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How Do You Unwind?

Written on March 11, 2012

Comment and tell us your favorite way to unwind for a chance to win a Maggiano’s Happy Hour!

Prize valued at $200 in Maggiano’s Gift Certificates. Hours and offerings are subject to change to comply with local or state liquor laws, and may vary by location.  Must be 21 year or older to consume alcohol. Valid ID required. Please drink responsibly.

  • Christophercrellin

    With a Manhattan and an order of stuffed mushrooms or calamari.  Can’t go wrong with that ever…

  • Anonymous

    We used to ask for gift certs for Christmas gifts and each month, a bunch of secretaries would meet once a month. We looked forward to that date and never missed. Took us all year to spend it all. First a bottle on Pinot Noir or Cab to share…then each would order a different share..and then the dessert.  

  • MMBaeza

    Girls night out- friends and wine!

  • dawn

    Champagne! Because champagne makes everything better!

  • Kknorr

    Having Cosmo therapy with the girls.

  • suzq

    With a glass of wine and a good book.

  • Gina

    When with my old high school friends, we love to unwind by wearing our comfy jeans, cute shirts and shoes, and going to one of our favorite restaurants to talk, catch-up, eat delicious food, and go at a slow pace to enjoy the moment and the time together.  Maggiano’s is the best place to do that.  The staff is always so gracious and accomodating for us.  They just let us be us. 

  • Bclancy76

    Love to unwind with friends over some good food and great conversation.

  • Bmorrey

    With an awesome deep tissue massage :)

  • Bhines

    Nothing starts a weekend better than a Thursday Happy Hour at Maggiano’s….

  • Sandy

    ….glass of wine and def. spaghetti.  No meat.

  • AvalonPat

    sitting on the beach on a warm day watching the waves and drinking an ice cold beer

  • PDT

    Chill out with my honey – just us. Of course, a Cabernet and some Bruschetta helps quite a bit…

  • Becky_bourn

    2 bottles of wine, a variety of appetizers and my 3 great lady friends!

  • ppek

    I love cooking for my family and friends.  A night of cooking up a new recipe, enjoying the results with a bottle of merlot and chatting up the night away with the people I love.

  • Domenic Cotoia

    Being with friends and enjoying some great drinks at Maggiano’s and of course Chicken parm! The best!

  • Ellie


  • Bankatty

    Just sit back and watch the crowd.

  • Patricia Mason

    Join friends at the bar for drinks, good food and plenty of laughs. Can always count on enjoying myself. 

  • Tony White

    A shaker full of grey goose martinis, some low calorie appetizers, and the wife help me unwind like no body’s business.

  • gburri

    with some yummy fried zucchini & stuffed mushrooms with my girl posse after a hard days work!

  • Georgia

    A bath….some candles and a glass or two of red……Billy Joel in the background….42nd Street

  • Jbj1216

    Nice glass of wine and a cigar

  • Aguirrea

    Meet up with some friends, in a relaxed setting with a few drinks.

  • Lori Jacques

    I would like to unwind with a delicious cocktail.. cold and refreshing. then share a few appetizers with friends, a few laughs and just forget about the day I left behind. If time permits, then I would love to have a delicious dinner and go home happy and full… of course meeting new friends while i induldge in such deliciousness!!!

  • Vic Torbeck


  • Kymmyers

    cosmo’s and conversation…nothing like it in such old world, modern day place.

  • Patti

    I really love unwinding after a long week at work with a late dinner with my husband at a “comfortable” restaurant. Comfortable meaning good food, good wine and an environment that feels like home. And nothing is better that Maggianos mushrooms, I can’t wait until this weekend.

  • Karen

    I enjoy cooking and it truly relaxes me. Yesterday, I made the stuffed meatloaf recipe that I received from Maggiano’s via email last week and it is a keeper!

    A glass of wine is a good relaxer, too.

  • Anonymous


  • MLB

    A evening with good friends and great food.  Preferable at Maggianos.

  • Anonymous


  • Elvis Lim

    by winning a happy hour for me and my friends…

  • Chilton Steve

    My wife and I love Maggionos. I have held a couple of business meeting there as well (in Durham)
    We would like to invite other friends. Best wishes Steve Chilton 

  • Kathy Assad

    Nothing better than a couple of “Hoo-Hoo’s” with friends from work after hours.  When you and your friends meet after work, it’s a whole different experience than when you work with that person.   Maggiano’s has the best atmosphere where you can relax, sit back and enjoy great food and drinks (hoo-hoo’s) with the BEST SERVICE. 

  • Shawna

    I love to open up a nice yummy bottle of wine with friends!

  • Antonia

    A good bottle of wine and brie en croute. 

  • Tammy Brown

    I like to meet up with friends on a great patio on a beautiful day and enjoy cocktails and good food!

  • Becki

    A little lemon drop therapy works wonders. And if things are really bad, then dessert too! (at Maggiano’s of course!)   :)

  • Debra

    Unwind after a stressful day at the office? Is there such a thing? LOL

    Best bet, gather your friends and co-worker’s (with the understanding of course that we don’t discuss work), enjoy a great atmosphere, good food a couple of bottles of wine. Tomorrow doesn’t look so intimidating if you spend the night before with good company.

  • Mary

    On warm sunny afternoons, taking my cat-child BUDDY for a walk (he is leash trained) in my back yard, chilling with my Nook and a cold glass of white wine while sunning in a lawn chair, watching Buddy chase the dragonflies and enjoying nature. In the Zone….

  • Rachel Byrne

    I love to relax with some great music, a refreshing cocktail, some delicious food and wonderful comversation!

  • David B Keller

    Fine Wine and Dine!

  • V.F.

    With a nice bottle of champagne and some good friends to share it with.

  • Scott214

    To come in and Stuff my Face at Maggiano’s and then go down stairs and relaxe on the leather couches. The staff and people are so friendly.

  • Ralphfish

    Drinks, a salad & Chicken Parm at Maggiano’s!!

  • Andrea

    A Maker’s Manhattan with friends

  • ggyamerah

    Sitting outside @ Maggianos drinking and laughing with friends. The Maggianos on 82nd st. in Indianapolis has the most beautiful outdoor space and on a warm summers night…it takes you to Italy with the lightening and ambiance.

  • dahlia

    my favorite way to unwind is call up the girls, grab our favorite drinks and share some laughs.

  • Purvi_parakh

    Food,  drinks, good company, nice atmosphere =  one of life’s best treasures!

  • Ted

    Dear Maggiano:  One of my favorite things to do to relax is puzzles.  Crossword, cryptoquips, suduku and tax returns.  Keeps me thinking. 

  • KM

    Monthly “Girls night out” w/lots of wine!

  • Tara

    Having friends over for a fabulous dinner and lots of wine!

  • Danavery1981

    I like to unwind with a nice relaxing drink  (Glass of Wine or Cocktail)  good food with friends

  • Blythe Cade

    Friend’s good wine and great food. It can get any better :)

  • Kogorek

    Sunday morning paper, coffee, anticipating a great day with God, family, friends…and maybe Maggiano’s!  :)

  • Tim

    One word…..Limoncello !

  • Al Turnauer

    I like to read a good book to unwind.   

  • gerardo jerry

    there is nothing better than relaxing & unwinding with Family & Friends after a long day at work & meeting afterwards to touch base on what’s going on & what projections are in the works… thus, after a long day we look forward to sharing stories, ice cold margaritas, or wine with the ladies & men always enjoy Crown & Diet………

  • Nealmillertravel

    Let’s celebrate my birthday on ALOHA Friday!!!

  • Davery1981

    I like to unwind with a nice relaxing glass of wine or a cocktail with good food and friend

  • Sbradley

    My favorite way to unwind, especially after a long day at the office, is going to a friendly bar with friends, having a martini or sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying a couple appetizers.  Maggiano’s is a perfect place for that. I love the comfy warm atmosphere there – and the very good service.

  • Nolea

    God food and good friends, what could be better.  I am from New York and never liked California Italian food.  Maggianos is the closest to New York cuisine… love it.. only Italian restaurant this Italian eats at.  

  • Michellefregoso4

    Work out! A good sweat is detoxifying for the body and soul :) 

  • RNL

    A great bottle of wine, great food and great friends.  What could be better than that?  Having it at Maggiano’s, of course!

  • WhiteChocolate

    Sitting in one of Maggiano’s beautiful booths eating great food and enjoying a few cocktails or a bottle of wine.  Then going out into the Oakbrook Mall and having sex in public.

  • Sedlackb

    I have a very hard time unwinding ever.  I’d love to share this happy hour with my new friends at the college where I work.  I left a job I loved so my 2 daughters could attend this excellent school and I’d help them financially.  If I won this happy hour, I’d invite the people here who have made me feel welcome to relax a bit and get to know each other better….

  • Brendahos

     An adult evening out without children…priceless! Very rare, but when we do get them we cherish our time with friends, add a little martini first and then wine with great food and of course your there with your best friends to celebrate. Celebrating friendship!

  • G8676

    One of my favorite things to do to unwind is to come to Maggiano’s for a nice glass of wine, some chopped salad and pasta on a Friday evening.  My husband and I like to sit at the bar and people watch, while discussing the week.  And nothing tops it off as well as some of your Creme Brulee!  I always leave totally relaxed, refreshed and full of good food.

  • Elizabeta

    I enjoy dining out with my boyfriend, friends or family. That always puts me in a really good mood and I am more relaxed. I believe that good food is a perfect solution for almost everything! 

  • Pink Ballew

    My favorite way to unwind is to have a grey goose vodka martini extra dry, extra olives while waiting for my friends to join us for a family style great meal at Magggiano’s at Northpark in Dallas and then sit back and stuff my face till I don’t have a care in the world. 

  • Alisa

    Cuddle up with a favorite glass of wine, something tasty to nibble on and enjoy the evening.

  • Bncthay

    Italian wine & food at Maggianos..a great way to escape life’s slings & arrows

  • Susan Ponce

    My husband and I love to unwind not just on Fridays but sometimes during the week is even better.  In fact we did just that last week at Maggiano’s.  Sat in the bar for about an hour then went in to have a delicious meal.   The bartenders are friendly and attentive, the drinks are tasty, good prices and great appetizers.
    Maggiano’s is one of our very favorite places to go.  Whether in Orange County, where we lived or in Las Vegas where we also lived and now in Scottsdale.  (I also set up special dinners and events for my son’s company, The Sundance Center, at Maggiano’s.)

    We love Maggiano’s.  What more can I say?

  • Pat M

    I love to unwind with good friends, a bottle of wine, food and lively conversation.  It would be great to do that at Maggiano’s, such a warm, cozy place for an enjoyable evening.

  • Deerwoodji

    I like to open a good bottle of wine. Grapes are very sociable. They always hang out in bunches never alone and besides some little grape gave its all for this wine.

  • Courtney Bilodeau

    Vino and appetizers with friends!

  • SHR

    Hang out with friends and Rigatoni D!!!!

  • Paulala

    Can you say Lemon Drop?

  • Jan

    Please invite me if you win! I LOVE Maggiano’s so much!!! LOL

  • Cmasci

    Jumpin with joying, packing my bags, getting in my Cadi, driving 320 miles to the nearests “Maggianos” having our friends meet us for “Happy Hour” and “Dinner” in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  Its a “10″……………………

  • Caroline Miller

    Nothing beats fantastic food, good wine, friends and conversation!  Love Maggiano’s!

  • Becki

    Nothing better than our very good friends, eating a very good dinner at Maggiano’s, followed with wine, and a piece of Maggiano’s cheesecake for dessert. Good times!

  • Willie Jaye

    Girl’s Night Out with the “BEST” Lemon Drop Matini’s in town at Maggiano’s; now that is what I call FUN!

  • Rose

    Good friends, cold beverage & wonderful food.  Who could ask for more???

  • BZ

    Maggiano’s is my # 1 place for dinning and cocktails, as they provide such a conducive atmosphere for some much needed relaxation. The food is great and I especially love the chocolate cake! 

  • Junkyard Jane

    On the open road on my Harley where there are no bills, no work, no kids, no worries..

  • Gina StvincentNull

    Lemon drop martinis!!! Good company.  Great food. What more could one ask for? 

  • Michellebabydoll

    No better recipe to inwind than Friends,laughter,drinks and good food!! Always good for the soul to hang out with friends after a day of work to laugh and have some good food and drinks in a nice atmosphere like Maggiano’s.

  • Monica

    I like unwind with a nice glass of white wine.

  • Vs81

    Grabbing take out, and being with my hubby and two dogs, watching all of the shows we’ve taped for the week.

  • Kimmmcbean

    I like to unwind with my Book Club Buddies at a fun venue that encourages us to relax and smile

  • Teddyg51

    Nice relaxed atmosphere. A good bartender and friends make for a perfect end to the work day. Maggiano’s is the perfect place

  • Cydney

    My favorite way to unwind is at a place with a great happy hour with my closest friends!  You know, the ones you can really be yourself around!

  • Katrenia

    Having a good time with family and friends is the best unwind ever.  Love Live Learn

  • Shines

    Playing Solitaire or Reading a
    Good Book when I can find/make the time, and OF COURSE, I LOVE it when my
    husband and I can go for an excellent meal at Maggiano’s – love the atmosphere
    and the food is always excellent!

  • Rocky Babson

    Being that I am a DUI lawyer, my days are full of unhappy clients. One way that I, along with my fellow DUI lawyers, unwind is to meet in an inviting atmosphere and make a good faith effort at “Happy Hour.” We love Maggiano’s for giving us the environment and we bring our own happiness after settling in with their signature cocktails and martinis! After all, they’re right around the corner from our office, NO DRIVING NECESSARY!! :-)

  • Danap

    Hang out with friends.

  • Npof4

    Open a bottle of wine and read a good book.

  • Monica

    Hanging out with friends and drinking wine!  Good times!  Of course, drinking wine makes me hungry, so appetizers at Maggiano’s is perfect!

  • Liana Arteaga

    I love getting together with friends and having a few drinks together! Good times, always!

  • R Hookup

    Watching a foreign film on DVD.

  • Nkrzynski

    A relaxing evening with food and drinks amongst siblings and friends after a long day of work.  At Maggiano’s of course! 

  • Jeannette

    My unwinding consists of a dimly lit room, soft music and a handsome husband! Oh and then Maggianos for dinner! :-)

  • Lindak579

    My last waiter John turned me on to Moscato wine and now I am addicted and cant wait until I get come back and relax with a glass or 3 and a great bowl of spaghetti.  Makes my day, night and even the day after with leftovers… love it. 

  • Khudson

    Relax in a nice atmosphere with friends, a few glasses of wine and some wonderful appetizers after a long day and or week at the office.

  • Dawn DuBose

    A great glass of wine with wonderful friends. 

  • Stacy827

    Sharing a bottle of red with friends.

  • Nancy

    Sit at the piano at Maggianos sipping on refreshing drinks!! :)

  • Dr. Steve Goldstein

    Unwind sports — golf and sailing. Unwind food – Mama’s Lasagna…best anywhere!!

  • Michelle

    I like to spend time conversing and enjoying the company of friends.

  • dominicanita

    A night with friends and family is always a great way to unwind.  Maggiano’s is the perfect place for a relaxed evening with plenty of great drinks and comforting “home-cooked” food.

  • Mark L

    Love to play board games with the kids … the youngest is now 14 and we still play quite often.

  • Db16341

    I like a little whiskey on the rocks and miller light to chase. Maggianos is awesome!

  • La’Kesha Lyons

    I like to unwind with friends or significant other with a few glasses of wine and a great bite to eat!! What better place to do that than Maggiano’s? THERE ISN’T ONE!!! The ambiance I spectacular and the food is even better. I love the people of Maggiano’s.

  • Gaylemacintyre

    Yoga and then a lovely bottle of Italian wine and some pasta!

  • Chris

    Got get comfy in a big corner booth, near the bar tender, for tasty martinis, followed by mussels, a nice red wine, and then some cheesecake!

  • Sharon

    I enjoy exploring new wines with my family and friends.  It is so much fun to compare them and find the ones we like the best!

  • me

    Having a glass of wine and reading a magazine.

  • Meghan Louise

    I like to unwind first with a bottle of wine and a slice of chocolate zuccotto cake. I then like to get Bruschetta to share with my friends. Finally, I will order some pasta to wrap up. Who ever said you can’t eat dessert first.

  • Jason Besterfeldt

    Flat bread e Peroni sono le migliori

  • Luciaga

    Fellowship and Maggiano’s – they perfectly complement each other. We had a wedding and a reception there, so we already know that Maggianos is the place to go for the best in everything.

  • Eklingbeil

    My favorite way to relax and unwind is having friends to share a bottle of wine, good stories, and a nice meal. – preferably at Maggianos – Then we all head to the house for more relaxation in the hot tub.

  • Czechmail Jitka

    I’d love to unwind with friends at Maggiano’s piano bar listening to Bob play to the “Window People”…..Wednesday night her is a great way to spend “over the hump day”l

  • Lbarbour

    Sitting outside with friends, wine and a yummy appetizer.  What could be better?

  • Larowehome

    I’m always up for a straight up Maggiano’s gin martini with olives!

  • Dcada

    As a Mom of a special needs child it is important for me to get out with my friends to laugh and “take a deep breath”.  Sharing some of the breaded mozzarella cut up to share along with a glass of red wine from Maggiano’s, seems to be the perfect recipe!  Maybe even add a creme brule to add to the sweetness….

  • Suketu Kapadia

    Glass of wine, good food and great company.

  • Jennifer Cascio

    Wine and apps and friends!!!!!!

  • Be Coveted

    Taking a nap.

  • Mary132w

    Enjoying a movie and popcorn!

  • Laffer01

    20 friends to unwind.  TOTAL BLISS.  Its going to be hard to narrow the list down to just 20.  Oh well I will if I am picked.  Thanks

  • David

    No booze necessary!… just good friends, awesome food, and fun times.

  • Cbowen-keating

    My friends and I love to stop after work for a glass of wine in a great atmosphere like Maggiano’s offers. Last week a group of 12 of us stopped in for your outstanding flatbreads!  Loved it and the waite staff is terrific.

  • Misty0410

    Being with family and friends…whereever it may be!

  • Aknott

    It is always fun to enjoy a evening with good friends & good food.  Preferrably on a nice night sitting out on the patio!   

  • Maru

    After a long day at work i like to unwind listening to Opera’s like Puccini “Madame butterfly” anything Pavarotti & a nice glass of Cabernet before my dinner. Occasionaly my husband & I go out with friends for a drink & nice meal. Of course Italian is our favorite!!!!

  • Amy

    Finding a babysitter…

  • Deanna Palic

    I always use Maggiano’s for our after hours meeting events.  The food and service are great and you can’t beat the value.

  • W Gardner

    My favorite way to unwind is to make fresh Margaritas for me and my friends

  • Cbazemore

     My favorite way to unwind is always with a bottle of wine, no matter where or when.  But the ultimate way to unwind is sharing wine with my “Breast Friends”.  Imagine 20 breast cancer survivors all in one place, catching up and sharing stories.  Our last gathering was at Maggiano’s and what a time we had.  Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

  • KP

    Good friends – good drinks – good food!!!!


    Pasta entree….$12.99, cold beer $4.50, dessert $5.95…….Eating so much I embarrass my wife and the button on my pants pops off and hits her in the eye………Priceless………..

  • Nancy

    Walk to Maggiano’s and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, music, wine and appetizers!

  • Missie Cartwright

    My best way to “unwind” and forget about chores for a change is:
    Dinner away from home letting someone else do the cooking for a change and Maggiano’s can do that just real good in my book!

  • Ajerzembeck

    Delicious Signature Flatbreads $4.  Wine By the Glass $5.  Premium Cocktails $6.  
    Great Food, Good Wine, and time spent with Best Friends  ”PRICELESS!”

  • Gail

    I like to gather with friends at my favorite restaurant to unwind after a long stressful day at the office.  We do enjoy going to Maggianos for our Girls’ Night Out as well!



  • Jdifranco

    On Sunday afternoons in the summer, my wife and I play golf and afterwards head to your Beachwood, Ohio location for a cocktails and a great dinner. i’m not sure if she plays golf with me because she wants to or because she usually get dinner for two nights!!!!!


  • Judi Pozega

    Unwind with friends at a happy hour!

  • S. McClees

    Hanging out w ith a good book and a couple of cocktails.

  • Michael D Bryant

    Good friends a bottle of wine or mixed drinks and great conversation!

  • LaraM

    I like to unwind by listening to classical music (especially clarinet concertos) and either reading a novel or work on writing mine.  Knitting is also a favorite way for me to unwind.

  • tommym

    After shopping with my wife and sister-in-law, the happy in the bar area is therapy!! Great beer and appetizers.

  • Mike Denomme

    I like to unwind with family and friends with some good wine and a nice plate of Pasta.  Family, Friends, Good Food and Good wine.  What else do you need?

  • Sosa Ceci

    There is nothing better then sitting down at the end of the day with the kids and husband to eat dinner and relax.  Kids to bed, husband and I have a drink of wine and talk about how wonderful our life is.

  • Jan D

    I love to get together with friends, share a bottle of wine, or several!  and then we play board games.  For birthdays and special occasions we go to Maggianos!

  • DVcrisis

    Because I talk to people all day long. I love to go home if it’s nice outside then I will go out on my deck if it’s not I grab a blanket and curl up on my bed with a romance novel and a glass of wine and just read until I’m lost on the book. It’s even better when my husband will rubs my feet while I read. I’m ready to go home!

  • Danielle_kushner

    Cold glass of white wine, warm spring air, great friends, and most of all – great Italian food! 

  • Trish

    I love to unwind with my husband over dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant…Maggiano’s with a bottle of red wine…followed by a night of Rock Band in our basement while we enjoy Jack & Cokes!

  • Jeanne

    My favorite way to unwind after a busy day is to go to a nice bar and enjoy drinks with friends, co-workers or customers.  Most people overlook Magiano’s as a place for happy hour.  If you haven’t tried out Magiano’s happy hour you are missing out. 

  • stlatl

    I love to unwind by going for a massage after work (& on a Monday, too).  It makes the rest of the week so much better.

  • Carolyn

    I like to unwind by playing games and entering sweeps on the computer.  Great when there is alone time!

  • Sasjrm

    love the accordion band & background music

  • Michsars

    Sitting on the patio enjoying drinks with friends.

  • Louisewells

    With my friends, a fabulous meal and good wine!

  • vangie hall

    My favorite way to unwind is relaxing and having great company and food with close friends and family.  Maggiano’s offers the perfect atmosphere and the food is outstanding!

  • Bargainhunter1

    Relax and go to happy hour or dinner with friends and/or family.

  • Liwalsh11

    Running a few miles to clear my head. Then a grilled dinner and a glass of white wine. Work is never further from my mind.

  • Rjwdfw

    Reading a great book and having dinner with my husband at Maggiano’s!

  • Judy

    Great food and wonderful atmosphere for a delightful time!

  • Sue

    I like to relax at home or go to Magginos in Troy Michigan with my closest friends.

  • Evitad2002

    I like to unwind with friends over alcoholic beverages. The ultimate relaxation setting would be at Maggiano’s with a nice glass of wine and all the delicious Italian meals to choose from!

  • Anna

    My favorite unwind activity is to have a couple hours of retail therapy with my sister and then a glass of wine at happy hour at a favorite bar or a new place

  • Teediamond

    I love to relax and unwind with a nice glass of sangria or a lovely mojito with a nice snack. If you could throw a pedicure or massage in there, life would be awesome. It doesn’t take much to satisfy me (especially if there are wine and spirits involved). LOL!!!

  • Jcannon

    I love to unwind with friends just hanging out shopping, and stopping off for drinks and a meal with pleand of good conversation.

  • Lvagasky

    Maggiano’s has the perfect atmosphere of great food, fantastic wine with live music and great friends. Happy hour at Maggiano’s makes a long day at work disappear and a big smile appear on my face. I would love to win and bring my friends to your fine establishment

  • Dlrrk

    My friends and I are all retired but love to get together when we can. We love to do wines and appetizers and just chill out. Going to a really nice restaurant and mixing with the crowd brings us up to date with what is going on. We love the sounds and smells of the restaurant and always feel that we should do this more often!  

  • Anna

    I have a glass of wine and cuddle with my dogs.

  • Lashawn McDonald

    Twice a year we have Cousins night out.   This includes no kids; DRINKS; Snacks Games and family gossip.  What a fun night!

    Shawn McD.

  • jose

    i simply love going to Maggianos Happy Hour at the location of San Antonio, Tx. There are other locations w/ good happy that i have been to such as Kona and Yardhouse BUT none compare to Maggianos. Reason why i say that, you dont have to wait like 30 mins to get a drink form the bartender compare to Kona and Yardhouse. i always had to wait a long time for a drink. However, at Maggianos nice,mature,and friendly crowd with a great bartending staff who can treat you right. Great environment. Great specials. Great place to have all your friends together for some great drinks and great prices.. Maggianos..simply the best !!

  • Llana Beans

    Cheers! with a double date! talking about memory lane with some good laughs!

  • Mjlizardi

    My most enjoyable way to unwind would be to have friends meet up and have cocktails and talk about life. It makes times like those worth living and let’s us take in those moments with friends that really care about you. Me and my friends love to talk about our jobs & marriages which bring highs and lows of life! After having cocktails me and my friends love to enjoy a huge dinner with 4-6 bottless of red wine and follow up with a cappuccino! Neither to less cocktails & dreams are what life is all about when your at my age!! Maggiano’s is the best place !!

  • Mat1124

    I like to have a glass of wine and relax.

  • Cathy_Butler

    Good friends, good food, good libations…doesn’t get much better than that!

  • MAE

    Maggiano’s is my ultimate unwind. With four children ages 5, 4, 2.5, and 1…I absolutely love my night out at to dinner at Maggiano’s simply because of the pace of the meal, the atmosphere, and the food quality that is nearly unmatchable even at a local eatery. 

  • Emilystakes

    I like to unwind with a glass of wine outside on our patio in this beautiful weather :)

  • Ali G

    Grab a drink with friends, outside if it’s nice!

  • Debora27513

    We get the ladies together to meet for Happy Hour at Maggionos for $4 flatbreads and drink specials!

  • Leon M.

    I unwind from a tough stressful day in the office by thinking about my family & arriving home to a cold frosty beers, then seeing & hearing what my beautiful wife & daredevil son have been up to. And of course I can’t forget usually celebrating with a hearty meal at my favorite restaurant, Maggiano’s.

  • Bosabri

    A 30 minute workout or salsa dancing always does the trick

  • Sjowens

    i unwind by sitting at a table eating food made by someone else, being served by someone else and listening to my girls’ giggles and seeing the twinkle in my husbands eye as he looks across the checkered tablecloth at me from our favorite restaurant: WE LOVE MAGGIANO’s!!! thanks for  helping me unwind by giving me, “momma chef,” a night off once in a while!!!

  • Lauren

    Going swimming and drinking cool lemonade

  • Silly

    Going to Santana Row and relaxing with friends or my sisters. Good Eats!!!!

  • Joesmynameno1

    I like to unwind  by going out to eat and a movie and a nice drive by the beach for a walk.

  • Tony

    Love coming home and gathering up the wife and kids for a nice relaxing dinner. Maggiano’s is a favorite of ours!

  • Lauri

    Volunteering for a good cause!

  • Margie

    It’s always good to unwind on a Friday evening during Happy Hour with friends & a good glass of wine

  • Ronald Mckay1

    For free playing my guitar, going fishing or gardening.  For a few bucks a couple of cocktail’s, some wine with a good dinner nd I’m unwound for sure.

  • Jokeisman

    Hard to beat having a comfortable place to come home too, but that doesn’t mean I don’t WANT to come to Maggiano’s FIRST! Great food, great service and something cold and refreshing to end the day sounds perfect. I bet not only would I love it, but just think how popular I would be if I got to share that with others. Who doesn’t want to be the “cool kid”. Ok so I am way to old to be a kid, but I’m just sayin.

  • Craftyinnj

    I get into my PJ’s and turn the television on, and just get lost in tvland. It’s a relaxing way to unwind.


    Go out to dinner on Friday evenings.

  • Kelly

    A quiet corner, with a good wine and my wife.

  • Larry

    Being 26 years retired, I no longer am wound tight.  But I do love Happy Hour in a friendly bar.

  • KellyD.

    I like to meet up with friends and share a nice chocolate martini & forget about my troubles :-)

  • DaveA

    Due to a typo years ago; friends and family join together on ‘Firday’ for some attitude adjustment at Maggiano’s and catch-up on the week’s events. Our Firdays have even resulteded in a Maggiano wedding, now that keeping a Firday tradition !

  • LoveItalianFood

     I like to unwind with friends by going out and having a good meal in a comfortable, non-rushed atmosphere — like at Maggiano’s!

