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Memorable Events: Family-Style Entertaining

Written on September 7, 2012

At Maggiano’s, memorable events are our passion, and whether it be a life-changing moment or a casual gathering of family and friends, family-style entertaining is a great way to create an unforgettable experience.

The star of the show is the food. Your table will look bountiful with several dishes and it’s bound to strike up your guests’ appetites. There’s just something so inviting about a big heap of Italian-seasoned chicken and sausage on a bed of vegetables. Keep your server ware simple so eyes go straight to your delicious meal.

No need for fancy feats. Family-style entertaining tends be more rustic. Great family-style dishes can be anything from a big bowl of pasta, to roasted meats and vegetables. Even salads look enchanting in a mound. There’s not need to fuss over individual plates or even proportions. You can drop everything into a slow-cooker or roasting pan and put it on a platter. Guests serve themselves and you’re done.

Centerpieces in high places. With the passing of platters, consider taking the centerpiece off of the table and create something above like fun ornaments and simple mementos from the ceiling or chandelier.

Have fun. Creating an interactive experience for each guest – young and old – and having fun is crucial. Offer different types of food like a variety of different meatballs and dipping sauces or an around the world menu. Themes, family trivia and icebreakers are great conversation starters to make your meal memorable.

Make your next family-style get together something where everyone can relax, unwind and be themselves. We invite you to enjoy the warm atmosphere at Maggiano’s Little Italy for your next meal out or special occasion. We also invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube for more recipes and tips.

  • Deedeejam

    i love coming to this site there is always some wonderful recipes, ideas, etc and always positive w/ having fun w/ family & friends

  • Maggiano’s

    Thank you!

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