeff Mann

Gnocchi & Italian Sausage

by Jeff Mann, Dallas, TX | Written on August 17, 2011

We recently launched a new menu with some innovation around our classic dishes. Here is a sneak peek at our NEW Gnocchi and how it is prepared. Comment below for a chance to win dinner on us!

We added sliced Italian sausage to our original gnocchi with tomato vodka sauce…for a chance to win a FREE dinner on us, tell us how you would like to see Gnocchi on our menu. Give us your favorite combination of gnocchi with herbs, sauces, vegetables or meat! Winners will be randomly chosen and you could even see your ideas featured next.

  • Kim Burch

    I would like to see Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce like I had in Italy.

  • RLLewis218

    The new version sounds fantastic to me as I’m a gnocchi fan.  I also like gnocchi with Italian meat sauce as that is how a dear friend (Italian lady) used to fix it years ago — yummmmmmy stuff.  Of course, all gnocchi needs to be served with garlic bread.

  • Snc246

    I would love to see gnocchi made gluten-free and served with your Famous Rigatoni ‘D’ sauce(mushroom, onion, chicken, wine and cream).   I love that sauce!!  I could eat a bowl of it without any pasta but I would love to try gluten-free gnocchi with it.

  • dawn

    Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce, for sure! Maybe add some spinach. Or red grapes. Yum!

  • Nicolemgordon

    gnocchi with spinach, parmesan cheese, and topped with pine nuts.  Dress it simply with an option of a madera sauce or a creamy garlic cheese sauce.

  • Eskramer

    It woould be good with saute onion, mushrooms & optional saute zukinni and Marara Sauce

  • Casaterry

    I would like Gnocchi served aglio (garlic and oil) with a touch of bread crumbs on top!!!!! I think you should be able to enjoy the taste of Gnocchi without the sauce overpowering it.  Gnocchi is delicious (potato dumplings) the way it is and the sauce should compliment it not be the main focus of the dish.  Just my opinion…….. Theresa Casa (

  • Emilyschiltz

    I would like to see a gnocchi with a browned butter or gorgonzola sauce. A marsala cream sauce would be amazing too!!!

  • JulieEPotts

    I would love gnocchi with gargonzola sauce for sure!

  • Rbjer2911

    As much as I love chicken, I would be open to seeing gnocchi served with shrimp or scallops, either aglio or with a choice of sauces!  Magnifico!

  • teresa metz

    I have had Gnocchi and pesto. Boy was it good. Lot’s of fresh herbs and garlic. My mouth is watering right now. 

  • Becca S.

    Would be delicious with a Parmesan Cream Sauce.

  • Cdara09

    I’d love to see gnocci with a steak and spinach in a garlic cream sauce!!!  But the current gnocci on your menu! It’s my favorite dish and I look forward to having it on my birthday next week!!!

  • JohnD

    There is no doubt that Maggiano’s has the best Italian food! 

  • Anonymous

    Yum! But why can’t you reheat gnocchi the next day? it always comes out like MUSH. 

  • HCW

    Gnocchi tossed with pancetta, green onion and in a warm parmesan cheese sauce.

  • Goldencrowndenise

    That was so GoOOOoooOOOOoooOODDDddDDdd!!!!!!!!! Had it at the Schaumburg location!!

  • Ericanaysha1

    I’ve never tried gnocchi!  My fave sauce is a pink sauce so my guess is I would like to try it that way first and then maybe with some pesto!

  • Diane Banti

    Gnocchi with a garlic and butter sauce, with mushrooms, sauteed in the garlic butter,  and little cherry tomatoes and chicken!

  • Mark Wong

    Gnocchi and Mizithra Cheese with cream sauce would be awesome!

  • Causeysl

    I love Maggianos. Gotta try this new dish

  • Catherine Brown

    I have tried it.  It is very tasty and well cooked. I also like Gnocchi with basil marinara sauce and small beef meatballs with a touch of grated mozzaarella cheese.  Try it with a glass of redChianti !!
    Catherine Brown

  • Robino

    gnocchi with brown butter and sage… a classic combination!

