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Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish® 2014

Written on April 24, 2014

Available April 24th – July 2nd*

Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish begins today, marking our eleventh year of support at Maggiano’s. These dishes highlight seasonal ingredients, new Lighter Take options, and traditional favorites. Help grant wishes from April 24th through July 2nd. Order one of these delicious Chef specials, and we’ll make a donation to Make-A-Wish in your honor.

Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish® 2014

Dishes you’ll enjoy on our “Eat-A-Dish for Make-A-Wish” menu:

Wish Lemonade
A refreshing Peach & Pomegranate lemonade

Weston’s Flatbread
Shrimp, Heirloom Tomato, Arugula, Cucumbers, Creamy Basil Dressing
Maggiano’s is sponsoring Weston’s wish to go on a Caribbean cruise

Our New Lighter Take dishes come with an On The House Classic Pasta to take home.*

Lighter Take Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken
Hand-Cut Fettuccine, Grilled Chicken, Asparagus, Light Asiago Cream Sauce

Lighter Take Baked Ziti
Italian Chicken Sausage, Ricotta & Mozzarella, Pomodoro

Stuffed Chicken Florentine
Spinach, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Caramelized Onion, Italian Cheeses, Angel Hair Aglio Olio, Truffle Cream Sauce

Fresh Berry Tiramisu
Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Fresh Berry Sauce

Make-A-Wish Meal For Two
Pick Any Appetizer or Flatbread or Two Side Salads
Pick Two Entrees
Chicken Scaloppine
Parmesan, Marsala or Piccata style
Chicken Saltimbocca
Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia
Stuffed Chicken Florentine
Peppercorn-Crusted Sirloin
Pick One Dessert
Plus Two Classic Pastas to Take Home*

We invite you to the warm atmosphere at Maggiano’s Little Italy for your next meal or special occasion. We also invite you to like us on Facebook – for every new “like” we will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish through July 2nd, 2014, up to $25,000! Join our E-club, follow us on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest, and watch us on YouTube for more chef tips, recipes and ideas.

Between 4/24 – 7/2/2-14, Maggiano’s Little Italy will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish from each select menu item, $.50 per lemonade, $5 for every Meal for Two and 100% of each Star Card sale, with a minimum guarantee of $150,000 from all in-restaurant promotions and donate $1 to Make-A-Wish for each new Facebook Like, up to $25,000. For more information, visit

*Subject to Availability


  • Al

    I usually eat here because the food is great. Now I have one more reason which everyone should recognize how “…great it is.”

  • Anonymous

    Hope these items taste better than last years. In a party of 4, NO One found any of those offerings repeatable, which was truly sad. Offer tasty menu dishes on behalf of Make-A-Wish, not off flavored, second rate selections and More Will be bought for support of this endevor.

  • Gari

    I wish they offered some vegetarian options also.

    I would have thought that now so many people eating more vegetarian stuff, the restaurants would offer in general more vegetarian varieties and also offer when they have specials like these.
    I love Maggiano’s, but wish they offer more Veg selection.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Only a $1 donation from each menu item? How cheap.

  • Deb Brooks

    We had a large family dinner at Maggiano’s last June, and the food was fantastic. The zucchini appetizer was FABULOUS, as were the main entress. The desserts were out of this world! I would highly recommend others to eat there! I’m not familiar with the items on the “Make A Wish” menu, and wish you would bring back your $10 gift card with purchase idea, as I don’t think I would order from that particular MAWish menu. Overall, we had a fantastic experience with the family style meal and celebration. Also, we have a severely disabled daughter who was able to enjoy a trip to Disney World many years ago, and it was the most wonderful experience of her WHOLE life! Such an incredible organization. Everyone, please consider donating to this worthy cause! You wouldn’t believe the effect it has on deserving kids!

  • Patricia

    What ever happened to the shrimp alabriatta dish?

  • Author Saadiq La’Rue

    Bring back the pepperoni fondue

  • Maggie

    How much is the Meal for Two? (Boca Raton, FL)

  • Deb

    We ate there the other night and ordered from the Make a Wish menu. I am not positive but I think the meal for two was 39.99. We live in Boca also. The berry tiramisu was sooooooooo good!!! I had the chicken fettuccini alfredo. Delicious!!!

  • Gay Galway Esposito

    We went last night and had a terrible experience. We have been going to Maggiano’s for 15 years with nothing but great food. Last night 4-28-2014 the food quality was not as good, the table bread was terrible, and the service was bad, it took over a hour to get our food with the only explination being “the kitchen goofed”. No I am sorry, no complimentary drink, or dessert. Just a too bad. The eggplant parmesan tasted like rubber I had to send it back and get something else by then the other three people were finished eating and I took my food home. I left hungry and very dissapointed. I don’t think I will be returning there any time soon. Too bad I use to love the place.

  • Pat

    Great food, Great service and friendly conversation, Our family LOVES this place!!!!!!

  • gram

    Weston’s flatbread was really delicious! It was generous enough for an entree. Make sure you get a star to sign and make as generous a personal donation as you can. These trips mean everything to these kids and their families. I know, my grandson is on one to Disney this week. p.s. i know that the Maggiano’s contribution sounds small, but they are raising a million dollars total this way. And they are giving all their customers a chance to contribute, which we might not have done otherwise.

  • Elaine

    Sorry you had a bad experience. It really depends on the manager. Based on experience, we only go to our local restaurant when a particular manager is working…this would not happen on her watch, somebody would be fired. She would have comped your entire meal.

  • tired of jerks part deux

    “Maggiano’s Little Italy will donate $1 to Make-A-Wish from each select menu item,”
    I think Anonymous did read.

    I wouldn’t call $150K minimum cheap.

    Be careful about slinging mud – you’re sure to get some on yourself.

  • Lisa

    I think I need to make this very long drive just so I can eat my weight in that amazing lookingTiramisu. All for a good cause, I mean. ;)

  • Anonymous

    why did it take such a long while to let me know about this? that doesn’t sound like a good way to raise maxium amount of money for make a wish I love your restaurant and had reason to dine there a few times since April 24. I am disappointed in your advertising or PR company.

  • Leon

    Just to tell you, it is absolutely wonderful that you offer the take a meal home classic.

  • Old Hippy

    Even a $20 menu item would mean a 5% donation. If the menu item costs less, then it is a bigger than 5% donation. I would like every restaurant to do the same before I “criticize” Maggiano’s of being “cheap”.

    Well done Maggiano’s! Let’s have more restaurants follow your lead!

  • Connie O

    The stuffed chicken Florentine was devine. my bf choose that dish based on our server, Tom A, suggestion…I regretted getting my usual fave of chicken francese. I couldn’t stop eating it the spaghetti aglio oio was cooked perfectly but that truffle cream sauce was to die for…Yummm I hope it goes on the menu, permanently.

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