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Maggiano’s Little Italy Holiday Favorites

Written on December 5, 2013

Available December 5th – January 8th

We have a special delivery just in time for the holidays. Enjoy some of our favorite, comforting dishes this holiday season.


Maggiano's Little Italy Holiday Favorites

Featuring Rodney Strong Estate Vineyards
Charlotte’s Home, Sauvignon Blanc
Alexander Valley Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon
Chalk Hill, Chardonnay
Enjoy a bottle and receive a commemorative Maggiano’s carafe*. Our gift to you!

Dishes you’ll enjoy on our “Holiday Favorites” menu:

Pepperoni Fondue
Four-Cheese, Pepperoncini Fondue, Crostini

Crab & Shrimp Imperial
Lobster Cream Sauce, Herb Breadcrumbs, Orzo Pasta

Stuffed Shells Bolognese
Jumbo Pasta Shells, Beef Bolognese, Asiago Cheese, Tomato Cream Sauce

Spinach Tortellacci**
Tomato Pesto Broth, Grana Padana Parmesan, Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Chicken Romano
Artichokes, Tomatoes, Angel Hair Aglio Olio

Andes® Chocolate Mint Cake
Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream, Andes® Mints
Maggiano’s Little Italy will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish® for each piece of Andes® Chocolate Mint Cake sold with a minimum guarantee of $200,000 for all in-restaurant promotions from 6/27/13 – 6/25/14. For more information, visit

May your holiday season be filled with joyful memories and plenty of pasta! You are always welcome to join us at Maggiano’s Little Italy for your next meal out or holiday event. We also invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube for more recipes and tips.

*No purchase necessary
** Dish Contains Nuts
Subject to Availability

Andes® is a registered trademark of Tootsie Roll Industries, LLC. Chicago, Illinois.


  • Crystal

    Will you have your traditional Peppermint Profiteroles this year? Or is the Andes Chocolate Mint Cake replacing them?

  • Anonymous

    Where are the peppermint profiteroles???? They’re so good!

  • LProv

    Sounds Yummy!!!

  • J Simpson

    prices on the menu would be courteous and helpful

  • ssgmike

    was there for the first time 2 weeks ago with my wife and sister [ she has been there before] and let me tell you the food taste was excellent and prices are in line with dinners. In fact our meal included buy 1 take 1. Outstanding highly recommend

  • Valerie love

    This place is incredible! I love going here for the wonderful food and atmosphere but it reminds me a someone special. Good times!

  • Schmalz

    Been coming for years and sure wish you would put the onion strings back on the menu.

  • SL.

    LOVE the food here. The crab and shrimp Imperial looks wonderful. I’ll be sure and try that before the offer goes away.

  • christine

    taking my daughter there for her 18th birthday,no other restaurant will do…best ever….just like grandma’s Italian cooking back in the day.

  • Onion Man

    YES! YES! Bring the strings back!!!

  • luvgrtfd

    I’ve been going her for a lot of years, and have never, never seen coupons or buy 1 take 1. How did you get that? Thanks

  • ssgmike

    The waiter informed us and it was on the menu, to choose from I think it was 5 different pasta dishes.

  • Guest 444

    That sounds like the Olive Garden special. I’ve never heard of Maggiano’s offering bogo. I most definitely have to go soon & inquire about that offer.

  • Guest444

    Their website offers $10.00 coupons for signing up & also for your birthday.

  • diva

    Maggiano’s has been doing bogo in my area for some time now. (Atlanta) It’s only on the classic pastas. Make sure to get their pineapple martini. The best around!!!!

  • Mister B

    My wife and I go often. Food Wonderful, wait staff fantastic. Sharing the tiramisu after meal is to die for; I always have an Irish coffee with mine, go figure.

  • ssgmike

    As this was our first time there, had no idea they offered this, give them a call in your area about this. Now we went on a Monday so possible not available on weekends.

  • Aisha

    They have been offering this for a while now. It’s on certain pastas, but it’s available every day.

  • ssgmike

    We where back and had lunch at M’s and on the menu at the top right they list “on the house classic pastas” buy 1 take 1 home. When we went couple weeks ago you could order something off the regular menu at $12.95 and up and choose on the “house classics”. I asked the waitress about this today and she said that was the promotion at the time. Now it’s as stated in the first sentence above

  • ssgmike

    today after lunch we order the sample desert ” 5 for $12.95″ out of this world, they were enough for the 4 of us. Totally recommend

  • Mylaunna Lee

    Has anyone ever heard of seasonal appetizer which I had last fall: Caramelized Onion Roasted Pear with Gorgonzola chz Bruschetta (I know I’m leaving something out)? I had it at the Vegas location but no one seems to know what I’m talking about. Will they ever bring it back? It was sinfully delicious. Someone help plz.

  • Becca

    If you select your location and view your selected restaurant’s menu it does show prices.

  • TD

    Truthfully the food is not that great and if you had a reservation for 8 and they don’t sit you till 830, it really is not that good. I am from NY and any street corner Italian joint is better than Maggiano’s.

  • TD

    You don’t eat out often, or in that case you don’t get out at all.

  • TD

    Are you overweight, what do you need two meals for the price of one for, did it come with a toy, It is Italian food not PAPA Johns. No taste buds just fall for the gimmicks.

  • ssgmike

    WTF are you talking about ? I took one meal home why you’ve never done that papa john lover. In fact anytime I go out I only eat half my meal. How’s this for you : 20 oz. bone in rib eye with 2 sides both baked potatoes, half the rib eye home with 1 baked potato for tomorrow dinner. signed ssgmike [retired military ]

  • KC

    All the pastas taste the same–very bland like the Olive Garden. The servers and bar drinks are the best things about the restaurant. It used to be a destination for our family but not anymore.

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