  • Lin Davis

    In Rome we had gnocchi with cheese sauce and pears. Ohhh please try that too!! Ohhhhhh my goodness it was sooooooooooooooooo good!!!

  • Bryan Roe

    The best Italian food I ever had.  The Austin Tx store is the best….

  • Cara

    I love Gnocchi! Next time I go to Maggiano’s-I will be sure to order this! I would love to see Gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce, with basil and tomatoes.  This would be heaven!

  • Westie00

    I LOVE gnocchi!! I would like to see you make it with a sausage bolognese sauce or gnocchi gratin.

  • GA

    How about gnocchi with broccoli rabe sauteed with olive oil, garlic and a little red chili flakes!

  • Anitra C.

    I’d like to see gnocchi blended with Shrimp and spinach, in a garlic cream sauce with crispy panchetta bacon on top. Then sprinkle parsley and parmasean cheese on top. Delicious!

  • Bob Corsaro

    Been a while since I’ve visited and I need to stop in.

  • Anajmabadi

    Looks delicious but so is everything else at Maggiano’s

  • Dave and Kathy

    with the rigatoni D sauce for sure. I was just at the Denver location. My girlfriend and I make it a point to go to a location when we are in a city that has a restaurant there.

  • Anonymous

    Looks beautiful! I would definitely try it out soon! Perhaps a bit of oregano on top?

  • Brad_cummings

    Sounds great. Been wanting to try gnocchi! I think gnocchi with shrimp, peppers and onions with a white sauce would be AWESOME!

  • Robaum


  • erica best

    Gnocchi with Mushroom Sauce sound yummy.

  • Cristy R.

    Put the Rigatoni D sauce on the gnocchi and you’ve got a winner!

  • Dar_lin5

    I would be interested in having the Gnocchi with a butter sage sauce! But I think Maggiano’s has the best Gnocchi no matter how you serve it!

  • Mark Gramaglia

    what a great combination!!

  • Arash jaffari

    Looking forward to the NEW items on the menu

  • Natalie Orio

    Gnocchi are my favorite!  Gnocchi done in a gorgonzola cheese cream sauce is fantastic! My Father in Law made it for us one day… so good!   And I dont even like gorgonzola that much!

  • Anonymous

    Try gnocchi with fish or meat with a light cream sauce with herbs, topped with melted cheese, like an individual casserole from the oven.  Can’t wait to try this new recipe!

  • Patfox1964

    You are all awesome.  Love dining at your establishment.  We frequently go to the one across from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.  YUMMMM-O!

  • Tracy

    Gnocchi in a pumpkin sage sauce with kale, mushrooms and pine nuts.

  • Suzanne Schlitt

    oh-Maggiano’s 2 weekends in a row! sure will miss you guys! such a lovely lovely restaurant-& oh that fried zucchini was SO good! and buy one-take one home cold pasta…sure did come in handy for the 97 year old mother-in-law-she loved your eggplant parm & spaghetti as much as we did-even eating in her hospital bed-thanks Maggiano’s!

  • Mwebster70

    I love gnocchi-would love to see it with pancetta and wild mushrooms in a roasted garlic and gorgonzola cheese sauce.  Love the white sauces!

  • Ddegrado

    Gnocchi with spinach, alfredo sauce and topped with cherry tomatoes cut in half and parm shavings.

  • Delimom08

    All I can say is this looks delicious.  I have never fixed gnocchi myself, but am thinking of it now….but I know yours would be so much better because you fix simply the best food and have great service…what more could one ask> 

  • Klombardi

    Being Italian, I was brought up eating gnocchi every other Sunday!   YUM.   Can’t wait to try the Maggiano’s version :)

  • Bweber2ster

    I love gnocchi with a little ricotta and fresh herbs, parsley and garlic.  Sometimes I just melt a little butter and add fresh rosemary.  Of course I love the original way it is served.  

  • Be Coveted

    I would like to see it served with chicken breast.

  • Milliedubrow

    It would be hard to make it any better than with the vodka sauce and Italian sausage!! Yum!  However, I know it would be delicious with chicken.