  • Emma Hoskins

    i actually was able unwind with friends this sunday at maggianos! Enjoying delicious italian classics, sipping sangrias, and sharing stories. It was fabulous!

  • Jaw

    Summer sailing on Lake Michigan with friends, grilling, and sharing endless wine!

  • Marilee

    I like to unwind with an early dinner at Maggianos, before the crowds come. A glass of pino, calamari, a chopped salad and linguini with white clam sauce. Extra blue cheese on that salad and I’m good to go.

  • Candice S

    Glass of wine, no interruptions, and a good book. 

  • Anonymous

    relax with friends and family – a good bottle of port always adds to the fun

  • Bdonegan

    Kick back with my hubby and open a bottle of  Merlot or Chardonnay.   Great way to communicate and relax after a hard day’s work.

  • Andir911

    Throwing back a couple of Shiners with my sister while we chow down on some Margarita Flat Bread and recite our favorite childhood quotes and ponder how the h*ll we made it to adulthood with all the stupid stuff we did! “You can’t catch me, I’m Mr. T!” Man I loved that pink bicycle!!!

  • Tony

    Let me count the ways, napping on my hammock, gently swinging in the summer breeze, having a chilled fume blanc overlooking the bloossom filled vineyard at my favorite winery, reading a good mystery novel on a lounge chair at poolside, anywhere its hot. Sitting at maggiano’s patio table , eating scrumptious food paired with good wne and great company while enjoying the soothing jazz sounds emitted from the sultry jazz quartet in the Santana Row Plaza.

  • Billie Begaii

    It’s great to wind-down at home, which is what Maggiano’s is…casual north side neighborhood place in my place of town.  It’s their pleasure to service me and ask if they can continue to serve with excellent food, super pricing and hosting to the most.  It’ s my pleasure to go to their home which is a comfort home away from my home.  Community comfort so inclusive!  Billie B

  • Bubik

    My favorite way to unwind either after a very long day at the office or even at home is to gather with my co-workers & friends and share an evening mixed with converstion, good food and especially a pitcher of margarita’s or mojito’s or if I am at home put my feet up have a glass of wine and cuddle up with a good book.

  • Dsielski

    Go to Vegas every year…Maggianos is always my first in the business…this time though i’ll have 5-7 people joing in….

  • Chrisharsh

    Grab some good Italian food, a good book and a bottle of wine! AHHHH pure bilss!

  • Dkweintz


  • Diane

    I like to wine-down with a few intimate friends at my favorite place called Maggiano’s!!!

  • Tim Parks

     Simple. Warm day, cold margarita. Repeat.

  • Aernst5

    I like to enjoy the company of my friends with food and drinks!

  • Tkdobkins

    I like to unwind by having a couple of glasses of wine and catching up on my shows!  Thank you DVR!!!

  • Villantc

    The best way to unwind is to transport yourself to a place that exudes nostalgia – an old time, friendly atmosphere with just enough zing to be lively but still quietly relaxing. Yes, Maggiano’s is that kind of place!

  • DeeDee

    We love great authentic Italian food.  Unwinding for my husband and I includes the top down on our red 1995 Mustang cruising the highway and singing the oldies.  Party time never gets old especially when sharing with your favorite guy!!!

  • Debois

    Mangiamo a Maggiano’s!!!  A bottle of Chianti with Appetizers, then Maggiano’s Eggplant Parmesan (the best I’ve ever eaten anywhere), a Tiramisu to share, and Frank Sinatra crooning away in the background, in the company of dear friends, is the perfect way to end the work week. The quality of food and great service is always consistent and makes me want to come back again and again. Andiamo!

  • Alice

    After a hetic month my co-worker and a couple past co-workers love to meet a Maggianos for their fantastic breads and salad…..and of course several glasses of mouth watering Pomagranite Martinis.

  • Ekadera

    Friends and family over a great meal.

  • Margaret

    I like a glass of good chardonnay and my Kindle, curled up on a comfy sofa. Great way to relax. If I’m feeling more social, drinks and appetizers at Maggiano’s is a great alternative! We’ve had many a nice evening socializing with friends at some of your wine dinners, or just a night out. Would love to win this chance to unwind!

  • Tx

    A Mouthwatering Maggiano’s meal, a decadent dessert ( I like Tiramisu) great conversation and burn it all off by dancing afterwards to some upbeat, hot tempo Latin Jazz!  Only thing better than that is closing on a real estate deal!  :-)

  • Ljlangan

    My idea of unwinding is getting lots of wet kisses from my furry babies and them barking and meowing at me telling me how their day went.. Then working out with one of my best friends or running by myself listening to music.

  • Linda

    When I can not be sitting on the beach, I like to sit on the patio with a nice glass of Sangria or a Margarita with friends and family, before dinner.  It may not seem like much but when you are away from them for awhile you understand just how much you miss  it and really do appreciate it!

  • Brudnick

    Floating on water with wine and spouse.

  • Kmillholen

    My wonderful husband, a bottle of red wine and some cheese & fresh bread.

  • Kristin

    Cold Drinks, Small Plates, Fresh Air, and Great Company!

  • Monica Sauk

    My favorite way to unwind is a maggiano’s date with my husband, or spending an evening with friends.

  • Lisa

    I like to unwind with my girls!!! After a long work week, running around with our kids/husbands. We like to meet up at the end of the week for some “ME TIME”.  There is no discussion of work or families stricktly laughing,drinking and eating.  What better way to start off a weekend?  Good company, great food and awesome drinks. 

  • Jon Reardon

    Playing with my infant son

  • Hjaye

    Good Music, Sunshine & Friends

  • GB

    catching up on TV shows with a glass of wine

  • James F. Kovach

    The food is the greatest and the drinks are exceptional . Always have
    a good time .

    Jim K

  • Candace G

    A gin and tonic and some great music!

  • Joan

    Each evening as I returned home from work my husband had a glass of chilled wine waiting and took time to listen to my daily ramblings. Then we would decide where we wanted to dine and if I was too tired we just heated one of the Maggiano’s extra dinners brought home from our last visit.   

  • Rose

    A competitive game of bridge works for me.

  • Frank


  • Raquel Chambers

    I like to unwind with family and friends while laughing and eating great food!

  • Helene Fotre

    Our favorite time to unwind, after a long week, is to head to our favorite spot, Maggiano’s  in Naperville! There are six of us, who meet, after Sunday mass, and we love our Bloody Mary’s!!
    Not to mention, the awesome bruschetta and spinach flatbread!  Of course, we always bring home, a chopped salad, for Monday’s lunch.  We lead such busy lives, six days a week….so our Sunday Bloodies have become a tradition, as well as, a wonderful comfort time, to be grateful for all that we have in our lives! 

  • JohnnyCNote

    I like to relax over a refreshing drink, eat good Italian food and enjoy the company of my friends and family . . .

  • Louise A Brouillette

    We like to unwind with a glass of wne and some soft music.

  • Mark

    Real NewYork Pizza & NY types!

  • Stephanie Sievel

    I love a relaxing night out in a comfortable attmosphere with a great glass of Pinot Noir, and a basket of bread (especially Maggiano’s right out of the oven). 

  • Pmilazzo

    Unwind with GFFD..  Great Family, Friends, Food and Drinks!

  • Miavilla

    Glass of wine, dvr’d shows…looking on pinterest :)  or meeting w/a girlfriend for wine & appetizer dinner :)

  • Brwnidcali

     I like to unwind with a nice cold beer (or a martini) while watching basketball with my boyfriend.

  • B Teach

    One of my favorite ways to unwind is with my friends, some wonderful chilled white wine if my (or red if my friends prefer), and yummy bruschetta!  My friends and often our twenty-something daughters, too, love to relax and talk about life.  Happy hour is perfect for this because it gives us time to be together without rushing.  We get a break from making dinner and the chores we need to accomplish once we are home after work.  Then we can go home relaxed and ready to take on the world!  

  • Carol Kaplan

    Spending time with good friends, drinking fine italian wine and fun mixed drinks, and eating fun delicious appetizers s.a. bruschetta, calamari fritte, mozzarella marinara, steamed mussels tuscan style and any of Maggiano’s flatbreads

  • Anonymous

    We, living at a retirement community may be old but we are very active and love to drink and eat. A couple of weeks ago I suggested to friends that we go to Maggiano’s for happy hour. We filled up our little bus with 18 people and had a great time. People can’t wait to go again. We may need a bigger bus.

  • sylvia

    Being a mother of 4 and grandmother of 2, it’s always fun to meet up with my kids and talk about our lives.  Having appetizers and cocktails just makes it easy to talk about life lessons and catch up with each other.  We seem to be so busy with our lives that if we don’t stop to make time for each other, time will pass.  Life is too important and short to not take time for my family.

  • mort berlant



  • lizphlip

    Drinks and games with friends – lots of laughs and even more stress relief.  Friends are good things to have.

  • C Porter

    Having a glass of wine and cuddling up on the couch with a good book and my dogs at my feet.

  • Janice

    Yummy Martini’s,Wine, friends and any of the delicious food at Maggiano’s is a terrifc way to enjoy happy hour!  Love it!

  • Dth318

    I would love to unwind with my good friends and family by sharing a great meal and drinks.  Talk and laugh over silly things and relax! 

  • Norman

    A couple beers shared among friends. Music in the background, but not so loud that we have to scream to talk to each other. And some food/snacks, not a large meal that you feel overly full after eating.

  • muri

    a glass of red wine and delicious italian food shared with good friends

  • Krim

    I like to sit in my recliner in my house and play scrabble on my iPad….and keep my so called friends as far away from me as I can!!

  • Amkarnold

    A nice glass of wine and some flat bread. Little talking, just relax and let the day slip away.

  • Jlbasgall

    what could be better than good friends, good food and a relaxing drink? That’s what I call relaxation

  • Eslustig

    Going for a long walk and people watching at the same time.

  • Twod2r

    My friends and I serve passengers in the skies so it is nice to meet on the ground and have someone serve us-we love Maggiano’s and their Italian food-it is very conviently located for all of us to meet and do a little shopping at the mall too!  

  • Tillie16

    Sharing laughs & life with dear friends with a glass of good red wine, cheese & bread–and some mellow tunes in the background. Ahhhh….

  • lovinthabay

    great friends, good drinks and an inviting atmosphere…after a long day of shopping at Fashion Show, Maggiano’s is perfect!

  • Nichole Ottina

    Glass of wine and a good book.

  • Lkodish

    I like to unwind with friends over tasty drinks and appetizers at the downtown Bellevue Maggiano’s.  It is a good venue to meet up,sort out life, and catch up with eachother.

  • DrBrinkley

     Cigars and Whiskey in the back yard.

  • Jagudehus

    Enjoy connecting and laughing with best friends while indulging great wines, consuming fabulous Italian food, and experiencing friendly attentive service. 

  • Anonymous

    Good food, great friends and lots of laughs. 

  • Corinne McKeown

    Only with the most amazing food, wine and ambiance ever!  MLI of course!  Plus I love to have a big M on my glass when I unwind!

  • Jen McConnel

    A pomegranate martini, good friends, and good food…bliss!

  • Dns1mck

    A bold red wine, decadent food, a group of friends and good conversation…life doesn’t get any better!

  • Mary

    Meeting up with good friends to share some laughs and life’s latest over cocktails and appetizers!  

  • Robyn

    My favorite way to unwind is to go for a motorcycle ride in the country!

  • Zoearizona

    Go to yoga class where, for 60 minutes, neither the past nor the future exist, as we focus on fully living each moment and acknowledging our inner self.  Not to mention persuading our bodies that we really CAN do the humble warrior pose.  Afterwards, a hot shower, a clean pair of jeans and a tee with a little bling, then off to celebrate life with a friend and a glass of bubbly.  Perfect ending to the day! 

  • Windsor1942

    A “board” of flatbread, 4 glasses of vino rosso, and great friends to share the evening.

  • JDS33

    Watching sports is the best way to wind down. Whether its baseball, basketball, or football, I get lost in the action and do not worry about what is happening in my own life.


    Dewars and water!

  • Rose

    Italian food, great wine, good friends, Sinatra playing in the background, and lots of laughter!

  • Gprust

    Going to Maggiano’s with my husband.  We are always treated like royalty by the staff and we have never been disappointed with our meal.  We have taken friends and they just love it there too.  The next day meal is a super plus in my book.

  • Marina

    Doing craft or any project with hands unwinds me while listening to some 70′s and 80′s music.  I love painting, cooking, making cards or reading a good cookbook, any one of these activities relax me.  If I were to be with somebody and unwind, it will be with my husband going for a walk or ride on a bike or practically doing anything with him, as long as we are together.

  • Fappucino

    with a glass of pino and a great, good looking guy with lots of dough to spend on me.
    of course, at Maggianos for drinks and dinner

  • MC_steward

    A bottle of moscato, good friends, patio, and great food!

  • Suebee6759

    We love to get together with our kids and their spouses/friends!  We  mostly go for drinks and snacks or dinner. They are so much fun and their friends come along too.  This makes for great conversation and catching up. 

  • Mruckerruck

    I like to unwind with a glass of wine or my favorite cocktail

  • Victoria

    Lots of girlfriends, free drinks and appetizers in a classy place such as yours!!

  • Sukhmani

    I would go out for a dinner with my husband.

  • Mjff

    Pretending I am a chef with a television show while teaching my grandchildren to cook is a delightful way to unwind after a long work week. The satisfaction on their faces as they dig in and enjoy what has been created is the icing on the cake!   

  • Joanne H

    In the summer I like to take my dog for a walk around the lake.  In the winter I like to start a fire in the fireplace and share the warmth with my dog.

  • Apryl

    Great times with great friends is always the best way to unwind!

  • Raydonnak

    I love to meet with friends for wine, beer, or cocktails — I especially love to travel to new places and experience new adventures — that is the best!!  Being Italian I also love Italian food and Maggianos is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas — we don’t have a Maggianos in my town!!  Thanks for all your great food, drinks and specials@50b434656e0081809ad465d146cfbc31:disqus !!

  • Victoria Sanchez

    i love to have a great glass of old vine zin,sitting outside on the patio with friends and telling stories about funny things we’ve done in the past, having some great appetizers and just enjoying living!

  • Faith

    Listening to Sinatra and enjoying great drinks and food at Maggianos happy hour with my friends or family.

  • Mary973

    I love meeting my husband at Maggiano’s after work (we are a teacher and a counselor) to relax and unwind with a cocktail and a wonderful dinner.  We leave Maggiano’s looking forward to the next evening’s meal since we so enjoy the “buy one, get one free” dinner options!   Thank you!

  • Ddestefano

    Glass of wine with dinner.

  • Christine

    All soccer moms’ need a night out once in awhile!  Happy Hour sounds wonderful!

  • Maricela Rodriguez

    Honestly, I love to unwind every Friday and sometimes any other day at Maggiano’s.  It is very relaxing yet entertaining at the same time.  I always end up staying longer than I plan to.  I enjoy the music, the people, the food and most of all, the Primo Margaritas!  Simply the best!

  • Bryce Elemond

    A few friends, some great wine and laughter makes  an evening take all of your troubles in life away and  makes everyone feel  happy!!

  • Carolyn Girone Tedeschi

    A cold Martini with good friends and good food!  Especially at Maggiano’s

  • LINDALEE402003

    simply said….Happy Hour..!!!

  • Sue Williams65

    A glass of white wine shared with good friends and my favorite great Italian food

  • Iva

    My favorite way to unwind is eating the delicious comfort food of Maggianos, eggplant, a few glasses of cabernet, great conversation with my girls about men..

  • Darla

    A glass of Chardonnay and great appetizers

  • Walkerak39

    Crack a new book and aglsaa of wine

  • Ed Getley

    Smokeless atmosphere, smooth wine, snacks.

  • Dmarie0857

    Out to dinner with my husband.  Eat at a nice, quiet restaurant.

  • Kjwhitaker

    Eating and enjoying Italian comfort food…reminds me of dinner at my grandparents!

  • Rosemary Mossa

    There is nothing like having a coctail and a pizza after work at a great restaurant with
    a great atmosphere to hang out.  It is relaxing to be with friends that you like to socialize
    with and have a good time. 

  • Susan

    Nothing nicer than friends and a glass of wine. Good conversations, good times!

  • Mark_kitzman

    Ice cold beer and awesome pasta, Ican think of on better way to unwind

  • Andrea Kurtz

    Happy Hour!

  • DrTrish

    Sipping a nice cold beverage, sharing stories and laughs with my hubby and just a FEW close friends or family… something more on the small side so everyone can take part and not feel left out of the conversation.  And if we happen to be able to enjoy sharing some tasty appetizers/small plates at the same time, all the better!

  • Rich Juliano

    When I get home from a hard day of work, my wonderfull wife Nancine gets me a glass of red wine. It is a tradition in my family, to drink a glass a wine Every day. All my relatives live to be 90 plus.

    Rich Juliano

  • Smfrn30

    Good food and wine. Outside patio with friends.

  • Jenpepe913

    Sitting outside with a glass of wine, an appetizer and a good friend!

  • Lorraine_jackson-seals

    reunion with girls who worked at “FIRST PENNSYLVANIA BANK”   THAT’S 25 YEARS AGO, WE WERE 20 , 21, 22,23 YEARS OLD!   We are meeting up at Maggiono’s on March 17,2012 at 6:00 PM

  • L.Rob

    A good brushetta, a great riesling, and super friends.

  • Michelle

    One of Maggiano’s Primo Margaritas and their Margherita flatbread!! Delish!! 

  • MC

    Good food and sleep!

  • Cathleen

    Every – and I mean every Friday – we meet 2 or 4 or 6 friends for hearty red wine and plates of appetizers – and of course, Maggiano’s would one great place to do just that. 

  • Pat Besuden Kibby

    Hanging out with my friends from work, rehashing the day’s activities over a nice refreshing cocktail and some delicious flat bread!  Yum!!

  • Lesa

    Sunny patio, friends, good food and a glass of wine or a tasty ice-cold martini!

  • Jomo

    We love sitting and catching up with friends over a manhattan or 2 and then have a great dinner which you do server….

  • P_stilson1943

    Sit down to dinner with family and talk about our day.

  • Feeney7973

    Going for a run with my marathon training group!

  • Kate Kelly

    Wisely, Maggiano’s finger foods and house wines unwind us well over our weekends 

  • Jenine Mehr

     I unwind by engaging in stimulating conversations, learning and interacting with anyone that I can learn anything from…being with humble people who are all seeking truth in every aspect of our lives… politics, health, business, spirituality, … learning more about everything so I can be less and less judgmental and love people more so our world can be a better place to live and bringing others along to do the same…   

  • Kary7782

    I blast some music and paint…I get all my emotions out on the canvas and when I am done I am left with an amazing masterpiece…plus I am very relaxed and happy.

  • Liz

    a bottle of wine shared with friends in my living room on my cozy couch!

  • Lorrainepm74

    I like to unwind with family & friends at happy hour!

  • Mattathias Johnson

    Shower first! Clean pair of boxers, A pair of Michael Jordan shorts + White t shirt + padded foot locker socks! Prop my feet up and sit on the couch in front of a big screen tv with ESPN on + a VERY chilled glass/bottle of moscato with some chunks of pepper jack cheese and of course some left over maggianos lasagna :) oh oh oh, don’t forget the great tasting cheesecake for dessert also from maggianos :) That is TRULY what I call the “good life” :)

  • Jo lavaglio-Miler

    I meet a couple girls on Fri. nights at the Woodland Hills, Ca. Maggianos for a glass of wine, one of them is going thru breast cancer and would love to surprise her with a free HAPPY HOUR

  • Sheila

    Lots of drinks + lots of friends = a great time!

  • Tom

    Take Friday evening, friends, cocktails, conversation, dinner, fireplace or beach, laughter, desserts,  cordials mix well and pour out unwind

  • Guest

    Reading a book!


    Hanging out with friends at a local restaurant.

  • K Crank

    Quality time with the girls- plenty of wine, good food, and LOTS of laughs!

  • Dianermueller

    With a Margarita enjoying the company of my family and/or friends and neighbors.

  • Denise Jones

    Over a glass of wine with my besties

  • Arun K S

    Unwind with a cold glass of beer on the patio taking in the warm breeze.

  • Mike

    Red wine and pasta and dessert

  • Everts Anthony

    A good cocktail and some pasta.

  • Beverly Theis

    I like to sit with friends and family in a  relaxing atmosphere while sipping on a cocktail and breaking bread!   I love listening to their days that were and their days that will be.  Sometimes, I actually feel the calm take over and we know we are complete. 

  • Trvlady

    I unwind by leaning back in the lounge chair outside on the patio.  A tall frosty glass
    of something good is for me!

  • JB

    At Maggiano’s enjoying an Ice Cold Margarita after a long long day at work!  Love the bread and appetizers and the chopped salad!

    Thank you for making a hard day more pleasant… My favorite Maggiano’s is the one in Tampa, Florida, Second is the one on International Drive in Orlando!  The freshest food and best service around!

  • Marthainil

    A couple of cold beers and family and friends around, the more the merrier at my house!

  • Andrea

    Good food, great wine and amazing friends… all wonderful ways to unwind independently, but together – especially at our favorite restaurant – it makes for my favorite way to unwind.  

  • Amanda

    Nothing is better than enjoying a Summer night outside on a patio, catching up with a few over some cold cocktails!

  • Sonvish105

    My Friend and I love Maggianos.  The food is aweome and tasteful and the drinks are superb!  A good group of friends to join makes it like heaven.

  • Ardisbartle

    A nice quiet bar where you can hear your friends talk with an excellent selection of wine choices.  Not a lot of diners hanging around waiting for their tables because the restaurant is behind in seating people….

  • Rfdb

    Love to go out with my best friends, enjoy the company, drinks and food.

  • Vickie

    My absolute favorite way to unwind is picking up both of my sons and my granddaughter and having a fabulous dinner at Maggiano’s.  She is only 1 year old so we are all entertained by her and love the to see how she loves to eat especially when we go out.  To see the joy that it brings her to be able to eat the foods that we are eating brings us joy. With the Buy One Take One or the Meal for Two deal always available, we can make it a family night any day of the week.

  • Pattie Thompson

    Meet up with friends and open couple bottles of wine with straws!!! So pick me!!!

  • Go Tarheels

    enjoying a quiet moment with my hubby with authentic Italian food and the love of my life!

  • Denise Rivard Mahoney

    At happy hour with friends! 

  • Chet Godleski

    Have fun with our all of our employees from Knowledge Solutions in Bridgwater, NJ!  We really like Maggiano in Bridgewater.

  • Nat

    Cocktails at Maggiano’s of course!!

  • Philip Bresnahan Sr

    Happy Hour is the best hour of any day!

  • Barbara

    happy hour and Italian food with my 12 coworkers that we get together at a different restaurant monthly…great bonds 

  • Mike

    Good Itilian food, maybe a good glass of wine, and great friensd is the best way!!!

  • Bill Stewart

    Just like to spend time with friends sharing “happening” stories of what going on in their lives. 

  • Magiofam

    as we’ve eaten many times at this class restaurant, we always look forward to the next visit
    which reminds me in a way of the Sunday meals that we enjoyed in the past. everything is
    authentic and the taste wonderful. I’m getting hungry for your food just writing this piece.

  • bvan

    some wine, some food, some songs, and some killer laughs with my girl.

  • Rmaurer6

    Sit and enjoy the time with my lovely wife of 48 years.
    Ray maurer

  • Mcgray

    Good food…good conversation…

  • John

    With a nice glass of red wine, some savory crackers and cheese ,and some soft music

  • Mary Herrera

    Maggiano’s has fabulous food, drinks and the ombeonse & atmosphere is one of a kind!! By far the best way to relax & unwind….. 

  • Susan

    Actually, momosas, margaritas and Maggiano’s are the perfect mix!!!

  • Golffam5

    I love to unwind with friends shareing great wine and delicious food.  I know that I can get both of those at Maggiano”s.  The best place to unwind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Spinabel

    Great Food, Great Wine, Spring Air…………..and a happy hour with 10 of my best friends

  • Phippsy

    coldies, shuffle board, and a saw dust dance floor….

  • Nesbittl

    Good food, good wine and a few good laughs with friends.

  • Roseyjay1

    I unwind with a  nice red wine.  Being newly widowed I have learned to relax and enjoy down time by myself.  Of course I enjoy going to Maggiano’s for dinner.  The happy hour is new to me and I am looking forward to going.

  • celiac

    Wine and gluten-fee appetizers!  Thank you Maggiano’s for catering to the celiacs.

  • Quay_quae

    Friends, family, a few drink and a good laugh!!!

  • Lynn Daniels

    I like to watch old Muppets skits on youtube. They always make me laugh and help me to decompress from stressful days. 

  • Mvazquez

    Sharing good food and wine with good friends.  Remembering times spent together and knowing we will always be there for one wnother.

  • Deborah

    Maggianos chopped salad, with crab cakes.  Parked under a tree on a sunny day, car windows down, warm breeze blowing, quiet thoughts, great food, watching the world go by.  Afterwards a dark chocolate covered buttermint hits the spot.  Then it’s back to work until my next get away.

  • M Wiles

    Sipping cocktails, enjoying great conversation with friends, and sharing fantastic italian food!

  • Karen

    Glass of, maybe two, Moscato and some great Italian food with friends and familiy.  It’s the best way to unwind at the end of the day.

  • Brad

    A nice cold adult beverage and light appetizers with family and/or friends.

  • Anonymous

    A nice dinner out with my husband and friends. Dinner at Maggiano’s makes it even more special.

  • Katharine

    Fine wine

  • Thebluebird11

    My friends know I say this all the time:  All I need is good friends, good food, good music!  And if you throw in a nice party game, woohoo! Heaven!

  • Djeppy5

    Having friends to wine and dined, Maggianos is the place to unwind.

  • Naashon

    I like to unwind with a delicious  plate of pasta and a nice glass of wine at my favorite Italian restaurant.

  • Ritway

    Nothing like some great Italian food and some wine to have a wonderful time with friends!

  • Randy

    Good friends, good food, good drinks, good conversation – what else could be better?

  • Allen

    The 3 Fs…Friends, Food, and a Festive beveridges!

  • Karen Arnold

    Glass of white wine, great bread and sweetie pie.

  • SkilletSlice

    My friends and I wind down with a couple of bottles of wine.  With different tastes, we reach for a red and a white.  Add a couple of appetizers and we are all set!!

  • Basavoca

    I like to read a magazine or a book and have the news on the TV in the background.

  • Dockyp1

    Beautiful day, great wine, wonderful friends and Maggiano’s!!

  • Gail Loos

    I enjoy sitting on the patio and looking at all the pretty colors of blooming plants and flowers in the flower beds. 

  • Lcl67

    I never need a reason to go to Maggiano’s, but a reminder e-mail helps….sending it to the “gang”!

  • Marie0918

    Unwind, sit and relax with a cocktail and friends on the deck of my beach house.  Listen to the sound of the ocean and watch the sun go down while enjoying a simple dinner, not a care in the world……..

  • Cshorts

    Great Friends, Great Wine & Stawberry Daiquiris, and Awesome Italian Food from Maggiano’s!!!


  • Bmwardo

    Our group likes to unwind anytime but we have a tradition every two weeks of having a “nail night” where all the girls come to one house with wine and an appetizer.  We eat, drink, and socialize until everyone has there nails and or toes done.  This happy hour sounds like great fun on our “off weeks” of manicures.

  • Queen220

    Sharing time w/family & friends having drinks & dinner.

  • Bob Coursen

    A cool place to hangout with friends and coworkers at the Maggiano’s bar, snacking on appetizers (oh the crab cakes) and enjoying a great glass of wine or for warmer days some Sangria or Wahoo punch.  The little umbrella makes it truly feel like summer is here.  Maggiano’s family style is the only way to go for dinner.  Too bad the pumpkin pecan praline cheescake is only available around the holidays!  Yum!

  • Tepathome

    A cosmo with a friend is always a great way to unwind.

  • Teresa

    Whether it be with a cup of coffee, a morning mimosa or a glass of wine……..sitting out back soul mate/spouse and I in the swing, under our oak tree absorbing Life. 

  • sandra

    meet up with friends and have a good meal

  • Ngwilson2006

    I like to unwind with friends and a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Meritag wine.  Listing to a instrumental radio station that is playing i.e. Mozart, Bach, etc. and having tapas.  NW

  • Lori S

    Wine and cheese down the Jersey shore with old friends and sunshine

  • Debbie (Debster437)

    Good friends, good food, good drink – priceless!

  • Jen

    Sharing a bottle of wine with my husband!

  • Larry

    At Maggiano’s for some alone time with my date (my wife) and a couple glasses of Super Tuscan, crispy zucchini fritte and two chopped salads……


  • Fabulosity

    Drinking wine and listening to mellow music.

