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Irresistible Shepherd’s Pie by Cassi

by Keith Brunell, Dallas, TX | Written on September 14, 2011

Today we are featuring a Shepard’s Pie by Cassie, one of our guest’s recipe that was submitted for the previous contest. We took this recipe home and this dish was absolutely delicious! Feel free to substitute the mushrooms for your favorite veggie; peas would work perfectly. Try this out at your next family dinner for hearty meal filled with love.

Serves 6


2 Tbsp butter
1 medium yellow onion, minced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 medium carrot, small dice
1 Cup mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
1 Cup frozen corn
2 lbs. hamburger meat
1 Tbsp flour
1 1/2 Cup beef stock
salt & pepper as needed
2 lbs medium potatoes, diced
3 qts water (enough to cover potatoes)
1/2 Cup heavy cream
1/2 Cup milk
3 Tbsp butter
salt & pepper as needed
2 Cups shredded cheese (1 1/2 cups Mild Cheddar & 1/2 cup Parmesan)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1. In large skillet heat to medium, add butter
2. add onions, cook a few mins until tender & translucent
3. add garlic, saute 2-3 mins
4. add mushrooms, saute 3-5 min
5. add carrots, saute 3-5 min
6. remove mixture and set aside
7. In skillet add hamburger and cook until almost done
8. add mixture and corn, fold in with hamburger, cook for 3-5 min
9. sprinkle flour over mixture and stir, cook 2-3 min
10. add beef stock, make sure to mix well, reduce heat to low, season with salt & pepper, reduce mixture slightly (should have gravy appearance)
11. while mixture is reducing, put potatoes in pot, cover with water, bring water to a boil, simmer until potatoes are done, drain
12. mash potatoes, stir in milk, heavy cream, and butter, season with salt & pepper
13. in 13″ x 9″ pan spread 1/2 of the potato mixture, sprinkle 1 cup of cheese mixture on top
14. add meat mixture on top and spread
15. add rest of the potatoes and top with remaining cheese
16. place in preheated oven, bake 10-15 min or until cheese starts to brown slightly
17. rest 15 min, then cut in 6 pieces

Click to Print! Irresistible Shepherd‘s Pie

  • Suzybean

    My husband loves Shepherd’s Pie, can’t wait to try it.  For us though it would be 12 servings so I’ll cut it in half.

  • Suzybean

    How can I print the receipe , I don’t want the extra stuff.

  • Gustavo

    Suzybean, I would highlight this page, copy it onto your documents and then edit what you don’t want. Save, giving the document a name and print.

  • Jkshassere

    Sounds wonderful but you should include a link to “print” without the other stuff!

  • Yeoldescot

    why 12 servings?  just curious…

  • Hey

    They probably don’t eat as much or are on a diet. Which is good.

  • Hiwaybandit1

    Thank you for sharing this recipe. How about the Chocolate Stacked Dessert you all showcased earlier in the week? Delicious minds want to know and happy stomachs want to eat!

  • Cassi Coy Bedward

    I am so excited that my recipe was chosen… I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

  • Jtkspg

    I hate to say that I wasn’t impressed with this recipe.  Especially give the fact that it was a “winning” recipe.  I tried it with the peas because my kids don’t like mushrooms but now I regret it and wish I would have tried it with mushrooms as I’m sure it would have been better.  But unfortunately I won’t be trying this recipe again.   I did try making the Maggianos meatballs and they turned out ok (not like Maggianos makes, but  still good).

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