  • Rocougne

    I would like to try it – the gnocchi is really good.

  • Serventsheart7

    oh wow! I think this will be what I try next, looks delish!

  • Dawn

    First time trying Maggiano’s today.  Loved it!!

  • Claire315

    Gnocchi is one of those TBD Italian starches mostly because of it’s texture and that it is not as widely known in the pasta aisle. Because of it’s texture and ability to absorb more flavor I prefer it to be prepared with a variety of textures on the plate like fresh peas that pop in your mouth, crispy pancetta, fresh herbs and a smooth creamy sauce with a hint of garlic or truffle. Yum!

  • Leah

    How about Gnocchi with a Lobster sauce and mushrooms.

  • Kimberly Lindsey

    mmmm!  good!  I am drooling for maggianos right now!!

  • Marcia

    Would love to try it with button mushrooms. 

  • Guest

    Gnocchi with anything would be wonderful!

  • Jwb182

    My husband and I had a wonderful dinner last night at your Nashville restaurant. It was my husband’s birthday and our son had made reservations for us and pre-paid our dinner with instructions to have creme brulee for a “birthday dessert” for his dad. They did not have the beef medallions my husband wanted, so our server went back and talked to the chef and he made a wonderful version of the dish. Thank you for such great food and very professional service. Janice and Wayne Barnett

  • KG

    I’ve treid gnocchi before and much to my dismay it was not delicious.  I have NOT tried gnocchi at Maggiano’s, and when you consider that everything at Maggiano’s is delectable, I am SOO willing to give it a try!

  • Nicole

    This looks delicious! Extremely rich. The vodka sauce sounds sooo good! I would love to come in with my family and try this!

  • Amber Vadovic

    This looks absolutely delicious. My husband and I will have to get to King of Prussia soon to try this!

  • Andrewscox

    I love gnocchi and I can hardly wait to taste it!

  • Rachaelrealtor5

     My favorite is the country gnocci with the crumbled spicy sausage, asparagus, tomatoes, and light  flavorful sauce.

  • Marianne Winters-Russo

    Well that just looks absolutely DELICIOUS and will be hard to top. The only way gnocchi could be better for me would be a Gnocchi Carbonara with pancetta just to give it that nice salty kick with a garnish of parmesan shards. Yeah that would pretty much be gnocchi heaven for me too!! =)

  • Madilyn

    Brown butter, fresh sage, lots of cracked black pepper and Parm.   Yummmm.

  • Safobranovich

    Brown pork, hamburger, and veal, drain.  Then add salt, pepper, garlic, onion, celery, basil, parsley, tomatoes, peppers, Heat all of these in the vodka sauce and pour over the Gnocchi.

  • Joelle

    gnocchi with peas,carmelized onions and pancetta in a butter sauce with large curls of fresh reggiano on the top…..delicious!

  • Jmsteinhoff

    The problem with many gnocchi dishes is that th flavors overpower the taste of the gnocchi.  How about a light white sauce?

  • Jmsteinhoff

    After I posted my comment, I saw the post by Theresa Casa.  I agree with her 100%… garlic and oil!  I’d like to taste the gnocchi!

  • toaster baliga

    LOVED the old gnocchi and wish it was still on the menu. This new recipe may be good but for me it can’t compete with the original! Please put the original back on the menu.

  • Kehart2572

    Gnocchi with a light pesto sauce and parmigiano reggiano on top. 

  • Natalie

    I make a wonderful gnocchi dish served with a sage butter sauce that is out of this world. It would be great to see it on the Maggiano’s menu!

  • Jennifer Vega

    I would like to see a fall version — a sweet potato Gnocchi with a maple brown butter sauce.

  • Kathleen

    Looks wonderful, I can almost smell the aroma at home. See you at the Cherry Hill location on Sunday the 28th. Girls night out …priceless.

