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What Type of Pasta Are You?

Written on October 8, 2012

In the fun spirit of National Pasta Month, what type of pasta do you think you are most like? Are you sweet and caring or bold and daring? You might be surprised to see which pasta best describes you. Read these descriptions and decide what type of traits best match you!

what type of pasta are you

You’re a natural born leader. You shine brightly and take responsibility in everything you do. With all of your energy, enthusiasm and confidence you may be Spaghetti & Meatballs!

Definitely a thinker, you not only have the ability to share your ideas, but you also have the charm to communicate your feelings and ideas with others. Just like Lasagna, you are a great negotiator and mediator with a balanced point of view.

Are you cautious and quiet at times, but usually loving and caring with those who know you best? Once people understand what’s on the inside, they find that you are honest, dependable and punctual. You must be Four-Cheese Ravioli!

You like to create a comfortable environment, but you have a flair for design and color. Your surroundings tend to mirror your unique personality. You are able to embrace anything new like music and fashion. There’s definitely nothing ordinary about being you or Bowtie Aglio. You’re extraordinary!

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a huge perfectionist? You may seem demanding, organized, and clean, but you are also highly analytical with high standards and expertise. That makes you a fascinating person with a lot of useful tidbits of information just like Baked Rigatoni Pomodoro!

No matter what your personality or pasta choice may be, we have a place for everyone at our table. We invite you to enjoy the warm atmosphere at Maggiano’s Little Italy for your next meal out or special occasion. We also invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube for more recipes and tips.

  • Full Of Italian

    Pellizzoni, I’m thicker than most pastas.

  • Edwinabrown

    I’m a little bit of all of them.  Edwina brown

  • Beverly

    I’m afraid that I’m “stuck” on the old fashioned regular spaghetti!!!!!

  • Candygirl

     I could eat pasta every day of my life. My Aunt Jessie, now departed, made the best meat balls and ziti. I am a ravioli lover myself but love the simple dishes, like cavatelli and broccoli with garlic and oil. My husband makes the best I have ever had!

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