  • Oscar Kornblum

    I like to unwind at the beach or at a pool bar with some friends and lots of time to burn.   When that is not possible, Maggiano’s is the next best thing!

  • Marcus6165

    Dining and drinks with good friends followed by playing canasta relieves the stress and makes for an enjoyable evening.

  • Walkinwally

    A glass of  chianti , spaghetti and meat balls and profittores for dessert! Yeehaw!

  • Winegal

    I love to sit out on the patio listening to the birds while enjoying a wonderful glass of wine and reading a good book.

  • Belle

    A glass of red wine goes a long way!

  • Charlene83tong

    A cold brewsky or a big glass of wine. I unwind by holding either of these things and sitting and laughing with friends. Ahh I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

  • Maureen

    It doesn’t get any better than a glass of wine and the love of my life, my husband.  It is that simple!

  • Dave G

    A nice sunny afternoon enjoying a glass of wine taking with friends.  Add in Maggiano’s great appetizers and it’s perfect.

  • Wesela646

    Good food, good wine, wonderful friends in welcoming surroundings are the perfect recipe for everyone unwinding and having a memorable time.  Maggiano’s has been putting together that
    recipe for years.  That’s why you have repeat customers and why new customers become old friends so quickly.  Wanna know how to unwind?  Visit Maggiano’s, the answer is just inside the door.

  • Aesha kirk

    A glass of rose at the Maggiano’s bar in buckhead

  • Gloria C

    cold beers, appetizers, good friends and good conversation – what more do you need!

  • Kevin Warwick

    I enjoy great Italian and a excellent cocktail with friend adn family.

  • Staceynbaker

    Small bites with big flavor and big drinks with small prices surrounded by great conversation is always the best way to unwind.

  • Kenny

    Some nice cold beer & a flatbread is always a good way to unwind with friends.

  • Nancy Bassett

    The beach. Cooler filled with a variety of ice cold drinks. Picnic basket filled with tasty goodies. Good music. Great company. Lots of corny jokes and laughter. And, even some quiet reflecting :)

  • Linda Kolsen

    I’d like to come there after work, knowing I don’t have to rush home and cook for my my daughter, daughter-in-law and some friends…kick back, order some appetizers, wine and beer and then talk CRAP about all the husbands and how they drive us crazy with the things they do or don’t do…and then laugh about it and go home and tell my husband how much I missed him and it would’ve been a better time if he’d joined us!!  But of course, I’d bring him cheesecake because he loves Maggiano’s cheesecake!

  • Lynn Lazo

    Good food, drink and lots of laughter!

  • Melissa

    Glass of wine while surrounded by my dogs and cats.

  • F8dagreat

    Good Drink ,Food, Friends…..MAGGIANO’S

  • Christine

    Sitting outside on the patio enjoying a glass of pino and fettucini!

  • Kelli Knight

    connect with true friends while sipping Chianti and snacking on our favorite Italian appetizers – yum!

  • Bobbie

    grey goose martini around a fire pit with good friends

  • Djburley57

    Nothing like Italian food and drink to suggest a great time!



  • Ashley H

    A nice glass of red wine, sitting outside on my patio with a book!

  • Allie K

    Bordeaux, bruschetta, and my BFF’s!

  • Benjamin Murphy

    I like to unwind with a large group of friends at great happy hour spot with great food and drinks that is centrally located in Dallas. 

  • Lisar

    Great friends, good food, and a favorite  beverage – glass of wine, cold beer, esp. outside on a sunny patio.

  • Cjbeene

    What could be better than sharing a couple of chilled Italian Mojitos with your besties? While you are chit-chatting away, order some delicious bruschetta.  Once the waiter places the fragrant dish on your table, the gossiping comes to an immediate halt while you savor the flavors dancing on your tongue.  If Happy Hour extends into the dinner hour, order the Spinach Salad with gorgonzola, bacon and pine nuts, ah-mazing!  And while you can look at all main course options on the menu, rest assured that you will not be disappointed in the incredible Lasagna, ever!  Personally, I prefer to skip the sides, reserving room for the Apple Crostada…yummy!  The constant chatting only returns when every plate is clean and it is time for after dinner drinks.  Make mine an Irish coffee, however my non-dessert dining girlfriends go straight to the Chocolate Martini.  I cannot think of a better venue to unwind, connect with friends, and leave feeling like you just tasted a bit of heaven!

  • Dennis G

    Martini and a book!

  • Dennis G

    Martini and a book!

  • Btowlson4

    My girl and I work the atypical 40 hours weekly. Between that, and traveling to and from work, house duties, children…..etc, we find it extremely……uh……’therapudic’ to sit, relax and be served the finest of foods, at Maggiano’s, of course! My girl loves the lemon drop cocktail and I hover between choices, depending on my mood.

    Even better than all the aforementioned, however, is Maggiano’s atmosphere. Quaint is probably the BEST word to describe it, and the music compliments it perfectly.

    Bill T

  • Btowlson4

    My girl and I work the atypical 40 hours weekly. Between that, and traveling to and from work, house duties, children…..etc, we find it extremely……uh……’therapudic’ to sit, relax and be served the finest of foods, at Maggiano’s, of course! My girl loves the lemon drop cocktail and I hover between choices, depending on my mood.

    Even better than all the aforementioned, however, is Maggiano’s atmosphere. Quaint is probably the BEST word to describe it, and the music compliments it perfectly.

    Bill T

  • Fumbler1

    A bottle of a really nice red wine, a great Italian flat bread and a ton of laughs with good friends.

  • Fumbler1

    A bottle of a really nice red wine, a great Italian flat bread and a ton of laughs with good friends.

  • Katherine

    I rarely get to see my father anymore since I am attending college in a different state. When my dad does have a chance to visit, we always go to Maggiano’s at the Denver Pavilions to unwind. It’s so nice to eat delicious food and get to catch up and forget about the pressure of college classes and distance from family!

  • Anonymous

    Good wine, good friends, and good music.

  • Jody Hadden

    As the day draws to a close, we only let go of the bad
    parts, the hard decisions we can’t always make, and the tension that makes us
    old. It is only in the company of the people who really know us where we can
    let the rough edges of the day be smoothed over by all the good.

    In a glass of
    wine, in a conversation that makes us smile, and in the presence of people who
    make us realize that we should not be letting go of the day at all, but recognizing
    what the day really stands for. The day stands for all the good we remember,
    the differences we can make, and the people who keep us young.

    Hold onto the day and the unwinding comes effortlessly.

  • Krice1

    My favorite way to unwind is with a martini and chicken alfredo flatbread! Sometimes I will share but I suggest that my friends order their own! 

  • Diane

    Meeting up with long time Canadian friends at Maggiano’s!  Wine, great Italian food, laughing, sharing old memories – THE BEST!

  • Colbysnax


  • Lmh91302

    Nothing like a warm, inviting place to gather with friends.  So comfortable, relaxing, and good food, too, round out the perfect way to end my day!

  • Dave

    Icy micro-brews while waiting for my friends to show up, then some great munchies.  After an hour or so of catching up, we usually get a table and chow down on your great food!

  • Addr1976

    Either a great beer or margarita, with some peperoni flatbread. Enjoying time with my wife as she sips on a great red sweet wine.

  • SherryR

    White (or Red) wine and my buddies – we drink, laugh and talk about what is going on in our life – and have some yummy snacks.  Makes you ready to go home and face it (kids, husband, dogs, housecleaning) once again….

  • Nancy Foster

    Food, friends, wine. and great conversation!!!

  • Ptaylor5

    I like to meet friends over a good Italian dinner and some good red wine

  • RichardmccarthyIII

    My wife and I enjoy unwinding after a long day or week with either Happy Hour or Dinner at one of our favorite spots Maggianos. From the atmosphere, great drinks and cuisine it is unsurpassed.
    The staff in general makes this such a great and relaxing atmosphere. The bar brings the energy and atmosphere of fun sophistication. I look forward to many more visits to Maggianos as well as sharing it with our closest friends and family.

  • Dixon111597

    Family, Friends, Music, Drinks and Maggiano”s Great Appertizers

  • Mslanczka

    i like to unwind with a drink and some music playing with my friends sittin around talking

  • James Duncan

    happy hour at Maggiano’s

  • Kimberly Baresel

    Watch some good tv!

  • 2muchtax

    Some fresh bread, olive oil, friends, and a cold beer; help me to de-compress from the world for a short while.

  • Cathyval

    It’s great to meet up with friends to enjoy a relaxing night out with good friends, food and drink

  • billy tango

    you said is best. meeting up with friends.  i have also held several meetings in the private rooms and loved it.  thanks.

  • Thenalbachs

    A quiet evening after the kids go to sleep.  We have 4 girls so life is busy, my evening wind down doesn’t occur until around 7:30 :-)  My husband and I curl up and watch an episode or two of our current favorite series before bed.

  • Donna Donnellan

    My kids had a surprise 30th anniversary party for us at the Boston location last year; since then, my husband has had to work in Arizona,  and we are living an east coast/west coast marriage for the time being.  I’d love to be able to take him back to Maggiano’s the next time he comes to Boston, where we celebrated our 30th anniversary last year and relive the happy memories.  

  • Natural88

    A glass of sparkling wine and French fries….

  • Shana

    Strong drinks, good friends and comfort food!

  • Ladybug24

    After a long day at work, I like to go to happy hour with friends and just relax.

  • Patdp

    Nice glass of Red and some appies would relax me, make that 2 glasses of Red

  • Caileanscafe

    Glass of Pinot Nior, good company and some great music always do the trick!

  • Tina Haydamacha

    My favorite way to unwind is with family which are very few these days.   But, to have a chance to enjoy delicious appetizers, and drinks with the people I love would be especially rare and wonderful.  I lost my job in October and cannot afford a luxury such as this.  I hope to be a recipient of Maggiano’s Gift Certificate. 

  • Victoria

    Love to have great drinks and good food with friends. We are a group of youth mentors and teachers who really need to unwind and enjoy eachothers company. Thanks!

  • Willy

    Heading to Chicago in July to enjoy some vino and dinner with my high school classmates….will be hitting Maggianos in Naperville!!!

  • Beverly Corsmeier

    Live music and a glass of wine with my husband is always the perfect way to de-stress!

  • Laurie_O

    A bowl of steaming seafood pasta and a glass of cabernet always does the trick.  :)

  • Dangerouscrvs

    Family, close friends, cool drinks and delicious Italian food from the #1 Italian resteraunt in the United States…yeah!

  • Ghhjort

    Red wine and delicious food prepared the the Maggiano’s way is a great way to spend an evening.

  • Tracie_mccarley

    Good company, good weather and great Italian food from Maggianos of course. The warm friendly
     atmosphere, that’s what I call relaxing/chillaxing for sure.

  • Andy

    My favorite way to relax is to meet up with my “happy hour buddies” at Maggianos. We usually take turns deciding which drink and appetizer to try next. The more varied, the better! Happy Hour is followed by all the buddies buying dinner for our designated driver for the evening.
    There is no better way to reconnect with friends!

  • Gregl54

    Get into sweat pants and relax in front of the TV with a cold one.

  • Pam

    I so love a good glass of wine and game night w/friends and family. 

  • Manocchiofamily

    Mia Familia! Friends are family, the more the merrier.  Keep the drinks, food, and laughter coming all night long!

  • Fred

    I’m a day trader. Having winning trades and making money relieves the stress of trying to haveing a good ttrade and making money.

  • Stanley Fagan

    Share some food and drinks with some good friends on the outdoor patio.

  • carol

    conversation w/friends w/ some spirits

  • Doranr

    Sitting outside in the warm afternoon sunshine with a mango mojito, some delicious Italian food and good friends to enjoy it with.

  • Amy Diaz

    I like to unwind with music and a nice glass of wine.

  • Elizabeth

    My favorite way to unwind is with a nice glass of white wine and a good book or conversation with some good friends.

  • Cdmosesc

    With close friends and kids away at the sitter just talking about everything until….

  • Angelo Bonito

    We aren’t fortunate enough to live near a Maggiano retaurant so we have to make it a weekend drive from Brunswick, GA.  When we do, the two of us enjoy a great dinner and head back home until the next visit.

  • Laurie Sarno

    Love to relax with friends & enjoy some drinks & great food – one of our favorite places to go

  • cynthia

    Leaving an atmosphere where you are “The Boss” and entering one that full of smiles, fellowship, a perfectly made martini (or two), and outstanding food.  What a pleasure to excape to Maggiano’s Happy Hour!

  • Bob Wint Jr

    My wife and I are on different schedules, she works nights and I’m typical “office hours”, so our down time together is very important; because of that we like to share time with family and friends with great food and beverages in an unhurried atmosphere that lets us simply hang out and enjoy the company.

  • Rebecca Hagen

    The family likes to meet at Maggiano’s for dinner, a little wine and there favorite Italian family style meal. The atmosphere is great and it is a great place to catch up on everyone’s life and create new memories as well.

  • Shausler

    What a great way to spend with friends,
    Any day of the week to enjoy and spend.
    Their Food is the best,
    Maggiano’s is better then the rest!

  • Incubusgrrl

    A bottle of red wine, great Italian food, chocolate cake for dessert, throw in some live music or watching sports on TV and it’s the perfect way to unwind and relax! 

  • John Morgan

    Let’s face it: pressure goes with career. It takes a mindset. Transition from the career mindset to one of relaxation requires a form transition. This time we call Happy Hour or unwinding is not just about a perfect beverage or good friends, it is also about atmosphere. As Magiano’s offers that just right atmosphere for upscale Italian dining, it does the same for the Transition.

  • Misto687

    We have a pool and the best way is to hang out with our friends and their kids during the summer months… We live in NJ so the pool is open from May to September.  Fun in the sun then hanging through the evening!

  • Jill

    Meeting up with the girlfriends at a restaurant for drinks and good bites, before heading off to a chick flick nearby!  

  • Sweetliliac17

    Happy hour either at home making margaritas or enjoying it at Maggiano’s at the domain :)

  • Tar Champagne

    Take a yoga class…meet up with your best bud… alittle retail therapy….have a drink on a deck with the reggae music playing in the background and the smell of salt water in the air

  • Natalie Gossen

    Our favorite way to unwind is to open a bottle of wine and sit on the patio with finger foods. 

  • Rick

    Cold drinks, warm appetizers and spicy toppings.

  • Linda G Jackson

    I love the smell of italian food to help me unwind and then after the smell I like to eat and have a glass of wine.

  • Marilyn

    Meeting with friends over appetizers and a drink …
    then going home with a new book!!!!

  • Tammy thurmon

    To come in Maggiano’s, find a seat right away, have the bartender come up with a friendly attitude and nice smile to ask me what I would like to order. I would like to order a Cosmopolitian with a splash of chamboard.

  • Joann Thiessen

    Good food, good wine, good friends and family.  What more could you need.

  • Majcmj2004

    Music, Glass of Wine, and the company of Great Friends!

  • Sarah K

    My friends and I like to unwind by going to inexpensive restaurants we haven’t tried before that have good drink specials. I went to a new pizza restaurant last Friday and had sangria and shrimp pizza. Just winding down after a busy week with friends is the best way to go! I just got engaged and we’re trying to save money, so a free happy hour would be so great!

  • Brenda Bush

    me and my friends unwind at maggianos in the evenings

  • JaleelM

    Just relaxing with friends.

  • Rich Mikolajczyk

    A good dinner … a good wine … with good friends. This is the perfect way to unwind. Life is too short not to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I sometimes think we are running so fast to get ahead that we don’t take time to smell the roses … or the smell of good food. Keep sending out your emails reminding us to unwind.

  • Jtwolfe_1999

    Open a bottle of wine and work on a crossword puzzle

  • Beretverde

    Great wine, with great  friends at a great place!

  • Lindymae22

    I meet my friends for dining and drinks

  • Nancy Rozan

    Live in a 55+ community with lotsa friends.  To unwind, I like to read a book in the a.m.  Do what must be done after that.  Then about 4-5pm, open a bottle of wine and share it, and perhaps one more, with the many friends here.  It would be perfect if I could bring them all with me to Maggiano’s for Happy Hour and the wonderful food you serve up, my favorite of which is the Chicken Cheese Manicotti.  Follow it up with a piece of your chocolate Zucato Cake.  Just did that with a good friend the end of  Feb. Mancha….mancha.

  • Shanitanscott

    I love to unwind with a great novel and a glass of white wine.

  • Linn

    Seems we’re more busy now that we’re retired than when we were working so we love it whenever we get a chance to go someplace nice & relax with wine or cocktails and great food while just enjoying each other’s company.  We also go with friends now & then too of course!  HA!

  • J.R.

    Taking people who have never been there before to Maggiano’s for happy hour.

  • Sherrill

    Gathering with friends and/or family and sharing a good meal and drinks is my favorite way to unwind. Maggiano’s is usually where we meet because of the great atmosphere, food, drinks and service. We always know what to expect and it is a relaxing place to be. Only a recliner and a massage could make it better.

  • Justmegannicole

    A good book and leftover maggiano pasta!

  • Maureen

    Nothing beats drinks and apps after a long day!

  • MIKKI07

    After working a long day I love to unwind with a bottle of Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling and enjoy the company of my boyfriend while we snuggle on the couch.
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  • Mei Zhang Cai

    We love to go to Maggiano Oak Brook for a great meal.  After the tasty food, we also do a little shopping there.  Just love it.

  • Kat

    A nice spicey chianti, food, and laughter with friends!

  • Pgrabowski

    Meet ,Greet and enjoy the “Maggiano’s Hospitality”at happy hour….Great Food, Great People…Great prices….See you there this Friday at Maggiano’s in Austin Texas……

  • Rachel-Travis Sweeps

    I unwind with a nice glass of wine and sitting with girlfriends in the hot tub!

  • Kathyscookies

    Nothing is better than relaxing at Maggiano’s with a bottle of wine and warm wonderful flatbread!

  • Cgshaffer

    Whether  it’s by the bar at Maggiano’s in Center City Philly or in Cherry Hill or in King of Prussia(where Maggiano’s is this huge beautiful mansion), there is no place more friendly nor more lively than here.  Go in knowing no one and come out knowing everyone.  Bartenders with the friendliest attitutdes anywhere motivate this type of feeling.  Maggiano’s and a 12 year old Macallan on the Rocks and my friend with the Absolut Vodka Martini up with a twist and rocks on the side is the absolute greatest time ever!!!!

  • Iceamae

    After a long day of training for the marathon, there’s nothing like little “post training” meal with family and friends at Maggiano’s!!  Then after the big race – DINNER at Maggiano’s to refuel.  YUM.

  • Gina

    Favorite way to relax is to see a matinee show in the theater district and cap it with dinner and drinks at Maggiano’s.

  • Ebarron

    A cold beer and a delicious meal.

  • Nicolerpio

    In a no stress, good company, and something cold and refreshing to drink. Then some good music and food to be enjoyed!!

  • Ami

     Laughter, good friends, and great cocktails are THE combination for unwinding at Maggiano’s.

  • Genevieve

    Any time the girls and I get together – we head straight to Maggiano’s for comfort food and amazing drinks! Wonderful food and lots of laughs with friends is always great at Maggiano’s in Houston!

  • Angela balter

    Cuddle with my baby boy and nuzzle his neck while he giggles uncontrolably:-)

  • Sandyhills25

    I like to unwind by listening to jazz music because its a slower pace than the usual music I listen to.  Then I go and grab some comfort food and sit down on the couch (or whatevers comfortable at the time)

  • Sneally

    I love the family style meals and great atmosphere! And can’t beat the happy hour specials :)

  • Kellie Q’s

     great food, good company, lotsa carbs!

  • Tmaureen27

    Open a bottle or so of wine and have fun!

  • Forrest Lee

    watching sports on televeision.

  • Rebok55

    Nothing like sitting over a “green Martini” whatever it is called and a chopped salad- talk about relaxed!!!

  • Devinsabas

    watching a good movie

  • Epeterson

    I have a friend who I meet for happy hour, who always tells the worst jokes in the world.  And I think because they’re so bad, I always laugh and laugh.  We drink a little wine, eat a little cheese and laugh at stupid jokes.  What’s brown and sounds like a bell? Dung!
    Why don’t cannibals eat comedians? Because they taste funny.

  • Anonymous

    I love unwinding in a giant Maggiano pasta bath and 3 bottles of wine :)  We can’t wait to come enjoy happy hour!!!

  • Danielle

    I unwind by going with friends to happy hour and sharing weekend stories over tasty cocktails! This week, it will be in the warm sun on a patio!

  • Rbeard13

    I enjoy unwinding with friends with a pear martini, your zucchini strips and stuffed mushrooms! Yummy food and great atmosphere @Southpark Mall, Charlotte NC!

  • Tammy Shipley

    I like to unwind with a nice glass of wine, good food, & conversation with great friends!

  • Gladys Kaplan

    I curl up with a good book and a glass of wine/pina colada and enjoy the peace & quiet of MY time!

  • Shesgone1122

    Meet up with a close friend, catch up on what’s happening in our lives over a glass of sweet wine.  Love, wine and fun with a friend = relaxing!

  • Tami

    A nice glass or three of chardonnay some great appetizers and good conversation with special friends.  It doesn’t happen enough these days, with our tight budget.  I really miss Maggiano’s on Clark St. in Chicago.  It was one of our favorite places  to meet after work.  We relocated to Florida several years ago and unfortunately live an hour away so we don’t get down to Tampa as often as we’d like. 

  • Katherine Romero

    Enjoying time with friends with a cocktail in hand.  Sharing a delicious meal with friends lets the day’s stresses go away.  Add a bit of music to add to the ambiance and there you have it: The Perfect Way to Unwind.

  • Jerry016

    After a long day or week, going out to dinner w/my husband to enjoy great food in the great atmosphere of Maggiano’s is perfect!! Keep it up.  :)

  • BB

    Good friends, glass of wine, beautiful atmosphere, and live entertainment.

  • Esther

    Meet with new & old Friends and go to Chef Steve Garza at Maggiano’s cooking classes in Indianapolis, In. I like to learn something new each day and also put friends together. 

  • Donna Perrelle

    My favorite way to unwind is to call a girlfriend and have a long uninteruped chat jumping from one subject to another, making a lunch date to continute our conversation, and maybe discussing the latest book we are reading. Of course that lunch would be at our favorite resturant Maggiano’s for eggplant parm….UMMM!!!

  • dennis

    great food, fine dining, and a freat host of people to serve you

  • Anonymous

    Drinks and apps on the patio at Maggiano’s in downtown Denver

  • Slballard13

    Laying on the beach with a margarita or glass of wine (or both)!! However, since that’s not in the budget, a great group of friends, Barbie Swimming pools (aka Margie’s) or bottles (yes, more than 3) of good wine, great food and lots of laughing!

  • Tub99597

    With a nice glass of wine with close friends

  • Annc77

    I like to go to Maggiano’s after 5:00pm and have cocktails with my friends.  It is a friendly place where we can have some drinks and appetizers and then have dinner.  We enjoy the food which is delicious.

  • JessA1980

    i like to wind down after a long day by putting on some comfortable clothes, and kick back with good meal and complimentary drink. Maggianos’ carry out, preferred.

  • Joe Edgerton

    I’d So Love To Unwind With a Few Friends Enjoying Some Saturday Afternoon College Football a Few Cold One’s and Some Chicken Saltimboca or Maybe Some Rigatoni “D” But Definately Start With Some Crispy Zuchinni Fritte Because Nothin Better To Do Than Hang With Good Friends Watching College Football and Enjoying MAGGIANOS, Whether I’m Picked or Not I’ll Still Be a Repeat Offender at Maggianos Cuz I Love The Food, The Service and The Atmosphere Keep Up The Good Work, One of Your Biggest Fans Joe Edgerton…

  • Wayne and Mary Beth

    My wife enjoy our “dates” twice a week.  We like to sit at the bar and start with martinis with an appetizer.  Then, we enjoy a nice bottle of vino with our Italian dinners at Maggiano’s.

  • Sherry Abrams

    Open up a bottle of Merlot and make pitchers of a signature cocktail created just for your friends. Serve with tapas and play embarrassing games.

  • TheJethro

    Go out after a day at work, see my smiling friends, and take turns buying rounds of beers

  • Jg0904

    Maggiano’s in Bridgewater, NJ!  Great service, great food! 

  • Dee

    Awesome Italian food, wonderful friends, great wine and some Sinatra playing in the background.  That’s what Maggiano’s means to me!

  • Momstheword42

    After a long day or even a long week, its great to relax and unwind with a few friends, a few drinks, and some scrumptious italian dishes.  You forget about your stress within minutes

  • Christine Strain

    Good food and drinks with  friends! We had a great dinner at Maggiano’s just last weekend :)

  • schnoodleDo

    Margherita flatbread and a nice glass of Chardonnay

  • ChiChi

    Unwinding usually involves a glass of wine and some friends, anywhere from the beach to my front yard… its all great! 

  • Gabrielle

     I like to unwind with a glass of white wine, laughing with great friends. Of course, tiramisu also helps!

  • Beachsidelcb

    I work full time and the mother of 10. When I get home at 1 am a hot bath in the jacuzzi bathtub with a glass of wine and a book is the perfect relaxation at times. House quiet. Others its sitting outside(we live in the woods) with the whole family and a few of the kids friends enjoying our beverage of choice and Sunday dinner in the back yard. The sound of talking and laughter can be just as relaxing. Sunday dinner is the time to try to outcook each other so good food, drinks, and good family. Perfection!

  • Tyejay313

    After a long week I like to get together with family and friends to share a great meal (at Maggianos ) have a great cocktail and share storys as well as laughs. There is not a better way to unwind!! When you have a great meal it sets the tone for the rest of the night. Good food, Good drinks with family and friends at a great place ( Maggiano’s) what a way to unwind ;  )



  • Amy

    I love to hang out with friends, catch up, have a glass of wine and unwind!  Life is so crazy we don’t do enough of this.  My friends deserve the opportunity since they have been sticking by me for 3 years while I looked for a job.  I just landed January 1 of this year!

  • Rorotvcr57

    No better place for wife and mother who is tired after working all day to go to Maggiano’s and have dinner and glass or two of wine and come home with dinner all made for the next day also…even at 54 one still needs to unwind and have a happy hour…that never gets old….

  • Jerry Clark

    I travel as a consultant away from home 5 nights a week but my wife and I love Chef Brians cooking demos so much once a month we drive 1.5 each way hours to spend a morning togethe at one of the cooking demos in Cleveland. We then have lunch at Maggianos after the class before heading home. We find Chef Brians classes veryhelpful informative and entertaining, and attending as a couple allows us to share the experience in all a very very nice day.

  • Bonnieflamm

    a really really dirty martini!

  • chris lange

    just give me a beer!

  • Jalonso

    Meet up with co-workers and friends on Friday, start off with the fried calamari and a few more appetizers few bottles of wine, and then conitnue with a fantastic meal. What a way to end a Friday after working a long week.
    Maggianos!!! Best food atmosphere and go home HAPPY!!! You need to get a Maggianos in Miami!! so the party can continue

  • Eghomesale

    W have a group of friends in Grayhawk and Maggiano’s is a fabulous place to eat, drink and relax in ambience for us. Not to forget the impeccable service…..all the time.

  • Tvictor520

    I unwind with a nice fruit inspired cocktail and some nice Bruschetta

  • Tschnitz

    Cold glass of Pinot Grigio, and a warm summer night on the porch.  Some quiet intimate conversation helps too ;)

  • Sherry B Russell

    for an italian restaurant you sure have good steaks

  • Alexis Fortuna Caoili

    My favorite way to unwind is to jump into a body of water – be it a lake, ocean, chlorinated pool, or hot tub!

  • Vernise_2000

    with my husband, glass of red wine with a rustic pizza, my husband love the lasagna.   A quite and relax moment with my husband.  Priceless!!!

  • Wayne and Mary Beth

    In the comment from Wayne and Mary Beth, somehow, it did not print the way I wrote it.  It should read—My wife and I enjoy our “dates” twice a week.  We like to sit at the bar and start with martinis with an appetizer.  Then, we enjoy a nice bottle of vino with our Italian dinners at Maggiano’s.

  • Brian Luck

    Is it even a question? Happy Hour at Maggiano, of course… with Randy pouring the Lemon Drop Martini “perfection”!

  • Lloyd0992

    a chance to meet new friends

  • Jhester

    sitting in my favorite restaurant with my favorite people and my favorite beverage!!

  • Jandjbrit

    I  have not been to  Maggianos but received  a gift  card.  I am looking  forward  to enjoying one  of their  meals. 

  • Sperez

    Drinks and appetizers on the patio on a beautiful day!



  • Jennbun

    We talk about our nostalgic memories and stuff our faces with sweets!

  • Khammond

    Glass of wine and a bubble bath

  • Jvmv12

    Maggiano’s  Happy Hour.  Love the wine and appetizer.   Then into the dining room for a great relaxing dinner.

