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Chef Jeff Mann

Spaghetti & Meatballs

by Jeff Mann, Dallas, TX | Written on November 30, 2011

Let’s go back to the classics with our Spaghetti & Meatballs recipe! This is a go-to, easy meatball recipe that your family is sure to love. Next time you are at Maggiano’s, stop by our Carryout stand and purchase one of our signature sauces; Marinara, Tomato & Basil, Tomato Vodka & Diavolo. If you come in today until January 4, choose 2 sauces for $15 in a Holiday Gift Box.

What other classic Italian recipes would you like to see?

  • Jdowd77

    hmmmm, I have always tasted caraway seeds – almost like sausage – flavor in your meatballs…

  • Johnhyman

    How about another great winter dish? I’d love your take on making fettucine carbonara?

  • Guest

    Would love the baked ziti or lasagna recipes.

  • Lillian Colosimo



  • Patfox1964

    Your Tiramisu is the BEST I’ve ever had.  I would love to have that recipe. Thanks!

  • Sher

    Would love your tiramisu recipe !!!!!! Yum!

  • Klange819

    How about some good soups for the winter months?  Or maybe your Nana’s pound cake which is the best dessert I have ever had!

  • Ipioeilse

    You guys are great!  We LOVE Maggianos and have never been disappointed.  I made your pumpkin pie cheesecake and it was a huge hit for Thanksgiving.  Many thanks for the recipe!  Would love to get your spinach manicotti recipe, if you have one; that’s always a great favorite in our house.  Thanks for sharing your great recipes!

  • Carole

    Could we please see the recipe for Rigatoni D and your version of crab and shrimp imperial?
    Thanks for my second favorite italikan restaurant after my house!  

  • C_decort

    Could you please share the recipe for your ver4sion of Rigatoni D and Crab and Shrimp Imperial?
    You are my second favorite italian restaurant after my house, that is! 

  • C_decort

    don’t some of your chef’s take liberties with the recipes and place italkian sausage in the meatbell recipe?

  • Mail4victoria

    Lasagna…the best i have ever had…i wish you were closer to go more often!

  • Terryolo

    As I am in the UK I can’t get the Marinara sauce I adore… can you tell me how to make it please? :-)

  • Guest

    4 cheese ravioli!! :)

  • 1latte2go

    Would love to see the recipe for my favorite Rigatoni-D. Thanks.

  • Mgrjung

    Rigatoni makes me smile.  thanks

  • Kwexler

    Chef KB’s Lobster Carbonara! I dream about this dish on a weekly basis.

  • WichitaMom

    We had a wonderful family-style meal about 3 weeks ago (visiting out-of-town family for the holidays)… the tiramisu is what I’m still thinking about. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have that recipe!!

  • Noelle

    Chicken and Spinach Manicotti or Spinace and Artichoke Al Forno

  • Jtkspg

    Thanks for the recipe.  Its good.  Not the same as you guys make but ther’re good none the less.  They were even better with a little trick I learned in the past.  I take a 1/2 T of butter.  Microwave it till its “ALMOST” melted.  Almost is the key as this gets it to the perfect temp needed for what we’re about to put in.  A full clove of “PRESSED” garlic.  The aroma….wow!!!!  We added this to the beef.  You can also toast french bread and dip this right into the butter mixture or pour it on top for some great tasting garlic bread.  Are there any others out there who have made this recipe taste more like Maggianos and if so, whats your trick.  Another trick I know is I get my ground beef from the butcher.  I think next time, I am going to mix the beef with veal and sausage as my meat mixture.  And…. don’t over mix as I believe this will make the meatballs less tender than what you would probably desire.

  • Pam Morris

    I would love to find your Alfredo sauce! We were in St. Louis Christmas weekend and had dinner at this wonderful spot for our celebration! Best Alfredo that I have ever tasted. We do not have a Maggiano’s in Tulsa!

  • Mazinga20

    I would love the rustic chicken & shrimp recipes

  • Bri Hucka

    We need the pesto Alfredo cream sauce recipe!!! Pretty please?!?!?! The one that goes with the 4 cheese ravioli! There’s never enough sauce and it would be great with so many pasta dishes!!! Please and thank you!!!! :)

  • Fillmore J

    I added a second egg, and substituted The Parmesian cheese with Pecorino cheese. Wow! Tender and flavorful.

  • Clint

    Would like the Tuscan beef medallion recipe

  • Carol

    love your sausage and peppers appetizer would love to have recipe

  • kip lennon

    I would love to have a true recipe for italian spag and meatballs grandma passed away when I was to young to learn hers thank you

  • Maggiano’s Chef’s Table

    [...] It’s a great accompaniment to just about any meal. Our Sommelier agrees that Rosso is designed for everyday enjoyment and best with our Spaghetti & Meatball recipe. [...]

  • Guest

    Rustic Chicken & Shrimp recipe.

  • Michelle

    Would love the recipe for the beef tenderloin medallions with sauce & garlic mashed potato, and the delicious bread! This meal is 2nd to none!

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