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Maggiano’s Introduces Lighter Take

Written on September 8, 2014

Great food is why we exist. So when our chefs decided to create lighter versions of our Italian classics without reducing portions, they approached the challenge the same way they always do. They started cooking. They experimented with new ingredients and new techniques until they found flavors that satisfy even the toughest critics.

We didn’t debut Lighter Take dishes at a Maggiano’s. Instead, we staged the opening of an independent restaurant in the downtown Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park, just blocks from the very first Maggiano’s. We wanted to get an honest reaction to the menu without our name tied to it. See what guests said:

Join us at to see how we proved to ourselves that the Lighter Take menu lives up to the name Maggiano’s — guaranteed to satisfy, or it’s on us! We look forward to introducing you to Lighter Take.

  • romadog

    I sent your email to my son and he ate there the other night -
    chicken parmesan. He said thumbs up!

  • Trish

    I got the email announcing the new menu 24 hours ago. i keep trying to pull up the page new menu, but every time I do I get a “problem loading page” error. :-(

  • Autumn

    I love the new lighter fare dishes, they have all the flavor with less calories!!!

  • Amy

    I had the lighter fare fettuccini Alfredo tonight, and it was just awful. The noodles didn’t taste like pasta, but were more like egg noodles. There was very little Alfredo sauce, and it was the consistency of milk. The chicken was basically those pre-cooked Tyson chicken strips that you get in the refrigerator section at the grocery store. I was hopeful, but it’s not looking good. My husband got the take-home lighter choice ziti – so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

    Honestly, I’d rather just have half the portion of the regular fettuccini Alfredo to cut back on calaories. Maybe try that as your next marketing strategy, and just offer it at a lower price.

  • Kathryn

    So where is the Nutritional Information. “Lighter Take” doesn’t mean anything to me. How much fat? How much saturated fat? How much sodium? How much sugar? How many calories and what makes up those calories? If you are so confident that these items are “guaranteed to satisfy”, then put it on your site and let us see what we’re eating.

  • wendy goldner

    I had the Lighter Fare Shrimp Diavolo and I can’t believe how amazing it was. I’d eat it everyday for lunch if I could. Amazing. Really only 400 calories, so hard to believe.

  • Elizabeth Weart

    Best Service, and now really excellent fresh lighter entrees. The pasta dish of chicken Marsala was delightful,fresh and exactly tasted like it looked! We went out of our way to see what this was about at the Durham location and now we know.

  • Lina

    I’m Italian.. Italian woman..I came to Tampa .in visit .and had a dinner to Maggiano’s with our american friends …I’m sorry because this menu and this food it is not more Italian Food this is OLD italian food ..In Italy we don’t eat more so since many years ago.Our “tagliatelle or zite” are not baked ..but cookied with Ragu more light of it …and the Alfredo’s sauce don’t exixt in our dishes..we use “pesto” (basil, garlic, pinoli and parmisan cheese) but only this sauce with Tagliatelle ….It is strange that even Italian told this …the really “cucina Italiana” is only in Italy….

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