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John Reavis

Restaurant location: Chevy Chase-Washington D.C.
Hometown: Raleigh-Durham, NC
Favorite Maggiano’s dish: Baked Ziti

John Reavis is from Durham, North Carolina and has been with Maggiano’s for eight years.  As a Chef, John enjoys working with great people who love and live to cook. After a busy night, he likes to sit down and have a bite to each with his team and to see their passion for food. One of his most memorable experiences was being able to meet a Make-A-Wish child and to see their face when brought out their favorite dish.  The Baked Ziti is John’s favorite dish from Maggiano’s and at home, John usually eats hotdogs or whatever his kids are having.  If John was not a Chef, he would be a Draftsman because he spent five years to get his degree before he decided to change careers.