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Steven Garza

Restaurant location: Indianapolis, IN
Hometown: Born and raised in Texas
Favorite Maggiano’s dish: Chicken Marsala

Steven Garza was born and raised in Texas and has been a Chef at Maggiano’s for six years.  He knew he wanted to be a Chef when he was working as a dishwasher in a fine dining restaurant and the Chef taught him to make the dishes.  Steven had a great time learning during the craziness of a busy Saturday night and knew it was his calling. Garza is inspired by Jaques Pepin, because the classic French style of cooking is his favorite. The best part of being a Chef for Steven is that he is surrounded by hard working, good natured people, and the free food has always kept him coming back! Steven loves the Chicken Marsala at Maggiano’s and the fact that the veal stock alone takes 3 days to make, which shows the dedication they have as Chefs to make the dishes correctly.