  • Jdrew70

    Changing into my favorite sports team sweatshirts and yoga pants, waiting for my husband to get home from work, with a nice glass of pinot noir or cocktail, as well as one for him, and some great snacks–veggies and hummus, flatbreads, fresh italian bread with a plate of olive oil and parmesan cheese for dipping, or simply guacamole and chips–this routine puts us in what I call our ”download” mood where we go over our days events, troubles, and what we’re looking forward to in the coming days/weekend. In spring and summer our close neighbors do a spontaneous happy hour on Fridays/Saturdays, with our special “mascot” set up by the driveway of whoever’s hosting, everyone brings their own beverage and snack to pass.

  • Dolores

    Good food, cool drinks and great company make for the perfect happy hour!

  • Gkim999

    Chillin’ and chatting away…..and of course, drinks on the house:)  That sounds like a winning day to enjoy HAPPY HOUR at Maggiano’s!!!

  • Mypearl18

    Flatbread pizza and a cold beer with my girls.

  • Queencinnaminson

    I love to get together with friends and share drinks and appetizers and most of all laughs!

  • Brian

    It’s all about the company and the atmosphere, Getting your friends together to just talk, have some laughs and forget about the stress of the day, the week, the month, whatever has been building up. It’s a fantastic thing to enjoy a bottle of wine, between friends and enjoy the surroundings, and since I was introduced to Maggiano’s it’s been a great place to unwind.

  • jane

    after working a long hard week at a doctors office we like to go hang out and have some drinks and appetizers to unwind and talk about the week!  Its always good for a few laughs!

  • Mairbuccine

    Red wine, mozzarella sticks, spinach dip and georgeous men surrounding us.

  • GM

    A happy hour unwind sounds divine!!! I would love that with friends as my typical unwind is picking up toddler toys and an iced mocha!! ;)

  • Docjdg

    Favorite way to unwind is to have a delicious appetizer at the bar with a glass of good Italian wine.

  • Joyce

    Love to to meet  at Maggiano’s  with friends,  enjoy a glass or two of wine and then a “good” dinner, ending with a  good  dessert and coffee.  We are never rushed and are able to enjoy coffee or aftr dinnr drink at leiure.  Sometimes we enjoy the “take home” dinner  but you have so many delicious dinners  the “take home” dinners are few.

    Thank you for allowing Jacksonville to enjoy yout cuisine.

    Joyce Doyle

  • John

    A nice Italian red, delicious Italian food and friends who enjoy the moment!

  • Peaeyefoto

    Love to unwind with friends, food, and drinks.  Maggiano’s is the place!

  • Johnmj1026

     Agreat place to sit with friends, to share a laugh a drink and great meal.

  • Pat

    Getting friends together and having red wine while eating great Italian food at Maggiano’s,

  • Mbowers

    Sun in my face,
    Drink in my hand,
    Maggiano’s patio,
    Listening to a band.

    Flatbread on the table,
    Shopping bags at my side,
    Someone just bought a round!
    What a way to unwind!

  • Badkitties3

    Red wine, anytning with spaghetti sauce and the laughter of friends and family (even if they are laughing at me!).  We enjoy all of the above and so much more at Maggiano’s. Salute!

  • Mairbuccine

    Cabernet. Asagio cheese, bread and good conversation.

  • shesays

    Saturday lunch with my sister at Maggiano’s in LA’s Farmer’s Market.  Discuss the highs and lows of our week as we eat wonderful Italian food cooked by someone else.  What a joy ! !

  • StephMartin

    Margaritas, chips and queso, and music!

  • Mazzle

    I usually start the night off at Maggiano’s with your Bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms. From there I usually order the baked ziti. & if I have room after that, I try to squeeze in the Tiramisu. Consuming those menu items alone is the ONLY way to unwind after a stressful day.

  • Laura

    With two little boys I NEED happy hour love to sit a drink me some wine with great friends.

  • Bernadettkemp

    Getting together with a group of friends over some cocktails

  • Itsmemo1

    A martini & appetizers at Maggiano’s with my husband!

  • Roundupred

    Appetizers and friends ……whats better?

  • Anonymous

    Happy hours at Maggiano’s are my favorite way to unwind!!!

  • Carol Conlee

    Unwinding with friends after a week of work is always enjoyable at Maggiano’s. Sharing some drinks and appetizers is a good way to get caught up with everyone’s life in a very relaxing atmosphere. 

  • Rmg31259

    Dinner and drinks at Maggianos with family and friends of course! What better way is there?

  • Jammer

    Great wine with good friends!

  • Debp1955

    Good friends with a glass of wine and always italian food

  • Miriam54

    Its family time,big portions, home style.Taking me back to Italy,Florence, enjoying a glass of good wine and  a good food.good memories…….life is to short enjoy.

  • Crisdlg

    I unwind at happy hours with friends or family

  • Dmacchall

    Sitting outside, soaking up rays – this can be in the mountains, at the beach, even on my deck. Fresh air and sunshine can transport you most anywhere!

  • Prompala1953

    Having a nice glass of wine and enjoying everything Maggiano’s has to offer. You cannot go wrong on any of their dishes. We love the family style dinner. We always take people there for their birthday. Chow down……The waiters and waitress’s are always so accomodating and as soon as you walk in your are greeted by very friendly people. On the way out grab a mint…..Maggiano’s is the Italian Delite……..Better than little Italy…..

  • Donna Salzbach

    Getting together with friends I haven’t seen in a long time

  • Ladyfiz77

    I like having a cocktail with friends at a nice bar with happy hours.  It makes it better if there’s live music! 

  • Diana Mitchell

    We like to go fishing on the waters of Northern Arizona.  After a successful day of catch and release, we enjoy heading over to Maggiano’s for a delicious dinner and a few glasses of excellent wine.

  • Candy Karma

    Playing video games (You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy ‘em), travel, and great food at Maggiano’s with a yummy martini!

  • Norzecho

    Nice glass of wine on the patio on a sunny day

  • Janiceedley

    I like to read a book and drink some tea

  • Michelle

    Nothing is better than leaving a very unsatisfying job, and having an ice cold beer, to just relax and put the cares and worries of the day away for the day. A bit of conversation, or even just to people watch for an hour, can make the day seem so much better

  • Tannerteam

    Italian’s know how to unwind.

  • KEN


  • Timchapin

    A nice bottle of wine, or a few beers is definitely the way to go.  Couple either with March Madness, and you have the perfect event!

  • Frack819

    I change into comfy clothes and usually open a bottle of wine with a good book. Sometimes I like to go out with friends after work.

  • Papawinters

    It will be worth the drive. Soooo looking forward to it!

  • Kaybee

    Spending time with my Honey and enjoying a fine red wine at Maggiano’s Happy Hour in Bridgewater!

  • MasterD46

    The best way to unwind is to meet up with family and have a nice dinner!

  • Hopeangel41

    I would love to unwindwith friend/family/ or co-workers and will use any excuse to do so!  We all need to unwind from the stressful day to day schedules…it’s a welcome activity for all! Especially just to catch up with eachother without the help of the internet…in person…face-to-face! Smile to smiling face over great italian food, bottles of wine, and some jazzy frank sinatra music playing in the background…can you say Ahhhhhh! This is the Life?!

  • lynn green

    my way to unwine is with the favorite house wine off Maggiano;s has  that you only get there with great fine foods ,perfer to buy by the bottle at such a great price. what a way to kick up your feet and stress down for the evening .thanks lynn green

  • Franchane Washington

    I like to go to a restaurant after work and have a few glasses of wine, eat some good food, and wind down with some fruity drinks..

  • S_munzer

    A LARGE glass of merlot—  :D

  • Amy lippucci

    Even though we do enjoy Maggiano’s happy hour I have to say I’m looking forward to the deck opening up for the summer season. 

  • Chuck gray

    My wife and I relax about three times a month at Maggiano’s in Hackensack-nj-We start with Mark the bartender greeting us with apple martinis-the minute he sees us -the absolute citron vodka bottle is in his hands-and within a few minutes-we are greeted by the best restaurant manager in northern nj-JEFF. We then get seated quickly and chow down on the chopped salad-creamy potato chicken soup aznd most of the time the two for one pasta specials.Excellent food-ambience and good service.Maggiano’s cannot be beat.

    Fran and Chuck Gray

  • Carol Spallone


  • Meshell007

    Always with a glass of merlot, chocolate, my husband and lots of laughter. Whether it be at home playing games, warming up at a ski resort or having dinner at a nice restaurant, unwinding is a must when life gets very stressful.
    P.S. cheese with wine too :)

  • Damica Jackson

    My friend and I get up on Saturday mornings and leave the kids with our husbands. We go window shopping and just hang out. We pick a restaurant and get lunch. It doesn’t seem like much but those four hours recharge our batteries. We try to do this at least once a month.

  • anonymous

    Iced tea and a new book

  • anonymous

    Iced tea and a new book

  • Thewildricks

    Relaxing with my wife! That could be sitting on the couch watching a movie, taking a walk, or enjoying a nice dinner for two.

  • Thewildricks

    Relaxing with my wife! That could be sitting on the couch watching a movie, taking a walk, or enjoying a nice dinner for two.

  • Tom Tumbri

    cool beer from the bar

  • Tom Tumbri

    cool beer from the bar

  • Bruce

    Sitting by the pool listening to the relaxing sounds of the waterfall. A 1982 Mouton Rothschild and a cigar.

  • Bruce

    Sitting by the pool listening to the relaxing sounds of the waterfall. A 1982 Mouton Rothschild and a cigar.

  • Robwag39

    Good wine, good friends and good Italian food (at Maggiano’s of course!)

  • Robwag39

    Good wine, good friends and good Italian food (at Maggiano’s of course!)

  • Rockymtnnelson

    Great Pasta!
    Great Wine!
    Great Friends!
    Great Time!

  • Rockymtnnelson

    Great Pasta!
    Great Wine!
    Great Friends!
    Great Time!

  • Cynthiazielin

    Meet a group of friends for a glass of wine and appetizers.

  • Cynthiazielin

    Meet a group of friends for a glass of wine and appetizers.

  • Rgordani

    Recently had dinner and drinks was fun the atmosphere was great the prices were very good. The waitress was very friendly. Sat at the bar until our table was ready enjoyed talking to the bar tenders even though they were very busy. will return soon. The food was excellent.

  • Caninerec

    Beers on the deck.

  • Jmo1970

    Hendricks gin and tonic

  • Teresa Kirschmann

    I love to unwind by having some wine with my girlfriends.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

  • Pat H

     Meeting with my girlfriends for great wine, great food, catch-up conversations and then great music so we can dance the night away. Sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it??

  • joy

    Fantastic Italian Food, Wonderful Patio Setting, Great Place to People Watch and Have a Glass of Wine!

  • lorraine

    As a designated driver – happy hour – is exactly as described “happy”  – I can enjoy the food.

  • lorraine

    As a designated driver – happy hour – is exactly as described “happy”  – I can enjoy the food.

  • Gammie8r

    a good book a glass of fruity wine is my way of relaxing. patty fife

  • LM

    Now that our son is driving, it allows us to once again enjoy Happy Hour!  This was a great routine  on a Friday night that we enjoyed while dating – great memories.

  • Aphrodaisy Lynn

    great food, yummy drinks and some great friends to share it with… always the best way to unwind after a long work day/week/month. :)

  • Leslie

    A long, relaxed dinner at a favorite restaurant with my kids (20 and 24), who are the most interesting people I have the good fortune to know.

  • DOnherz1977

    Happy hour with my girlfriends and talk about nothing and everything:) Maggiano’s is perfect for it!

  • Pryan777

    My time is coming to Maggiano’s eat till i can’t move, Then drink till i can’t see, That’s how i spend my Saturday with you. U are the best

  • Yourbev

    Spending any free time with my son and his beautiful fiance. A cocktail (or 2!) and fabulous Italian dinner at Maggianos is just a Bonus to the evening!!

  • Krazyhottie014

    in the winter, my favorite way to unwind is with a nice hot cup of tea.
    in the summer its a nice cold pina colada!

  • Drmarinaccio

    Being of Italian heritage I should live as my ancestors. The traditional Italian lifestyle of my grandparents and parents was balanced and everything in moderation. Honestly, I never unwind! If I am not working I am sleeping. Actually I feel as though I need to “rewind” rather than “unwind”. However, if I could enjoy life if only for a “happy hour” it would be surrounded by good friends and relatives in a friendly, comfortable, savory environment filled with the smells of aging cheese, sauce, and wine like the villages of my forefathers.

  • Scootin62

    Great food, drinks, dessert, atmosphere and most of all people you are with makes the best way to unwind!

  • Gktnt

    I have so many different ways to unwind, but one of my favorites is getting my friends together to enjoy some great wine, great food and just sitting around laughing enjoying each others company.

  • jjd135

    going to maggianos is the best way to unwind!!

  • Brandach

    A lovely glass of the best Italian red – best friends – Arizona sunshine and BEST pasta at sundown in the warm atmosphere of Maggiano’s! I’ll be back for more!…..and more….

  • Tayla P

    ice cold beer!!!

  • EMGO60


  • Rhonda Leeson

    I find that I am able to unwind best through my family and friends. Being amongst my favorite people allows for me to relax not only physically but also my mind. Being surrounded by love and contentment brings me to a place where I can find the peace & solitude to naturally unwind. Joining together with our family and friends in an atmosphere of bubbly good cheer, spectacular food & spirits and service with a smile really can take ones mind off the day to day stresses of life.
    NO better place to take you and your mind to than Maggiano’s to unwind! Eat, drink, laugh & be happy.. Cheers!

  • Debi

    No whining here!  Just a good glass of wine and thine!

  • Tmb2923

    pure italian olive oil (from italy of course), a loaf of italian bread, hard cheese and house wine. That’s the ideal unwind day.

  • Katy_ast

    Best way to unwind is to share a bottle of wine and a big bowl of rigatoni D with the one you love!!

  • Man of La-Mancha

    Simply put good wine, good food, “especially”,  a creative past dish and followed by desert with some fresh fruit, cheese and after dinner white wine  and most important good friends and great conversation about current events, politics  and travel plans!

  • Michael

    I prefer a long walk with my Welsh Springer Spaniel after a tough day.  He is happy and it rubs off on me quickly.

  • Catherine Massola

    We are only two, my husband and I . We are french and there is no favorite time to unwind and enjoy a place like Maggiano’s !  Living for 3 years in Virginia we book every time we drive to the Washington DC  or Richmond.We enjoy having  happy hour, eat the delicious spinach flatbread, bruschetta and many more, i think we have tried every thing. Thank you Maggiano’s because of you we feel a little bit at home !

  • Jen

    I like to unwind with a glass (or two) of wine, good food, family, friends, and my boyfriend. I love to laugh and just enjoy myself being surrounded with so many good things and people. I couldn’t ask for a better evening. 

  • Cleverlewis

    A table of fresh salads and gnocchi in your delicious sauce surrounded by friends!

  • Luzette Reid

    With a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc shared with good company.



  • Kristy

    A yoga class followed by a Maggiano’s chopped salad!

  • Merri

    My friends and I love Maggiano”s, we like to sometimes sit at the bar and enjoy the amazing appetizers, I love the flatbread, they have like 5 different ones, and we talk to everyone around us.
    We also meet once a week for dinner, and wine and my favorite chooped salad, we all get differents meals, and taste each others, and the portions are so big, leftovers for tomorrow, and we laugh, and talk, we have been doing this for 3 years, sometimes one of us can’t go, the rest still go, It’s our favorite restaurant, GNO, Girls Night Out.

  • Amanda

    cosmos and the girls! :)

  • Margaretwalmer

    I like to go to Maggiano’s for Happy Hour!  Great prices, elegant ambience, good times!  

  • Hosagood

    Meeting friends and making new ones…..of course good food and drinks make the time that much better.

  • Brumar3

    Plan a glorious vacation!

  • Ccclsherry2

    with Vino and Good Friends

  • Ccclsherry2

    with Vino and Good Friends

  • Jenny Weaver

    Yes, I would LOVE to win free Happy Hour!! Love Maggiano’s!

  • gailpanacci

    I really love a good basketball game, esp now in March w/ the NCAA tournament.  OR a great hike in the woods with my children…

  • Ccclsherry2

    all good but dont forget they validate parking, a big plus :)

  • Rscott

    Open a bottle of white wine with a little sparling to it, lean back and sit and talk with the love of my life.

  • Jsinc129

    Sit back, kick my feet up, listen to some nice jazz or Blues, have a few laughs and unwind  with friends,….. of course have a few cocktails  and let the evening flow

  • Viv

    Happy Hour is my Favorite time of the day.  Like they say, It Has To Be 5:00 Somewhere.  I Love to sit down and relaxe with a glass of wine after a long day.  I Love to go to Maggiano’s for a nice dinner and a glass of wine with my Husband.  We don’t ask for much and this makes us happy.


  • Molly

    staying in touch with my girlfriends of more than 50 (yes, 50) years with a peach bellini and and appretizer and wonderful bonding and conversation is how I choose to unwind at Maggianos.  There is no better company and no place better to enjoy that company.

  • Samie

    We enjoy every time we go there.  The service is great and the food treamendise!  Every trip there is a new experience!


  • Herk Neokleous

    A nice glass of red wine,a table full of friends, and great Italian food.

  • Jazz

    I go to yoga class

  • Simgodflowers

    I like to unwind after a taxing day with a good glass of wine (Easy with my 200 bottles) sitting on a chaise lounge with my spouse out by the pool watching the squirrels play in the trees with our dogs going crazy.  Add in a little appetizer and it don’t get any better than this.

  • susan mares


  • Joe. C

    Wine, our backyard watching the sun set, and our neighbors being quite is the perfect way for us to relax.  Unless we splurge a little, if that happens, Maggianos!!!

  • Anonymous

    free food!

  • Gwen

    Great glass of wine, great Italian food from Maggiano’s and a view of the beautiful mountains

  • Deb Scott

    What a better way to wash away the work day than to spend time with great drinks, great friends great food and many laughs!

  • Joan Squicciarini

    We love going to Maggianos and especially enjoy taking out of town relatives and friends there.  We can sit down, relax and wait for our guests to taste the dish they ordered and then wait for the comments from them!  The most recent visit, about a week ago, was with people from Long Island, N.Y.  They couldn’t stop raving about the food and the deals, such as take home a meal, just floored them!  They couldn’t believe  it.  One relative, who absolutely loves an Italian restaurant in N.Y., commented that he was going to tell the owner of that restaurant that he found a restaurant who has much better food and some rally great food.  We couldn’t believe it, because this man is always ranting and racving about how wonderful the particular restaurant is!  Never thought we’d ever hear that from him! 

  • Gerald klein


  • Linda

    We unwind with happy hour at our local country club.  They have a supervised kids playroom and all the kids get to play together and do arts and crafts and have dinner while the parents do happy hour.

  • Christinakane84

    Having some good food and a nice cold drink

  • Rick

    At Maggiano’s Happy Hour!!!!    It’s the best!!!

  • Nonna49

    Just because we are retired, doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a girlfriends nite with great cocktails & some fabulous food! This is the recipe to a perfect evening.

  • Dhough12

    Going out for drinks & dinner with friends and leaving ur work phone home! Golf the next day! dh

  • Texmac12

    Watching and talking while listening

  • Anne

    Wine, my husband and a comfy couch.

  • Deborah McKinley

    Chocolate martinis!

  • Cheryl

    Glass of wine in my hand!

  • Designbyjan

    Just relax the stress away with food, drink and good friends…..

  • Lifegrd121

    Lovely atmosphere to catch with family and shae a glass of wine; salad and maybe a little more wine tasting.  Great food, fun w//Friends & Family!

  • Mmcgovern

    Definitely wine and appetizers!

  • Diana

    I love Maggiano’s! I have never been there for happy hour but would love to have friends join me for it after a long stressful day at work. Afterall we know how to get rid of stress. Food and drinks!!!

  • Lindsey

    Unwinding is a gift !  For some, like myself, it seems like it’s almost impossible to finally let yourself unwind.  Once I almost get to my breaking point, my body & mind finally say enough is enough and at last, I unwind.  If only for a little while, I forget all of my troubles and everything that is constantly worrying me by losing myself in conversation. I know that sounds a little weird, but talking is my therapy.  It’s amazing how differently you can feel when you can simply just sit down and have a normal conversation with someone.  It doesn’t even have to be someone you know! Actually, it’s almost better if you don’t really know that person your letting loose with because then you don’t have to worry about really anything at all! You can speak your mind and pretty much say whatever you’re going through at that point in time and not worry about what that person is thinking about you or judging you for what you are saying.  Like I said before, unwinding is a gift. So, my favorite way to unwind is simply talking to someone, anyone, really anyone!!  Conversation is a great thing that everyone should use to unwind at least once!

  • Kschaefer1

    My favorite way to unwind is with friends at Maggiano’s.  Nothing like a glass of red wine and Maggiano’s delicious, mouth watering cheesecake.  Who could think of a better way to unwind!

  • Debra Nicolosi

    My favorite way to unwind is spending quality time with my family. Now that my sons are grow and out of the house I look forward to family dinners. Sharing great Italian food, a little vino and a wonderful dessert as we catch up on the daily life events. Laughter and love always washes away the stress of the week.  Dio benedica il tempo con la famiglia.

  • LizzyK

    I love to relax with my girlfriends at our local Maggiano’s. We enjoy a few glasses of wine and always get enough appetizers to share. It’s a great night out!!!

  • Katherine Isaac

    Couple of cold glasses of wine with my significant other, or just a group of friends out having a good time!

  • Mindy Stevens

    Take a shower, crawl in bed and watch tv

  • Lourdes

    A great way my girlfriends and I unwind is by starting with a little shopping at Bloomingdale’s at Riverside Square Mall (Hackensack) then head to Maggiano’s for cocktails and food…start with their fried calamari followed by the rigatoni D’s pasta (my favorite)…and not too long ago (October) we had great fun and truly “unwound” at Maggiano’s (Hackensack) at their Tony & Tina’s Wedding event!!  You can say we are Maggiano “junkies” <3 <3  ;)))

  • John C Rainard

    I find entering this sweepstake and winning to be very relaxing.

  • Meagan_marie

    Enjoying great wine and cocktails with delicious apps. Sitting on a patio in warm Spring air with wonderful friends.

  • Amy Willingham

    Stuffed Mushrooms, Chicken & Spinach Manicotti, Mini Dessert Sampler, Frozen Bellini Swirls = relaxation at Maggiano’s! Throw in excellent service and a dimly lit romantic atmosphere and I am in heaven. Nothing can beat the service we get when we are at Maggiano’s for we feel like we are part of the family! The best place to meet with friends, enjoy some drinks with a loved one, celebrate a special occasion (which we did and they made me feel like a queen) or just enjoy a book with a glass of wine.

  • Dgarcia120

    Gather up my girls for a few drinks and appetizers and do my favorite thing people watch. Which is so fun to do in Las Vegas cause there are so many interesting people

  • Kmcla67

    Glass of wine and tiramisu!

  • Doris R.

    I play “Words with Friends” with about 16 people at the same time.

  • Nursesunshine

    Dance on the bar :-)

  • deb

    enjoying a ‘me’ day followed by a glass of wine and a hot Itallian dinner.

  • Rdouglas9

    Treat my best girl to your happy hour.

  • Patty

    Love leaving Wisconsin and traveling to Las Vegas — anytime of the year!!!  Stopping on the strip at Maggiano’s to have appetizers and cocktails.  Talk about relaxing!!!!!!

  • Lgagnon1954

    If I had to pop in alone (which sometimes I do), I would order a chicken flatbread and a fabulous manhattan made with Crown Royale.  Sit over by a window with my book and enjoy the view!

  • Walter Stelczyk


  • Hope

    Lemon drop in my hand, friends all around the table with lots of catching up going around and seeing the night lights all around.

  • AO

    Girls Night Out is a great way to relax.    Vent with your friends over a few drinks a delicious Italian food.

  • M Kruse

    A glass of wine and bit of cheese while chatting with friends and family.

  • Sindee

    My favorite way to unwind is to pour a glass of wine and relax outside or meet up with friends at Maggiano’s Happy Hour!

  • Tracey

    We’ve celebrated Birthdays, Graduations, promotions and new jobs at Maggiano’s.
    No one makes a better  frozen Bellini, but it’s the chicken manicotti
    that keeps me coming back!  

  • MB

    What’s more relaxing than a glass of cabernet, some nosh and good conversations with friends :-)

  • Carole

    My favorite way to unwind is to spend time enjoying a good meal with my friends.  Great conversation  and many laughs around the table leads to shared memories that enrich our lives and go with us no matter where we are.

  • Tnbblair

    High School re-unions at Maggiano’s, eating, having some good food, good wine, and some great laughs. 

  • Gallboy1

    Visited two and a half years ago at the fashion show mall and it was unreal. Great food, huge portions and real friendly waiters. Went back this February and the menus changed, portions now half the size and the prices have increased. Why spoil something that was so good? I’m from the UK and used to recommend to everyone visiting Vegas. Won’t be doing it again.

  • Soo Hom

    Go out and get a big juicy steak!

  • Bobbi

    my husband and I love to choose different happy hours in Scottsdale and Phoenix!  I love a good chardonnay, and he loves Merlot!

  • Tdietzman10

    Nothing is better than hang out with good friends and a good beer!

  • JM

    My favorite way to unwind is with a good selection of appetizers and drinks in the bar at Maggiano’s!

  • Jclever

    I love food and everything associated with it.  One of my favourite ways to unwind is to grab a cook book, a cup of tea, put my feet up and read away.  

  • Adriana

    I like  to unwind with a cold Stella Artois at Maggiano’ s…perfection!

  • Donna Johns

    Me and the girls love to get together and unwind after a busy day at work, we love to drink and laugh  and have a  good time as we always do

  • Krielaart13

    I like to spend a couple hours at the barn with my horse after a hard day, nothing makes me feel better or work up an appetite for a good hearty meal more than a nice ride!

  • Patrick Lynch

    I just began working downtown.  I have friends up north where I live, and others in SE Denver.  I’d love to be able to bring them together at a convenient locale.  We meet regularly, and are always looking to find the best happy hour.

  • Fazendablessings

    I love to do that on company of my family and friends.

  • Laurie Culpepper

    Some pasta and a glass of wine with friends!

  • Ilene

    We would love to unwind with a glass of wine and a flatbread pizza at Maggiano’s

  • Elaine Weber

    To have delicious drinks with great friends and experience a wonderful time!!!

  • Jared10arthur

    After a long week, there is nothing better than sharing or venting stories from the week with a group of friends, while having drinks and fine Italian cuisine like Maggianos! It’s like a vacation from reality and we always leave wanting more!

  • Dawn

    My favorite way to unwind actually is getting together with friends for happy hour or dinner. We have the occasional party or poker night. It’s always nice to forget our busy schedules and catch up

  • Cmeprice

    Food and drinks with friends!

  • Armon85

    Love everything! Great happy hour

  • Kelly Miller

    A long walk with the dogs followed by a nice dinner at Maggiano’s.

  • William

    So nice to meet up with freinds and have a great italian dinner with drinks and do some mall shopping.

  • Noreen Kebba

    My favorite way to unwind is to teach my aerobic classes. I have been a fitness instructor for 25 yrs. and all of my favorite people are in my class and I just love working out with my friends. No cheaper therapy than exercising too!!!

  • Cherr80452

    Glass of wine, appertizers, n a movie..

  • Flutemc

    Some Sinatra on the Bose, candles burning and fireplace crackling…oh heaven!

  • Jdaoa

    Going to Maggianos any time,that’s the place I can always unwind, against wind or rain, day or night, being at Maggianos is always a delight!

  • Gimmiesmore

    Hanging out on the fromt porch drinking cheap red wine!

  • noreen kebba

    I would love to bring my aerobic friends to Maggiano’s. My husband and I went to your restaurant in Scottsdale last month and loved the food. Noreen Kebba

  • Joyceverna

    My way to unwind is to drive from the country to the city to Maggianos.  Enjoy a happy hour with my friends then get some serious meals, wine and fabulous desserts.  We just love it there!  NEVER a bad experience.

    Joyce and Yves

  • Nanowens69

    Nice cold drink on a warm day

  • Wendy

    Favorite way to unwind is with a tart, lime Margarita with salt and a lime wedge – delish!

  • Ayeshag9221

    Eating chocolates and drinking coffee whilst sharing a laugh with friends around an open hearth. Okay, minus the hearth. I’ll eat chocolate anywhere. 

  • Cenny

    Maggiano’s to go…and a movie….cuddle,eat,great food,and be loved…

  • Anonymous

    I pull in to a popular scenic rest area, and watch the clouds, and the variety of bird life, especially bald eagles. Then I gaze across an inlet, to a snow covered mountain range, with beautiful blue and mauve colors in the sky.
    I take a lot of photos for my friends all over the U.S. and elsewhere, then I pour some wine, and send the pictures to my friends, and feel happy.

