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Little Italy Favorites: February

by Keith Brunell | Written on February 2, 2012

Available February 2 – 29, we have created 5 new craveable dishes that are perfect for any date night this month! Be sure to come in any try our not-so-traditional, Meatball Flatbread or our succulent Lobster Tails with Risotto.

Meatball Flatbread
Marinara, Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Pepperoncini, Basil
Created by Chef Jeff Mann – Dallas, TX

Grilled Skirt Steak
Parmesan Truffle Frites, Green Peppercorn Sauce
Created by Chef Rodolphe Loil – Houston, TX

Shrimp Parmesan
Roasted Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Angel Hair Aglio Olio
Created by Chef Eric Martin – Scottsdale, AZ

Lobster Tails
Lobster Risotto, Asparagus, Garlic Butter, Chives
Created by Chef John Reavis – Washington, D.C.

Chocolate Marshmallow Torte
Chocolate Ganache, Graham Cracker, Caramel Sauce
Created by Chef Francie Copeland-Ford – Chicago, IL


Celebrate this Valentine’s Day at Maggiano’s any day of the month! We are featuring a romantic Valentine’s package for two, available February 2 – 29, for only $70 per couple.

Month of Love Meal for Two

Choose any Appetizer, Flatbread or Two Side Salads

Choose Two Entrées
Lobster Tails with Risotto (+$10 per person)
Beef Tenderloin Medallions
Chicken Scaloppine (Parmesan, Marsala, Piccata or Saltimbocca style)

Choose One Dessert

Choose Two Glasses of Wine
Lunetta Prosecco
Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc
Banfi Centine Rosso di Toscana

  • frank and lucy saia


  • Peggy Rowland

    Can’t wait to go and try some of these new dishes.  Thank you!

  • Alysia

    Please open a location in Temecula!

  • Sbarajas31

    Yes, please open a location in Temecula.

  • Davidandjane

    Please open a restaurant in the San Diego area!

  • Davidandjane

    Please open a restaurant in the San Diego area.

  • Vanessa

    Chocolate Marshmallow Torte!!! OMG is it delicious! I’ve been waiting for this dessert to come back into my life!!!!

  • Jan & Joe Pallavicini

    We’ll be there for your Valentine special on 2/8.  Lobster here I come.  
    You are our SPECIAL place after a visit to Mayo!!
    Janet & Joe



  • Dittosmom_

    How about opening a restaurant in New Tampa, FL?

  • Peepers01


  • Burkedental

    Does anyone know if the promotions from Maggiano’s are honored at Chili’s?  I think that they are owned by the same company.

  • Lot

    Who much are the meals? 

  • Nuwer

    Yes, San Diego please!

  • Nuwer

    Agreed, also a great place to visit after Cedar Sinai too!


    please open another location in the milwaukee area


    please open another location in the milwaukee area

  • Vina

    Loved your “SuperBowl Cooking Class” with Chef Josh. Great food and great fun.   How about doing a St. Patrick’s Day cooking class with beer-tasting.    Also, how about a dessert class, with your amazing tiramiso, fresh fruit tiramiso, and the wonderful apple crostada. 

  • Qdowns

    Your food/ideas are great…plus great servers (OC,SoCalif area); but I thot yu were going to stop this trapdoor junk where yu have to join ‘Facebook’ to entertain your Valentine meal chance for two kindof promos…Seems kinda shifty, not like yu folks. Why not keep it open to all your Maggiano fans and cut the social network info/market grab – Kinda cheesey.
    Hold the Mayo, the cheesiness Facegrab, and the Cedar (Sinai)plank salmon??! and play fair with your loyal guests…Please??We should be able to enter your Maggiano whirl opportunity without getting ‘Face’-mashed/baked/fried.
    Do enjoy lobster and all your other goods…just dump the facepump.

  • Trychanel5

    I’m in love with Maggianos Resturant..located in San Jose Ca Santana Row…great serves, food and fun! See ya soon!

  • Arantech

    Love Maggianos at South Coast Plaza, Orange County, CA.  Fabulous salmon sandwiches.

  • Arantech

    Love Maggianos at South Coast Plaza, Orange County, CA.  Fabulous salmon sandwiches.

  • Deezdazzles

    My husband could eat Italian food every night and since he discovered your restaurant it is the first place he mentions when we are trying to decide where to go out to dinner!

  • John

    A question on the new lobster meals is it MAINE Lobster that’s used for the dishes ?

  • JBoatwright

    Yummm, must get over and try out some of these new dishes!!! Q, I understand about the facebook hassle for someone not already using FB but Maggiano’s is just doing what any serious business has to do today to keep up with marketing trends–the social media stuff works–so maybe we can just look at it as one small way we say “thanks” for bringing us all the lovely meals and great deals :-)

  • Gifts to India, Gift Valentine

    Wow thanks for sharing amazing information over here..

  • Angelo cardone

    We use to go to your Phila. location.  But since you opened another location in South Jersey we vist Maggianos at least 3-4 times a month.  The staff is great and the food is always top notch.  Whenever guest vist from out of town we party at Maggianos.  Never had a sub par meal.
    Bud & Lorraine

  • CdraguL

    can you order the lobster tails without the dinner for two???

  • M1CAL

    Wish we had a restaurant in the Burbank/Glendale area.  We don’t get to go as often as we’d like because of the distance of the restaurants.

  • Cctxcc

    Amen to the FACEBOOK “trap” statement !!!!

