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Maggiano’s Little Italy Chef Tips: Cultural Cuisines for Thanksgiving

by Keith Brunell - Dallas, TX | Written on November 19, 2012

Instead of turkey, stuffing and all the usual but delicious foods, try a new, cultural cuisine and go around the world for Thanksgiving this year. Make cooking an activity so that everyone can learn about new and different cultural foods and cooking methods.

Cultural Cuisines for Thanksgiving

A few cuisines to get your ideas going are Greek, Latin, Asian, Italian or even vegetarian or gluten free. Research a few dishes and determine which suits you and your family best. Try picking a few dishes from multiple cuisines, too. What’s your Thanksgiving theme?

During this month of thanks, we would like to thank you for letting our restaurant be a part of your family. We hope to share many more memorable events with you. Join us at Maggiano’s Little Italy for your next meal out or this Thanksgiving. We also invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube for more recipes and tips.

  • Sweetandsassyblog

    I added my experience on my blog

    MAGGIANO’S a LOVE/ HATE relationship

    Attending a birthday dinner has always been one of my favorite things to do.
    It’s the best of both world’s spending time with love ones and hopefully a good
    meal. This celebration was for my niece’s 2nd birthday and my sister decided to
    have a dinner party at an Italian restaurant that was a 30 – 40 minute drive
    from my house. Really??? Who does this it’s a 2 year old birthday and a
    weekday! Being a mom I thought that Chucky Cheese or Fridays would be suitable,
    closer and cheaper on my pockets.

    Arriving at MAGGIANO’S located 5333 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20015
    brought back years of memories of great conversations, birthday dinners, events
    and take out. I have dined and had take out over 20 times and have had mixed
    experiences with the food and service throughout the years. In my earlier years
    I worked at Lord and Taylor and Lien’s N Things which was in close proximity to
    MAGGIANO’s and would frequent the take out.

    A few years ago when I was in love with the food I hosted my mother’s
    birthday dinner at MAGGIANO’S. The food was mediocre and overpriced. I must
    admit the portion size was great for the price but the food was bland and
    tasteless on this occasion. From graduation parties to Christmas parties I have
    had most of the items off the menu. Throughout the years the food has been
    either surprisingly good or horrible and I wished I went elsewhere when it’s

    As you already know dining with a large group can be a headache with the
    kitchen as well as the wait staff. Not to mention the attendees being on time
    and being able to count when the bill comes. My sister made reservation for 11
    people for 7pm on Tuesday, October16, 2012. I arrived at 7:10 and the table had
    yet to be set up and my sister and her entourage were running late as usual.
    When everyone finally arrived it was 7:30 and we sat down. I informed the
    waiter that I would like to order before the group because I had to leave in a
    few since it was a weekday and I had a 9 hour day in the am followed by driving
    my daughter to her gymnastics class that was 30 minutes away and for an 1 ½
    hours. The waiter was MIA for 15 minutes although I expressed to him I was
    ready to order. Being optimistic about the food I thought I would order a safe
    choice from the menu. My daughter order fettuccine alfredo which is one of her
    favorites and I ordered lasagna and spaghetti and meatballs for my 1 year old.
    The waiter was slow and placed my one year old daughter’s meal in front of her
    so she could burn herself with the hot plate. One thing I will never understand
    is why waiters try to remember everyone’s order instead of write it down.
    Waitressing for over 3 years myself I wrote down everyone’s order for accuracy
    no matter how large the group was. The food came out quickly and at different
    times. A few orders were incorrect or missing which caused half the table to
    eat their meals and the other half look at us eat.

    Looking at the large plate of lasagna in front of me I wondered would it be
    finger licking good or just ok. My first bite was incredible and I was back in
    LOVE. I offered a few people a taste and everyone agreed it was DELICIOUS. My
    daughter was sucking up the pasta like she hasn’t had a meal all day. I tasted
    her pasta and for once I didn’t need salt and pepper on fettuccine alfredo. My
    sister ordered the salmon and it was tender, juicy and delightful. I tasted every
    dish on the table and everything delightful.

    Although I had a great food I am unsure of the next experience will be
    great. Proceed at your own risk.

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