  • Houli547

    I love sitting out on the deck in the summer with a cold beer or margarita with my other half

  • Mickykirk

    A bottle of red wine and pasta with my sweetie!!!

  • Stacey_ut

    Run…then go meet up with friends to eat and drink…

  • Cathy Guzik

    A two martini (dirty) unwind…..AHHHHHHHHHH thats our little Italy….Maggianos

  • Mary Allhoff

    To meet up with friends…and would “love” to do so at Maggiano’s!!!!  One of our “fav” spots….food is always wonderful and the service is the best!!!

  • Kev Endow

    Guiness, some friends and a Lakers game on TV

  • Connie

    Get together with friends, husband and have a drink and talk. 

  • Lee Cordes

    I like to unwind by having a Cosmo and Maggiano’s famous calimari, then join my friends
    for a real ( home cooked dinner like mom used to make) Italian style meal. After a stressful
    day there’s nothing better than chilling with good food, good friends and the loving care
    given by the wait staff at Maggianos. It’s nice to feel special and this is the place.

  • Tenerifebasecamp

    After a full day of skiing – a cold beer (or two) with ski friends!

  • Dr. Z

    I head to the gym and do some aerobics, weight lifting and swimming.

  • Niki evans

    Definitely champagne and appetizers! We celebrate every day!!

  • Dscher

    I like to gather friends who are busy all day, to take a moment to relax, enjoy a beverage and some appetizers while discussing the events of the day, and then go on to dinner at home or at the restaurant.

  • Bob

    I like to meet friends, work colleagues and take clients to relax and unwind at Happy Hour, because it’s a great place to break away form the daily fast paced work grind and/or meet friends to just enjoy their company.  Hurrrahhh!

  • Berthouex

    Visited Orlando in December.  Maggiano’s gave us two wonderful special evenings.  We return in April and will be there for my daughter’s anniversary celebration and my granddaughter’s birthday.  The kids will love dessert.  I’ll have a good red wine with a flatbread for starters.

  • Emr83

    My favorite way to unwind is a bubble bath and a good book!  But good food with loved ones is a great way to unwind as well (and after a trip to Maggiano’s I always get another day off of cooking ;) )

  • Kathy

    “Sit back, relax, and be waited on “

  • Cindy Litchfield

    getting together with a small group of friends we hang out with on pool night.  We go to Maggiano’s first for dinner and drinks then home to play some ball.

  • darlene

    brush my cat.

  • Pdkelly57

    getting together with good friends over good food

  • Kathy558

    There is nothing like meeting up with my best girlfriends, sharing wine, sitting on your patio, and just enjoying our beautiful surroundings, while we laugh, and laugh. Springtime with friends, Maggiano’s and wine! Life is good.

  • Havingfun66

    hanging with good friends and great food at Maggiano’s!

  • Jessica P

    With a Ketel One Madras, great food, and even better friends!

  • Charlotte

    Maggiano’s…… Martini Monday’s Of Course with Girl Friends!
    The Best! Love the Spinach Chicken Lasagna..and the Spinach Salads!

  • Michael Offen

    Nothing like going out for appetizers– I’m partial to the Bruchetta myself– and a bottle of wine with the Mrs on a school night; that’s a great way to unwind. 

  • Don L.

    hanging with good friends and great food at Maggiano’s!

  • Sana

    After a hard day at work, I like to unwind by dining with my family and having a glass of wine. Another fun way is going out to happy hour with friends.

  • nitegracee

    I refer to Friday evening beginning at 5PM, my weekly vacation. I desperately need a break from my 8 pets and my 87 yr old father. Oh, and a nice martini helps!

  • LourdSl83

    Enjoy happy hour or dinner with family and friends with good food.


    gather friends at the spur of the moment and head to maggiano’s for happy hour.  

  • maria

    Nothing better than a delicious cold cocktail in one hand, yummy margherita flatbread in the other hand,  and being surrounded by good friends for some relaxation and laughter. 

  • Pattyr

    Vodka cocktail…nice dinner….coffee and dessert…relaxing with my family! Oh and some quiet time with my IPad!

  • Cdedel

    wine! wine! wine!


    Good people, light libations, interesting canapes, and non political conversations, thats unwinding. Your place? Why not!!!

  • Jsage1091

    A martini and some friends!

  • Anniemcm

    Gather the gang together , eat , drink , and be merry !  Good Times !

  • Dawnellfarrar

    Nice glass of wine. Some yummy food. Good friends. Good conversation in a nice cozy atmosphere or on a sunny patio:))  

  • Afoley

    I am a teacher in an all-girls high school. I know my fellow teachers would LOVE to unwind at Maggianos after work for Happy Hour.
    Do you know what it is like to deal with “drama” from 8:00 to 3:30 Monday through Friday and then go home and once again deal with your children’s drama? We just finished the Middle States team evaluation – stress? YES! We definitely need the great appetizers and coctails at Maggianos! With this awesome weather, there is nothing like sitting outside at patio drinking, eating and socializing!
    We need you!

  • Crystal

    I love to unwind with my friends have great food, good drinks and fun filled conversation! Maggiano’s is the perfect place to have a good time. I just went last week for my birthday to have dinner!

  • Dawn


    I recently created and printed my cookbook called “The Salanos Friends & Family Cookbook” and gave it to them as a Christmas gift. It has since inspired me to e-publish it, which I am in the midst of doing. I have held several “Cookbook Critique Tastings” where everyone would make one of the recipies to bring and they would give their feedback on ow the process was to make it. It has been so much fun plus I throw in several Italian Trivia Games with prizes and it has really taken off. They all want to know when the next book is coming out, which I’ve started on, already. It’s very exciting, as I LOVE to cook & entertain.

    I would love the opportunity to invite my friends to Maggiano’s, especially since it’s Italian, and thank them for their inspiration and participation, in making my dream, a reality. It has truly inspired me to move forward with my love for cooking. They are the best friends EVER!!

    Dawn Salano
    Cell 904-334-4974

  • Mtheery

    Bottle of Chianti, maggiano’s appetizers and my girl. It’s where we had out 1st date.

  • Stacie

    nice glass of chardonnay

  • Mikejadams7

    Some music, socializing with friends and some good spirits and a meal, help me unwind and let the good times roll.

  • Jenni

    I love to unwind with good friends, good wine, and good food. I have a big exam tomorrow and I’ll definitely want to unwind after !

  • Letti

    With a great cold glass of champagne

  • Pam

    work out at the gym or walk my dog

  • Pam

    work out at the gym or walk my dog

  • Alicia

    There is nothing better than a glass of wine (riesling, I’m a sweet girl!) and the latest “literary junkfood” aka a crime novel or “girl book” … nice, easy reading, nice, easy wine. 

  • Alicia

    There is nothing better than a glass of wine (riesling, I’m a sweet girl!) and the latest “literary junkfood” aka a crime novel or “girl book” … nice, easy reading, nice, easy wine. 

  • Leigh McLaughlin

    My favorite way to unwind is to join my friends, family, and fiance’ for great food and drinks at Maggiano’s with a toast to love, laughter and happily ever after!

  • Leigh McLaughlin

    My favorite way to unwind is to join my friends, family, and fiance’ for great food and drinks at Maggiano’s with a toast to love, laughter and happily ever after!

  • Algine Perry

    I enjoy going out with my friends to happy hour and extending into dinner most times.  I am a member of Single Seniors of San Antone and would love for us to visit your place again.  Good food, good company and a nice place like Maggiano’s to meet, makes for a wonderful memorable  evening.

  • Algine Perry

    I enjoy going out with my friends to happy hour and extending into dinner most times.  I am a member of Single Seniors of San Antone and would love for us to visit your place again.  Good food, good company and a nice place like Maggiano’s to meet, makes for a wonderful memorable  evening.

  • Anonymous

    This Italian loves to go to great Italian resturants.

  • missannmcd

    Ahhh, a glass of vino in the hot tub for me!

  • Nancy Valeo

    Just went last night with my girl friend & we had the best time in the bar with wine & food. Not rushed but was able to enjoy the company of each other, the atmosphere & food.

  • Dibeluju_us

    two scotches on the rocks!!

  • Mrs Waterman

    I would so enjoy time out of the house. Mummy’s day out with some girls. I love the pinnacle martini and the flat breads.

  • RobertS

    A glass of Chianti or another fne Tuscan red wine accompanied by friends and family!

  • Soudy_ap

    Can you imagine the better way of ending a stressful day  sharing a bottle of great wine pairing   a tasteful dish with a partner ? I don’t think so !

  • Bob Hinckley

    A chance to see friends, drink a few spirits, nibble on some appetizers, and dream of being in Italy… Maggiano’s for Happy Hour!

  • Gailgamble

    We loved discovering Maggianos in both Las Vegas and Orlando after “tough” days as tourists. We do not live near one of your restaurants, but will definitely be back to these within the year! Great place to unwind….terrific, abundant food and service!

  • Erica Gaudin

    The best way for me to unwind is with my best friends, amazing boyfriend, and a fabulous mixed drink on the beach!

  • CJ

    Red wine and Turner Classic Movies……..

  • Masantos65

    Relax, let my hair down and enjoy my husband of 25 years of marriage’s company!

  • Anonymous

    Great food, great wine, great friends, great service.  Being at Maggiano’s is like being in a small beautiful Italian village.

  • guest

    Enjoying delicious food and drinks,
    laughing and having a wonderful time with
    with good friends at Maggiano’s Little Italy !

  • rr

    Being unemployed, it is great to be able to meet friends in a casual environment and feel like I can actually enjoy great food and drinks and not feel like I should not be spending money I should be spending on life’s expenses.  It is part of ‘getting by’ to be with family and friends.  Thanks!

  • Woolf4

    Forget the glass of wine — I like to unwind with a bottle of wine!!

  • nancy dockry

    good book………glassof wine

  • Neekers

    sitting out on my deck until sunset with the hubster , listening to the birds, feeling the breezes blow, popping a bottle of bubbly and munching on a fresh basket of frites! aaahhh….

  • Juli Cotta

    Relaxing, eating and drinking with co-workers.  Decompressing about the days evens.

  • Perrychick1968

    Most of my gals & I are divorced with kids & some without.  We all work so hard to make the rent, mortage & the bills.  Sometimes it is difficult for us to all get together and go out with our schedules.  I really think this would be a great night for us gals to get together at a real great place. 

  • Franklin C Fraser

    A small Caesar Salad, with lite Olive Oil, dash of Red wine vinegar.. A dish of Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta.. Your best Coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.. Very simple, while listening to the master play the piano..

  • SNT

    A cup of cappuccino and and a great movie

  • Susie

    Sit in my hot tub with a cold beer.

  • Janice M. Gaudutis

    Love meeting friends for wine or cocktails and conversations….may need more than a happy “hour”!

  • Rescobedo2

    Nothing is more relaxing than playing and laughing with my kids in our backyard. That alone can make the stress of being a teacher fade away. 

  • Sandra Childress

    Friends and Loved Ones, a couple of rounds of drinks, some great jokes and stories…then an awesome spread of food and more drinks! Then a walk around Santana Row in San Jose, CA.

  • J Vollmar

    Now that we’re both retired my husband and I are taking pleasure in many things we rarely got to do when we worked.  We have always loved Maggiano’s and have ernjoyed many special occasions there, including our two sons engagement dinners.  But now we can enjoy drinking and dining at one of our favorite places with our friends as well.  We recently had lunch with another retired couple at the Denver location.  What a wonderful time we had.  The atmosphere is always so relaxing and pleasant.  The staff superb.  We regularly go out for happy hour and would love to bring more of our friends to Maggiano’s to unwind (or maybe wind up).

  • Lori_stakes

    opening a bottle of wine and relaxing with my family.. Love the extra time I have.

  • Mguerrido

    I love to cook. When I am stress I look for a new recipe and star cooking this really help me to think about what I am cooking instead of other problems.

  • Mikewren521

    Share a bottle of Chianti Classico along with a plate of buffalina mozzarella, tomatos and fresh basil, followed by 3 cheese ravioli and creme brule’ :)

  • Ciappaemiranda

    A bottle of moscato, delicious appetizer with some good friends.

  • drollz

    My wife and I enjoy the hell out of sitting in the bar area after work or Sunday afternoon, watch the fountain, drink some nice Pinot or Chianti and then enjoy one of your signature pasta dinners or chicken; always after your awesome salad.   Reminds us a lot of our trips to Italy.  We had our  anniversary dinner there as well, great time, great people, and great memories.  Just that kinda place where you sit a little closer together,seem to reach out and touch each other a little more and always leave with a smile and holding hands!

  • Mslowik32

    Meet up with,my friends for an,outdoor HH To relax And unwind And catch up After a Long Work week!

  • Sher

    When I’m feeling wound up & I simply want to chill, I call my “old time” girls. This group of ladies go back 25-30 years. We are friends from childhood, we attended elementary & high schools together. We share our most intimate secrets while eating & drinking, and we just have a Great time when we get together. Always looking forward to seeing the girls, happy hour makes for a great time.

  • Marco

    Hanging out with probably the best bartendar in South Jersey, Eddy, at your establishment in Cherry Hill, NJ…He has persona and tact…My man…Of course, with my consort of ladies…

    Great place and the food is very good.  Ottimo locale !! 

  • Lindamea

    A few hours catching up with close friends/family, a cool drink, getting out of the house to enjoy the wonderful spring weather over a delicious bite to eat……great way to unwind from reality and stress of everyday life.



  • Mark B Miller

    A cold drink in hand, old friends at side :)

  • Cillym 1

    Classical music, fire in the fireplace or pit outside, a few good friends, a glass (or two) of wine…

  • Clancyrc

    Working out and sparring with my boyfriend at our boxing gym!

  • DEB


  • George LaVecchia

    A beer at the bar with sports on the TV :)

  • Sharon

    I like to unwind with a nice brisk walk followed by a nice glass of red wine, tasty food that comforts your heart and upbeat music that makes you dream of another time!

  • Jrose327

    I’m an attorney and love happy hour at Maggiano’s Nashville with my fellow counsel after a long week in court.  Mgr. Kelsey and his staff treat us extremely well.  The wine and flatbread are a perfect combination!

  • M Pettiford

    My favorite way to unwind is to walk in the sunshine.

  • Jrelkhunt

    after a good night of alligator hunting,it’s nice to have a large cool O’douls dark

  • Lisa

     Going to a concert with some friends and making memories that will last forever is a great way to unwind! Oh yes and can’t forget some good drinks and food before the concert at our local Maggiano’s on LV BLVD.

  • Geri

    A great meal.

  • Emthepm

    In a lounge chair, on the beach, with a good book and a cold drink!

  • Magiwena-wow

    Break wind. Unwind.

  • Anthony

    I like to “Wine Down” by meeting friends and enjoying some good wines; even a Martinin now and then. ONe must always have some good food to go with the evening. A little evening music goes a long way to lift the spirits and make good connections.

  • Dee :)

    My first time to ever unwind after a long week of work was my idea to gather a group of girlfriends dress up and meet at Maggianos for dinner and wine. But it turned out to just more than a dinner it was laughter, dinner, wine, flirting with handsome waiters, and omg what topped it all was the piano man. It was all of the songs from late 70′s 80′s soft rock. The best night ever we sang and drink and song some more until the last key was played. Unwinding for me is laughter, fun, just being. That night fulfilled every expectation. Look forward to doing that again!

  • Mrktmpltn

    I like to unwind by going kayaking,generally with a fishing pole in one hand.

  • Sher

    A nice warm bath, a good book, and a good glass of wine!

  • joanng

    I’m retired and believe it or not do have a hectic schedule.  It’s just missing the job. I love to unwind sipping a nice glass of wine, along with some appetizers with the company of my husband and our  best friends along with great conversation  in the confines of Maggiano’s in Arizona.  Love your food, love your specials.  I’m originally from Chicago so I’ve been to Maggiano’s many times there from having a wonderful dinner to attending a bridal shower.  It was the best.  So would love to cool down at Maggiano’s.  Have many wonderful memories.  Would love to have some same memories here in Arizona.

  • Macanedy

    Getting together with friends after a particularly stressful day at work to have an adult beverage with adult conversation!

  • Randi

    I like to unwind on my deck with my puppy with a nice cold Bacardi & Diet Coke!

  • Stephanie P

    My favorite way to unwind after a long day at work is to come home and have a nice glass of red wine. Relaxes me for the whole night.

  • Grits50

    Get together with some close friends! HAve a Margarita at Maggiano’s sounds like the start to a party! We love Italain food and where better to go for some!

  • Keri

    I unwind with my girls!!!  No husband, No kids, Margarita in hand!!!!!!!

  • Tammyboothe

    I love to visit with friends over wine and drinks.  We always have a great time and one that is filled with lots of laughter.  Friends, good food and drink, and laughter really is the best medicine.

  • Losangelbear

    After a busy day in the ICU I need a good glass of Chardonnay, STAT!

  • Peppermintz

    a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou…….great food, good friends, wonderful service from your excellent wait staff!

  • Diane

    I love to unwind by just putting on my pjs, getting out my ipad out and staying warm under my electric blanket….but that is getting old now that Spring is here, I would love to have a great happy hour with my friends after a long day of teaching!!

  • Lisa

    I get to Maggiano’s in Nashville or Atlanta and it’s always a wonderful and special fun time.  Must have is the lemodrop martini and chopped salad and chicken spinach manicotti and….  I ALWAYS recommend to friends and everytime I’m in one of those towns we go to eat there.  Usually our Friday night happy hour at the bar when planning our weekend getaway!!!  Love the place

  • Joe Macco

     Dinner or happy hour at Maggiano’s, enjoying the great Italian food and drinks. Plan go to Maggiano’s for happy hour once a week.

  • mike s.

    I usually unwind by laying on the floor, stretching out as much as I can, then rolling 14 times in a counter clockwise direction while singing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and winking with my eyes alternating two left, three right, two left…

  • Janelle M

    Favorite way to unwind is with delicious food, great drinks and  wonderful company to share laughter with

  • Kchrusciel

    We have a Happy Hour Group, traveling to different Happy Hour Specials around the city. Our group have been friends for over twenty -five years . While we have moved around to different parts of the city, it is always fun to catch up.

  • Allthecourts aka/elizabeth

    when i lived in Chicago i was 2 blocks from original Maggiano’s and the original Corner Bakery, where i devoured the chocolate cherry bread often.
    We used to get a huge group together and share artichokes, roast chicken and salads with great wine and yummy tiramisu with espresso. so that was more than 10 years ago
    There was no other more authentic place for great Italian home cooking where we met once a month for several years before moving to Florida.
    Now i get a huge group together and we share the new flatbreads at Maggiano with some Chianti and then enjoy meatballs, pasta, chicken and salad or whatever we desire for hours of laughter and fun
    and delicious food.  The doggy bags are always wonderful the next day.

  • Jenrc126

    Hang with my girls!

  • Gapeach04

    Lunch with friends.

  • Don O.

    Sitting at home and relaxing with my take home order from Maggianos. 

  • Tlsadler61

                                     My way have having a Great time is with great Friends enjoying a wonderful dinner with Drinks and Great Music and a Wonderful Dessert to end the meal with a wonderful Wine and out to shake it off by going Dancing out on the town.

  • boagman

    Ah, the fantastic unwinding ability of the Whiskey Slush.  It’s also the *only* way that I enjoy the beverage of whiskey.  It contains pineapple juice, Canada Dry ginger ale, and, of course, the whiskey, all in large quantities.  You mix the concoction, and freeze it for a minimum of two days.  Of course, the alcohol in the whiskey will never really freeze hard, so in two  days or so, you get a nice slurry/slush.  Into your tall glass, you scoop out 1/2-2/3 full of the slush, and the remainder of the glass gets topped off with Squirt soda.  So, so good, on a hot summer’s day, and so, so *potent* if you’re not being careful to eat while drinking this marvelous potable.

    Unwind, indeed.

  • Bob Paolini

    We always look forward to enjoying the fine food and drink at Maggiano’s. Its a great time to pick up with old friends and meet new ones while we relax and appreciate the beautiful atmosphere.

  • Bill

    An absolute wonderful to wind down the day, my wife and I enjoy nothing more than a nice red wine and Peroni at Maggiano’s (especially during the summer)!

  • Ivan

    When I worked in Manhattan, unwinding included having drinks at several bars on the East and West side of Manhattan where you felt comfortable since you knew enough people usually in my financial industry.  Later in Jersey most of my friends who I grew up with could be found in a GoGo Bar that was owned by a high school friend’s brother, and now in Florida, a walk on the beach goes a long way to unwind for a Pisces from New Jersey.

  • Jmiller1018

    A couple of cocktails at Maggiano’s and then shoe shopping at Macy’s.  It’s girls nite out heaven! 

  • Moved2000

    Being Happy at Maggiano’s Happy Hour. Especially now that we can enjoy on the patio, with people watching.

  • Gail Willingham

    My Bunco group of 12 ladies are celebrating our 32nd year since this group was formed on a bus coming back from a Insurance Women Convention.  We are a wild group that would love to celebrate and UNWIND at Maggianos.

  • Ryan Bohlim

    A few close friends, headin down to Maggiano’s on a friday night! We like to start at the bar and meet up for a few drinks. Maybe a great glass of white wine, or possibly a mixed drink, and some apetizers. Sometimes at the Santana Row location there’s piano music, and candles flickering at each table. The bartenders and the manager always come to say hello. It’s like visiting old friends here! You’re never far from home! Then in a little while our table is ready, we can have a cozy authentic italian dinner, with the perfect combination of comfort, entertainment, and cusine. The bread always come to the table warm and soft, and that salted butter…… OH THE BUTTER!!!  Amazing!!
    Eggplant Parmigana, or Lobster Carbonara, garlic mashed potatos, a bottle of red wine for the table, and LOTS of leftovers!! Dessert….. crem’e brulee’!!! Ohhh sooo GOOD!!!  That’s MY favorite way to unwind.  ;)

  • Terry

    I want to get on bill’s bus to happy hour at Maggiano’s

  • Grigutis

    Getting together with friends and having a few coctails.  Talk about the old days and the verious things we have done together and how we have stayed friends for over forty-five years and some of the guys over seventy years.  We don’t get together as often as we like and always say we will do it more often to catch up on each of our children and their children.  We have watched each others children grow up but once they get married we loose track of them.  It would be so nice to have a reunion with all of us together. We’re getting older and don’t have the luxury of time on our side. I have one friend that I met while working and we do have lunch once a month at Maggiano’s.

  • Ronald Snell

    Work on Genealogy or make a homebrew.

  • Kim

    Meeting my friends for a glass or 2 of wine, yummy appetizers and talk and then heading to the mall for some quick shopping.

  • Kathy

    Happy hour at my girlfriends house on Fridays after a long work week. TGIF!!!!!

  • Lillienne

    Meet friends to have a great time celebrating anything!

  • Firegrl2

    a good way for me to unwind is getting my sister in laws together and going out for some drinks to unwind from our busy days. my one sister in law is working and commuting to the hospital to see her husband who is battling cancer, my other sister in law is searching for a better job, and my other sister in law is dealing with a custody battle. god how we love to chat over a nice bottle of wine or have some colorful cocktails…

  • Sd111486

    Get a band or at least a lounge singer mix it with your good food nnd wine and watch what happens! It will be standing room only.

  • Sherri S.

    Gathering a few friends together, hanging out at the restaurant and just chill in’. Letting the stress of the day wash away.

  • Mgallagher_919

    Sit quietly by myself and enjoy a nice glass of wine.. alone… I am a stay at home mom of 3 very young very active children…

  • Guest

    A glass of wine and some appetizers with friends!

  • Aantich

    Maggiano’s is a great restaurant and has a great bar.  Fabulous location for a happy hour.  Well worth the drive.

  • deborah murray

    Maggiano and wine

  • JCRaider77

    Definitely an awesome dinner with family and friends, with live music and great atmosphere. Every time we have been to Maggiano’s that’s exactly what we enjoyed. Keep doing all the right things.

  • CyndyJoy

    Catching up with friends I have known and loved for 30 years! We eat, laugh, gossip and of course, drink good wine!

  • Bsassoc1

    A good bottle of wine/good friends/ and cheese and crackers.

  • cdb1115

    My husband and I like to beat the crowd and get to happy hour the minute it starts. We love our Maggiono’s in the heart of the St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville FL!

  • Sushilvr0488

    I love being able to sit down, relax, be around your friends and family at Maggianos, eat amazing food, get full, and be happy(:

  • Sushilvr0488

    I love being able to sit down, relax, be around your friends and family at Maggianos, eat amazing food, get full, and be happy(:

  • Susan Snell

    I read and work on ceramics.

  • Susan Snell

    I read and work on ceramics.

  • Bdayaemig

    Opening up a bottle of wine and watching a movie

  • Bdayaemig

    Opening up a bottle of wine and watching a movie

  • Kristina

    my favorite relaxation always involves good food and drink…a cosmo or a gin and tonic are my drinks of choice and i would love some crab cakes and maggiano’s chicken spinach alfreado manicotti…so bubbly and cheesy…omg i am craving it right now

  • Kristina

    my favorite relaxation always involves good food and drink…a cosmo or a gin and tonic are my drinks of choice and i would love some crab cakes and maggiano’s chicken spinach alfreado manicotti…so bubbly and cheesy…omg i am craving it right now

  • savortonight

    I am the queen of happy hour. I love to meet up with friends and open up a great bottle of wine.

  • savortonight

    I am the queen of happy hour. I love to meet up with friends and open up a great bottle of wine.

  • Tim

    I like to camp in the summer and chill at the site — no phone, computer, Blackberry, etc.

  • Tim

    I like to camp in the summer and chill at the site — no phone, computer, Blackberry, etc.

  • Ken

    Nothing like a wonderful time with friends at Maggiano’s! is how I like to unwind

  • Ken

    Nothing like a wonderful time with friends at Maggiano’s! is how I like to unwind

  • Nevada Kate

    Good friends, good wine, good times.

  • Nevada Kate

    Good friends, good wine, good times.

  • Susan Lerner

    Maggiano’s-Maggiano’s-Maggiano’s.  It is my friend’s and family’s favorite place to go on the Las Vegas strip for our birthdays, happy hour and all other special occassions.  Even when it is not a special occassion… turns into one at Maggiano’s.  When I first moved to Las Vegas, we didn’t have Maggiano’s and when I saw a sign going up at Fashion Show Mall, I walked in and they said “Are you here to apply for a job?”…..I said, “No, I am here to EAT!  When do you open?”  I think I was one of their first customersand have been a regular ever since!!!

  • Susan Lerner

    Maggiano’s-Maggiano’s-Maggiano’s.  It is my friend’s and family’s favorite place to go on the Las Vegas strip for our birthdays, happy hour and all other special occassions.  Even when it is not a special occassion… turns into one at Maggiano’s.  When I first moved to Las Vegas, we didn’t have Maggiano’s and when I saw a sign going up at Fashion Show Mall, I walked in and they said “Are you here to apply for a job?”…..I said, “No, I am here to EAT!  When do you open?”  I think I was one of their first customersand have been a regular ever since!!!

  • Jeho Sheba

    Take a nice hot shower, hop into my jammies and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

  • Jeho Sheba

    Take a nice hot shower, hop into my jammies and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

  • Shelley J

    Friends and a good happy hour special

  • Heather Buzzell

    Good friends, good wine, good food! Life simply enjoyed.

  • Sbree55

    Spending time to meet with friends is so rewarding and
    Refreshing to my soul. Good intimate friends to be yourself with
    And to laugh with over life events. Time where there is
    No pretense, no pressure, no worries……time to linger over
    Fabulous food and delicious drinks with great music playing
    And a beautiful atmosphere. That’s why we again chose
    Maggiano’s before a special event This coming Saturday night.
    It’s why my family has an annual dinner reservation here every
    Christmas Eve.

  • Littleniki82

    The way I like to unwind, is with my fiance and a nice bottle of wine and some yummy Maggiano’s food :)

  • T_little

    A walk in the warm spring sun, a great glass of wine, and a great meal at Maggianos. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Msquared

    Phone off, pj’s on, a glass (or 2) of wine and the ID channel.

  • becusz

    Martini’s, flatbread with friends and then Lasagna and salad………..

  • Leslieodil

    Sitting on the patio with a spring breeze, a glass of wine, good friends and good food. Thank you Maggiano’s!

  • mc

    happy hour 3-6 tuff for working folks

  • Brian Ho

    I unwind by falling asleep in the hot tub

  • James Adkins

    No shoes, on the beach, cold drink…

  • Jpgiannini

    Sitting in the bar area sipping on a jameson on the rocks. Loosening the tie and relaxing to the sight of beautiful woman while sinatra plays in the background.