  • Moyer & Jackie

    My wife and I want to give a big THANKS to Ty Varner and his staff at the Northpark location in Dallas,Texas for all the great food and service. We have been going to this location for 11 years. Anyone coming to Dallas make sure you visit this Maggiano’s.

  • Mcarte107

    Best Italian restaurant ever! Little pricy but well worth the money. You will never leave hungry.

  • Connie Michalski

    My husband and I love Maggiano’s.  I wish we had one here around South Bend-Michawaka area. We always go there to eat when I have appointments at Northwestern.  Our grandkids also love Maggiano’s and ask when my next visit will be to see if they can go with us.

  • Allen Ella

    We love your restaurant. However, we would like to see some deals that are more priced for the senior citizens on fixed income.

  • walt

    Please – oh please – drop your facebook requirement. Many of us DO NOT WANT TO BE ON FACEBOOK – there is enough of our private lives on the air that we do not need another place for our info.
    Love your restaurant and feel we shouldn’t be restricted to some of your info due to not being on facebook.
    Thanks – Walt & Jan

  • Linda Paulson

    Sounds great – we’ll be there Tuesday evening to enjoy!

  • Linda Paulson

    Sounds great! We’ll be there Tuesday evening to enjoy dinner!!

  • Dianne Bomar

    I could find a new food love every night for a month at Maggiano’s.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat here and the staff at the Cincinnati location is wonderful!!


    We just had a party of 20 there and the food and service where excellent.

  • J and J

    yes a lot of people are on hard times

  • J and J

    I like your lobster tail offer but why $10.00 more a person. People are having HARD TIMES and are on fix income you are not losing any money on this offer.

  • Wicky37

    love maggies been to houston and boston always a great place to eat and share goodtimes. i don’t belong to facebbook for various reasons so i agree with others this should be dropped. can’t wait to eat at maggies again

  • frank and lucy saia

    people have no idea of quality and quantity and the prices are fantastic. Try this, save a little money (60 dollars0 AND BUY the family meals. Freeze whatever you do not eat that night and then see the value. you can eat at least 5 meals for 2 people.That comes out to 6 dollars a meal. and you have variety and quantity. you can even freeze the bread because thry would even give you enough for each meal/  thanks, frank and lucy

  • jessica

    i love their restuarant also but its kinda pricey .. and alot of other restautrants have lowered their prices to bring the family dining back

  • Hartmanr1

    In your Boca Raton, Florida restaurnat , we were served gluten-free pasta.  Is this same pasta available @ the K of P location 

  • Doug and Katy

    We absolutely love going to Maggiano’s in Troy, MI any chance we get. It is the best way to end a rough day teaching and we always have a great experience for the price. The Rigatoni D is the best. 

  • Sm756849

    Me and my girlfriend have been frequently dining at Maggianos for the past year and I must say it is by far the best restaurant we have ever been to. The food is second to none and especially for the price. All of you frugal people who are saying that it is overpriced are out of your minds. I am 19 years old and with school and many other expenses, can still afford to take my girlfriend out for a nice meal here. The service is impeccable and i have not once encountered a problem with any one of the employes there. Everyone also needs to chill out with the “Facebook scam” comments too. It is not a scam they are just trying to broaden their name through the biggest social networking site in the world…pretty smart if you ask me. For all of you on a fixed income, don’t try and go to a nice restaurant and expect to get a Lobster for $20. Are you serious? Maggianos is very generous with the quality and quantity of food they serve for such a low price. The last thing they need are you people complaining about the prices. AMEN

  • Franco

    Check out the ” Pick Two Entrees ” section of the Maggiano’s menu. This is an unbelievable value ! Two dinners for the price of one ! Eat one dinner at the restaurant and take the other home ! There are a good number of great meals to select from !

  • Jblack43

    You don’t have to be a senior citizen to want to see more deals with better deals with prices you can afford!

  • Phredinsocal

    Enjoy Maggianos, but this Facebook garbage turns off a lot of people… me

  • Glanzc

    I like the idea for seniors but how about an “early bird special” (for everyone but specials from like 4:00-5:30pm) – Just a thought

  • John

    For people on a fixed income it is very tuff I know but the big corporate big wiggs don’t give a shit about that there stock holder want  the bottom line $$$$$$$$$$$$ Money every month for there investment.You get big portions to take home  can’t they give smaller portions and none for take home ? And for the people that don’t like Facebook  WAAAAAA H H H  Don’t be on the computer then ? No one said you had to be on line it’s by choice.

  • Mary Fran Ruggiero

    Maggiano’s is my ultimate favorite Italian food !!!!! I drive from Hilton Head to enjoy your food !!!!!!

  • Peoplefor Seniors

    To the seniors on fixed income, you have an option: pay n’ eat or call meals on wheels.

  • Settingintentions

    Had the chocolate marshmallow torte at the king of prussia restaurant and found it to be awful. for some reason the marshmallow top did not taste like marshmallow and smelled like a cat litter box (and that is being kind). there was no caramel to be seen on the plate. when i asked the waitress to smell the topping she said she doesn’t normally smell food, she just eats it. nice. spaghetti was just so standard. the huge meatball (hamburger sized) in the middle was bland and bready.  had grilled salmon salad, salmon was not grilled, it was pan cooked. and there were dried noodles in the bottom of the salad so i kept thinking i might be chewing salmon bones. dont need to eat here again.

  • Settingintentions

     footnote – when we got home with our lasagna (that was somehow free with the spaghetti) there was a hair in it.

  • Settingintentions

     footnote – when we got home with our lasagna (that was somehow free with the spaghetti) there was a hair in it.

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