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Fabio Caparra

Restaurant location: King of Prussia, PA
Hometown: Briatico, Italy
Favorite Maggiano’s dish: Rigatoni “D”

Executive Chef Fabio Caparra is from Briatico, Italy, which is a small town on the southern coast, and has been with Maggiano’s for three years. Some of his most memorable times as a Chef include learning from great Chefs in Europe. He has done many TV and radio commercials, and has also worked with Giada DeLaurentis, celebrities like Patty LaBelle, Michael Schumacher, formula 1 racecar driver, and now Pope Benedict XIII. Fabrio loves to make fresh pasta. His kids and family love to eat, and they can’t wait for it to be Sunday when they all get together to make fresh pasta. He is very proud when any of his creations make the menu or special nationwide, like the Pesto Sauce. Fabrio gets inspired when he goes to a specialty supermarket, and he finds food that you do not see every day or you do not eat every day and begins to put a recipe together.