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Maggiano’s Classic Pasta Reheat Instructions

Written on December 13, 2012

Looking for reheating instructions for your Classic Pastas? Look no further!

classic pasta reheat

  • Ahendr3931

    Do you still have the Veal/Mushroom Ravioli on the menu? I’ll be there in Jan. & Feb.

  • Sheilalmckenzie

    I was in for the first time last night. I cannot wait to my next visit. I gave out 10 gift cards at Christmas, next year it will be MAGGIANO’S gift cards. I was so impressed with our server his advise helped us to order from appetizers to dessert even the wine choice. Everything was so good I didn’t even realize until today that none of us thought to order a salad. Nest time for sure I will. Try the house salad and try a different dish. Oh that would be today with our take home dishes, while I canned quarts of my homemade sauce we are eating MAGGIANO’S dinner. Each of us picked something different. LOVED DInner at MAGGIANO’S. Five star Dinning in Little Italy.

  • Scrapsey

    That’s fine….but what if its frozen. ?

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  • Kitsel

    It took several trys to finally come to a place that provided the reheating instructions that the package indicates should be at – that address keeps coming back as not available. Then doing a search for reheat instructions didn’t do it either. Finally saw a link on one of the pages during my search. I would think that if they are going to give you a website for that info, it would be there. Other than that, excellent food.

  • Eio

    Yes, what if it is frozen. Do the dinners have to be thawed before we microwave them?

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