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Eric Kolk

Restaurant location: Denver South, CO
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Favorite Maggiano’s dish: Chicken Saltimbocca and Beef Medallions

Eric is from Buffalo, New York and is a classically trained saucier, who also attended the Art Institute of Colorado to formalize his training and has been with Maggiano’s for over nine years.  The best part of being a Chef for Eric is the team that surrounds him who make him laugh every day. Eric’s passions outside of being a Chef are his wife and daughter. When asked what his favorite dessert was, he responded, “Ice cream. It doesn’t thrill me but it makes my daughter’s eyes light up.” When dining at Maggiano’s, he enjoys the Chicken Saltimbocca and the Beef Medallions.  Eric would love to travel to the Caribbean and visit Central America to meet the families of people he has worked with to learn more about their food and culture.