  • Caroline

    First and foremost, though others may like the Italian sausage or pancetta, I disagree. Prosciutto is my optimal choice. Here I would suggest baking the prosciutto until golden brown. Then I would garnish the gnocchi with crumbling the prosciutto on top. It adds a nice texture to the dish! The crunchy saltiness is to die for. In addition wild mushrooms are great with gnocchi.
    Also tomatoes over power the gnocchi and a thick cream sauce is way too heavy. I would suggest a light cream sauce with white wine (it should be a thin sauce) and then drizzling the whole dish with garlic infused extra virgin olive oil. If you’re dying with something for a little more flavor (all depends on the person), I then would suggest you add about a tablespoon on good pesto into the light cream sauce. That’s it. Nothing too much!
    Overall, though, gnocchi is best served plain and simple; an extravagant amount of herbs, vegetables, and meat, in my opinion, just butcher the beauty of gnocchi. I would never try the at Magianno’s; you guys are killing the gnocchi!

  • mterry

    Olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, thyme, oregano, yellow summer squash,  thin slices red onion and prosciotto

  • MeatlessinChicago

    Please, please, keep the original gnocchi with vodka sauce for the vegetarians out there!  Some of us don’t need the Italian sausage and want our good old favorite original!!

  • Lindley Boone

    The first time I have ever had gnocchi was at Maggiano’s in Cincinnati. It was about a year ago and to this day I am still raving about it! I loved it soo much! I have only tried cooking with gnocchi once and it turned out pretty good. I found a recipe for Chicken soup with gnocchi. My favorite will always be the gnocchi and tomato vodka sauce. I would like to see different types of gnocchi like whole wheat, sweet potato and maybe even pumpkin. A nice fall dish would be pumkin gnocchi with a brown butter sauce! Yumm!

  • Lachqta75

    Would love to see gnocchi with smoked chucken, prosciutto , in a cream type tomato sauce

  • Marjan525

    I would like to try this dish with mushrooms and onions.  I know it would be delicious.

  • irma

    I would like to see a little spice added to the dish like pepper (red flakes).

  • Sbutler82

    I would totally die for some sweet potato gnocchi with a brown butter and sage sauce.  Also, a potato gnocchi with fresh mozzarella in a tomato sauce would be nice too but the sweet potato – YUM!

  • Jenniferhoelscher

    Pan seared and sliced chicken breast atop Gnocci in brown butter sauce, complemented with a light gorgonzola cream cream sauce and topped with toasted walnuts!

  • Christina

    I LOVED your old gnocchi!! Keep it the same!! NO meat!!

  • sss

    I second gnocchi with a sage butter sauce. Also, with some kind of green vegetable. I’ve also done gnocchi with white beans and it was great (and good for you!)

  • gnocchi girl

    I didn’t like it…keep the old, original recipe without the sausage.

  • Bondyd

    What about Ricotta Gnocchi with tomatoe basil cream sauce or tomatoe wine basil sauce with a combination of veggies..grilled or not..what ever is in season.  Of course you must top it all off with some fresh ground pepper and parmigiano reggiano .  No meat…you don’t need it…that is what I’m talking about! Don’t forget the glass or bottle of wine to wash it all down :)

  • Dcolanto

    I miss the original recipe.  It was less money and to be honest tasted better.

  • Leslie

    OMG!! This stuff is soo good!! Perfect!! Thank you for showing how to make it. Of course mine would never come close. Now I just need to know how to make the chicken and spinach manacotti. Maybe you could offer the gnocchi dish with or without the sausage for the vegetarians. But for the rest of us, please don’t take away the sausage.


    i would eat and enjoy gnocchi just about EVERY way listed below…. That said, had the dish at the Old Orchard restaurant and given the opportunity would have BATHED IN IT. WOW!!

  • LauraS.

    The gnocchi & Italian sausage was my favorite dish by far from any restaurant I have been to!! You could also do a chicken and gnocchi with a light garlic infused chicken broth with basil and a couple of cherry tomatoes cut in to give color and parmesan, reggiano cheese to top. Just a little something I made at home that is delish and Im sure a professional could do it better!! :)

  • Brittany

    The sausage was definitely a bad addition. I always still get mine without. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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