  • Melissa Buot-Favazza

    My happy hour is sitting in a cozy table by the window, enjoying a nice glass of merlot, reading my newest book by either Heather Graham or Sherrilyn Kenyon or Nora Roberts, while awaiting the bounty of Maggiano’s chicken and roasted pepper flatbread. I would do this to take a break from the world while savoring the smells of Italy, dreaming of the sounds of the sea crashing against the rocks, savoring the taste of the grape on my lips soothing my very being and my soul.

  • sarah

    Hot tub and a glass of wine :)

  • bbjansen

    Happy Hour !   Wine and Whine!

  • Jo’an

    Get together with family or friends to share a good meal, and make great memories!

  • William Greaney

    sit back with cold one watching the sunset on another wonderful day

  • Arizonaangelbaby

    spending time with some great people and eating some killer food!

  • Beth Hairston

    After an incredibly stressful day in real estate and mortgage (what a horrible state our economy is in!!) it is so nice to hang out at Maggiano’s with some wine, amazing food and great friends!! Your staff is always so helpful, friendly and I have to say quite good looking!! ha ha They always have a smile for us or a kind word! thanks for always being there for us!! love you guys

  • Lindsay

    Good drinks, good food, good friends!

  • Dor_ie

    Happy hour with friends, meeting new people and interacting with maggiano’s bar and wait staff!

  • Steve

    After work, out to dinner and a few drinks to unwind after a long week at work.

  • Hsammy6

    Wine tasting parties with friends.

  • MsBsCandles

    I could always use a LNO – Ladies Night Out. 

  • Francisco Silverio

    Everytime I come home from a deployment, the first restaurant that I want to unwind in is Maggiano’s, Buckhead, Atlanta. Also, I’ve celebrated my anniversary there every year since 2005. Your staff has helped my wife and I relax with great service, food and superb drinks. You never miss a beat! And for that I am always grateful. Thank you Maggiano’s for being there.

  • Karen Slattery

    My favorite way to unwind is to open a great bottle of wine with some great snacks, sit outside on my patio and enjoy the view and the beautiful sunset

  • Patriciamalki

    I smoke a few blunts with the homies

  • Smesugar

    A big glass of red wine and pasta. A match made in heaven!

  • JOANNMC999

    A great glass of wine, bruschetta and flatbread, beautiful music, enjoying an amazing meal with family friends.  Need I say more?  We live in Monroe Twp and will drive to Philly and eat at Maggiano’s.  It’s the best.

  • Shannon Schulte

    I love to unwind by spending time with my family watching movies, dining out, and playing cards.

  • Peja


  • Johnbc220

    I unwind by tapping a Longboard Lager

  • Beth Duncan

    I love to spend some time outside reading if the weather’s nice or go out with some friends.

  • Michelle Fine

    enjoying a glass of Pinot Grigio at Maggiano’s with friends!

  • Andrea Oberquell

    Cocktails with good friends is the best way to unwind

  • Kmcqueen1

    This is how we say it with my posse of GF’s GNO&HH@#maggianos2nite!

  • Latinhazel125

    Cozzie-ing on the couch with the remote control in hand as a chocolate chip cookie in hand

  • Bird

    I  just enjoy having a nice glass of wine and unwinding with friends and family -laughing and enjoying some nice music our one another’s conversations

  • Shikerah

    Crab cakes, calamari, and a bottle of wine during happy hour w my peeps!

  • Stephanie

    Sitting with a glass of iced tea, a good movie, and my husband!

  • Perandal

    listening to jazz while relaxing with my girl

  • Arhoads71

    We work for a growing company so we’re always putting in tons of overtime. It’s so difficult to find time to get together outside of work. Happy hour at Maggianos is just what we need!

  • Jostern

    Sitting around a firepit with a nice glass of wine, enjoying a beautiful night with good friends and great food.

  • Julie

    Long bath, insense & a glass of wine.

  • Mike Snell

    I unwind by hanging our with my friends and enjoying their company!

  • Dmwalker67

    I like to have a glass or two or wine with friends.

  • Laur286

    With good friends and a good bottle of red!

  • Lovely Mom

    My favorite way to unwind is to get comfortable lay on the spot on the sofit that has my body imprint from when I was recovering from surgery and watch my recorded shows on DVR or old shows from 80s & 90s.

  • Christin

    Spending time with a special someone

  • Barbie Hadaway

    Well my favorite thought when thinking if unwinding is being at Maggiano’s, with some bread & dip & caramel sour apple martini…while waiting on my order for a spinach chicken manicotti. Yum! Then having another sour apple martini while waiting on the best Creme Brûlée in Atlanta! Oh please know while waiting the very short wait for my food I could very easily eat my weight in Maggiano’s salad. Of course the night ends with me full & happy with an order to go. Lol. As always sharing this with friend and/or family always makes it a much better visit, then we get to laugh and taste each others great dishes. Can you tell this is my favorite resturant???? What gave it away?

  • Shamaracres

    I enjoy meeting my friends at Mahggiano’s to have a cool drink, a wonderful salad and the most fab Italian food in Phoenix/Scottsdale whenever possible.  Thank you for your wonderful service!

  • Hannalulu

    I care for my 86 yr mom and 92 year dad.  When I get a breather it is instantly a celebration of relaxation.  The stress rolls off my shoulders and I share some alone time with my husband who is the most loving person I know.  We have been to Maggianos on several of those breathers. We have enjoyed the drinks, the food, and especially the staff.  They are always happy to see us, even if they don’t know us, or you! We always feel comfortable and pampered. 

    My cousins were kind enough to give us a gift card to M and we are so greatful for the introduction. 

    Spending time with my honey,family and friends in happy surroundings are the most relaxing and wonderful breathers I have come to love.                       

  • Larafolks

    With a great glass of wine!

  • Lyty

    with a good book

  • Gboughton Gail

    A nice glass of wine at Maggiano’s with good friends.  Great food and some laughter make for a relaxing time.

  • Karen

    A cold beer

  • Lilhamhock

    i love shopping!!!! whenever i have a ruff day that always helps me unwind

  • Buddro Man

    Unwind with friends having some drinks and telling stories.

  • Bonnie

    Kick back with friends and share a bottle of wine or beer and cheese and bread

  • Cramirez8413

    My favorite way to unwind is to hang out with friends, being out in the sun and venting about life and telling what new adventure we experienced and what we hope to get into in the future. Then around the late afternoon  eat and drink a nice glass of wine and just chat it up.

  • Ernie Mendillo

    We enjoy meeting with our grandson at Maggiano’s, who is a student at UT.  He eats, we drink!
    12 of us will be there for Easter.  We are from NJ.

  • LA

    Glass of Mascoto & a bag of gummy bears!

  • Gatittle

    Share a bottle of wine with my partner.

  • Stephanie

    I love a good bath to unwind!

  • Rheana Willis

    A glass of wine and a hot shower!

  • Debbiels

    not talk about work, nice glass of wine,friends and family.

  • Helene Levy

    My Maid of Honor f(62 years ago  and a friend of ours go to Maggianos every Friday evening for some drinks and eats and listen to the wonderful piano player, Chris. We also love to be served by Robrrt our very best waiter. It is the highlight of the week and look forward to Friday nights so much.  The drinks and the food are just terrific.


    Helene Levy

  • Geri

    We the food..and eat there evry time we go to Orlando.

  • Smims37

    I like to unwind with my son(he’s 8 yrs. old). We both love going to Maggiano’s at the end of my work week and his school week. It’s extra time for us to hang out and just talk and laugh with one another.

  • Radiance Clear

    A warm welcome, soft lighting, the sensory delights of good food and wine — nothing relaxes me like Maggiano’s!  We always know we’re in good hands there, and that allows us to let go of our tensions and  e a s e  down from the day.  It’s a little vacation every time!

  • Nikkipureromance

    My favorite time to relax is with my girlfriends at a nice restaurant that has amazing Italian cuisine. We love the atmosphere it brings when we come to unwind and talk about our busy lives and reflect on how good we used to have it in college when we didn’t have to worry about anything.  It is always a great time to get together at Maggiano’s for a GIRLS NIGHT! :) 

  • Jason C

    A Tall Cold glass of white wine with friends and great food!

  • N20man

    My favorite way to unwind ? Meet the gang from the office for after work drinks and food at Maggiano’s



  • Carolyn Ark

    This sounds like a fun time.

  • Brenjtem1

    take a nap

  • Gkogen

    Every 6 weeks we have a “mommy and me” night at Maggiano’s.   The “me’s” are all in our 50′s and our “mommies” are in their 80′s.  We book the round table at Maggiano’s and share an incredibly fun time with good food and lots of laughter.  It would be real kick to take our mommies to happy hour.  I think they’d drink more than us!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariam kh mansour

    Wowwww, im in love with this restaurant, i would love to go there and have some good treats, and enoy time with my boyfriend,wowwwwww im so excited i hope i’ll win it’ll be so nice surprise for him.wooooooohoooooo:)))

  • Gene Drumm

    A nice glass of wine or a cocktail, something tasty but not filling to snack on, and lively conversation with light-hearted friends.

  • Dave Cull

    I like to kick off the shoes and grab a bottle of wine and relax watching the news and catching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.   I love working outside on our yard and come in ready to relax!

  • Cynthia Kinkel

    i do love a new mystery novel;

  • Carly Kubicki

    My favorite way to unwind? Why, chocolate zuccutto cake from Maggiano’s, of course! Mmm!

  • JBO

    Going to an entertaining movie & having popcorn!

  • SB

    Love to unwind over a great meal with family and friends

  • Butterfly

    Many fond memories of meeting at Maggiano’s (we love the food/atmosphere/drinks)….A perfectly mixed Appletini with a few delicious appetizers to be shared with friends – great conversation, hilarious stories about spouses, potential boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, work, kids, and life in general – all of this blends together to make a wonderful Happy Hour and feeds the soul.  Doesn’t get any better!

  • Chuck

    To unwind at Maggiano’s is to have a few drinks with my beautiful wife, then eat dinner, people watch, and enjoy the evening.

  • Anonymous

    With great food and some cold beers…

  • Me_ima_starr

    A packed lunch with my favorite…Taylor St. Baked Ziti, warm bread, a blanket in the grass, and a good book…a Bellini to sip while I relax and kick off my heels….that’s the best way to unwind….made me daydream just typing it!!!

  • Patricia Howell

    My friends and I love to meet up and unwind with lots of laughs, dancing and wine and good food. We work  at Neiman Marcus and Maggiano’s is one of our favorite places to meet after work. We love the piano guy in the bar and always have the best fun . Giving us a Unwind party would be the best and we promise to fill up the place with beautiful people. Patricia Howell and friends.

  • Marshall20072008

    Love Maggiano’s, used to go to the one in Chicago all the time. Wish there was one close to me.

  • Anonymous

    A nice cold one plus a good hockey game. Go Ducks!

  • Mjadamick

    I get home, kick my shoes off, pour a glass of wine and go outside to play with my dogs!

  • Robert

    A nice sunset on a warm afternoon with a few friends and a bottle of wine at happy hour.

  • Christine

    Relaxing with family, friends & good food & drinks is how I like to unwind.

  • Jherbig

    We’re not retired, so therefore we need a great happy hour!  Mggiano’s is one of the best.  Keep it ups.  Thanks.

  • Lukas Arendi

    Going out into the wilderness for a hike or climb .. most relaxing!

  • RanaLinka

    When we are child free, work free, bill paying free…a trip to Maggianos is the place to refresh, unwind and ….actually get to talk to each other!! A glass of wine, a yummy appetizer, then dinner! Then you get to take home an extra portion of the Classic Pastas! You can pretend to unwind at home but it’s not the same!!!

  • Rose

    My favorite way to unwind is to gather together with my fellow retirees, have an array of food and drinks, talk and enjoy the moment

  • Jeff K

    My favorite way to unwind with my friends is for us to get some drinks, have some appetizers, and enjoy our conversation. 

  • Vincent Bernota

    Unwind?  Let’s get it started!  What a great restaurant to host a Special Event Happy Hour!  Exciting, delicious and nutritious get together for the California Lithuanian Golf Club annual meeting. 

  • Rambina57

    Playing a new video game.

  • Mdy

    Love getting together with friends new and old, what a great way to end the day!

  • Luckybeepers

     A special “date night’ is perfect at Maggianos!

  • Frank Brogan

    Eat and dtink wth friends!

  • Ejsmith774

    Some good music on the hi-fi, a nice cold drink or three, and loved ones to shoot the breeze with…Oh, and some of those yummy flatbreads to nosh on sounds alright, too;-)

  • Bobbie

    Once upon a time there were 4 moms who got to know one another through their children attending the same school. Fund raisers, school trips and meetings will certainly pull the best and the worst out of anyone. As time flows, things change and people move, but about every 3 to 4 months, those same 4 moms will get together at Maggiano’s and laugh about the old times and toast each other’s present successes. The kids are now graduating from college, some are getting married, one mom is about to be a gramma. The food, the wine and the service; no better place.

  • Bonnieflamm

    Yummmmmmm — Maggianos’ blue cheese stuffed olives in a dirty Martini …

    It brings back fond memories!

  • adriana

    one word: Bellini

  • Pat Youngblood

    Savoring tiramisu with a cup of hot tea.

  • Leeleethegreat

    Coming home, opening up the house to let a cool breeze in, watching the dogs play in the yard and drinking a great glass of wine. Enjoy creating unique dishes for dinner so that helps shake off the day and helps me unwind.

  • Gin & Bean

    a bunch of old friends from Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York meet at the Maggianos in Boca Raton, FL once a year and have lunch and visit and catch up.  it’s the best way to unwind – with friends whom you’ve know for 57 years (at least 57)!!!!  AND Maggianos is the only place we would have our unwinding friend reunion at!!!!!!

  • Smith J

    Going out to lunch with friends and family is the best….Nothing is better than sitting outside on the patio and doing nothing more than eating great food and relaxing with the ones you love.

  • Lady Ganache

    I have the greatest husband and the best friends!  And when we meet up at Maggiano’s, it’s truly an event.  There’s something on your menu for everyone.  Looking forward to our next gathering….

  • Fay Desperak Rosner

    End of the work day and it’s time to unwind
    End of the work week,  end of the grind.
    Where to go now,  what shall we do?
    Let’s go  to Maggiano’s, for a drink or two.
    We sit at the bar to mingle ,chat  and dine
    I look  forward to my glass of red wine.
    The music plays softly, familiar tunes from the past
    Maggiano’s magic is working,   please make it last!
    Then without warning how quickly time flies
    We rise and hug to say our  goodbyes.
    We promise to meet here at the bar to unwind,
    At the end of  next  week, at the end of the grind!


  • Tiny Cooper

    When alone, I unwind by curling up with a good book, my two cats and some great music. When I want to catch up with friends, we typically meet out for dinner and drinks. There is no better way to socialize than over a hearty meal and drinks at a restaurant with great atmosphere.  Maggiano’s has it all.  It’s my #1 suggested location for a fun night out.  Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a big group celebrating a special occasion, I always go home satisfied and with a smile on my face. Thanks for good food and great times! 

  • happy hour=lazy hour

    My favorite way to wind down is to grab a take out from Maggiano’s and open a bottle of wine.  We watch our favorite movie and dine at home.  It’s so relaxing.

  • cindy

    I like to take a nap.

  • Pobrien60

    Aaaahhhh!! I have lots of ways~Where do I begin? Should I write about the lavender scented bubble baths complete with a glass of wine, candles and ‘spa music? I close my eyes and take slow deep breaths.  OR should I write about sitting on my 2nd floor deck of my apt looking out over the the golf course with the pond, island, bridge, fountain and white and blue herons flying around. So graceful and beautiful! I sit with glass of wine in hand and I take deep breaths.  :-) OR how about…a massage with aroma therapy. Aaaaahhhh!!! Now, those are ways to ‘unwind’. But which ONE is the most relaxing? OH!!! Wait!!! How about ~ Meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks (or Happy Hour) and having  some  good laughs. After all, laughter IS the best medicine and THE BEST way to unwide.

  • Ateanastasi

    good food, good drinks, good conversation and fantastic background music with family and friends…Top it off with the best desserts and coffee making a perfect way to unwind.

  • J.P.

    Dining with good friends. For me, it’s as simple as that.

  • Parkergreenidge

    Good friends, good wine, good food; that’s the only way to unwind.

  • Ed

    Start off with an ice cold Belevedere vodka martini, mix it up with some casual conversation with my lovely wife, follow it up with a dinner salad and some  spaghetti and meatballs with a nice glass of chanti. That’s just a little bit of heaven right there  : -)

  • Brandee

    My husband and I will come home and watch some Phoenix Suns basketball.  NBA and basketball in general have been our mutual love since we met, and being at home watching a game together is one of the most “unwinding” times we have :)  Food and drinks make the experience even more fun

  • Angela

    Meeting up with friends and having a glass of wine.  Do our girl thang!

  • Cheryl Moye

    I take a nap

  • Marmie02874

    One of my favorite times to unwind will be coming up in just a few days, when I surprise my daughter at a special birthday dinner, planned by her best friends, where I was told I will be the “surprise” guest to arrive at Maggiano’s! How nice of her friends to invite me!

  • DVL

    Snuggling up with my husband after a long day of work and watching our favorite TV show together is a great way to unwind.

  • Stillreminiscing

    Meet up with friends :)

  • KimberlyW

    Listening to Pat Metheny in the car while in route to meet some friends for drinks and appetizers after a long day at work..

  • Ritaalstott

    Sipping a nice merlot, sitting at the bar (at Maggiano’s, of course) enjoying the soothing sound of the piano………………….

  • Jay

    Why do I need or want to win a Maggiano’s Happy Hour? So I can toast the four men, I’ve lost in my life, since 2008. I lost my dad, my good friend Mitch, and now I don’t have any brothers to speak of. Getting drunk isn’t the key for me, a memorial is. I miss them so much. You just don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Thanks for letting me post this.


  • Sandy & Pam

    We love to unwind at Maggianos after a great day shopping and seeing the sites of Las Vegas.  We love to listen to the strolling musicians while enjoying the best calamari & a 
    glass of vino. 

  • Ladymoon84

    My favorite way to unwind is with my man, & our friends at Maggiano’s —a bottle of Cianti,  a few appetizers, dinner, & a luscious desert, mmmm!!!

  • Llstalder

    Having a glass of wine, a Maggiano’s fantastic salad, wonderful Italian bread and those lucious crab cakes —-Heaven!!!

  • Dottie

    Have a new drink and chill

  • Penelope

    Taking in the moist air after a rain in the open air patio at Denver downtown Maggiano’s, a little antipasti, and a cucumber martini , nice background music, old friends, new friends and slow conversation

  • Tazo157

    I like to unwind with some good Italian food and a bottle of Chianti.

  • Stushi75

    I enjoy drinking a glass of sangria after work.

  • Foreca

    just take my wife to your plce for dinner and drinks.she has a couples reds and i like one really good drink.(i’m driving).with that and the great food we’re good.

  • Stef42678

    I unwind by going to the beach, relaxing on the sand, listening to the waves and making smores with friends!

  • Josepb Kirscht

    I unwind by taking my fiancée out to dinner.on Valentine’s day this year my fiancée and I went to dinner. I planed the entire evening.First we ate at Maggiano’s in chicago where i asked my fiancée to marry me. My fiancée TinaMarie said yes we had dinner afterwards we went to see Blue Man Group.

  • Benz89

    love to have the fried zucchini and a nice cold beer and wish there was a Maggiano’s closer to where we live on Long Island.  We only get to visit during vacations where Maggiano’s are located

  • paul

    Share a bottle of wine with friends.

  • Dung La

    My favorite way to unwind actually is getting together with friends for happy hour or dinner and having a glass of wine.

  • Kafreefilly

    A nice swim followed by a refreshing drink with a pleasant companion

  • Amy

    total girls night out; my mom, sisters, and my 2 best friends for the last 20+ years- a few drinks and some delicous food at Maggiano’s works wonders!

  • gelea

    Good times with good friends.  

  • dano50

    Wine, flatbread and thou!  That’s my social network!

  • Alanhcohen

    Eat meatballs !

  • Danrita


  • PK

    After a hectic day at work, there is nothing better than a few drinks with good friends as we decompress. If friends aren’t available because of budget or schedule, then I head home, open a good bottle of wine and watch some mindless television. Ahhhhhh, the good life!!!

  • Laura A.

    Sitting at the bar enjoying delicious food, great drinks in a welcoming atmosphere with great staff and service! 

  • Sally Ambitenergy

    There’s No better way to celebrate the end of an exciting day at work than to spend it with friends sipping some of the finest liquid refreshments and Maggiano’s flat breads…the Chicken & Roasted Pepper is a favorite of mine, but the Pepperone & Arugula or the Sausage are a close 2nd place. Love, love, love Maggiano’s!

  • veduster

    My way to unwind: great food + great drinks + great friends = a great time!!

    My co-workers and I meet regularly for happy hour to take time out and enjoy life. As a full time grad student along with working 40+ hours a week, Maggiano’s is the perfect place to unwind and have a great time! :)

  • Anonymous

     Great food, great wine, great music…and playing the guitar – hopefully for a great audience (big or small!)


    Martini and classic flatbreads to celebrate life and friends.

  • Bpwj

    My lady & a couple drama of Lagavulin.

  • Anita C

    Best way to unwind is a glass of wine outside by our pool enjoying life and relaxing with my loving husband.

  • Wishgypsy

    entering sweepstakes!

  • Catrina Farr

    I absolutely love to sit under my huge tree in my front hard in the spring/summer with my significant other while playing scrabble & drinking wine.  It’s unconventional, but we enjoy it especially after a long days of work.

  • Wkingster

    Sittin’ on the deck steps, glass of red, maybe a cigar…watchin’ Kathleen play tennis ball catch with Finnegan, our westie.

  • Bob E Sherman

    Listening to Il Volo with a cold Peroni.

  • Toucanbc

    Meet some friends and take a hike along one of the many trails at Cincinnati Nature Center.  Afterwards meet up at the Kenwood Maggiano’s for some great Italian food.

  • Jim Gross

    Two martinis after work.

  • BarbaraAnn

    There’s no better way to turn a tough day around than meeting up with buddies at Maggiano’s for some wonderful food! No better place when we want a guaranteed great time!

  • Lea

    watching my husband make lasagne while I enjoy a glass of vino

  • Soapybroughton

    Unwinding comes to me on a Thursday glass of wine telling friends how my week has been. The dream unwinding is getting picked up after work not having to drive. Thats gooood.

  • Bob E Sherman

    Listening to Il Volo with a cold Peroni

  • FJ Francais

    My DH & me  our feet up with a glass of Cab, Ah day is almost done!

  • Amb222

    Definitely hanging out with good friends, Maggiano’s is just the icing on the cake!

  • Ginny

    Best way to unwind after a long week is to light a fire, grab some cold drinks and good friends and laugh the night away

  • Pamstruck

    I received a FB invite from friends we hadn’t seen in a DECADE.  It was to come to Maggiano’s for dinner.  They were in town for one night and wanted to visit with everyone.  It was WONDERFUL.  The staff is amazing they way they make you feel like you are there only customer.  Oh the food was fabulous.  My husband had never been and he wants to come back and visit.  Thank you so much for making this such a great time with long time friends.

  • bob

    sit and forget

  • Cathy

    I love to open a bottle of great wine, take that first sip, and relax with friends.  

  • Lorawatson

    Meet up with friends over a great dinner!

  • Artform2001

    I love to go to Maggiano’s in the evening to unwind. I always run into friends there and get together over some flat bread and wine. The band is fantastic and we always end up dancing the evening away! Always look forward to it.

  • Kimdhouston

    I love reading, lounging about, and a nice glass of wine

  • Saphronia Wallace

    Enjoying an evening of good food, good conversation and to it of with a great walk with the hubby! That is what relaxing is all about.

  • linda

    great place to meet and unwind.  Wonderful place for special occasions.   Food is not better anywhere else

  • linda

    great place to meet and unwind.  Wonderful place for special occasions.   Food is not better anywhere else

  • TheZelk

    My favorite way to unwind at Maggiano’s is to meet with friends, enjoy lively conversation, get caught up on what’s been going on in everyone’s life, and try out a new cocktail. Life is good!

  • Dobido48

    I put my jammies on right after dinner, pour a glass of wine and watch an old movie.

  • Craig Barrett

    Drinks and apps on the patio on a sunndy day!! Nothing better…..

  • Peshkin

    Meet with other couples who are stressed out with the everyday trials and tribulations of having teenagers.  

  • Renai Hall

    I love hooking up with my friends over some great cocktails and sharing food and conversation. 

  • on2danxt1

    The favorite way to unwind is to leave your cares behind and share libations with close friends and remember the good times and start to create new and memorable happy ones!!!

  • Racheltopaz

    My friends and I love to try out new restaurants, enjoy a few bottles of wine, order several dishes from the menu, and enjoy each other’s company. 

  • Long Phi Nguyen

    I like to kick back and play some video games!

  • Lkuchler808

    After a long day, I like to have a long drink, with my feet up – preferably on the beach. Ipod at hand listening to Journey!

  • Pattyr

    Feet up, cocktail in my hand thinking about dinner at Maggianos

  • Philpaz

    Cant beat the taste and the price, my friends and i love it……

  • AL

    watching Boston sports team at the bar on a nice sunny day with your best friends

    enjoying some freshly brewed wobbly pops !…….sweet !!!

  • Tharmon

    The best way to unwind is to get your best friends together on a Friday and meet at a nice place such as Maggiano’s.  Then get a few bottles of wine and just conversate in a good atmosphere.

  • Atuff

    When I leave work I start unwinding as soon as I get into my car by listening to MARY J. BLIGE on cd. When I arrive home I take a nice long hot shower for about 30 minutes and then put on my comfy pj’s and relax and watch a nice movie with a glass of  wine and some cheese and crackers.
    This is how I unwind TUFF STYLE.

  • Sandywc

    Play word


  • Roxana Stachura

    I like celebrating special occasions with friends and family. The staff always makes you feel special.

  • Brannenm

    Start with Maggiano’s perfect Cosmo,
    Add one beautiful evening on the patio.
    Mix with a friend or make a new one

  • ms.B

    watching my favorite movies,   at home in bed,with a bowl of sweet and salty popcorn….awesome….

  • Victoria

    I like to put my feet up, grab my favorite drink, and close my eyes.

  • JW

    i like to just watch a nice entertaining sitcom

  • Lisa Harrington

    I love to unwind in my backyard with friends and our favorite adult beverages.  The men do the grilling while the women sit around trying to solve the world’s problems!  LOL  As the sun goes down, you will find a warm inviting fire and friends playing their guitars and singing.  It is amazing how time flies by with you are with good friends relaxing.

  • Countmielko

    I have 4 close friends, so together we are five, most on the wrong side of 50.  We have several “Hag Nites” a year and our favorite location to play is Maggiano’s. 

  • rebecca west

    I love to unwind with a big plate of calamari and a red wine.  Yum!

  • Melanie1128

    My co-workers are friends and we love to unwind at Maggianos after a busy, stressful day at the office. We are in Cincinnati and cannot wait for the Courtyard to open! Wine and flatbreads…YUM!

  • Srf1156

    i unwind by opening a bottle of wine and enjoying snacks on the porch…with my husband and sometimes our daughters and friends (theirs and or ours).  it’s great to enjoy their conversation and be a part of their lives and have them part of ours…we are truly blessed.  we would love to win this and share the bounty with them

  • Djones699

    Premium cocktails
    Exceptional food
    Quality staff
    Welcoming atmosphere
    Couple hours away from daily grind…
    Maggiano’s is THE place!!!

  • Jennifer

    I belong to the Chagrin Valley Early Childhood Assocation, a mom’s group of over 100 mothers that live in a suburb of Cleveland, OH.  The majority of our group is stay-at-home moms and, although it is the most rewarding job we have ever had, there are just those days that we need to get away for a mom’s night out.  The last mom’s night out we had we visited Maggiano’s for drinks, food and dessert.  We had a wonderful time unwinding, laughing about some of the stressful situations we’ve been in with our children and creating memories

  • Consuelo Johnson Gordon

    I’m an elementary school teacher with two young children, so I like to unwind at Maggiano’s for happy hour! I love their POMEGRANTE MARTINI!!!! My favorite with the fried Zucchini!!!! and all I want the waiter to do is keep the drinks coming!



  • Kay

    A bottle of wine and my girlfriends – we call it our whine/wine night!!!!  Try to do it at least once a month to unwind and catch-up

  • Alandiddle

    In the summertime I go to my local minor league baseball team the Somersrt Patriots to sit back and unwind. In the wintertime I have a train layout in my basement and I turn it on and watch the trains go round and round  I start to relax 


    Cherry Hill Mall is my place to unwind with a good meal, wine and a little shopping.

