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Contest Winner Cassi at her Chef’s Table Dinner

by Steve Janisz, Pointe Orlando, FL | Written on October 24, 2011

Last month we hosted a recipe contest for our guest to submit their favorite family-style recipe to win a special Chef’s Table Dinner at one of our locations. The contest winner, Cassi, enjoyed a lovely meal at our Pointe Orlando location with her family and friends. I created a delicous, off-menu, five-course meal accompanied by wine for Cassi. Thank you for everyone who participated, there will be more contests to come! I also want to thank my Orlando team for making this a memorable evening for Cassi and her family.

Cassi & family outside of the restaurant

Enjoying Dinner!

Cassi & I (Steve Janisz, Chef at Pointe Orlando)

  • Neb

    I didn’t see anywhere else to post a request on this blog.  I love your braised beef cannoli.  It’s one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.  I just went to Maggiano’s and it’s not on the menu anymore.  Is there anyway that you can share this recipe on this blog.  I know that your fans would be so appreciative.  Thanks.

  • lin

    It would be easier to read if the English grammar were correct– We should all know it is “CASSI and ME” — a glaring mistake! and very unprofessional!- there are instant grammar checkers available on the web

  • Doug

    Lin thanks for sharing with us how perfect is your grammar, can you cook too???? i doubt it, Chef Steve Janisz is the most incredible that i ever met. What exactly is the correct grammatical form of this sentence: He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. Or is it “persons”? Or are both correct , get a life

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