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October contest!

Written on October 4, 2011

Thank you to everyone who told us what you look forward to each fall! Makes me hungry reading through all of the comments. I also want to apologise for anyone who had trouble accessing the blog. Due to the number of people trying to access the blog, it shut down for multiple hours. We have upgraded our server to make sure this is not a problem again. Now let’s get to the good part….congratulations to Sue, NancyJ & Photogmom! You were randomly chosen to win $100 gift card. Thank you for the participation and look forward to the next contest!

  • K

    I have a recipe idea….eggplant lasagna…I make eggplant lasagna and it is great.  Easy just make your eggplant as usual as if for parm.  and layer it with lasagna noodles, cheese and sauce. Easy recipe, use your imagination.  I am having a surprise birthday party for my husband  today at Maggianos…..

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