  • Pamela Clayton

    I like to unwind in front of a campfire with my friends. I also like reading and a good board game to unwind.

  • Rachel Reid

    My Mom’s favorite restaurant is Maggiano’s and
    There’s nothing better than seeing my Mom happy
    And smiling sharing drinks and all her favorite foods.
    She can include some of her family and enjoy
    Your famous blue cheese salad and crispy calamari.
    When we think of a “perfect day” we always know
    Maggiano’s is part of the equation.
    Thanks for giving that feeling to my Mom. She
    Deserves only the best.
    Rachel Reid, her daughter.

  • Theresa

    Friends, family, wine, beer, great food, fishing stories, jokes.  I thank God for my amazing friends & family and am grateful to celebrate and make wonderful memories.

  • MareD

    I live in WNY but my daughter and nephew’s family live in Charlotte.  We are in Charlotte often and eat at Maggiano’s each time we visit.  Maggiano’s is our fav restaurant for ambience, authentic Italian cuisine, service, bar/drinks and desserts!  We enjoy time spent at the bar waiting for our table reminiscing of our Italian heritage and the way it was as children living in our Italian community. When we are seated we enjoy the family-style food fest and end our meal with Grappa! 

  • Dkusiek

    Grab the daily newspaper, glass of white wine and my favorite comfy slippers. 

  • Jill

    We like to unwind by getting some good food & drinks (Happy Hour!!) and just enjoy each other’s company and just laugh!  What a way to end a hard week at work!

  • Rosalyn Caldwell

    I like to unwind with good food, good drinks, and good conversation with my close friends.

  • Angela G

    Favorite way to unwind is eating catered food and hanging out with friends in my backyard!

  • Cindy

    Happy hour overlooking the Atlantic. A glass of wine and some great appetizers.

  • April Strickland

    Love my “Girl’s Time to UnWind”… Each is One of a Kind…Cocktail, Beer and Wine…
    At Maggiano’s Happy Hour…you are guaranteed a Good Time!!

  • Viviana Iduate

    My favorite way to unwind is with good friends either at home or going out to a casual place having a nice relaxing time with drinks  i.e.e good wine and snacks. ;) As Spring weather is upon us it’s exciting to have get together’s to unwind!

  • Erica_callier

    Put my feet up and read.

  • Smartinez62708

    I love to unwind at a nice dinner with my husband or family and friends, with good food and good wine.

  • Nelson

    Nothing fancy, just a glass of wine or a cocktail, in my case, a Ketel One martini, is to be enjoyed with my favorite small plate items: calamari and Maggiano flatbreads. They are like comfort food to help me unwind alone or in the company of friends.

  • Rayne

    Open a bottle of wine and catch up on my DVR shows (Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy, Army Wives)!

  • Athechews

    Love meeting with friends at Maggiano’s happy hour.  Love the coctail/bar lounge area.  The music reminds you of yesteryear, very relaxing with all the greats of the past.
    Arlene Chew

  • Patty Hook

    There is nothing like a plate of pasta with your favorite wine to unwind from a busy week!

  • Mmullin151

    would love a great italian meal with my family

  • Rebecca

    For me, unwinding means sitting in the sun with a glass of wine in my hand!

  • 69Roadster

    My favorite day would be a long horse ride, an evening with good friends, good food and maybe a few drinks to take the edge off the long horse ride :-)

  • Pam Stryker

    The best way to unwind is on the patio with the girls, a glass of wine in hand, a little something to munch on, listening to stories that are far funnier than any comedian’s because they are our stories!

  • M Keiper

    Love to get together with some friends, listening to some tunes, munching on some good food and adult beverages, catching up of what is new going on with us all.  Good company and good food and drinks with my favorite people!

  • Samm

    Life is too short, and what better way to spend your time but enjoying life with two of your
    favorite things. One of which is sharing good food with my friends, the other is spending
    fun times with my friends, making lots of lastings memories.

  • AmyO

    Oh for sure food, drinks and good talks with my friends outside on a summer evening!

  • Gcalverton

    I unwind by thinking of all the stuff that has NOT gone wrong that day. I think we are too nnegative. We need to appreciate sunsets and sunrises. We need to take time to give to others.  In helping others we get the best return on our time..

  • Jennioj

    A tall glass of wine with great friends and good food

  • Beth

    I unwind by getting together with friends & family. We have cocktails first, then wine with dinner We love family style dinners at Maggiano’s!

  • Sonja

    I love meeting up with friends for Happy Hour! Especially at an awesome place as Maggiano’s! Great friends! Great food! Great drinks! Great prices!

  • Sjmfocus

    Now that sounds like a good idea.

  • Sjmfocus

    One of my favorite restaurants.  Good food and good company.

  • Dvorce

    A nice smooth Chianti and some great Maggiano’s food.  That even sounded relaxing when I read it back…

  • Jamdee8

    Unwinding is sitting in Maggiano’s enjoying a glass or two of white wine while people-watching. I try to figure out what they do for a living, their socio-economic class, family size, how long they have been married, does he have a hair treatment, does she dye her hair, botox for either, etc., etc.  This is very relaxing as it allows for mental gymnastics that relaxes the gray matter from the usual everyday thinking.  Then, I treat myself to the Prime NY sirloin steak which has been grilled to perfection.  I am now totally relaxed.  

  • Bea Raiker

    Relax in an upscale restaurant with good friends and delicious food! Bea

  • All Smiles

    All I need to unwind is good friends, good food, and of course good wine!  

  • Rraiysa

    Popping open a bottle of wine and cuddling with my baby while playing a dirty game! =]

  • Scrwman52

    on friday nights i play on a dart league with 8 other people in my friends basement. We play darts, we eat, we drink, we laugh. we just have a wonderful time.


    I have a very small,close,and loved by others family.When we get together there are always more friends than we have family members.We love to eat,drink, and LAUGH! Unwinding often takes place at my moms house,what an experience it would be if we could try Maggiano’s  

  • Elle

    A super Happy Hour spot when the place is pleasantly quiet. You can’t beat the price on the delicious Flatbreads and plenty of choices for drinks. If you’re not full; go ahead and enjoy a pasta – they’ll box whatever you can’t finish and give you an ENTIRE portion of another pasta of your choice free!

  • Carole Conti

    A nice glass of chardonay and a wonderful Maggiano’s salad (the best).  Of course, good conversation, and just sharing the atmosphere of your restaurant with good friends.  I must add that the service is always impeccable.

  • LilianJane

    I love to unwind by putting on my pajamas and curling up with my two cats!

  • Kattyrose

    Just laugh and have fun with friends, good food good times.

  • Shaki1103

    A great Unwind is a nice cocktail, the BBQ Grille goin and just sittin and enjoying the lovely evening with my honey or a few friends.  Some great Reggae music playing makes it just right

  • Tracey Byram

    A glass of wine and a good book while sitting on the deck enjoying the sounds of birds.

  • Luv1204

    My favorite way to unwind is in a casual environment with friends. WE can talk, nosh, and just catch up without the pressure of a dinner reservation. People can show up on their own schedules and we just mix and mingle! That’s true HAPPY HOUR get together!

  • Charlotte Umbower

    My best way to unwind is to go out to dinner with my husband at Maggiano’s and just smell the delicious aroumas upon arriving and all through the wonderful meal.

  • TTT hannah

    I like to go to out to eat with my best friends

  • lmbouchey

    Patio, sunshine, good friends, luscious libations … 

  • Ann S

    Unwinding with my husband and our best friends over good food and wine is the best–which makes Maggiano’s the perfect place to be together!

  • Misha

    For a few years now we have been getting together and there is a gift involved. We call the gift “IT”  and “IT”has been going around. Not everyone in the group knows what “IT” is. The person that walks away with “IT” chooses the next outing. Maggiano’s would be a great place to pass “IT” along to the next friend. We have been really good about not letting anyone know what “IT” is until they own it. We keep adding people to our group so it may be several more years before “IT” comes out of the box for all to see at the same time.

  • Judygolis

    My favorite way to unwind is to sit on the patio at Maggiano’s Scottsdale and enjoy
    a glass of premium chardonnay and a yummy flatbread  with friends.   

  • Rakeisha Elliott

    I enjoy sipping wine and laughing with friends.

  • elizabeth

    go out with my husband without our teenagers!

  • Asljodi

    To unwind, one of my favorite ways to is with my dog.  I enjoy sitting down on my sofa with a couple of pillows behind me and my feet up on the sofa.  My dog will sit beside me with his head on my feet.  Then he will get comfortable and roll onto his back.  He wants me to settle for a belly rub then he goes into a nap mode.  This relaxes me with a glass of White Zinfadel on hand. Just sitting there lightly rubbing his belly, watching his sleepy face is so peaceful.  This is how I relax..with my dog on his back. It also makes me laugh, and that’s another good way to unwind.

  • Scotty

    chivas and soda and good company

  • Anonymous

    Nothing beats people watching with my best guy and some pals, while drinking wine and of course eating at Maggiano’s bar!  What fun we have getting together and enjoying each other’s company and “seeing the sights”!


    I like to unwind with the company of my fiance’ outside on the back deck after the sun goes down. Sometimes we just sit in the dark or maybe have a little light from the flicker of a few tiki torches. We like to open a botle of Moscato and just talk to each other. It’s a great relaxing time to unwind and enjoy the company of the one I love!

  • MartiniChaz

    Who gets off from work at 3pm to go to happy hour to 6pm. I’d be lucky to make in the door by 6pm. Your happy hour prices sound great, but you need a more realistic time period for your happy hour. Most folks unfortunately have JOBS,

  • Gregcconnell

    With some drinks!

  • Junels71595

    We, enjoy Thanksgiving every year at Maggiano’s with family and friends.  Last year I believe there were 13 or 15 of us around together.  Now we want to try happy hour so we don’t have to wait so long to catch up with each other over the best refreshments known to man.

  • Jobar11

    Never been to Maggiano’s but looking forward to being there in Apr.I have heard many good vibes from our neighbors who have been there.

  • Tara

    Johnnie Walker Double-Black Scotch and the New York Times.

  • Jobar11

    Will be in Vegas in Apr. will definetly go to Maggiano’s never been there before but heard many great things from our neighbors who have been there many times

  • Crmcmagg

    Spending time with friends and enjoying GREAT wine and food…..

  • Sscolorsplash

    I like to relax with a glass of wine watching a thunderstorm.  If no storms are in the picture, I will settle for time relaxing in the garden with a good book and a great glass of wine.

  • Evelyn Wakefield Goettner

    I like to unwind by relaxing and watching a movie with my husband on the couch with a nice glass of wine.

  • Dave

    My idea of unwinding is to spend a warm summer afternoon at the stadium enjoying a Brewer’s game with friends, followed by our group stopping at Maggiano’s for a refreshing beverage, a great meal and good fellowship as we review the highlights of that day’s game.

  • Anita

    Just the entire dining experience at Maggianos is “Unwinding”!!! The ambience, the food selection, and service…….what would make it even better?  Dinner and Cocktails there with a few Good Friends of course!!!

  • Kara E Bryant

    A bottle of wine and some cupcakes with my roommate. 

  • Chiricahuaa

    Getting deep into an unabridged Alexander Dumas novel.   This year started with Count of Monte Cristo (when I found out that Revenge is based on it), and about to start the complete 4000+ pages of the Three Musketeers series.

  • lrs

    Meet up with friends in a nice place such as Maggiano. And of course have tiramisu to end the day with a very good spirit!

  • Summer Gray

    I love to open a bottle of wine, cut up a baguette and some sharp white cheddar, then catch up on my reading or tivo.  The perfect ending to a hectic day!

  • Becalyn529

    I like to sit back with a glass of red wine and chill with my family and friends…

  • Penguini

    Okay, I relax playing Doodle Jump on my “Smartypants” phone. I am not the most up-to-date when it comes to idevices and apps, but a game like this takes your mind off the bigger things, so I got it and figured out how it works. I’d be happy to play at a Maggiano’s Happy Hour rather than with my faithfuul pooch on my lap on the couch! Wait, maybe it is the unconditional love of a pet that relaxes me, not the silly game! :-))

  • Anonymous

    I undwind by have a lunch or dinner date with some of my closest friends. 

  • Tina

    My friends and I love to do a Happy Hour on Thursday at 4pm. We sneak out a little early at work and decompress with drinks and appetizers. Talk about what the plans are for the weekend. Maggiano’s Rock’s. Love the fried zucchini appetizers. 

  • NinaMoushi

    Enjoying some delicious drinks and delicious food with my closest friends!

  • Tavitooh1

    Pasta, a glass of wine, good friends and a warm breeze. AAH!

  • Frank Russo Alesi

    I like to unwind with good friends, good food and good wine.

  • Griz

    Make a couple of martinis, sit back on the patio, and enjoy the sunset.

  • Jerryperuzzi

    Family and friends sitting at a round table at Maggianos sharing cocktails, food, and stories.  The more cocktails that are shared the better the stories.

  • Jim Larson

    My wife & I had no idea that Maggiano’s would become our favorite Italian restaurant when we happened upon it accidentally a few years ago while enjoying one of our timeshares in the Orlando area.  Later on via the Internet we found out that there was one located in Tampa across the bay and just a few minutes from home.  We recently celebrated my 76th birthday there and had yummy meals for days afterward . . . and invited a crowd of friends to help celebrate my 75th birthday there last year with in between visits as often as possible.

  • Lara Hejtmanek

    get with some good friends, enjoy a glass of wine/beer, laugh and pretend like nothing else matters!!

  • Anonymous

    I like to uncork a bottle of dry red wine, pour a glass, and listen to some acoustic instrumental music with guitar, mandolin, and violin. Friends and food make it that much better.

  • Michele

    No doubt about it…good food, good friends and good bottle of wine. Perfect!

  • Dominique DuBois

    For a fabulous safe and friendly evening or just happy hour you can’t beat it.  Excellent, food, drinks and lots
    of interesting people. Plus it’s a safe environment for ladies.  Parking right there, tons of people and police
    within calling.  “Not that they are needed but they are there!  Good service and excellent prices.

  • Tim

    My favorite way to unwind is to go with a few friends to great restaurant that has a great bar, beautiful atmosphere, and the right music playing … and just set,  have a drink, munch, and talk.

  • Charmaine

    My best friend and I grab a bottle of wine (usually Moscato) and try our best to open it; we have the worst bottle opener and the struggle to open the bottle is what starts the night off right! Afterwards, we sit around watching TV (American Idol is our guilty pleasure!) with a snack paired with our wine. Love it!

  • Maliachristine

    I love to unwind by meeting friends or family for a great night of drinks and dinner in a great environment–just like Maggiano’s!! 

  • Pam H

    I unwind with chocolate.  It always works for me.

  • rafael robles

    I love to unwind by taking my 9yr old son and daughter on a bike ride to the park otherwise when time, money and weather permits….taking them to the lake and going fishing/boating also allows us to unwind and appreciate life.

  • rafael robles

    I love to unwind by taking my 9yr old son and daughter on a bike ride to the park otherwise when time, money and weather permits….taking them to the lake and going fishing/boating also allows us to unwind and appreciate life.

  • Larrydianaschroeder

    We enjoy Maggiano;s with friends sometimes a big table with many, sometimes with only another couple to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.  The staff  always make us feel welcomed like family.  We look forward to the Christmas party with the Italian Club in the banquet rooms again this year!!

  • Cheerbabii10

    sounds great!

  • Amy

    Unwind with good food, good friends and cold beer.

  • Rgondajr

    My favorite way to unwind is having 19 of my guests at Maggiano’s for some good Italian food during my birthday, just like what I did last Friday! :)

  • Sonyar_johnson

    I love love love this place!!!!!

  • Kathy

    Living alone, anticipating a local HAPPY HOUR puts spring in my feet.  There are so many choices
    but #1 is MAGGIANO’S, the most beautiful awsome restaurant in Bellevue.  To those who have
    not experienced this wonderful place I ALWAYS mention it is like a museum.  Umpteen historic
    black/white photos surround all walls, outstanding interior (should win a prize for restaurant
    interiors) and the memorable ambience.  This restaurant will always remain #1 in my ratings!!!


  • Troopie

    I am so fortunate because I received gift cards for Maggiano’s for my birthday.  It has become very difficult for me to walk, so I don’t get out much.  My next outing and favorite way to unwind will be dinner at Maggiano’s with my husband to celebrate our recent 34th anniversary.  We are so looking forward to it.

  • John_haggerty

    Totally awesome Flabreads.  Love the new Happy Hour!

  • Ktkoop1

    When I get off, I like to get a glass a wine and my book and go sit on my patio. On nasty days the same except I sit in front of my fire.

  • Jdriscoll

    A bottle of wine and a hot bath, together!

  • Richcanaday

    The best way to unwind like a noodle is at Maggiano’s Happy Hour… Don’t be a flatbread, get out and spice it up!

  • guest

    In this AMAZING  weather, a nice happy hour on an outdoor patio sounds like heaven!

  • NukeGal

    I love to stop by after a stressful day at work and unwind with a Stella Artois, Flatbread Margherita, and good conversation with several of my friends!

  • JoAnn Bucceri Longo

    The three F’s, FOOD, FUN AND FRIENDS !!!!

  • Funnybunny

    Our favorite way to wind down is inviting friends to join us for drinks and a nice fire outside. There is nothing quite as relaxing as watching a crackling fire as we share stories with people we love to spend time with!

  • crs

    Unwind with a glass of wine on the patio on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

  • Chudson111

    Either friends or family together with a great meal and good drinks.

  • Anonymous

    The combination of a glass of wine and a delicious Italiano meal with my
    lovely wife will leave the stress behind from an long day at work.  It’s truly living life the only way it should be lived and that spells e-n-j-o-y-m-e-n-t, pure and simple!

  • Peggy Adams

    My wife and I, Retired, unwind every evening at 4:00 pm with 2 glasses of wine each. 

  • Barbara

    Meeting up with friends, nice glass of wine and fine Italian food! Thats a great time!

  • LMF

    Have friends over and  have Italian food, Manhattans, red wine and music!!!

  • Annette Chavez

    Hummm … Thats an easy one .. Love to Unwinned surrounded by Loved Ones , Laughing and Enoying eachothers company over the Best Italian Food Out there “ MAGGIANNOS” THAT IS  !!  

  • Cfsolar

    Every Friday, my wife and I go to Maggianos. My wife drinks the Cosmos and I drink the red wines. We order the sausage flatbread. It’s a great way to relax after a long week at work.

  • mr. dominelli

    well you want to know a trade secret…. i guess that can be your good friends,tell them your pulling into Maggiano’s for happy hour and they will show up,especially if you say your treating! jd 

  • Amy J Harris

    Relaxation and Happiness is…a fork in hand, winding my favorite Maggiano’s pasta into a bite just a bit too big for my mouth…washing it down with a sip of my favorite red wine…Bellissima!!

  • Tully9798

    combination, meet with friends and then enjoy a bottle of wine!!

  • Quanaehall

    We talk about what we use to do or how we get into trouble when we were teenagers.It’s nothing like hanging out with your friends at Maggiano’s and talk about the good,the bad and your next vacation !!! Lol..Sometimes you just gotta take a break and laugh at life!!

  • Lianne DeBoer

    I’d like to meet the bus mentioned below and enjoy meeting new people at Maggiono’s for the wine and food….and maybe bring along afew of my friends!

  • Klwastro

    Relaxing in the house with all the windows open and the Spring breeze blowing through…a good book and a special beverage. : )

  • RRmadmanmetal

    Make a drink, kick back and watch some comedy on Tv! Plain and simple!

  • Chadandnicolewood

    I love to unwind with a great glass of wine, good friends and excellent Italian food.

  • Lidiamolina32

    It’s called, “Happy Hour at Maggiano’s!”

  • Elizabeth

    I unwind with some awesome food and wine.

  • Roxann Dzur

    A glass of wine

  • Caroline Malone

    I love to unwind with a nice bottle of wine a good red and some fun music or something soft depends on the kind of day.

  • Weathers Jessica

    Always a good time with great food, great drinks, and great company! It is just that simple!!

  • Shelang33

    My daughter and I love to come to Maggiano’s on Fridays after work and have crabcake appetizers, and margaritas.

  • Mary Goff

    My Friends and I love to get together and talk about #1 our families, Husbands, wives, children and in-laws.  Then we talk about how much we love our jobs and then we laugh and joke and talk about all the people and things in our lives that we are thankful for and blessed with… We love to have great appetizers, Red wine or mix several different flavors of margerita drinks.  When we get together we hang out for a minimum of 4 hours…It is the best therapy ever… We spend our money on food an drinks and talking amongst one another instead of  paying a therapist. 

    Thanks for asking.

    Maggiano’s is one of our favorite places to hang out. 

  • msjw

    I love getting together with friends and co-workers over appetizers and Sangria from Maggiano’s.  The best after a crazy week!

  • Huffmanlcf

    My wife and I love to sip on a great glass of vino, her favorite is the Allegrini Palazzo della Torre, and enjoy the ambiance and upbeat New York atmosphere.  Ciao!

  • Beth Baker

    An ice cold cosmo and my girlfriends!!!

  • Cindy

    we live in Savannah and drive down often just to eat here… we love this place…

  • Tofarrs

    drink a few martini’s  with friends

  • Kathy

    My favortie way to unwind would be to get together with friends at Maggianno”s during Happy Hour!

  • Esully202

    Sitting at your comfy bar enjoying a cosmo

  • Lombard1126

    I enjoy unwinding with either a frozen mud slide, chilled glass of white wine, or an ice cold freshly brewed unsweetened ice tea accompnied with sausage and tomato flatbread pizza or a fondue.

  • java Flower

    I unwind by heading to the pool to swim a few laps.


    We love to relax at home and have happy hour, but when we decide to go out, our favorite restaurant to frequent is Maggiano’s!!! We meet a group of friends and drink a great selection of wine while deciding which delicious dish to try next.The atmosphere is always so nice and cozy and the service is always impeccable!!!Maggiano’s never lets us down! We have turned a lot of friends on to this jewel of a restaurant, and would love to take them all out if we win this contest! We will continue to spread the good word about Maggiano’s to everyone!!!Thank you so much for bringing us such a fabulous home away from home!

  • Miko

    Eat, drink and be merry with friends and family!  Life passes by so quickly, you never know who will be with us the same time next year, so I like to enjoy every one, every day that I can.

  • Latteda2

    Friends, wine and food.  What else is needed

  • Becks

    We love hanging out with friends, especially at happy hours. Our favorite place was in Ballard, but after branching out a bit discovered Maggiano’s. We love the food, the excellent selection of beers, and most of all the atmosphere is wonderful. Most places will have good food, or good beer, or a good atmosphere, but somehow Maggiano’s has managed to capture all three. Awesome!

  • Kris B.

    I like to have a glass of wine, turn on some music and read a good book.

  • TJM

    Red wine, food, red wine, friends, red wine, soft jazz, red wine, repeat

  • Vicki

    Drinks with good friends!

  • Sheila Bowman

    I love to meet up with friends after work for Happy Hour and have a nice glass of red wine to relax and a few appetizers with it. 

  • cj

    Getting together with family and friends, opening up a few bottles of wines and a great antipasti platter. Good times, good food ,good wine, great people. 

  • Smingley

    Dinner and drinks with friends

  • LMR

    I like to go there with a large group of friends, open a great bottle of wine, share wonderful conversation and enjoy incredible food.  I look forward to doing just that again soon. 

  • Debstert

    Take a drive to the beach, dinner in a restaurant with an ocean view at sunset, good friends, good food, good times!

  • Kizzydoll77

    Happy hour at maggianos is the best. Their drinks is out of this world……have u ever drink and felt ur bones crack or feel that buzz? Well maggianos is the spot to go. Second the best waitress is JENNIFER..
    She is so warm with kindness always smiling and communicate with her customers in a very caring way.
    She is the best waitress that ever bad since I have been going to maggianos. I’ve been visiting maggianos every Thursday or Fridays for 3months and JENNIFER the waitress is the runner up from the food ,the reason why I kept going back…

  • Carmen Salinas Lozano

    I love to get together with my sisters  and friends at Maggiano’s Happy Hour to unwind and talk about our day! What a better way to do that then to spend it at Maggiano’s

  • Jessie

    summertime evening: sitting on a porch, listening to crickets

  • Cheryl

    Happy Hour with my husband, wine, and delicious Italian appetizers! Time to unwind and bond without the kids!! We enjoy getting together with our neighbors because we only get together for New Year’s and once or twice in the summer! Kids keep us so busy with sports! It is so wonderful to get together with our neighbors and enjoy some drinks, laughs, and good food!!
    Cheryl A. Gerstung
    Montgomery, IL

  • Jpr1653

    I love unwinding by going out to breakfast with my family.  It doesn’t happen as often as it used to since because of our busy schedules and the fact that one of our daughters live out of state. Last weekend everyone was home, including a boyfriend and fiance. We went out for a leisurely breakfast, shared jokes, funny stores and just the little things that have gone on in our lives while we were apart. In the middle I  looked around and thought how lucky I am and it doesn’t get much better than this.

  • Chgonowfl

    Had a great time at Maggiano’s last night.

  • Stet Mac

    I enjoy Maggiano’s after work for refreshing cocktails with colleagues. The mushroom ravioli and appetizer platters are favorites, as is the outdoor patio on a warm day. Good food, good friends, good service are all welcome after a long day! Thanks for giving us such a relaxing place to unwind….

  • Stet Mac

    I enjoy Maggiano’s after work for refreshing cocktails with colleagues. The mushroom ravioli and appetizer platters are favorites, as is the outdoor patio on a warm day. Good food, good friends, good service are all welcome after a long day! Thanks for giving us such a relaxing place to unwind….

  • Kathy

    We love to come to Maggiano’s because the food is spectacular! We love the flatbread and good wine hanging out for the evening. You never rush us and make it a well rounded evening with great service.

  • Jamiejackson

    Unwind with a great bottle of red or prosecco. Then a Maggiano’s flatbread, the perfect amount of food and always tasty!

  • Ms G

    I enjoy the atmosphere and the time to sit and look around as I relax with a glass of wine.

  • Jfsillett

    Best way to unwind is with my sisters over great wine and fine food.  We get together once a month a Maggiano’s.  We are thinking of starting to bring our grown daughters, but can’t decide if we want to let them interrupt our sister time!  They can get together themselves!!  If we win the prize, maybe that would happen!!!!

  • Caitlin Antos

    I grab a group of friends, open a bottle of wine, and let the good times flow!

  • Robbie Stine

    Me and my friends at Maggiano’s with flatbread

  • jplin1

    I love their wines and their appetizers.  Great place to catch up with friends, too!

  • Mbxtras

    Simply put, my favorite way to unwind is sharing food and drink with friends.

  • Taraneh Sh

    Just being able to spend time with my friends, my favorite way to unwind is when it’s warm, being able to spend a day at the beach looking for sea glass.  It’s so relaxing!  But of course a long day at the beach means drinks and dinner afterwards!

  • Brenda_gartrell

    call a couple of friends dinner go out to dinner @ Maggiano’s with talk and laughter!!!

  • Doublea

    A martini and tapas with close friends

  • Gregcconnell

    Food and drinks!

  • K-cat

    We love to have friends over and gather outside with homemade Sangria and yummy treats!

  • Timothy B. Powell

    My favorite way to unwind is to go fishing. The peacefulness of the lake and the chance to catch a big one bring out the utmost in relaxation for me. Then I come home to my family and friends, sit out on the deck and have a few laughs, some good barbecued food and  a couple of cocktails. After enjoying plenty of sunshine, listening or watching a Cubs would round out the day perfectly for me.

  • Zita Flannery

    A group of us who worked together for years meet about once a month for dinner.  Last month, we chose Maggianos in Kenwood and had a wonderful time.  The flatbread appetizers were fantastic and were shared around the table.  The server was friendly and very helpful and the atmosphere is warm and lovely.  Of course, the food was delicious and everyone was delighted to take food home to their families.  We will definitely choose Maggianos soon again and there was even talk of making it our permanent destinaation.  Thank you.

  • laura

    Love to get to gether with family at Maggiano’s and enjoy the Italian food and wine . Eat eat and drink and be merry or I should say be Italian.

  • Carmengomez25

    Every Friday we get together with our friends for appetizers and a drink or two. We talk about how the week went for each one of us. We joke, laught…we cry.  It is a great way to remain connected and tune out the set backs and stress encountered during the week caused by work, kids, dogs, relatives, etc. Birthdays are # 1 on our agendas.  It helps us appreciate life giving us a new start for the coming week. I love life, my friends, family, and Maggiano’s.

  • Denise P

    I love nothing better than getting a few of my friends and our spouses together to have a few cocktails and dinner at Maggiano’s to catch up on our lives. The atmosphere is so rich and relaxing, it almost makes you feel like you are on a mini vacation away from your day to day struggles. Love our local Kenwood location.

  • Goldrie

    With 60 hour work weeks, a teen son, a twentys daughter, and a mastiff growing up to breed, our “Chill Out” time is hard to find!  When we can squeeze an evening away, we call up our best friends and head out to have some grown-up relaxing.  Drinks, appetizers, lots of laughs, some incredibly well made food, a few more drinks while we chat a bit more and let that great food settle, then our designated driver in the group ‘rolls us all out the door’.  We’re the kind of group people smile at when they walk by – if they don’t go ahead and join us!  Fun, laid back, friendly, and easy to talk to – that’s us.  Always ready to forget the daily grind and have a good chat, whether with our closest friends or a great new friend we’ve just met – that’s us.  Grateful to discover Maggianos for the First Time on 3/9/2012, for we had the most outstanding Veal Porterhouse and Four Cheese Ravioli that had ever been plated in front of us!  Planning a much deserved Happy Hour at Maggiano’s for our next playful gathering of forty-something ”Kids at Heart”…. Thanks Maggiano’s, for giving us a new place to hang out!

  • Nellie Racanelli

    Just a great way to relax and visit with friends !!

    Nellie Racanelli

  • Eileen Fraschetta

    Spending time with family enjoying  great food and drinks in an awsome restraunt!

  • Msquire80

    I unwind with a drink in my hand and good company by my side.

  • Yvette

    We unwind by Eating, Drinking, Laughing, Music & Exhaling. Everyone gets to share something that happen to them that week, an then the others tell them the positive blessing in it an how to rise above it in one sentence! We laugh all nite.

  • Bryan

    I best way to unwind is sitting on deck, overlooking almost any sight, drinking cold beer or margaritas with good friends.

  • Shekinah

    I like to unwind with a close group of friends and have some cocktails before dinner. If the weather is nice we would sit out on the patio.

  • Alec Rosenfeld

    a chance to be with friends after a long week at work, a chance to kickback, unwind and savor the moment over a glass of wine or a martini on the rocks as we laugfh, make small talk, and watch trhe glorious sunset on the deck!!!!

  • Maggiano’s Marketing

    Congratulations to DMacchall, who was randomly chosen to win a free Happy Hour! Thank you all for participating!

  • Krish24

    Catch up and shoot the breeze with friends and colleagues whom otherwise there is not much opportunity to get together.

  • Deline33

    With a nice grouping of friends and good drinks and food:)

  • India Chiles

    My Favorite Way to Unwind is actually with a glass of wine and a great book.

  • Deboraivana26

    Listen to music and dine with friends

  • Kbbynre

    in Maggiano’s bar, game on TV, red wine in hand and steamed mussels on the way!

  • Erin

    I live in Philly in a LOUD, urban neighborhood.
    I like to unwind by taking a stroll along the river because it looks nothing like where I live.

  • Smorine37

    I get off of work, go home and change into some comfortable lounge wear.  Put in a good movie and curl up on the couch after a long day.  Sometimes, I make myself a nice cocktail of a flavored Smirnoff vodka drink.  Smirnoff is my favorite brand of vodka. I am then relaxed until the family arrive.

  • Dee Ann DeForest

    By going to Happy Hour of course!

  • Hermanns57

    I unmwind by going for long walks with my husband in 1 1/2 year old. Sometimes we get pretty far out and argue over who gets to ride in the stroller on the way back.

  • Sharon Nix

    I am new to the area, so I’m finding my way around slowly but surely.  Come 5:00 p.m. it’s a charge to know there is a fun place to go for happy hour.   I would love to be able to treat my son as well as my friends in Austin from previous visits, for all their kindnesses and help with settling in.   My son has been so very good to me.  I’m not familiar with Maggiano’s, but one of these days I hope to come to your fun-filled restaurant. 

  • Susan in the Boonies

    I love to meet up with friends and share good food, and swap stories.

  • Artie

    The way I upwind is by having an order of fried mozzarella and a glass of wine, looking at the evening stars.

  • BBBBrooke

    I get a much-needed babysitter!!!!!

  • Ecummings2010

    my favorite way to unwind would be sitting at the Rim sipping a martini and have an appetizee

  • Theresa

    WOW………..friends and libations are the perfect pair.  Everyone’s life style is so splintered and busy, that finding those precious moments to share a few grins and giggles at Maggianos’s HAPPY HOUR and nosh on delicous “grub” rounds out the ideal evening.

  • kc

    Take a long bath.

  • Brian

    Hanging with my family enjoying a nice meal!

  • Lauracrouse1

    We love going to Maggiano’s with a big group of friends and just catch up with each other and unwind from the long work week. We love the family style dining menu and a nice glass of wine

  • KristinaP

    I grab my girlfriends and we go out for drinks, some nosh, some good gossip, and people watching. It is the best time unwinding ever.

  • Garyski3

    Eat a great meal of Maggiano’s home cooked lasagna with a nice glass of red wine.

  • Iisgrp

    We like to find a nice resturant with a good atmosphere, good food, just the two of us enjoying each other and  being together as one.

  • Akadiesel92

    Chill at a coffee shop and catch up with your friends

  • rebecca

    a resonably priced cocktail, some appetizers, good service, great company and nice conversation.

  • Gknapel

    A great place to meet a friend for lunch—great food, great ambience and great service.  We meet at Magiannos once a month to catch up and to have a wonderful time. This is the place we think of first when its time to celebrate or just to have a festive evening out.  Magiannos is the best!

  • VLW

    Gathering friends and talking over apps and a good bottle of wine.  Forgetting about time and responsibilities just for a while.

  • Ryan

    Just like to hang out with friends and family!

  • Steve

    Many years ago stopping after work to have a few drinks and an appetizer or two was a regular occurrence. It seems more difficult to get together and tell stories or just relax. Its nice to get together again and Maggiano’s is a great place to do it.

  • Wtscookin

    We go to Maggiano’s, or course!

  • Streetrat

    Mild summer night on your restaurant’s outdoor patio with friends. Ice cold drink and a buffet of appetizers to indulge in and good laughs.

  • Gregcconnell

    food and drinks

  • Cristie C

    Meeting up with girlfriends for drinks and conversation.

  • Nancyg722

    My favorite way to unwind is to go for a walk on the boardwalk and listen to the ocean.

  • Yolanda Thomas

    I would like and love to unwind with there by getting my Parent’s there to dine in because the food is awesome. My Dad is on oxygen 24 hours a day and in a wheelchair so I help my Mom alot with him. It’s not easy but we do what we have to. Winning the unwind gift would certainly be a great treat for all 3 of us. Thanks in advance for picking us.

    Yolanda Thomas

  • Cathy R.

    We hosted my daughter’s Bridal Shower at Maggiano’s last fall. It was a wonderful event and has made Madggiano’s a favorite ever since. Good food, wine, friends and memories…priceless!

  • Wayne

    Nothing better than grabbing some fried zucchini and a glass of wine for my wife, ( me, I prefer a frosty cold Peroni or Stella) and sitting in the piano bar and chilling out. I should add it’s a great place to celebrate our children’s birthday and it’s always requested. WHC

  • Juddy

    Relax w/ a good book and a nice glass of wine or better yet, w/good friends and that same glass of wine!  Best is going to you for dinner w/friends for any celebration.  Tonite is  my b’day.  So, guess where we will be unwinding!

  • Doreen

    When I am at maggianos with my family, it takes me back to my childhood at my grandmother’s house on Sunday.  The smell in the air of homemade Italian food, the decor, and the magnificent food selections are a total sense memory.  These memories come alive again and totally relaxe me and make me unwind.  Nothing else compares to this.

  • Tanya L Williams

    I like to have friends over to the house to play games and drink wine.

  • MrsJNP

    Now for the TRUE definition of “unwind”… I believe you may have heard from my husband when, in fact, he ALWAYS unwinds whilist I cook.  You know what’s coming…… I, me and myself  want to be able to unwind at my fav restaurant with my dear husband and some friends.  I’ve almost forgotten what a happy hour is!!   Please help to remind me of the good old days of “time to unwind and enjoy life”.    Thanks for the opportunity — pay it ahead and sit back to be rewarded.   

  • chollowell

    Going out to dinner on Friday with family – to celebrate the start to the weekend!

  • Tim Repsher

    Walk in Maggiano’s and be instantly transported to a different time and place.  A space where nothing bad exists, life is perfect, and the most important thing is looking into my wife’s eyes while we share an appetizer and cover it in Parmesan snow

  • Anonymous

    My favorite happy hour is shared with friends and/or family we haven’t seen in awhile.
    Everyone is relaxed and not hurrying anywhere else. Great sharing and bonding

  • Meriaten Rebecca Long

    Date night with my hubby at Maggiano’s and a walk through the park

  • Cnyrsccorrine

    My girlfriends and I  like to all meet up after work on Wenesdays.  Husbands, children and work are off limits to talk about. We eat and drink and talk about our girl parties and how beneficial it is to our families that we take a break from them .

  • Ghensley001

    The best way to unwind is to have a great glass of wine, sit outside on the patio with music going, and catch-up with old friends.  Having a little Italian bread to nibble one makes everything wonderful.  Starting a second round will begin the real unwinding time….sharing stories, laughing together, and enjoying the wonderful outside atmoshpere (people watching).  Maggiano’s is such a great place to UNWIND.   

  • Sylvia

    There is nothing  better than a glass of wine or a drink with something to eat at the bar with a group of like minded people. I find that people are the bar area are after a long days work usually friendly and need to relax.

  • Anonymous

    After dinner, I like to sit on the couch with my feet up and work a Sudoku puzzle. 

  • Cindy Taylor

    My favorite way to unwind is at Maggiano;s Happy Hour with friends

  • Alanjanice

    We like to shop then go eat at Maggiano’s

  • Lisa Ariente

    My favorite way to unwind is having a cocktail or a beer while listening to some really great live music. I love to get up and dance, even if it’s by myself!

  • IamBARB

    Typically I unwind on my couch with my DVR. :) Every once in awhile, a Happy Hour is great! Maggianos would be something nice and fancy, perfect for me and my coworkers.

  • Lynette

    My favorite way to unwind is drinking a wonderful apple martini at the bar at Maggiano’s

  • Cenage

    Wine, wine, wine!

  • Latoya G

    I like to get a massage or a facial to unwind.

  • Tracy Parral

    I unwind by watching a movie :)

  • Macraw3911

    My favorite way to unwind is sitting on my friends back porch with all our family and friends, sipping on some wine.  But, their house burnt down monday.   Here is a video.   We would love to come to maggianos and have happy hour.  This would help get all our spirits back up, it will be a long time before we are sitting on that patio again. :(

  • Memo Ching

    Lay back at a good old lounge with a Mojito while watching some eye candy.

  • Natalie

    I like to go to a spa for a massage.

  • Sutherlandmark22

    BBQ in the backyard drink in my hand my sweetheart lounging in her favorite chair!

  • Suze89

    In the evening with a book and a drink cheers!

  • Alozinski

    All I need is a good read

  • Flyergal82

    Going to the beach with my friends

  • TraciBKY

    A warm blanket, a good book, and my dogs resting at my feet.

  • Starrr97

    drinks and dinner with good friends

  • Heather M

    Cup of hot tea and sitting on the porch with the pups

  • Lizt

    I bike ride. I really enjoy it.

  • Paulette Carlson

    I love to visit with  my friends in a beautiful relaxed setting.  Sounds a lot like Maggiano’s doesn’t it???  What a great place to be.  Everyone enjoys it and I have many fond memories of the times that I’ve been there.

  • Mattathias Johnson

    Shower first! Clean pair of boxers, A pair of Michael Jordan shorts + White t shirt + padded foot locker socks! Prop my feet up and sit on the couch in front of a big screen tv with ESPN on + a VERY chilled glass/bottle of moscato with some chunks of pepper jack cheese and of course some left over maggianos lasagna :) oh oh oh, don’t forget the great tasting cheesecake for dessert also from maggianos :) That is TRULY what I call the “good life” :) 

  • Kerry

    A cocktail watching the sunset over the bay.

  • beekie

    Friends / patio / drinks / fun!

  • Sam S.

    I unwind with a glass of wine and Law and Order episodes

  • John Rama

    A comfortable seat at the bar, with a true professional bartender, some friends and a cold martini!

  • Gwertz01

    My favorite way to unwind after a long trying day, is with a nice glass of pinot noir. I love enjoying a quiet evening with  my husband and a bottle of wine to help send all my worries away. Maggiano’s is a great place for me to de-stress and enjoy the little things in life. It is always the small things that make a BIG difference. 

  • Marcia Goss

    A walk around the lake in our neighborhood park.

  • Loveabulls

    My favorite way to wind down…is renting a car…and driving somewhere far away( a weekend mini trip)…sometimes my hubby and I pack a light back and picnic basket…and will drive to New York…(16 hours) so much fun…just for fun.  Along the way…we just unwind in conversation…when we get there we unwind with family in Queens…near Rockaway…not far from Coney Island.  I love maggianos…its a great place for family and friends to eat FABULOUS FOOD and great Wine.  Love it. 

  • Mdh6677

    Sitting buy a fire friends

  • sylvia

    A drink!

  • Pattycakes

    I enjoy dinner with friends, with great food and wine.

  • Elisa Lowe

    Reading a good book, or having a meal our with good friends and family is always a good way for me to unwind.

  • Kristina G.

    By the fire with a refreshing cocktail!

  • Jaynenotjane

    By relaxing with friends at Maggiano’s.

  • kmkpink

    Iwind down by hanging out with friend’s at Maggiano’s.

  • wlk

    I love to go to Maggiano’s with my family

  • Barbara Leaf

    My Maggiano’s is in the shopping mall.  I like to go shopping and then ease into Maggiano’s for a nice lunch and a piece of chocolate cake and decaf.  Mmmmm – heaven.  That is sooooo relaxing and better than a day at the spa!

  • Erica Simmons Jones

    My favorite way to unwind is to spend time with my husband and daughter talking about our days.

  • Rosie

    If I want to unwind alone, my “go-to” is puzzles – any puzzle – or my IPad.  However, when I feel the need to talk and be with friends, I’m surrounded.  Belonging to several “gal” groups affords me the opportunity to unwind with varied individuals.  One is a Birthday group where we practically grew up together.   Another is a birthday group of ten where we celebrate the occasion, take weekend trips and just get together to talk about children, husbands, health, …; another is a church group of 18 who meet every month.  Our children, now in their 40′s all went to school together and the moms still enjoy the company of each other.  All groups unwind, drink a little wine, ask for guidance, prayers, or just talk.  Laughter abounds and everyone gets a good nights sleep. 

    What greater peace than to know I am among the blessed – not only for my many friends, but for a husband and family who are the best!     

  • Imsherril

    After teaching, mentoring, consoling, encouraging, and inspiring 404 students everyday, my colleagues and I love to exhale together. Those times aren’t enough. I’d love for us all to enjoy eachother’s company at your fine establishment. Teachers deserve to ‘Unwind’, too!

  • Kiarajanae11

    My favorite way to unwind is to sit on my patio drinking a nice mojito .. wishing i was at maggianos (:

  • Stephanie

    My favorite way to unwind is to curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, my bulldogs, and my other mutts!! Then I get up, make a nice quick dinner before my hubby gets home, and we ALL return to the couch together to eat and watch tv as a family!! A perfectly fun night!! :)

  • Doug

    Race cars at Dave and Busters before or after a good meal.

  • Kay Coco


  • Ranman727

    We love Maggiano’s and want to bring our friends.

  • Sandie Aliprantis

    At the end of a long workweek, I like meeting my friends for drinks and a good food.

  • Frederick Delventhal

    Nice long dinner with wine to match. appetizer with drinks takes 45 minutes. Wine with main course takes 1 hour and dessert with grappa then coffee takes another hour. BLISS.

  • Carey C

    Soft music and rich chocolate.

  • Kim

    We like to unwind after work by picking up good take out and sitting out on the back deck with a few good drinks and a few great friends laughing the night away. 

  • CMC

    Hanging with my bf, a cold glass of Moscato and the furkids at my feet.  It doesn’t get much better than that!

  • fran stemmler

    a good show and a good meal

  • Lindaderosa

    I love to go on-line and find appropriate  jokes for the occasion-  People  love it -re-late laugh learn and open up to having so much fun- -

  • Maria Mendoza♥

    Meet up with friends!

  • Dmschepke

    My husband and I throw a few things in a bag, grab the dogs and head to the lake every week end where we shake off the week, unwind around the fire with great  friends, great drinks and take in our little piece of paradise and enjoy the view of the lake at sunset.

  • Jessica Allen

    A nice hard workout, a long run with my music cranked up, and a bubble bath with a glass of wine. I teach high school, so the alone time to clear my head is what I crave when I need to unwind.

  • Guest

    dinner and a drink!

  • lisa mcfarland

    with margaritas and friends 

  • Steve J

    i think the best way to unwind is with a full body massage and a plate of pasta

  • Amie Heckman

    A good meal with friends and family. Laughter  and fun remove all the stress of the day

  • Camillef

    Too busy to have friends over?  A happy hour at Maggiano’s is like having friends drop by at home but without the cleanup! Good food,drinks, and conversation and it’s affordable foe everyone!  We did it one afternoon as a little birthday celebration.  Definitely do it again.

  • Lester J. McNanhy

    Love to dine out with friends, enjoy a great drink and an even greater dinner.  What better place than Maggiano’s.  Have dined in Tampa, Las Vegas and my very first restaurant was Maggiano’s near Woodfield Mall in Chicago area.

  • Marcomajik

    I like to unwind by taking my bride of 38 years to a class place ( like Maggiano’s)  for a glass of wine and some light fare.

  • Merebaker

    Drinks and apps or dineer!

  • Mary Kay

    I relax by daydreaming, or I might escape into a magazine. Today I enjoyed looking through recipes I’ve collected.

  • Pinky_0267

    Hanging with my bff, my hubby at home or our favorite restaurant..25 years still strong!

  • Cjmumms

    a perfectly chilled martini and an evening of conversation

  • Holzer

    I great way to enjoy food and drinks with family and friends.

  • Brenda Machalk

    A nice drive  either downtown or Naperville, then a glass of good red vino and fried calamari from Maggianos.  Everyone is so nice its a pleasure to spend my money there.  After the vino who wouldn’t be relaxed

  • antrp31

    I love to introduce my kids to new surroundings, tastes, and atmosphere. I would love to this to win this to let them know what authentic italian tastes like.

  • c. blake

    How do I unwind, well! a glass of chardonnay will do it everytime. Then a relaxing evening at Maggiano’s with friends that is definitely a good win. A happy hour with Italy food and great wine Maggiano’s will always be the best way to dine.

  • Jocey

    Going to the movies and dinner afterwards at, of course, Maggiano’s!

  • Berchdavid

    I work in a Food & Beverage. It can be very stressful. I look forward to my days off to unwind. Maggis is always one of my top choices for happpy hour. My friends and i meet and sit at the bar. We will usally order 4 to 6 different items and share. I love the environment and the bartenders are very service oriented and friendly. The crab cakes and zuchinni frito are a must. I look forward to summer to dine on the patio and bring my cocker spaniel. If you have not ever dined under the stars on Maggis patio, you are missing out. My unwind time at Maggis is very important to me, great envirnment, great food and unwinding and catching up with special friends. and order dinner to go!

  • Alfonso

    Relax with a drink and conversation with friend. Followed by a great meal. Never want to leave

  • Lysaw

    Unwind with some good wine, good food, good surroundings, cheerful hostess and waiters, and no where better to do it then at Maggiano’s…

  • Valeriey

    After a long hard week, my coworkers and I wind down by meeting at a venue that offers great prices for food and drink, like Maggianos’s Happy Hour provides.

  • Rob Cummings

    Unwind telling my wife about my day… and she does the same

  • Jenn

    I love to unwind with good friends and a nice red wine. the best thing is taking someone who has never been to Maggiano’s for the first time.

  • amwiden

    I like getting together with friends and discussing books or going for a walk in the park.

  • LinggArthur

    Glass of chianti, a plate of calimari, and bread and antipasti along with my lady is a great way to unwind for both of us.

  • Dedrickmartin

    My favorite way to unwind is to jump on the I-10 west from Montebello, exit Fairfax and head north to 3rd street. Valet park at Maggiano’s and grab a seat to enjoy the music and nice ambiance. Have a cocktail or two, maybe three and then enjoy a slice of Tiramisu for desert. This is how I roll. Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to express myself. 

    Best regard,
    Dedrick Martin714.337.9280

  • Katherine_jn

    I love to unwind in my backyard with friends and our favorite adult beverages.  The men do the grilling while the women sit around trying to solve the world’s problems!  LOL  As the sun goes down, you will find a warm inviting fire and friends playing their guitars and singing.  It is amazing how time flies by with you are with good friends relaxing.

  • smurfet765

    I like to listen to music and zone out….a nice glass of wine is a huge plus!

  • Meredith Jones

    Italian food on the beach!

  • Ccurtis

    My most favorite to unwind is to meet with friends and share some quality time enjoying the food and fellowship.  Spend some time in actually finding out how they are doing, what’s going on in their lives and to let them know that I really care and to confirm in me…….”they have a friend for today and tomorrow…….!!!!!!!  Give them their roses while they can smell them!!!!!!!!

  • 63vwnotch

    After a hectic week of driving over the road, I like to enjoy good food, good drinks and time with my family over a hearty dinner.

  • Laurenleighwilkerson

    We just bought a fire pit, and it’s so nice to spend the evening chatting with each other instead of glued to the TV. Of course, we love a good meal and glass of wine too.

  • Melmy42

    My friends and I are very social and always looking for a comfortable, location-convenient
    place to gather to catch-up with each other’s busy lives. Maggiano’s Farmers Market fits
    the bill perfectly. Nothing unwinds us faster that a warm atmosphere, great drinks and food
    to enjoy together. Deepens the bonds between us.

  • ames

    Cocktails on the patio watching a beutiful sunset

  • Jonnie5isalive

    Go home prop up on my recliner couch and watch my weekly DVRd shows and just relax

  • JudY

    Dine with family and friends.  Maggiano’s is my favorite Italian restaurant.  Your food is FANTASTIC.  Just finished the eggplant and spaghetti yesterday……….wonderful- perfect sauce and plenty of garlic.  I LOVE garlic….no vampire would come near me.
    And, the bowtie aelio was so declicious.  Looking forward to coming back soon.

  • Michelle

    My husband and I unwind after a long work week by putting on some music after our little one is asleep, lighting some candles, sipping some wine over a meal we cooked together. Afterwards we go and sit outside in the Cali air and take in the ocean and stars.

  • Al

    With manicotti in marinara

  • Bets

    In this very busy, complicated world, my friends and I schedule “we” time when we
    get together and just share our latest concerns, the state of the union, and news
    of each other. Add lots of laughs and good drinks and food in a comfortable,
    friendly, convenient place and its a welcome interlude and safe haven for
    everyday concerns. Sounds like a mental health evening to me.

  • Vernita C. Cole

    I like to unwind with my husband, good friends and good food.  I want a pleasant and cheerful invironment surrounded by happy sounds.

  • Manda

    Getting dolled up and going out for a night on the town with my wonderful hubby!

  • Terry

    After a long day I appreciate enjoying a glass of wine and discussing the events of the day with my fiancee 

  • Joe Cogburn

    Friends, Tapas & Wine! What more do you need to unwind?

  • Toohotforturtle

    Racquetball ususally does the trick

  • Katie

    Best. Martinis. Ever.

  • Zepolh

    friends, family and appetzer’s to keep us engerize!

  • Nilima Mehra

    Cackling-Time!….a great way to unwind.
    Delicious food, a drink or two, a movie above, shopping galore,
    Come to Maggiano’s….you can’t ask for anything more.

  • Ronnie Schwartz

    gin and tonic

  • Yuxi Lai

    I like to unwind with a nice Mojito in hand. :)

  • matt

    A cold beer, a nice cigar, and a warm breeze…

  • Janlmeeks

    I had a “Lemon Drop” cocktail for the first time.  I like lemon flavoring, so I really enjoyed this!  I was full, but still ordered a half-size salad from the menu for only $4.50; same as the prices on the $4, $5, and $6 happy hour menu!

  • mike wanstrath

    Making homemade margs with friends while watching sports and playing some cornhole. 

  • Mjrue333

    There is nothing better to help you unwind after a long day at work than laughing with friends and family. There is no better place to do that than at happy hour!

  • Robby Rob

    the best way to unwind is with some alone time with a good CD playing through the house while relaxing. ahh. Just me and my CD player. Kicking it old school.

  • Lawrence Belisle


  • Andrea Henry

    sweet tea and a porch swing…

  • charles brown

    lemonade and apple tarts…on the deck

  • janice Black

    a hot bath and a good book…..

  • erica best

    i love hot tea and a good book 

  • Lauren Vento

     Good Friends, Cold Glass of Pinot in hand, Bruschetta, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Fried Zucchini on the table at Maggiano’s :)

  • jb

    1 part vodka
    1 part tequila
    1 part rum
    1 part gin
    1 part triple sec
    1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
    1 splash cola

  • rachel

    with chocolate and a good book

  • Evelyn Dubocq

    The best way to unwind?  Maggiano’s with friends!
    There’s nothing better then catching up with old friends surrounded around the hustle and bustle and the warmth of a Maggiano’s.  From the moment the friendly hostess greets us with a bright smile to the moment we leave bellies full and laughter abounding from a great time – it’s a perfect location.After our greeting- that’s always filled with smiles and a note of remembrance from our last visit (rather than just a “it will be a 30 minute wait”,)  we are shown to an in an elegant yet comfy booth ay the Maggiano’s in San Jose, CA.  We always ask for Miso, our favorite server (the best I’ve ever encountered) he makes everything beyond perfect.  The drinks are great, we linger over yummy appetizers, (always surprised by a sumptuous treat of some kind) the food is amazing, never rushed…(which is good-us girls need to talk after all) no one wants to be rushed for a relaxing happy hour and leisurely dinner.
    And to top off the night?  We each leave with a dinner for the next evening!

    Unwind?  Yep 
    - 2 part girlfriends that need to catch up
    - 1 part Happy Hour at Maggiano’s while waiting for a comfy booth
    - fill rest of evening will chatter and the yummiest dinner you won’t soon forget 
    - top with cheesecake (or lemon cookies) from heaven
    - garnish with take home dinner for tomorrow!

  • Neiv92

    While sharing wine with close friends, be entertained by jazz artists like Rick Braun, Midi Abair or Peter White in a small venue, like Gerald Veasley’s Jazz Base

  • Sher

    Ideally, the best way for me to unwind is with a Pina Colada in hand, lounging on the beach!

  • Kelly

    I enjoy unwinding with 3 things…good music, food, and company!

  • Precmomfan

    I love unwinding my having a cold beer with my husband

  • Kimber

    Enjoy Girls Night Out with new and old friends
    With Lemon Drop Martine

  • Tinahb

    Meet a girlfriend or two at the mall & shopping for a few hours – bringing my DD (17-year old daughter) …. THEN Maggiano’s Martinis FOR THE WIN !!

  • Lisa LaCalamita

    Good food and drink with good conversation with great friends can turn everyday into a holiday and Maggiano’s is always a good choice to fulfill everyone’s desires!!!:)

  • Laurie Griffith

    Love to unwind with good friends! A cocktail, appetizers and good conversation really allows you to let go and relax!

  • Jeremy

    My girlfriend and I like to go and enjoy their flatbreads during Happy Hour.  I’ll relax and enjoy a stella artois and she’ll order a martini.
    Great prices for sure!

  • Willglass

    Alittlesoft jazz music.
    My wife’s pretty smile.
    Some appetizers and drinks.

  • Jamsmith216

    We unwind by going to Vegas for a little R & R.  While there we eat at Maggiano’s.  

  • Tmartinelli231

    Good food , wine , family , relaxing,  eating a meal as good as mother used to make.                                                       Thanks  Maggiano”s

  • ShelleyYR

    Good friends and conversation, cool and refreshing liquid libation, lots of laughter,  plus good food equals a good time – especially at Maggiano’s!

  • Hil

    I like to get up whenever and leisurely get ready to have a relaxing lunch with friends.  Then spend the day with or without them going to my favorite stores before meeting up again to have a drink and then dine at my favorite after-the-find dining spot, Maggiano’s of course.

  • Karin

    A day at the pool with friends – the warm sun on your skin, a cool breeze in your hair, a cocktail in hand, chilling to music. Then around 4:00 p.m. throwing on a sundress & heading to Maggiano’s just in time for Happy Hour with their delicioso appetizers & spirits!!  It’s bellisimo! 
    Ciao’ for Now…Karin

  • minh tran

    on the beach with a bottle of wine and a book.

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